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Historical ideas about the fragmentation of Russia on the basis of foreign funding

Feudal fragmentation in Russia, the crisis of the 1918-1920 country's patchwork division — all this became a pretext for foreign countries, as they say, to participate in the further division of a big pie called Russia. But even after such serious trials, Russia found the strength to warp up to become a single state. However, the idea of ​​all-Russian unity was dominant in the minds of not all of our compatriots. A certain circle of people had thoughts at their own discretion to dispose of huge Russian territories, and even to bend under one or another weighty territorial piece.

Historical ideas about the fragmentation of Russia on the basis of foreign funding

One of these dramatic episodes in stories Our country is the emergence in 50 of the last century of the so-called Siberian regionalism, the idea of ​​which was proposed by the Russian scientist and traveler Grigory Potanin. In his opinion, the Siberian regions should have been separated from the rest of Russia, because in the capital Siberia is viewed exclusively as something negative, capable of playing a role only as an appendage suitable for exiles and convicts. Such thoughts first came to mind of Grigori Potanin while he was studying at St. Petersburg University with the active influence of the ideas of populism on him. It would seem that Potanin was walking exclusively on behalf of the Siberian people and being guided by the sole purpose of liberating Siberia from feudal oppression and making it the first Russian republic. But it was painfully radical methods that Grigory Nikolayevich was going to use.

The basis of the existence of the new Siberian Free States, namely the name proposed for the new state Potanin, he chose the almost complete rejection of all that had nothing to do with Siberia. If the titular nation, then only Siberians, if financial policy, then with full autonomy of management of funds from the new center, which Tomsk was intended to become.

For obvious reasons, the implementation of such an ambitious project, and even in conditions of absolute monarchy, could not pass without external assistance. This external out-of-place help itself could not appear, and therefore those who are preparing to empower the rulers of Siberia decided to apply for financial and not only financial support to the United States. In this regard, the letters of Mr. Potanin to American financiers with a simultaneous attempt to enlist the support of the American ambassador are very interesting. The letters proclaimed the main idea of ​​cooperation mutually beneficial for Potanin and the United States: you (the United States) help us with organizing a series of turbulent Siberian uprisings with the goal of separating Siberia from the Russian Empire, and we give you, as much as most of Yakutia.

Naturally, such a proposal could not go unnoticed by the American "partners." To help with the separation of Siberia from the Russian Empire in the United States wanted so that the plans could begin to materialize even before they were outlined by Grigory Potanin himself. This once again proves that the American craving for the embodiment of the ancient “divide and rule” is far from being present only today, and this is not even a hundred years old. Yes, and what is the situation with the attempts to separate Siberia with the help of financial support for marches and riots? The whole system is painfully reminiscent of what is commonly called the support of opposition movements in various countries. The analogy is seen quite clearly. And the modern opposition, as well as Grigori Potanin, has a craving for using foreign funds to solve his own problems. But if Potanin promised the American “sponsors” of his project a truly generous reward, which is mentioned above, then what is interesting, the opposition members of the current spill promise for help from overseas. Is it also Yakutia? ..

However, the dreams of Grigori Potanin about the disintegration of Russia and the heading of Siberia, which was cut short after the present for the Americans, did not come true.

First, the epoch-making reforms of Alexander II broke out, which led to the emergence of new sets of laws and, most importantly, to the abolition of serfdom, which (slavery) in the States at that time still continued to exist (oh, these 60s are forever Americans lagging behind Russia: late with slavery, then with space ...)

Secondly, the authorities and special services of that time were less inclined to engage in dialogue with the opposition, and therefore Mr. Potanin was arrested in 1865, and spent several years in Omsk prison. In 1868, Grigory Nikolayevich was subjected to civilian execution and exiled to Sveaborg, and then to Nikolsk, in the Vologda province. In the 1874 year, Potanin was amnestied, apparently realizing that his undertaking with the separation of Siberia and the American help was the usual foolishness of a young man at that time (Potanin was born in the year 1835). Yes, I must admit, Potanin himself, after the correctional "jail", was no longer eager to separate anything, but found for himself a worthy thing for an educated person.

During his long life, Potanin made a lot of expeditions and discoveries, for which his name is still more associated with the benefit of serving the Motherland, and not with the adventure described in the article.

However, the idea of ​​Grigori Potanin about independent Siberia was nevertheless brought to life during the Civil War in Soviet Russia. In 1918, a territorial formation appeared on the world map, which had many names, but one thing stood out - the Siberian Republic. Here the local government began to act, which chose the city of Omsk for its work. In fact, Siberia became an independent state, but the Soviet authorities quickly enough managed to remind the Siberians that their future was part of a single Russian state.

Obviously, recalling the proposals of a century and a half ago, American politicians still today express the idea that Siberia could be separated from Russia. Of course, to such a sweet cake with a huge amount of riches, the hand of foreign dreamers will stretch almost reflexively. I wonder how things are today with the correspondence of the current acceptors of foreign aid with their direct financial donors ...
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 18 July 2012 08: 59
    Those who advocate such development options for Russia need to burn with a hot iron on their foreheads "CAN'T WAIT!"
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 18 July 2012 09: 06
      yes why is it so, for such there is an article in the Criminal Code under number 275 - Treason to the Motherland
      1. Sakhalininsk
        Sakhalininsk 18 July 2012 09: 35
        also not bad, but at present punishments for such activities are too lenient.
        1. DmitryDmitry
          DmitryDmitry 18 July 2012 09: 53
          The United States will soon turn into ShA =)
      2. chistii20
        chistii20 18 July 2012 10: 21
        Quote: PSih2097

        yes why is it so, for such there is an article in the Criminal Code under number 275 - Treason to the Motherland

        There is such an article, only a pity the punishment is too lenient. You need to toughen up betrayal. You can’t forgive your homeland.
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 18 July 2012 10: 32
          I support Sergey (Sakhalinets) - burn on the forehead and on the back of the head with a gas burner and red-hot iron - !!!! Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation -Do not Wait !!!!!
          Just like I wrote. With exclamations.
          And to always remember - also on the inside of the hips, closer to the groin.
      3. Patriot of Russia
        Patriot of Russia 18 July 2012 10: 57
        PSih2097, "but why is that so, for such there is an article in the Criminal Code No. 275 - Treason to the Motherland"

        something in the walls of the Kremlin it does not work
      4. taurus
        taurus 18 July 2012 13: 14
        Yeah. Did you hear that this article would apply ?? So, some spies who leaked a couple of secrets may have been punished. And the main traitors who sold and ruined the country live and live (not all, of course, but there is no merit of justice in this). And get the Nobel Prizes. And they are called library names. Like this
    2. Yars
      Yars 19 July 2012 00: 27
      you should stop them as the last beasts !!!
    3. WAN
      WAN 19 July 2012 14: 27
      And we are like this ... point!
      1. Ruswolf
        Ruswolf 20 July 2012 06: 20
        Maestro WAN
        You're wrong! why share ?! The whole is better!
  2. Sibiryak
    Sibiryak 18 July 2012 09: 00
    Informative article, author +!
  3. itr
    itr 18 July 2012 09: 08
    Everything that could break up has already broken up. Now, even about five years old, the country will begin to enlarge again Yes, and for the region to come unfastened, it needs a dominant nationality. I would like to see how the Khanty or Nenets or Evenki will disconnect
    1. urzul
      urzul 18 July 2012 09: 26
      In my opinion, all this policy is a breeze to them, and they do not live badly in Russia
    2. general-oberst
      general-oberst 18 July 2012 09: 28
      Guys!!! The CIA has been doing this for a long time. In Buryatia, they have been writing on the walls of houses and shops for a long time - Buryatia to Buryats. And in the book of the notorious Neznan "red gas" the so-called freedom of the north and the expulsion of the oppressors represented by the Russians are put on the shield. Ideas that have contributed to the destruction of our society and unity since 1991 are gently moving around us. The Buryats are now rewriting their history to please their small landowners. It turns out that the city of Verkhneudinsk was founded two thousand years before the Cossacks founded a prison here. And the settlement was founded here by none other than the Huns, almost by the Attila himself. In short, as Uncle Joseph Goebbels said, the more monstrous the lie, the more they believe in it. bully
      1. urzul
        urzul 18 July 2012 09: 40
        All from the category of Russia for RUSSIAN
      2. Tersky
        Tersky 18 July 2012 10: 23
        Quote: general-oberst
        The Buryats are now rewriting their history to please their petty princes.

        Throughout Russia in the autonomies one and the same scheme, the smaller the "prince", the more "history" of the nation. You need to plant, as at one time Potanin ...
      3. Region38
        Region38 18 July 2012 18: 29
        Many peoples in Siberia did not even have their own writing until the Russians came here. The Siberian himself (the ancestors lived in Siberia since the 18th century) I know what I’m saying.
        1. Ruswolf
          Ruswolf 20 July 2012 05: 58
          I remember, even military service, "young crucians" came up and said - they want to live according to the Charter!
          There were no objections from our side! Charter so Charter 100%
          A week later, a statement - we want back! But the male is not an animal - back, so back.
          So here I am about what for half a year to give independence 100%
          1. Customs duties
          2. International market prices
          3. ..... 4 ...... 5 ...... As expected in compliance with the law.
          I think a week, a maximum of a month and they forget about everything they dreamed about and become one indivisible without any autonomy.

          In general, if it’s serious, if there are such thoughts within the country — this is a huge minus to the leadership in its work. It means that people do not receive something or take the last one, as it consists of small ethnic groups and indigenous peoples of the north and the Far East, who were deprived of the right to engage in fishing, what they have been doing all their life - Sea-federal property, all resources, respectively, too, take permission on common grounds and the cover of the law is one for all -
          I'm sorry to the officials - I didn’t mean them! They are not people! THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THE GOVERNMENT - OH AND WHO SAME WE THEN?
  4. anchonsha
    anchonsha 18 July 2012 09: 11
    Well, let the Anglo-Saxons even dream ... I nevermind, Russia will still be a state that the Anglo-Saxons will reckon with, as it was before !!!
  5. borisst64
    borisst64 18 July 2012 09: 23
    Each ruler of the state is glorious when it increases the earth and improves the life of the people. Our government needs to remember this axiom!
  6. chistii20
    chistii20 18 July 2012 10: 17
    Siberia wanted to choke. The territory of Russia is sacred and not touched.
  7. Magadan
    Magadan 18 July 2012 10: 31
    The Far East has too strong a thirst for homeland. They venture to inspire us that we are not sons of Great Russia.
  8. DUTCH
    DUTCH 18 July 2012 10: 36
    Here is our true enemy. No matter what we say, not EUROPE, definitely! We have our own future, to be a strong and powerful state, to dictate our will, politics.! And we face each other’s face, because the hair is black, the eyes are not like that, it’s only for those who dream of breaking up our state! Remember the parable about the rod and the broom
  9. Igarr
    Igarr 18 July 2012 10: 40
    Early rejoice guys.
    With this three-cursed WTO - the day is not far off when all this will be so much more serious.
    Buryatia - to the Buryats, Again - to the honey ages, Nganasania - to the Nganasans, Kuberkukia - to the Kuberkuk, Sannikov Land - to the piss.
    And all this, sensitively and completely shitty, will be led by sensitive and shitty pederasts with lesbians.
    Only ... Russian ... there will be no place left.
    If so, we will be silent.
    Or just talk in a fan club.
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 19 July 2012 12: 04
      Quote: Igarr
      Only ... Russian ... there will be no place left.
      If so, we will be silent.
      Or just talk in a fan club

      What will be the suggestions?

      In the framework of the forum, can create a council and send letters to the Duma, Parliament, and the President?

      And why not?
  10. Oleg Rosskiyy
    Oleg Rosskiyy 18 July 2012 10: 40
    Opposition for the trunk, sawing and sawing, in this very Siberia, to work for the good of the Motherland. Let them set the stage for the further development of this region, under the scrutiny of the public.
  11. patriot2
    patriot2 18 July 2012 10: 52
    Article +
    I read all the posts, they write everything well, I agree with many.
    Roads in the country are bad, mastering Siberia is the place where our oppositionists can aim at these great things. Stop wetting the homeland with mud. They wanted to divide Russia, so it was easier to rob? DO NOT WAIT!
  12. skullcap
    skullcap 18 July 2012 11: 00
    It seems to me that the phenomenon of all these potany, Kerensky, bulk and the like lies in the field of psychology.
    Firstly, such people suffer from delusions of grandeur, for they sincerely consider themselves to be the most intelligent, and all those around and living before them - narrow-minded and inert idiots who are not worthy of the title of people. So - cattle, therefore, their lives and, especially, well-being in the eyes of those who feel like God's chosen ones are not worth anything.
    Secondly, their own inferiority complex is eating them at the same time - how so? .. they are so smart and at the same time - so poor and at such small posts! .. After all, this is universal injustice !!!
    These “2 in 1” complexes, multiplied by extreme egoism and innate irresponsibility, lead to the appearance of “real violent”, as Vladimir Vysotsky once wrote.
    That is why they are, without the slightest doubt, determined to drive the dark masses of the people with an iron hand into the constructions of universal happiness invented by their sick brain. At the same time, everyone who is not able to accept this happiness constructed for them must be ruthlessly destroyed, and, as history shows, really destroyed by tens of millions.
    But these tens of millions for advanced democrats do not count, because for them only revolutionaries are valuable. And the sorrow for a couple of hanged revolutionary bandits is truly universal for them, while the multimillion-dollar sacrifices made in the name of their revolution are worthless in their eyes.
    I don’t know whether this task is feasible for modern medicine, but government agencies are simply obliged to cope with it. And for this it is simply necessary to have truly state-owned media. And then, with our money, taxpayers seem to contain state-owned TV channels, but all kinds of posers, Minkins and their analogues stick out from their screens, actually carrying out clearly anti-popular propaganda aimed at the collapse of the state with all the ensuing consequences.
    And the Internet in our time is almost the only outlet where you can hear the opinions of normal and adequate people. For which I respect Military Review.
  13. Lucky man
    Lucky man 18 July 2012 11: 07
    I don’t know about you, but I hate to see all these maps where Russia has already been divided and cut to pieces. It is clear that the US Naglo-Saxons, France, Japan, etc. are asleep and see how Russia will disintegrate into 20-30-50 "states", but when separatism is kindled inside the country, then it is necessary to punish harshly, equate separatism with especially grave crimes
  14. MIT
    MIT 18 July 2012 11: 09
    After reading the above article, I wondered what the author was guided by when writing the article.

    But this is a formidable warning to those who support the collapse of Russia and those who, as a true patriot, support Russia.
    Does Russia need a revolution, it seems to me that it doesn’t, Russia needs evolution, BUT AT ACCELERATED RATES!
    If in Russia, all the same, undesirable events occur, then the whole world will shandrah about it and not see anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. aleks3897
    aleks3897 18 July 2012 11: 39
    [To prevent this from happening, b] you need to destroy the opposition and the entire Fifth Column!
  16. aleks3897
    aleks3897 18 July 2012 11: 40
    To prevent this from happening, you must destroy the entire opposition and the entire Fifth Column!
    1. GG2012
      GG2012 18 July 2012 13: 27
      Yes, you are my friend, liquidator, some kind! In Russia, just begin to destroy someone, we will stop in five or seven years, until we destroy everyone and everything. And including those who called for the destruction of the "fifth column" will be destroyed. In no case can it be destroyed, this is exactly what the Anglo-Saxons are trying to achieve. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of the state machine. It is necessary to cultivate our Slavic values, among which the protection of the KIND and the protection of the MOTHERLAND are the highest values. And in no case should this work (of cultivation) be entrusted to the Church. The priests got shit in 1917, and now their authority is below the critical level. And every day Priests lose it! The Church in the conditions of the Information Society will not survive. A place for Jewish fairy tales from the Bible is in the Museum of Fears and Errors. A NEW SLAVIC SPIRITUAL-PHILOSOPHICAL (not religious) SYSTEM IS NECESSARY, which would unite all our kindred peoples. It should not be paganism and not religion.
      PS Frankly, your comment looks like a PROVOCATION.
      1. aleks3897
        aleks3897 18 July 2012 18: 30
        I didn’t write in the literal sense to destroy or kill! But to destroy, that is, reduce their influence on the people! You need to understand!
  17. sonyr
    sonyr 18 July 2012 12: 04
    I agree with Aleks 3897, the destruction of the fifth column would be ideal, and enough had already been conducted on an istry of the type of Democracy, I think it’s hard to do otherwise otherwise
  18. serge
    serge 18 July 2012 12: 20
    Siberia and the Far East were not independent states during and after the citizen, and were held mostly on American bayonets (as well as Czech and Japanese). It was a typical occupation with the extraction of natural resources. Since then, the great American dream has appeared - to grab Siberia. Do not wait. Rather, Alaska will again become Russian.
    1. GG2012
      GG2012 18 July 2012 13: 49
      Yes! For our Alaska !!! drinks
  19. GG2012
    GG2012 18 July 2012 13: 12
    Why don't we have a body or organization with a work plan for up to 50 years that would be responsible for the collapse of England in the provinces and for the collapse of the United States into separate independent states? The objective need for this body has existed for the whole 19th century, for the entire 20th century, and in the 21st century as well. Or we will wait for the Anglo-Saxons to pit us with China and organize the 3rd world war, as it was with the two previous wars. THERE ARE NO MORE NATIONS THAT HATE ANYTHING SLAVIC THAN ANGLOSAKS. This is a historical fact !!!
    1. Region38
      Region38 18 July 2012 18: 37
      All the wars waged by Russia beginning in the 17th century, including both world wars, were provoked by England, and in all the conflicts on the territory of the former union they could not do without their dirty paws, and now I dream to create the same thing with Russia - HORN THEM FOR THE WHOLE Muzzle!
      1. GG2012
        GG2012 18 July 2012 18: 59
        Definitely !!! Comrade
  20. darkman70
    darkman70 18 July 2012 15: 28
    The division that is described by the author is unlikely. It is more likely that the national republics will separate from Russia, in which the power structures and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are completely captured by the titular nationalities. These are Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Tuva, Yakutia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, North-Kav. republics. The same thing happened in the republics of the USSR in the 80s and 90s. The only correct decision is the abolition of nat. republics. Otherwise, the slightest mess and these republics will fly out of Russia and a complete collapse will begin. And the "friends" of Russia will give them all kinds of support in this.
  21. Evgeniy8104
    Evgeniy8104 18 July 2012 15: 59
    Yes, remember the Russian question more often, etc. and "the tale will come true." Hey Darkman in Buryatia, leading positions are mostly occupied by Russians (and I am a Buryat and it annoys me a little). In general, I am strained by healthy Russian nationalism. P.S. Something card I don't like with the Sakha Republic. Rather, the border areas with the PRC will fall under the influence of the PRC. Yes, guys, shout about healthy nationalism more often, and then normal people will have a headache. Either the Glory of Russia (united and mighty), or oblivion of the destroyed civilization. (reading the Internet and seeing various marches, rather the second)
    1. darkman70
      darkman70 18 July 2012 16: 32
      I agree. With Buryatia I got excited.
      For the rest, I did not understand you at all. Where did you see nationalism?
  22. strannik595
    strannik595 18 July 2012 17: 58
    you have to think about what you write, the priests whom you hate fought in the ranks of the Red Army in World War II and had military awards. The history of Russia, Russia begins with Baptism
    1. GG2012
      GG2012 18 July 2012 18: 58
      strannik595 Today, 17:58
      you have to think about what you write, priests whom you hate fought in the ranks of the Red Army in World War II and had military awards. The history of Russia, Russia begins with Baptism.

      I answer: you need to know the question about which you write. And about the history of Russia, which supposedly began with Baptism, so say it to Prince Rurik, Prince Svyatoslav, acting Prince Oleg (who the Prophetic). These are those who Constantinople - the capital of the Roman Empire took repeatedly and collected tribute. And the Khazar Koganate was defeated. And all this was before Christianity.
      Our story with you began long before the appearance of Christ, or rather "Yeshua Ben-Panderus". It is a fact. Read more, read wider.
      And what about the awards for priests during the Second World War - you have seen enough of the "Penal Battalion". ?
      1. stalker
        stalker 18 July 2012 23: 40
        Dear, only the opposite was true. Russia during Oleg's time was a vassal of Khazaria, and paid, among other things, "tribute with swords", that is, it fought for the interests of Khazaria against Byzantium and the Caspian Shiites. Even on this site there were several articles on this topic.
    2. general-oberst
      general-oberst 19 July 2012 16: 57
      And how many priests now after Afghanistan, Chechnya and other local wars have not anniversary but military orders and medals, in addition, having a disability group.
  23. GG2012
    GG2012 18 July 2012 19: 12
    strannik595 Today, 17:58
    By the way, why did you suddenly decide that I "hate priests"?
    As a person who has figured this out (for myself), I cannot hate them.
    I have a completely objective, adequate attitude towards them (priests), towards the Church, towards religion, which can be expressed as follows:
    "Christianity AD 988 is a 2012 Democracy." And then, and then, an occupation ideology aimed at the ideological destruction of hostile states. And that, and that, is imposed by "fire and sword".

    And you, by the way, are not the PR-department of CJSC "ROC"? You just registered today, right?
  24. stas64
    stas64 18 July 2012 20: 15
    The article is definitely a plus. There is actually nothing to comment on. And here is another link to a similar topic, about bringing the Russian Arctic into the zone of interests of the Euro-Atlantic (read NATO): Moreover, what is most interesting, who do you think brought it into this zone? On July 16, 2012, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) published a document - "Theses on Russian Foreign Policy (2012-2018)" dated January 2012. In the preface, the director of the RIAC, ex-minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Ivanov ... Then I think you will read it yourself. So you Patriot of Russia is also definitely a plus.

    Any use of materials is allowed only if there is a hyperlink to REGNUM news agency.
  25. stas64
    stas64 18 July 2012 20: 35
    a question for the site administration, but the links immediately after the article Awesomely takes in the ass

    Choose a character and fuck him until the morning!

    The young guy dashed

    Choose a character and fuck him until the morning!

    Busty thrush in nature, why are they here ?????
  26. sprut
    sprut 18 July 2012 21: 10
    We will not fall apart! We are the strongest !!!
  27. not good
    not good 18 July 2012 22: 50
    Siberia to the states? Not a dog bone!
    1. ars_pro
      ars_pro 18 July 2012 23: 07
      Not a bone dog, I would even say
  28. Magadan
    Magadan 18 July 2012 23: 41
    Quote: Igarr
    all this, sensitively and completely shitty, will be led by sensitive and shitty pederasts with lesbians.
    Only ... Russian ... there will be no place left.
    If so, we will be silent.
    Or just talk in a fan club.

    Well said, well done. I have friends from different nationalities. And the best response policy is simply for each of us to continue to be friends.
  29. pribolt
    pribolt 19 July 2012 04: 56
    As I wrote earlier, it’s better to help the United States split into 50 independent republics
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf 20 July 2012 05: 49
      As I wrote earlier, it’s better to help the United States split into 50 independent republics

      Buddy Why help ?!
      Just split and that's it !!!
      And a referendum on the independence of each state as a state entity!
      I think half of the "ball" will immediately vote for !!!!
  30. Okcug32
    Okcug32 19 July 2012 10: 26
    The mentality of Russian leaders, kings, kills me, do they really have not a bit of pity, patriotism for the country, for the land, for the great history, what can there be nothing more to destroy?
  31. jury08
    jury08 19 July 2012 13: 23
    In the place of sensible reflection on the idea, there is its indiscriminate chattering! You yourself are shouting about the dominance of Moscow! The idea is to create united United States of Russia, where the income remained in the regions and did not go to the capital irrevocably!
  32. Login1
    Login1 19 July 2012 23: 32
    Russia is in a very dangerous situation. Look on the Internet for the interview of Evgeny Fedorov "Winners who lost the war"
  33. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 20 July 2012 05: 45
    I would like to recall with a warm word "enemies of the role" Dinikin and Kolchak
    To the offer of financial support and military assistance in exchange for the truncation of the Russian Empire, their response was NO HOMELAND!

    Today, unfortunately, the people's "favorites" - the "chosen ones" think that this is their duty!
  34. zstalkerzz
    zstalkerzz 5 October 2012 10: 12
    Thank you for the article