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"Crow's settlement" of NATO. Alliance has entered the age of survival


In the middle of this week, another NATO summit will be held in London. It will probably take place in a "warm and friendly atmosphere", that is, without firing and fights, but there will be plenty of abuse there. Although they will try to leave her behind closed doors.

"Raven settlement"

What makes such works as “12 chairs” and “Golden Calf” by Ilf and Petrov good is that you can find a quote for almost any situation in them if you wish. Looking at the situation inside the NATO bloc, for some reason, Raven's Settlement comes to mind - a "large communal apartment number 3", whose inhabitants could not stand each other, being forced to be on the same living space. They were also extremely afraid of the fire, and in the end they convinced themselves that the common house would burn out - and it burned down because it had been set on fire from several ends at once. The expression "raven's settlement" has become both synonymous with the communal apartment and the relationships in it, as well as the work collective, where intrigues and gossip flourish. An equally friendly collective is the North Atlantic Alliance, of course, with some differences.

Despite the fact that the NATO leadership tells tales of the indestructible unity of the alliance, which celebrated its 70 anniversary, unity does not smell like these days. However, Mr. Stoltenberg, who was put on his post to carry the necessary coloring nonsense, echoed in the US State Department.

"The US still believes that NATO remains the most successful alliance in stories. The President and Secretary of State have clearly indicated their support for the alliance for several years. We continue to play a key leadership role in it, ""

- said the representative of the State Department.

"The most successful alliance"

What is the success of NATO, he did not specify. In the duration of its existence? Well, if only in this ... And in the successful shaking out of the overlord of the alliance, the United States, of money for the procurement of weapons by NATO members, and of actions that often went against the real goals of European states. In this, the alliance also succeeded for a long time. Among the members? And what's the use of these members? The first thing that the neophytes of the 90s and 2000s did when joining NATO was sawing their armies and arsenals to the damn grandmother, because now they are in NATO, together they are a gang and no one will touch them! And America will somehow protect everyone. So everyone thought (again the same logic of a bad communal apartment), as a result, the current armies of even the former great European powers of the army of even some Algeria — by one tooth, and many others, which at the end of the 80’s had quite decent aircraft, making their decent a contribution to the treasury of the power of the then NATO, - and in bulk they will go for the same one tooth. And about the former members of the internal affairs bodies there is nothing to say - of all, some kind of army was preserved only in Poland, consumed by centuries-old pain in the landing site in relation to Russia. The pain and fear hidden behind the bravado that will once again be received from Russia over the protruding parts of the body, and for the cause. Only this will be the last time for Poland.

The alliance also has no successful military campaigns - neither in Afghanistan, nor in Iraq, nor in Libya, nor in Mali the goals that they set for themselves, if they were achieved, then half. It was possible to disassemble the building, but to build something that suits the builders, no.

Make your contributions!

In addition, in the “united as never before” alliance, strife is growing between the United States, as the only valuable and strongest member of the alliance, and all the others, and these processes are only intensifying. America under Trump quite rightly believes that Europeans should pay more for themselves in the field of defense, and the United States to unfasten. Therefore (back to the "12 chairs" and analogies from there), the alliance summits are increasingly similar to the meetings of the "Sword and Oral Union", and in the role of the "Turkish citizen's son", of course, is Trump, who calls for "making contributions," and those present, except for Nikeshi’s fools and Vlady, in whose roles the mighty nano-powers of the Baltic states, and the mechanic Polesov, willingly carry the latter, are trying to fend off and refer to the egalitarian tax and difficult times. But Ostap, excuse me, Donald, is implacable, and they promise to give something to him. True, they are not always executed, and not immediately, in contrast to the novel, in cash.

Europeans, in addition to the Poles and the "Baltic extinctions" with poor Albanians, ignore the demand of the alliance and the United States to spend 2% of GDP on defense by almost all means. Someone promises to spend so much, but later, someone simply says that he can’t. But in words everyone is very sorry and will certainly try. Then, someday, like the Germans, promising to achieve the norm in 2027 year. Obviously, in Berlin they wait until the donkey or the padishas die, recalling the famous parable of Khoja Nasreddin. At the same time, Europeans are sincerely outraged by such pressure and make attempts to jump off the American hook, responding to Trump in return. French President Macron even announced the "brain death" of NATO, hinting that the alliance is similar to a person with a healthy body, but already dead brain, lying in a coma with the help of apparatuses that support vital functions. And the brain, of course, is the USA.

Cramolny Emmanuel Bonaparte

Macron generally recently expressed a lot of seditious. For example, he called on NATO leaders to review the alliance’s strategy when they meet in London next week, and said that he should focus on the threat of terrorism, not Russia.

“Is Russia our enemy today?” Or is China? Is this NATO's goal to designate them as enemies? I do not think so",

Macron said at a joint press conference in Paris with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“Our common enemy today in NATO is terrorism, which hit every one of our countries ... NATO is an alliance of collective defense. And who is our common enemy? What are our common problems? These are questions that deserve clarification. ”

Seeing how the cartridge grew bolder, Florence Parley, the Minister of Defense of France, also went on the attack (before that, she dared only attack with words the malicious Russian satellites). She stated that the United States should not impose US-made weapons on NATO allies on the pretext of Atlantic solidarity.

"We must not allow the 5-th article of the NATO Charter to turn under pressure from Washington into a" F-35 article ", which would oblige NATO countries to buy American weapons,"

- emphasized the minister.

She added that Europe should create military instruments that "would be consistent with its economic and political power." There are fears that Madame Minister is extremely overestimating the power of Europe.

“NATO will never be an instrument of our sovereignty, Europeans themselves must build it,” Parley explained. “Sovereign Europe and NATO should mutually reinforce each other.” She remembered the words of her patron about the "death of NATO's brain", noting that Macron was trying to encourage members to the necessary discussion. “The president of the republic pointed out the issues that had long arisen in the organization,” the minister said. “These words are dictated by the will to start the necessary discussion in order to give new impetus to the foundations of the alliance.” “That should be at the center of our debate on Wednesday at the London summit,” Parley added.

It is clear that France, for all this attack on Washington and NATO, sees for itself the strengthening of its position and the occupation of a certain throne of "the main force of European NATO," the spokesman, so to speak, of the aspirations of old Europe.

Turkish bully, which so far has to endure

It is ridiculous that Macron opposed “brain death” by none other than Turkish President Erdogan! Moreover, in a rude form and, in fact, having cheated on him, they say, this is his "brain death". Why would Erdogan suddenly intercede for NATO, and even more so for the United States, with which he himself is on his knives? However, Erdogan is often impulsive and difficult to predict, and sometimes he would not be able to explain his statements.

Turkey itself is now in NATO a kind of “infan terribble”, from which it would be necessary to get rid of it, and it’s scary. With all its low combat readiness, slackness and gouging, the Turkish Armed Forces are very numerous (despite the fact that during the reign of Erdogan they almost halved), they are decently armed, and Turkey is located in a key area of ​​Southern Europe. Due to Washington's stupid policy towards Ankara, which was expressed in many steps, including an unsuccessful putsch, and was aggravated by a hysterical reaction to the purchase of C-400, the Turks are extremely negative about the United States, the alliance, and their stay there. But so far they have not indicated their movement to the exit. Perhaps they just want the other side to file for "divorce"? Meanwhile, they simply do what they want: expand military and other cooperation with the Russian Federation, with which they had not been brought before the war, go on a secret review of several provisions of the Montreux Convention in relation to the Russian Navy, etc.

At the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult to “squeeze” the Turks in supplying them with arms: “import substitution” in Turkey is also gradually being carried out, and the country produces a lot of its weapons, albeit with a large share of foreign components. They pressed the Turks with fighters - they went to Moscow. Press, say, with engines for tanks - The address is again known to them, where they will be helped. At the same time, the Turks, referring to the position of the alliance with regard to the Kurds, blocked the adoption of the defense plan of the Baltic “extinctions”, forever shaking before the imaginary aggression of the RF Armed Forces. It’s not that this plan helped these countries in any way in the event of a real start of war - with the pace of deployment by NATO members of their “quick response” formations (with periods of 5-8 days or a month), Estonia’s aggression can be reflected. Nevertheless, the Turks blocked him.

The Turks, in addition, did not forget to plant another pig to their dearest sworn allied alliance and to the neighbor on Raven Sloboda - the Greeks. Ankara has concluded an agreement on the division of exclusive economic zones with the "government of national accord" in Tripoli, in Libya. With the one that controls almost nothing but Tripoli, and which they support, while the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and France come out against them on the side of Marshal Haftar, and there is Russian support, although it is officially (traditionally) denied, but enough facts. They concluded it over the head of the other neighbors involved and cut off their Greek EEZ agreed with the Libyans from Cyprus. Yes, and drew themselves a piece of the EEZ of Cyprus itself. Dissatisfied with this is not only the Greeks, who are already raising buchu in Europe (and probably will raise at the summit of the alliance), but also Cyprus and Egypt. In general, the fun is just beginning.

In addition, they try to squeeze Turkey on the Kurdish issue, which is extremely annoying. In general, unity in the alliance is not worse than in a communal apartment. Yes, the Americans may sell some of the solutions they need, but their implementation will probably be sabotaged further by all means.

Voice from under the heel of the boot

Germany, being occupied, in fact, by the state, and with considerable economic power - a political and military dwarf with disabilities, and then, in general, tired of overseas older brothers, but does not dare to open revolt. Moreover, the Americans are still holding control over Berlin through obedient elites of the country like old Merkel and her people who are ready to drop their ax on their feet, if only it would be nice in the USA. But also not in everything - the story with the Nord Stream 2 clearly shows this. No matter how raging in Washington, Berlin does not and will not make concessions on this issue.

It is curious that the latest polls in Germany have shown that only 22% of Germans want to continue the American nuclear shield over themselves, while 40% are inclined to European nuclear deterrence, at the EU level. And there are 7% of those who favor the acquisition of Germany by their nuclear weapons. But this, of course, is fantastic. It’s not that the Germans couldn’t develop nuclear devices, but Germany doesn’t even have the money for conventional forces, which are in full collapse at the moment. And neither the burghers nor the visiting bearded guys, who do not want to work, want to tighten their belts. Yes, and no one will let the Germans acquire their nuclear weapons.

The Germans (51%) consider France (!) To be their main ally, while the United States called only 19% such, and China and Russia named 7 and 4. At the same time, 66% of Germans assess relations with the United States as "bad." More than 60% of Germans want to strengthen relations with the Russian Federation and China, and only 50% - with the USA. More interested persons than with the "eastern bloc of the Russian Federation - China", only with the French - 77%.

The hopes of the young men

True, the Germans' hopes for a European nuclear shield are rather ephemeral. Britain leaves the EU and will not “contain” anyone, and her missiles do not belong to her - belong to the charges and boats, but not the Trident-2, they are leased from the USA. Does the US really need this European deterrence without them? Not. And France, with its 4 submarine missile carriers and Rafal fighters with ASMP-A and 300 missiles with nuclear charges, is hardly suitable for the role of the EU nuclear defender. At the same time, Macron, the “pusher” of the idea of ​​European deterrence, the creation of European forces and other phantoms, has quite paradoxical dreams in his head. It seems to be close relations with Russia in exchange for its refusal from an alliance with China. That is why Russia needs it? The experience of our allied relations shows that there is nothing good from the friendship of a healthy Russian bear and a French rooster for a bear. On the other hand, our president V.V. Putin has already suggested that the Europeans “ensure security,” as if in jest. But even if it ever comes to that, it’s certainly not in exchange for China.

Nevertheless, the growth of centrifugal tendencies in NATO is obvious, and the result may be the withdrawal of some members from the military or political part of the alliance, as well as the creation of a certain neo-NATO from those countries with a radical attitude towards Russia who want to Washington threw them under the tracks of Russian tanks and under the blows of the Iskander and Dagger. Of course, not now, but in the future. And if so gain weight (gaining new useless countries), then at this age a variety of deadly diseases are inevitable. Yet 70 years - a solid age, not everyone survives. It’s time to know the honor ...
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  1. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 3 December 2019 15: 20
    France, as a true Mademoiselle with reduced social responsibility, had already left NATO, then returned, now again declares "fi" through Macron's lips, but what is it for?
    We rejoiced in Brexit, rubbed our hands and portended the collapse of the European Union. Now he listens to the statements of the French leader and will drool, in anticipation of the collapse of NATO?
    I'm afraid the North Atlantic bloc will not please us, even if the frivolous Madame leaves him.
    Yes, and what will it give us? Bases move away from our borders? No...
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 3 December 2019 15: 31
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      Bases move away from our borders?

      The bases will not move away from our borders, but there will be less and less waving checkers. And who wants to continue to pay meaningless expenses. This is what Russia shows and proves in the form of perfect advanced military equipment, which has no analogues in Europe, and a policy of respect for international law ...
    2. Blacksmith 55
      Blacksmith 55 3 December 2019 16: 20
      France never completely abandoned the bloc; it left the military component, but remained political.
      If I am not mistaken, it was under De Gaulle.
      And then she asked to remove the Headquarters from France.
    3. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 3 December 2019 22: 46
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      France, as a true Mademoiselle with reduced social responsibility, had already left NATO, then returned, now again declares "fi" through Macron's lips, but what is it for?

      Maybe it means that this "Mademoiselle" still has a drop of self-respect, and in addition to earning in kind, she hopes that she will be able to realize her potential using her other skills and abilities.
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      We rejoiced in Brexit, rubbed our hands and portended the collapse of the European Union.

      Absolutely wrong interpretation. We were not happy, we were alert. The hedgehog understands that if the European Union were not threatened with cataclysms in the near foreseeable future, the British would sit in it as sewn, but since they decided to go out and slam the door, they would be a little more aware of what would happen in the near future with the European Union than we imagine.
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      Now he listens to the statements of the French leader and will drool, in anticipation of the collapse of NATO? I'm afraid the North Atlantic bloc will not please us, even if the frivolous Madame leaves him. Yes, and what will it give us? Bases move away from our borders? No...
      Ugh on you (in the best sense of this action). Nobody is trying to drool, because NATO is 28 countries, besides France. Turkey is more likely to dance "a gypsy with an exit" than France, but nevertheless ...... what Macron says is definitely worthy of attention. It is not a fact that he is expressing his own point of view, but the fact that Europe, represented by Macron, is giving a signal to the United States that NATO is not their pocket toy becomes obvious. Agree, if Lithuania or Holland made such a statement, who would have heard them? And here, at the very least, poor, but a figure. Germany cannot resist in all directions and has assumed the function of confronting the United States in ensuring energy security, handing over military security issues to the French, because there are no other authorities with sufficient weight in Europe.
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 3 December 2019 23: 37
        I put you a plus for a reasoned answer, but I do not completely agree with you.
        If you can still agree with the second part, then with the first ... Unfortunately, there is no time (and no desire) to delve into the archives to copy quotes from some current "generals" and "marshals" who guessed with Brexit, but flew with the collapse of the European Union. I remembered why - I did not believe in the breakaway of England, then I admitted my mistake, but I also remembered the opponents' vangs.
        1. Nyrobsky
          Nyrobsky 3 December 2019 23: 55
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          Why did I remember - I did not believe in the breakaway of England, then I admitted the mistake, but I also remembered the opponents' wangs.

          There are no eternal unions, and as history shows, they are all temporary, and therefore break up to form other unions. This is an axiom. It seems that the EU is no exception. hi
  2. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 3 December 2019 15: 23
    "Crow's settlement" of NATO. Alliance has entered the age of survival

    It is impossible to consider this case without irony ...
    A situation has developed when an aged former "macho" continues to regularly go to a brothel. Only enough strength to approach the front door. He is still trying to get family members to pay for their regular "adventures", and all failures (fiasco) are justified only by lack of funds. But everyone already understands that the sand has spilled out, and matured grandchildren are increasingly laughing at their grandfather ...
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 3 December 2019 15: 27
    The United States in NATO is the brain, and the stomach is smoothly turning into an ass (sorry, who likes this fact! !! negative ) !!!!!
  4. maden.usmanow
    maden.usmanow 3 December 2019 15: 28
    After all, you can sketch a serious analysis of NATO, without this ideology.
    But obviously not this time.
    1. Rwmos
      Rwmos 3 December 2019 15: 36
      Macron has already sketched. Eat it.
    2. Berber
      Berber 3 December 2019 16: 49
      As a political scenario, the analysis is quite good. And weapons here are not important.
  5. Yrec
    Yrec 3 December 2019 15: 29
    What is there to flaunt, NATO fulfilled its main goal - dismantled the Warsaw Pact, and then the Soviet Union. True, not by military methods, but the fact is obvious. In general, I agree with the author - the alliance has no goal, which means there is no point in living. So the refusals of various "bodies" started. I hope he dies quietly and does not drag a bunch of people to the next world.
    1. Berber
      Berber 3 December 2019 16: 51
      There are goals, albeit not entirely democratic, not all have the same interests as the goals.
  6. knn54
    knn54 3 December 2019 15: 31
    Trump has turned NATO into a profitable organization for the US defense industry.
  7. Rwmos
    Rwmos 3 December 2019 15: 35
    Plus the novelty of the season - the ultimatum just voiced by Erdogan - either NATO recognizes the Kurds as terrorists, or we block NATO's plans to "protect" Poland)))
    By the way, I am surprised why the author did not understand what Erdogan Macron was driving for. Macron's words are addressed to the US EXACTLY for leaving the French in Syria under the hammers of the Turks. Do you think the Turkish president is pleased with such a statement?
    1. protoss
      protoss 3 December 2019 18: 40
      the author is another crank who considers Erdogan an impulsive tyrant who does not control his words and actions. Interestingly, many heads of state seem to be of the same level as psychologists.
  8. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront 3 December 2019 15: 45
    Before the great geographical discoveries, Europe was an unimportant, unpromising, region with a very vicious population, the Europeans were the best able to do massive bloodsheds, no one could compare with them. Columbus launched the robbery of the whole world, relying on this resource. this resource is lost in the eyes of the West, and in the absence of such a competitive advantage, the decline of Euro-civilization is inevitable, like sunrise.
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 3 December 2019 16: 32
      You probably do not know that France and before the colonies was a developed and powerful power for example. And then all saints knew how to shed blood well
      1. gabonskijfront
        gabonskijfront 3 December 2019 16: 46
        Poetry, music and medicine flourished in the Arab East, and China accounted for 30 percent of the global GDP, at that time the European era was just beginning, the place was wild and evil.
        1. Kronos
          Kronos 3 December 2019 17: 10
          I know this to the point that portraying that the Europeans were only able to kill incorrectly
          1. Kunar
            Kunar 4 December 2019 23: 45
            It is true that they really didn’t know how to kill. Rather, they knew how to but only those who did not resist them.
            1. Kronos
              Kronos 5 December 2019 02: 06
              Yeah, of course, that's why it was they, not the Chinese, Indians or Indians, who controlled the sex of the world.
  9. prior
    prior 3 December 2019 15: 46
    But only thanks to Russia, NATO lasted 70 years.
    It would be nice to thank Russia at the London Summit.
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 4 December 2019 23: 47
      It is ambiguous, damn it!))) The USSR also existed for 70 years .....))))
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 3 December 2019 16: 32
    NATO is not just a military-political alliance, but it is still sealed by US military bases on the territory of the countries that are members of this alliance ... And who will drive the Americans out of Europe, the Gallic cockerel is a golden scallop ...? .. The USA itself from Europe will not leave .... Turkey’s voice erupted .. inexplicably, it’s been in the backyards for a long time, and here the muscles poured in power bought the SS-400 .. Russia, as if in friends .. I’m blackmailing Europe, look, if not so .. But Turkey is not going to go anywhere, Europe will entice the honey-cakes with honey, will return back ...
  11. rocket757
    rocket757 3 December 2019 17: 31
    ... "Crow Slobodka" NATO. The Alliance has entered the age of survival

    Striped will dominate and support the NATO, will not die ...
    We will not argue about efficiency, the structure is large, rich in the main. There is nothing against her, so do it yourself.
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 4 December 2019 23: 48
      They themselves would not die
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 5 December 2019 07: 20
        Quote: Kunar
        They themselves would not die

        The greed of the capital will destroy them! Although they can reincarnate into something else, they just can’t wander on their own, they can’t be scared!
  12. karabass
    karabass 3 December 2019 19: 38
    Something in the world is being pumped up, pessimism is rushing - a few days ago I read an article with the same name: Voronoi Sloboda, it was only written there about us, about Russia, about our leaders
  13. kimlykvp
    kimlykvp 4 December 2019 17: 34
    Very correct article. From the former power of the armies of Germany and France of the 80s, there was a zilch. I am silent about other countries. Especially in the armies of these countries only pederasts serve mainly.
    1. your1970
      your1970 5 December 2019 07: 32
      I came across an article - that after the reorganization and modernization of the English army in the Bovington Museum of Tanks there will be more - than in the army ...
      I do not know the truth or not, but if the truth ....recourse belay belay