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Afghan everyday life of Soviet mortars


The war in Afghanistan in the memory of many Russians continues to be an unhealed wound. In this military conflict, we lost about 15 thousand people. In the 90 years of the last century, when violent reforms and economic crises began in the country, the Afghan campaign was almost squeezed out of the public consciousness of our compatriots.

However, today our society is able to fairly and impartially analyze and evaluate the events of those years, based not only on the conclusions of historians and researchers, but also on the recollections of the direct participants in those events, veterans of the Afghan war. In many ways, it is the stories of the “Afghans” that open our eyes to the details of that decade.

At the request of the audience, TacticMedia studio, together with the author of the project “We Fought in Afghanistan”, Mikhail Mikhin, decided to continue a series of interviews with veterans who fully drank war. The guest of this video cycle was a mortar man, artilleryman, aircraft manufacturer Andrei Baranov. He spoke about the long battle route that he had to go.

In this interview, we will talk about the military everyday life of Soviet artillery - mortar launchers in the Afghan war.

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  1. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 26 November 2019 14: 22 New
    A fellow student at the institute was preparing in Afghanistan, and it was a mortar man. He studied in Ashgabat. He told me that they taught us to be content with one flask of water per day. Thank God that war ended before it ended and they were transferred ... to Orenburg !!!)) Can you imagine the picture when they were met? In winter, frost is cracking, and they are in pea jackets and hats !!! Hats did not have time to issue. laughing
  2. Misak Hananyan
    Misak Hananyan 26 November 2019 20: 15 New
    Scythe of death