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Who to believe in the DPR? Power is strange, but the opposition is playing along with the enemy


The opposition is bustling ...

We can say that at the moment, the Donetsk authorities are experiencing unprecedented pressure from the local opposition, which in its actions practically jumped over Ukrainian propaganda and actively presses all the sick corns of the republic, fanning not only real problems, but also inventing them (or using the fiction of Ukrainian propaganda).

Criticism of power has long gone beyond the reasonable: against the background of a very real debt on salaries to miners (which, by the way, they promised to pay off before the end of the year) and interruptions in the implementation of the budget expenditures, throws are actively used about the spread of tuberculosis, expensive food in kindergartens, and trade in state property etc.

In principle, at the moment it is not possible to separate local oppositionists (as well as their friends who were expelled for various sins from the LDP) from Ukrainian professional disinfectors: it seems that they have common manuals. What is most interesting, actively playing along with the enemy (for which, most likely, you will have to answer), the Donetsk opposition is hardly able to achieve significant success: its audience is 30-40 of thousands of Internet soldiers, which even if elections are held in LDP Ukrainian legislation, they will not be given serious chances of victory.

Frankly, after the 2018 election of the year, the fact that “wrong” candidates will be allowed to participate in the elections seems highly unlikely.

... and the authorities are inactive?

At the same time, the Donetsk authorities, instead of developing and implementing an effective strategy for fighting on the information front and establishing a real dialogue with society, continue to either play silence, or, even worse, give the floor to their “specialists” from the Ministry of Information, which in a good way would be better to be modestly silent (or at least several times to think before each statement).

As a result, amid large-scale informational pressure, the authorities hardly contribute to the growth of trust in them, trying to hush up problems or make a carefree look where it is necessary to communicate with people, explain their position, and look for solutions. Yes, it’s worth recognizing that, in general, the information policy of the Pushilin’s apparatus is an order of magnitude better than the frank disregard for public opinion during the reign of Zakharchenko.

And yet, the fact that official Donetsk responds to variegated stuffing and real revealing articles is clearly not enough today. The failed information policy and the attacks of the opposition are draining the small credit of trust in the government and destroying what is left of its popularity.

Is everything calm in LNR?

While in Donetsk the pro-government toad is fiercely fighting the opposition viper, in neighboring Lugansk, in principle, suffering from all the same problems, everything is relatively calm. First of all, this is undoubtedly connected with the purge that was carried out in the ranks of the local opposition in the 2015-2017 years, but this is not important. In the end, many opposition members work from Russia, being completely safe (not to mention the fact that the Lugansk throne does not attract them too much).

More importantly, another is the work of the internal policy department in the LPR, which is constantly monitoring social networks and media, trying to instantly respond to any complaints from citizens if not in deed, then at least in word.

Local media also work well: they even criticize local officials, various departments, etc. People don’t have the feeling that they are perceived as weak-minded, constantly raping their minds with cheerful the news and bravura statements. As a result, when someone begins to sow decadent moods in the same social networks or engage in pro-Ukrainian propaganda, the reaction follows, as a rule, quite violent.

Well, and most importantly: probably in 2017, when they overthrew Igor Plotnitsky, they explained to local officials something that was missing from Donetsk managers. As a rule, some high-profile scandals in Lugansk do not occur, and if it does, it flies quite quickly to the culprits.

In a good way, Donetsk should take the experience of its colleagues from the LPR, but this is hindered by the presence of “non-moving experts” in the Ministry of Information and general carelessness - it will probably carry it through. However, 2018 year proved that heedlessness is a game of Russian roulette.

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  1. Fedorov
    Fedorov 3 December 2019 08: 15
    Snickering around, everyone was removed, now they are rowing the wabble, but I don’t care about non-settlement. And for what I was there, I got a bullet ... Well, that’s in the bronik. but the rib is broken.
    1. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 3 December 2019 09: 48
      Quote: Fedorov
      Snickering around, everyone was removed, now they are rowing the wabble, but I don’t care about non-settlement. And for what I was there, I got a bullet ... Well, that’s in the bronik. but the rib is broken.

      And you never had the idea why gas pipelines and even the ammonia pipe Togliatti-Odessa pass through these territories and why they weren’t blown up, blocked, blocked in 5 years? And everything is simple, the local and our oligarchs are cutting the loot and laughing, as the same people hate and water each other, for these reptiles, blood is voditsa.
      1. Vita vko
        Vita vko 3 December 2019 16: 32
        Quote: Stroporez
        And everything is simple, the local and our oligarchs are cutting loot and laughing

        This is how you need to be "smart" to shit in your own house? There is a war going on, and the undermining of the political situation in the DPR is one of the main goals of the policy of the Ukrainian oligarchic junta, which is actually held hostage by the United States with its money. Therefore, pro-American propagandists in Ukraine have a well-founded desire, backed up by handouts, to take away the last crumbs of sovereignty from the people of the LDNR for which they shed their blood - they have already sold their conscience and freedom on the Maidan to a handful of neo-Nazis with Bandera flags and torches. Hence, such articles and opinions appear that would shift from a sore head to a healthy one. Maybe some kind of virtual people in the LPR and would be led to divorce in the media by worthy opposition and bad local oligarchs. It’s just difficult for a man who goes under fire every day and blames his defenders and his power for everything.
        Only publications in the media and statements by politicians about "contradictions and problems" in the LPNR are only a small part at the beginning of the next terrorist provocation before the start of the summit in the Normandy format. Last time the email ended in a terrorist attack with the murder of the leader of the DPR, Zakharchenko. Now, the scriptwriters of the SBU and the CIA probably prepared provocations of no less scale.
        1. Oleg (Kharkov)
          Oleg (Kharkov) 4 December 2019 09: 18
          In Russia in 2018, 18094 people died in road accidents. This is what I understand, war.
          In Afghanistan, over 9 thousand people died in 15 years.
          In 2018, 8 thousand intentional killings were registered in the Russian Federation in XNUMX.
          The current "sit-down war" with casualties of one and a half people a week is not a reason not to try to normalize life.
          After 5 years of its existence, the USSR did at least something. But after the first world and civil devastation was much stronger ...
        2. Kronos
          Kronos 4 December 2019 12: 44
          What kind of defenders and power - who could not establish the economy, who did not stop shelling and were not able to drive away the enemy, who humiliatedly talk about Minsk?
    2. mehan
      mehan 9 December 2019 14: 13
      For what? Can you clearly explain?
  2. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 3 December 2019 08: 24
    Thank you, Egor, for covering the problems. Quite different with that bravura information that we are peeping at from TV screens and monitors. A look at any events, especially political ones, should be versatile.
  3. raw174
    raw174 3 December 2019 08: 27
    The usual processes of the struggle for power ... I do not think that LDNR will gain statehood. Most likely, over time, they will return under the control of Kiev and this will be correct. Perhaps this will be a special status.
    1. Potato
      Potato 3 December 2019 08: 38
      Wow! They will return under the control of Kiev and will it be right ?! Mdaaa ... Let's return the Crimea then. Some problems from him - sanctions ... And a transit gas contract with Ukraine for 50 years at the cheapest price in Europe - for nothing. And we will pay fines in Brussels. And we repent for the Boeing!

      Che there.
      1. raw174
        raw174 3 December 2019 10: 11
        Quote: Potato
        Wow! They will return under the control of Kiev and will it be right ?!

        No need to juggle, today LDNR will not return to Ukraine, but time will pass and consensus will be reached, conditions that will suit everyone. There is no other way. Of course, we can remain an under-state, dependent on the Russian Federation, but we don’t need this either ...
        1. Igoresha
          Igoresha 3 December 2019 14: 54
          as I see it from Kharkov, the Kiev regime is not negotiable, and LDNR cannot offer anything attractive.
          1. raw174
            raw174 3 December 2019 15: 25
            Quote: Igoresha
            as I see it from Kharkov, the Kiev regime is not negotiable, and LDNR cannot offer anything attractive.

            Today it is, but 10-15 years will pass, and maybe less, and much will change, and people will get tired of uncertainty ...
            1. asv363
              asv363 3 December 2019 16: 24
              Donbass will become part of Russia earlier than in 10-15 years.
              1. raw174
                raw174 3 December 2019 17: 24
                Quote: asv363
                Donbass will become part of Russia earlier than in 10-15 years.

                Let's see ... But personally, I don’t think so ...
            2. Igoresha
              Igoresha 3 December 2019 20: 08
              and much will change, and people will tire of uncertainty ...
              Who are we? Where are we going? (C) have already decided - the Ukrainian language is being reduced in the Luhansk school and only 2 (two) parents from my nephews' class wanted to keep it in the school curriculum because of "what if it will be needed" and "for general development"
              If the Kremlin merges then YES.
              1. raw174
                raw174 3 December 2019 21: 08
                Quote: Igoresha
                If the Kremlin merges then YES.

                What does "the Kremlin will merge" mean? Yes, the Russian Federation supports the LDNR both in word and deed, but nevertheless these regions are not Russia and Russia cannot and will not support them forever, why? Do people want to join the Russian Federation? Please take citizenship, the procedure is simplified. And independently such a state is doomed to poverty ...
                1. asv363
                  asv363 4 December 2019 01: 10
                  Again. What obstacles do you personally see in the admission of the DPR and LPR to Russia as a whole, in the form of regions? So that people do not suffer, especially the elderly, with citizenship. Only 2 regions to take (within the borders of February 2014), I, you, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can not?
                  Just don't write about money and "sanctions" - you need to help your own people, and not think about money and profits. The people's militia of Donbass, the Russian people shed their blood for the right to live without Ukraine. And our reserves and vacationers there fought shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers of 1 AK.
                  1. raw174
                    raw174 4 December 2019 05: 07
                    Quote: asv363
                    What obstacles do you personally see in the admission of the DPR and LPR to Russia as a whole?

                    These are not just regions, but regions destroyed by war. Obstacles are economic, first of all, and political ... They thought about people in the Kremlin, in the form of a simplified procedure for granting citizenship. In general, Ukraine has destroyed the region, even if it’s taking it to itself ...
                    1. Victor N
                      Victor N 4 December 2019 14: 29
                      And also to leave the affected settlements in the Irkutsk region? In this case, commercialism is immoral ...
                      1. raw174
                        raw174 4 December 2019 19: 25
                        Quote: Victor N
                        And also to leave the affected settlements in the Irkutsk region?

                        And what does the Irkutsk region? This is a region of the Russian Federation, Russia is obliged to provide these people as part of. Donbass - ABROAD !!!
          2. Oleg (Kharkov)
            Oleg (Kharkov) 4 December 2019 09: 24
            Does he want to?
            Remember 2006 Winter. Alchevsk. Frozen heating pipes. From civil servants collected 50 UAH for the restoration of heating. And this is the full year 2006 ...
            Donetsk-Lugansk will not be a heavy burden on Ukrainian oligarchs.
            I believe that the republic is gradually becoming a kind of analogue of Pripyat, the exclusion zone.
            It’s like an abandoned house in a village, for a poor man. It seems to be needed, but repairing one roof is the next 5 years to abandon the sea.
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 3 December 2019 08: 35
    It’s a known thing, the imperfection will spin and move there ... WHERE? but this is the most "interesting" and ... sad.
    ROMAN VYSOTSKY 3 December 2019 08: 39
    At the average level of leadership in the departments in the DPR, a mass of repainted dill remained. As they sat there under Yanukovych, they still sit there. For them, the capital in Kiev.
    They are not public. They are not visible. But they are doing their dirty deed. Russians quietly hate the new government too. And therefore, as much as they harm, sabotage. On good, in DNR it would be necessary to carry out lustration.
    Yes, the trouble is: the new cadres in the power of the DPR are not prepared for governing the state. Neither professional nor mental. They do not possess state thinking. Nowhere, and there was no time to form it. Therefore, the ease of thought is extraordinary. Therefore, the results are scanty. Although the declarations are correct.
    Cadres decide everything.
    1. Donbass19
      Donbass19 3 December 2019 10: 43
      of course. repainted dill is also there. But the bulk of it is take-overs, which by and large do not care what Russia, Ukraine, or Martians. Their most important task is to sit in warm places for as long as possible and enrich themselves as much as possible. I personally saw it. And you can complain, write as much as you like, in response you will receive a soapy reply that everything is fine. Pop-up shit law in action.
    2. mehan
      mehan 9 December 2019 14: 18
      Well, in Crimea, the newcomers have already decided. All. The result is noticeable.
  6. U-58
    U-58 3 December 2019 08: 48
    Back in 2014, when the Donetsk euphoria came after the Crimean euphoria, smart people, including those from Donbass, spoke directly and unequivocally that the entire Novorossiysk booch was the implementation of the plan (and actions) of a group of Ukrainian oligarchs of the new wave who wished to jump out from under Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and take the upper echelon of economic dominance in the region.
    They fell into the hands of popular demonstrations against the Kiev junta, which were used to the full.
    Now, apparently, there is a new redistribution.
    There is no desire to go under Russian capital. And then: does it really matter who cuts you - Kiev or Moscow? After all, you are finally CUT!
    So there is a search for a new, own way in the matter of further sharing and enrichment.
    Fortunately, Moscow cannot directly and rigidly dictate its terms based on the Kremlin’s official position on New Russia. As well as Kiev's hands are short ....
    The path is slippery and dangerous, but in the end it is "their" cabinet problems.
    In this case, as always, a simple people acts as a hostage and sufferer.
    1. Avior
      Avior 3 December 2019 09: 19
      . groups of Ukrainian oligarchs of the new wave

      Who are they? Do they have surnames?
      1. U-58
        U-58 3 December 2019 19: 05
        Whimper, drag. Major, I can’t announce the whole list ((((
        1. Avior
          Avior 3 December 2019 19: 35
          at least someone.
          I can not imagine anyone in this role
    2. Oleg (Kharkov)
      Oleg (Kharkov) 4 December 2019 09: 25
      Your opinion, how will it all end?
      1. U-58
        U-58 4 December 2019 20: 32
        Yes, and how will it end?
        Is it possible to expect that Russia will take radical steps in bringing the Donbass closer to itself?
        Geopolitical questions are solved for years, sometimes for decades.
        Today, the state of affairs is such that the weak (to say the least) Russian economy does not allow it to appear recklessly and boldly on the international scene.
        In addition to this, we are not loved in the world.
        Our country is not a guide for anyone.
        Even for Belarus and Kazakhstan.
        The consequences of the Crimean aggravation showed that we can’t survive the possible Donetsk aggravation without catastrophic consequences.
        That's why
        a) Pessimistic option: Donbass remains in (on) Ukraine with a certain special status, which will soon be poher.
        The Russian language will be given regional status;
        b) Optimistic: New Russia will acquire a status comparable to Abkhazia.
        It will be recognized by Russia and even a couple of countries that are begging us as beggar friends.
        Further prediction is difficult ..
        1. Oleg (Kharkov)
          Oleg (Kharkov) 5 December 2019 11: 36
          Quote: U-58
          Geopolitical questions are solved for years, sometimes for decades.

          Do you think that in the next 5 years everything will be as it is? or can something change by 2024?
          1. U-58
            U-58 5 December 2019 20: 54
            And what is so special in the 24th year to happen?
            The noodles on the ears of our ingenuous and gullible people will be with a new seasoning.
            They will also elect Putin or the one whom he will point out through the TV viewer, even if it is hamadril.
            And what else is so noticeable there, in the 24th?
    3. mehan
      mehan 9 December 2019 14: 20
      In the 14th year? From under Poroshenko Kolomoisky? Do not confuse anything?
      Let me remind you that it was Yanukovych and the company. Akhmetov, Kurchenko .... where are they now, recall.?
      1. U-58
        U-58 10 December 2019 03: 55
        I don’t confuse anything.
        From under them and then.
        The driving forces of performances in the Donetsk region are very diverse ....
        Do not you think that Poroshenko and Kolomoisky as powerful oligarchs took place only after 14 years?)))
  7. fsps
    fsps 3 December 2019 09: 38
    Give independence to the Donbass, under the protection of Russia, and let them live as they want. Why are they worse than Kosovo.
    1. nikolai.kolya
      nikolai.kolya 3 December 2019 11: 11
      why not attach?
      1. nikolai.kolya
        nikolai.kolya 3 December 2019 12: 10
        except for a minus no arguments .... funny
      2. Fibrizio
        Fibrizio 4 December 2019 09: 54
        And what to do with them after joining?
        Feed, water and repair everything?
        1. nikolai.kolya
          nikolai.kolya 4 December 2019 12: 28
          first of all, to save the Russian-speaking people in the Crimea, by the way, we feed, catch and repair the Crimea - what is the problem ??? Donbass residents are second-class people ???
          1. Fibrizio
            Fibrizio 4 December 2019 13: 38
            What did you decide to save them from?
            I do not see genocide on the territory of Ukraine except for just the same territories covered by the war.
  8. Maks1995
    Maks1995 3 December 2019 09: 39
    Normally. Nifiga is not clear.
    But whoever "is not with us, without insignia" and asks where the money for the supply of coal is, "plays along with the enemy."
    1. Fibrizio
      Fibrizio 4 December 2019 09: 53
      All that is against the general line of the government is an accomplice of the fascists. From the article I understood so.
      Those who ask about money and ask for reports are the enemy of the people.
  9. AKS-U
    AKS-U 3 December 2019 10: 53
    LDNR as a reflection of affairs in Russia itself. They will restore order there when the Power in the Country changes. With the current insanity will continue. This situation is beneficial for Russia, why are there. Everything will change after 2024. And today, will these people really be worried about LDN -
    Yes, they don’t even know where this LDNR is located. They don’t even know where Tulun is. By the way, the last 2 weeks did not follow the news, did they build houses in Tulun? Do people live in warmth and abundance? This is where you need to dance. Kozma taught - See the root.
  10. Fibrizio
    Fibrizio 4 December 2019 09: 51
    Quote: Vita VKO
    This is how you need to be "smart" to shit in your own house? There is a war, and undermining the political situation in the DPR is one of the main goals of the policy of the Ukrainian oligarchic junta.

    Their house has long been not theirs.
    Locals do not fight with anyone. The population wants to live in peace. For example, as Odessa residents (how many people there were burned again after that incident, zero?). The people need peace and work. And independence there is not 90% rested.
    To them, the interests of the Russian Federation, for which the mahach goes there, are uninteresting. So the opposition is quite possible and stands just for the interests of the local population.
    And the increase in milk production, coal production, smelting of pig iron, this is all our country has already passed.
    The quote from the article about the fact that the salary will be issued before the end of the year is strong. Bear with the guys for another month, but for now, work for it!
    What is happening there does not compare with the processions of local fools several times a year in the central squares of Ukraine.
    In the Russian Federation, Nashi (now Yunarmia) also go, only local people look at them as insane and that’s all. Then, until the next holiday, they disappear to cut the budget, and life goes on.
  11. ilik54
    ilik54 6 December 2019 21: 18
    Putin, with a stroke of the pen, deprived all the illusions of ukro-Bandera fascists, the USA, EU and NATO, for the war between Ukraine and Russia. He, Putin, made them like little blind and helpless puppies easily and simply. Putin is the true owner of planet Earth.
    A completely different socio-political process is taking shape here. The fact is that after receiving Russian citizenship by the main part of Ukrainians, the state of Ukraine, as a state, can simply disappear, "like dew on the sun," just like it is sung in the Ukrainian anthem, only not enemies, but Ukraine itself, will perish.
    After obtaining Russian citizenship by the soldiers and commanders of the DPR and LPR, and this will happen first of all, these armies will already be Russian, as in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
    Then the APU will already be at war with Russia. This will be a political metamorphosis.
    And all this mouse fuss with the withdrawal of troops, with the law on land, with television shows, with the return of sailors and ships is just a smokescreen for Svidomo Selyuk and the West from the USA.
    Death ukro-Bandera slaves!
    Death to the enemies and traitors of Russia!
  12. mehan
    mehan 9 December 2019 14: 11
    Today there is a gangway in Paris, where EVERYTHING requires the implementation of M2 (this is where there is no LDNR, but there is an ORLDO of Ukraine), and yesterday these dolphins, looking, forbid the Ukrainian language.
    What they hope is unknown.
    By the way. In the DPR, the toad has long defeated the viper, and actively uses it in a perverted form. Especially noticeable in comparison with the neighboring Republic.