A meeting between Putin and Trump would be futile. Why?


Recently, much has been said and written around the world about the possibility of organizing a meeting of the presidents of the two great powers: Russia and the United States. At first glance, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump really have something to talk about. But many politicians in both Russia and the USA consider such a meeting pointless. Let's try to figure out why.

APEC summit in Chile canceled: protests are to blame

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, which was planned to be held in Chile on 16-17 on November 2019, did not take place. This is due to mass unrest in the Chilean capital and a number of other large cities. Chilean citizens took to the streets to protest against rising metro fares, as well as demanding higher salaries and lower fees for medical and educational services.

The riots in Chile have reached such proportions that the country's authorities were forced to abandon the APEC summit, and it was during the summit that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met. The last time the heads of the two leading powers of the world met in Osaka at the G20 summit. Therefore, it is now not very clear where and when the two presidents will be able to talk again.

However, Russian leaders doubt that this meeting is necessary at all. As the experience of the previous meeting showed, it did not lead to any serious consequences and large-scale changes. Moreover, after the last meeting between Putin and Trump, relations between the two states even worsened, although there were no conflicts at the meeting. But followed by the cancellation of a number of important treaties, harsh statements from the American administration.

Apparently, that’s why Vladimir Putin announced in mid-November of 2019 that he was not planning a meeting with his American counterpart. If the head of state speaks about this, then there really will not be a meeting, and this is a mutual decision. It would be unlikely that Moscow would have opposed the conversation between the two presidents, if such a proposal were made by representatives of the American administration. So, even if the APEC summit has not taken place, the meeting of the heads of state has not only been postponed to some longer term, but generally has very uncertain prospects. Maybe when they meet, maybe not.

However, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, has already managed to refute the information circulated in the Russian mass media that the Kremlin is skeptical about meeting with the American president. But from this refutation, the meeting, by itself, will not take place and will not even come close. And there are reasons for that.

Trump's hands are tied

One of the main reasons that the meeting of the two presidents meets a similar attitude on the part of both the Russian and the American leadership is the lack of a real opportunity for Trump to change US foreign policy. Donald Trump is known for his loyal attitude to Russia and respect for Vladimir Putin, but even with the great powers that the US president has, he is not able to completely change the course of American foreign policy.

The real situation is such that the focus of US foreign policy is determined not by the president, but by the groupings of the American establishment. Now hawks are particularly influential in Washington, among which are quite radical, such as the recently resigned National Security Advisor to US President John Bolton, and more moderate ones like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his entourage.

A meeting between Putin and Trump would be futile. Why?

For hawks, Russia has always been historical enemy, to which it must be treated appropriately. So, they welcome Kiev’s policy of confrontation with Moscow, advocate maintaining a military presence in Syria and other countries, constantly inventing various reasons for new pressure on Russia and the introduction of new sanctions. Of course, the “hawks” are also characterized by a course towards an arms race, the abolition of existing agreements on control over them.

Trump, of course, himself can hardly be called a peacemaker, but at least he had a rather non-trivial program. In particular, Trump advocated the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, Syria and other states, for the reduction of military and financial assistance to Ukraine itself, since, as a businessman, he is primarily concerned with the financial and economic prosperity of the American state itself.

Trump is not going to give away budget funds to other countries or spend them on the maintenance of American soldiers helping Kurds or Afghans. But the American president’s entourage thinks differently and, whatever Trump has his personal views, he is forced to listen to the opinions of his entourage and do what the representatives of the American political elite dictate.

By the way, there are quite influential supporters of Trump's meetings with Putin in the Republican Party. This is part of the same "hawks" that adhere to the "old rules" and believe that the American president should personally communicate with the Russian, and very sharply, almost challenge him. Such an act of Trump, in their opinion, would help to increase his rating. But Trump himself is not going to openly quarrel with Putin, because he understands that in the future such an act will most likely negatively affect not only the United States, but also his own image.

Probably, including for these reasons, a year ago, during the meeting of the G20 in Buenos Aires, Trump already refused to meet with the Russian president - he did not want to substitute and go on about the instigators. The meeting did not take place then, although in reality the presidents had something to talk about.

Constant Democrat Pressure

In addition to the “hawks,” which directly influence the Trump administration’s policies, making up if not the majority, then a very significant part of senior officials, opposition leaders from the US Democratic Party are also pressing on the American president. The American Democrats cannot forgive Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, so almost immediately after Trump became president, the Democrats launched a powerful campaign against him. Perhaps, none of the modern presidents of the United States has encountered such pressure from the opposing party.

Democrats are convincing Americans that Trump became president because of some foreign interference in the American election, although the facts of the interference themselves over the years have not been able to prove. Trump and his entourage are accused of almost collaborating with Russia, again - without proof. But, as the Democrats return to the topic of the president’s allegedly pro-Russian sentiments with enviable regularity, any productive meeting between Trump and Putin will have corresponding consequences.

Imagine that Trump met with the head of the Russian state and after this meeting made some fateful decision normalizing relations between the countries. What will the Democrats do first? They will accuse Trump of being a Russian agent, that he always worked for Putin anyway, that Russia's interests are above American interests for him. Trump, after all, is threatened with impeachment, and any step that would allow him to be criticized again will have very painful consequences for the president.

Many American media, including the famous The New York Times in the forefront, are now campaigning against Trump, the essence of which is to replicate the opinion of a certain relationship between the president and Russia and the Russian leadership. Allegedly, the Russian special services control the activities of Trump and even a significant part of the entire Republican Party of the United States, using them in their interests. Naturally, such a position is beneficial to the US Democratic Party, which expects to push through its candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

The main goal of the Democrats is to undermine the confidence in the Republicans as much as possible, and ideally to drive out their most powerful and dangerous candidates, including, of course, Donald Trump himself, from the election race. And in the case in this case are any accusations, sometimes even the most ridiculous ones, which will seem absurd to the "savvy" voter.

Even when it became known that this was not Russia, but Ukraine showed a special interest in the American elections, since the democrats who favored him wished for victory in Kiev, the media controlled by the US Democratic Parties nevertheless declared: the version of the Ukrainian trace in the American elections was thrown by Russian special services and beneficial to Russia to prevent hated democrats.

Given that the average American voter is a layman who is very superficially versed in politics and poorly understanding all the nuances of political battles even in his native country, not to mention Russia or Ukraine, he easily believes in the word “authoritative” media and can their influence to change their political sympathies and preferences. In the next election, such a layman will vote for a candidate from the Democratic Party, because he allegedly "did not sell out" to Russia, and then the farce will be repeated, but exactly the opposite.

This is what the Democrats are seeking, deliberately discrediting Trump. And, of course, against such a background, Trump's frequent meetings with Putin would, with the light hand of the American Democrats, be another proof of the imaginary connection existing between them. Trump understands this very well and does not want to be reprimanded once again for “working for Russia” and, in general, in any way harming his political image on the eve of the next presidential election.

Does Russia need Trump's meetings with Putin?

As for Moscow, it doesn’t make much difference whether the Russian president will meet with the American president. Gone are the days when “friend Boris” was trying to impress “friend Bill”. Then Russia, which was almost under the external control of the American administration, really was dependent on the White House, and the meetings of the presidents were relatively regular.

Today, everything has returned to normal: Russia and the United States have again become the main competitors in the world political arena and meetings between the heads of two states can be more ceremonial. Real decisions are, of course, not made at meetings. Accordingly, the need for such meetings is very illusive. Yes, you can amuse the public by showing that Trump and Putin exchanged common phrases, took pictures together and shook hands, but you can do without it.

Thus, a meeting between Putin and Trump will take place or not, this will not affect the world politics and the position of both great powers. Therefore, they are so calm in the Kremlin and the White House to cancel the APEC summit in Chile and do not make forecasts for the future.
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  1. +2
    27 November 2019 05: 48
    Some nonsense! Trump hawk to the bone! It’s just that the businessman in him sticks out stronger than the politician. I would like Trump, would establish good relations with Russia. But, it is profitable for him to press us from the arms markets, imposing the Patriots and f35, and forbidding us to buy our Su and C400. All his decisions are dominated by a purely American business approach - take only from us and only what we oblige you to buy. Russia is still a strong competitor, therefore, relations with it should be almost none what we see in reality.
    1. +1
      27 November 2019 06: 41
      two different-polar worlds, never agree. they will simply maintain the necessary balance of power. so all meetings are purely representative.
      1. +3
        27 November 2019 09: 26
        Quote: Aerodrome
        two different-polar worlds, never agree.

        The USSR and the USA were heterogeneous, just two different development systems - now what is the heterogeneity ?! if only they have developed capitalism and a bipartisan system, and we have wild capitalism and all power in EP
    2. +1
      27 November 2019 07: 50
      The red huckster is very similar to the future personal pensioner of Chubais, everything is rowing for himself and building problems for others. You won’t agree on anything with this.
  2. +5
    27 November 2019 05: 50
    That's right, there’s no need to shoot Trump ... he should be elected for a second term! laughing
    But seriously, what to discuss now? New sanctions? While the Mattresses butting with Europe - you need to make every effort to Our Diplomacy!
    Use the contradictions of the USA and China to your advantage! Then you can talk ...
  3. +2
    27 November 2019 05: 50
    The meaning of a meeting between Trump and Putin would be very clear if the United States and its allies lifted their sanctions against Russia on the eve of it. From this it would be possible to move further in relations between our countries and on other issues. Without a result, the next meeting is, in fact, a result for "ticking", formally showing that neither the one nor the other side is rejecting the dialogue. hi
  4. +1
    27 November 2019 05: 55
    Imagine that Trump met with the head of the Russian state and after this meeting made some fateful decision normalizing relations between the countries. What will the Democrats do first? They will accuse Trump of being a Russian agent

    In this case, one can recall Churchill, who flew to Moscow in August 1942 to meet with Comrade Stalin and sign the anti-Hitler charter with him.
    It is strange that today, in the framework of rewriting history, the liberal democrats did not think of declaring Churchill an agent of Stalin on this basis.
  5. +5
    27 November 2019 06: 04
    But Trump himself is not going to defiantly quarrel with Putin,
    Did Trump himself tell the author? Then he is definitely a Russian agent)))
    But someone V. Kamenev, who regularly writes in VO, would have brought a bunch of other evidence of the unnecessary nature of such meetings, and all of them would come to the fact that Pu is a great modern leader, and Trump is six American corporations.
    But in fact, Putin and Trump do little to decide in the modern world. Unfortunately, money decides, and both presidents are only their servants. Ideals are a thing of the past along with the "red" project.
  6. -3
    27 November 2019 06: 07
    it is necessary to agree on oil, otherwise at such a pace they will also suit the energy market
  7. +5
    27 November 2019 06: 15
    Meetings are needed, meetings are important. But life shows that not everything is so simple and how Trump is not free in his actions. That's what lack of absolute power means.
    1. +2
      27 November 2019 08: 51
      Quote: Silvestr
      Meetings are needed, meetings are important.

      I did not expect ... Let us pay from our pockets (in the form of taxes) for the trips of the president, ministers, officials, where they will not decide anything ...
      Have you ever read about travel officials from Switzerland? There are many other ways of communication in the world, and at a lower cost ...
  8. +5
    27 November 2019 06: 18
    A meeting between Putin and Trump would be futile. Why?

    Yes, head out!
    Trump from Putin does not need anything, but it will be necessary - and will not ask, because:
    "... Russia can have as many nuclear suitcases and nuclear buttons as it wants, but since 500 billion dollars of the Russian elite lie in our banks, you still need to figure it out: is this your elite or ours already? I don't see a single situation in which Russia will use its nuclear potential ... "

    And oil is traded not in rubles per ton, but in dollars per barrel.
    Putin is unable to personally inconvenience Trump and the American economy, in particular, due to the small Russian share in the volume of trade and depending on which Russia will not get out on its own, because the "reigns in power" do not live in Russia, they do not store money in rubles in Sberbank, families are attached not on the Valdai Hills, but in more comfortable places in the world.
    1. -1
      27 November 2019 08: 34
      And oil is traded not in rubles per ton, but in dollars per barrel.

      Europe buys our oil. We just got them to buy it for euros. We didn’t have time to report how the ECB introduced negative rates and now we are scratching turnips, maybe we’ll throw a dollar again.
      1. +3
        27 November 2019 08: 46
        Quote: Jurkovs
        Europe buys our oil. We just got them to buy it for euros.

        Yes, Russia is not obliged to sell for a pittance what then can not buy anywhere for any money. It is necessary to develop deep processing, and not stupidly drive raw materials "at any cost".
  9. +1
    27 November 2019 07: 47
    Let's try to figure out why.

    You can’t spin the stuffing back. There is nothing to talk about with stripes.
  10. 0
    27 November 2019 08: 30
    Good analysis. It may be added that when the founding fathers of the United States wrote their Constitution, many questions were not worked out, or even not mentioned. But this did not interfere with real politics, since such issues were resolved in the spirit of conformity with American values. Well, as in Soviet Russia, questions of the law enforcement practice of laws were resolved from the standpoint of proletarian identity. But American values ​​were deformed, they began to be interpreted broadly, and right away, gaping holes in the American Constitution became visible. The separation of branches of power proclaimed by the fathers is sharply violated; there are no procedures hindering this in the Constitution. Foreign policy issues are usurped by Congress. There was nothing to talk about with foreign leaders with the State President. And how to talk to Congress is unclear; they have seven Fridays a week. If it were some Liberia, no one would bother. And so a uniform monkey with a grenade, and no one knows what to do.
  11. BAI
    27 November 2019 09: 02
    A meeting between Putin and Trump would be futile. Why?

    Well, the author wrote correctly - Trump is not the real leader of the United States. It is necessary to negotiate with the true owners of the United States.
  12. 0
    27 November 2019 13: 00
    And 2 great power is who?
    1. 0
      27 November 2019 13: 21
      It depends on what is meant by greatness.

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