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New air-to-air missile for the Su-57?


The delegation in the shop GosMKB "Vympel". A new rocket is on the stand at the top. Photo by

Russian industry has shown a new guided air-to-air missile designed to arm modern and promising fighters. In this case, it is only a show - any information about this product has not yet been published. Despite the lack of information, the new weapon already attracted the attention of foreign media.

Premiere in Moscow

The promising air-to-air missile was shown to the public on November 18. On this day in Moscow, the opening ceremony of the reconstructed production building of GosMKB "Vympel" them. I.I. Toropova. The events were attended by the leaders of Moscow, including Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The guests of the enterprise were shown modernized production sites, as well as some products of the enterprise.

As part of the impromptu exhibition, along with other products, several aviation air-to-air missiles. If the bulk of such products are already familiar to specialists and the public, then one of them was shown openly for the first time.

Unfortunately, so far only the appearance of the rocket is known, on the basis of which some assumptions and conclusions can be made. Product name and performance characteristics remain unknown. All this leaves room for estimates and forecasts, including the most daring. So, the foreign press has already linked the new missile with the fifth generation of fighters.

Technical features

At the booth, a rocket was laid in the workshop, with one or another feature significantly different from other products. Together with her showed rockets R-73 (probably its latest modification) and R-77. A joint demonstration of several products allows us to evaluate the dimensions of the new rocket.

The promising missile received a cylindrical body of large elongation with a lateral garrot for cables. A pointed fairing is used, but its shape is unknown - the rocket was demonstrated with a protective cover. Four folding planes are placed in the rear of the hull. Probably, these are lattice rudders with resettable flat covers. Apparently, the rocket has only one set of planes.

An unknown missile has a reduced length - it is shorter than the presented P-77 and P-73. Its length can be estimated at approximately 2,5 m. By the diameter of the hull and the range of the rudders it is comparable to P-77 - 200 and 700 mm, respectively. Product weights are unknown.

What is inside?

The appearance of the rocket allows you to determine some of the features of its design. However, it will not be possible to establish complete tactical and technical characteristics - until the developer organization opens them.

Missiles at the exhibition from a different angle. Photo by the press service of the mayor and the government of Moscow /

The head fairing of the product is closed with a protective cover of considerable size and characteristic shape. Devices of this kind are commonly used on air-to-air missiles with a radar homing head and a radio-transparent fairing. Thus, a new missile may have a radar seeker, although its exact type is unknown. Both active and semi-active or passive systems can be used. GOS and related equipment occupy the entire head of the hull.

Directly behind the GOS is the warhead. Probably, the "traditional" high-explosive fragmentation charge is used. There are small windows around the circumference of the case - apparently, a non-contact laser target sensor is used that monitors all directions.

The central and tail parts of the body are given over to the propulsion system. Domestic air-to-air missiles are equipped with solid-fuel engines, and the new product is hardly an exception. However, the technical characteristics of the engine from the photo can not be determined.

Possible characteristics

The appearance and assumptions about the internal equipment of the rocket can be used for new assessments. In particular, one can try to determine the purpose of the rocket, and therefore other aspects of aspects.

In terms of size, the new missile is inferior to the well-known P-73 and P-77. The smaller dimensions of the product as a whole and its engine allow us to consider that it belongs to the class of guided missiles of short or medium range. The maximum range of the P-77 missile reaches 110 km, but the parameters of the promising missile should be more modest.

The new missile is hardly intended for close combat. Domestic weapons for such tasks are equipped with infrared seekers, while radar systems are used on missiles of other classes.

Thus, most likely we are talking about a medium-range missile, capable of hitting targets at distances of tens of kilometers. The exact type of GOS is unknown, and therefore it is unclear whether the rocket can operate on the basis of the "launched-forgotten" principle.

New rocket for a new plane

The foreign press primarily drew attention to the reduced size of the rocket. This peculiarity is associated with the development of Russian aviation, namely, the need to use the fifth generation Su-57 fighter. In order to reduce visibility for radars, this aircraft can carry weapons in the internal cargo bay. They have a limited volume and impose certain requirements on the dimensions of weapons.

General view of the product.

Judging by the available data, the new missile will be able to be transported in all Su-57 cargo bays. It will freely enter both the main compartments placed on the axis of the aircraft, and the side, differing in smaller sizes. Thus, the promising fighter will receive new weapons combining high combat qualities and ease of operation.

In favor of the version of the application on the Su-57 speaks the very logic of the development of weapons and equipment for the aerospace forces. The fifth generation fighter has already gone into series, and therefore all new weapons must be created taking into account the use on it. At the same time, one should not forget compatibility with other aviation equipment.

In the context of armaments, the Su-57 needs to be remembered news recent years. At different times and at different levels, it was argued that in the framework of the PAK FA program, almost a dozen new aviation weapons of all classes are being created for a promising aircraft. Apparently, one of them is the recently shown rocket from the Vympel GosMKB.

Conclusions from the photograph

Thus, a few days ago by chance (?) Very interesting news about the development of promising weapons became known. For the first time they showed a promising air-to-air missile. Its characteristics and capabilities can be represented, but official data of this kind has not yet been published.

However, it is clear that the new missile will be able to supplement the existing nomenclature of weapons of the aerospace forces and give certain advantages. In addition, it should become the most important tool for fighters of the last generation - as well as for older equipment.

Since the new model has already been shown to representatives of the authorities, and at the same time to the public, it can be expected that they will soon be told more about it. However, the timing of the official disclosure of data remains unknown. The characteristics of the rocket can be published the other day or postpone these events to future military-technical exhibitions.

In general, the latest news recalls that domestic industry continues to develop promising aviation weapons of all classes. The positive consequences of this are obvious - in parallel with the technology of the new generation of VKS, they will receive the most modern means of destruction.

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  1. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 27 November 2019 05: 33
    New air-to-air missile for the Su-57?

    He says that the Su-57 is not a mirage. But to know everything about the latest Russian military equipment is not necessary, especially to a potential enemy.
    1. Shopping Mall
      Shopping Mall 27 November 2019 08: 20
      Is it possible that this is a missile such as the US-developed CUDA missile defense? Those. missile in-in with ARLGSN, which can be placed in the amount of 2 pcs., taking at the same time as one RVV-SD (R-77). The main task is to intercept the enemy’s missiles with a direct hit, but can also work for other air targets.

      Against this version, the apparent lack of gas-dynamic lateral control, ensuring the super-maneuverability of the rocket, works.
      1. opus
        opus 27 November 2019 16: 01
        Quote: AVM
        Is it possible that this is a missile of the type being developed by the American missile defense in-in CUDA?

        no, see

        we have no implementation yet

        and three-mode seeker for this class of RVV
        Quote: AVM
        the lack of gas-dynamic lateral control, providing super-maneuverability of the rocket.

        means not hit-to-kill
        The missile must be capable of effectively destroying enemy air targets in the 360º range and beyond the pilots' visibility (which is especially important for pilots of F-22 Raptor aircraft that went into operation about ten years ago), have the highest possible maneuverability at high overloads
    2. venik
      venik 27 November 2019 16: 36
      Quote: ROSS 42
      He says that the Su-57 is not a mirage.

      Well, if you passed (and more than once!) At the parade over Red Square ..... then EXACTLY "not a mirage" !!!
      Quote: ROSS 42
      But to know everything about the latest Russian military equipment is not necessary, especially to a potential enemy.

      Well, THEY DO NOT KNOW !!!!! soldier
    3. 3danimal
      3danimal 6 December 2019 19: 42
      As well as Russian subjects? (
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 27 November 2019 05: 52
    Cyril, why are you so worried? Was the rocket made for your money, or without your written permission? ?? Done, then it’s necessary, they haven’t shown the characteristics, well done, they observe the secrecy regime! !!
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 27 November 2019 06: 56
      General view of the product.
      what's on the last photo, masking tape attached to a rocket? jeepies navigators? belay
      1. Air force
        Air force 27 November 2019 07: 30
        Ha Ha, this must be kind of "funny", kind of mocking. Logically compare the photo, the tail unit on the first rocket is attached with tape, the same as on the third. That is, they are in a folded state.
      2. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 27 November 2019 07: 49
        I also did not understand the "device" you specified. Most likely a dimensional layout. But the model will be followed by the product?
        1. Vladimir_2U
          Vladimir_2U 27 November 2019 08: 25
          Judging by the elements of the steering machines (possibly) this is already a product.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 27 November 2019 07: 56
    A new combat unit, new equipment, weapons and tactics for him. This is a normal, natural process.
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 27 November 2019 11: 37
    The GOS of an explosive missile with only a radar is insufficient in our time.
    All modern aircraft are equipped with jammers, knocking down such a GOS with a target.
    On a modern GOS, there must be an IR video camera in addition to a radar.
    You cannot fool the camera with EW or heat traps. Only a defensive laser can dazzle her.
  5. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 27 November 2019 11: 38
    I would like to see in the series a long-range missile ks 172, this would be suitable. Although p 37 is already doing everything.
    1. 3danimal
      3danimal 6 December 2019 19: 45
      The R-37 will not cope with the tasks of the R-77 and R-73, namely, air combat at long / medium-close range with maneuverable targets (NOT by AWACS).
      K-172 is essentially a larger and more modern version of the R-37.
  6. Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 27 November 2019 12: 32
    Rocket to replace p73. Vryatli having one and a half times less length, it will have the same characteristics as p77.
  7. Operator
    Operator 27 November 2019 16: 06
    Quote: AVM
    is it a missile such as the US-developed CUDA missile defense?

    The Americans so far have no anti-missiles, and CUDA models and not the fact that they will bring them to the series (painfully digging for a long time), since the technical solution with many single-mode solid propellant rocket engines is clearly less energy-efficient than with one multi-mode.
  8. ydjin
    ydjin 28 November 2019 14: 40
    Let the adversary puzzle, for this our gunsmiths work.
  9. bars1
    bars1 28 November 2019 22: 13
    On paralay, they joke that this is a R-77 rocket with a cut out engine compartment, exhibited for showing Sobyanin. Cool version, although that does not happen in Russia!
  10. Pavel57
    Pavel57 28 January 2020 16: 32
    It looks like a fake.