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Who destabilizes Europe and why the EU will fall apart


In addition to interfering in the American elections, Russia was also accused of destabilizing the political situation in Europe. An investigation into the case of a group of people allegedly associated with Russian special services was opened in Spain. The situation in the European Union is really not simple, but it is not Russia that destabilizes it.

Events in Catalonia and fakes about the Russian special services

Certain forces in Catalonia, as you know, have long sought independence from Spain. But the referendum held on October 1 of the 2017 year was a failure for the proponents of independence. They failed to get the majority of votes.

Catalonia remained a part of Spain, the Spanish special services began to pursue supporters of sovereignty, and the investigating authorities began to clarify the circumstances of the referendum. And they found the mythical “Russian trace”. Along the way, Spanish justice was haunted by the laurels of their British colleagues with their epic poisoning of the Skripals.

Why should Russia destabilize Spain and tear Catalonia from it? A reasonable answer to this question can hardly be given. The Pyrenees are not the Balkans, there have never been any political interests in Russia, with the exception of international assistance to the Spanish Republicans during the civil war in the second half of the 1930's. Nevertheless, the Spanish investigators discovered a certain “29155 unit” allegedly belonging to the system of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces (Main Intelligence Directorate, GRU).

According to Spanish investigators, Russian military intelligence officers tried in October 2016 to carry out a coup in Montenegro. But there, at least theoretically, one can see Russian interests: Montenegro was just part of NATO, which Moscow was not at all interested in. And Montenegro is the Balkans, these are Orthodox Slavs, these are relations with Serbia, the Adriatic. But what about Catalonia?

Who destabilizes Europe and why the EU will fall apart

Spanish counterintelligence suspects Victor Terradellas, a Catalan nationalist politician who led the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (now called the Catalan European Democratic Party), in contacts with Russian special services. Allegedly Terradellas convinced the leader of the supporters of the independence of Catalonia, Carles Puchdemon, of the availability of guaranteed support from Russia.

The Spanish edition of El Pais even managed to connect the protests in Catalonia with the poisoning of Sergey Skripal. According to the newspaper, the Spanish secret services suspect of participating in the operations both in Catalonia and in Great Britain of the same person - a certain Denis Sergeyev, who allegedly came to Catalonia twice, and also was in Salisbury, where Skripal was poisoned.

The version, of course, is awesome! It would seem that Russia has such a personnel crisis in special services that the same scouts specialize in Spain, the UK, poisoning, and the organization of mass protests and referenda.

By the way, the Russian diplomatic department has already reacted indignantly to publications in the Spanish press, calling all such versions a fiction. Russian Ambassador to Spain Yuri Korchagin called publications nothing more than fake the news, emphasizing that he familiarized with their content.

Interestingly, the acting Foreign Minister of Spain, Josep Borrell, also reacted approximately to publications. He also denied the information that the Spanish secret services allegedly went on the trail of a certain group of Russian intelligence agents operating in Catalonia. And he said that Spain did not quarrel and was not going to quarrel with Moscow because of such fictitious reasons.

In this regard, a logical question arises, who needs such fake information? Obviously, those forces that are dreaming of the maximum deterioration of relations between Russia and the EU countries are interested in its spread. It is clear that these are the forces of the Anglo-Saxon world, primarily the elites of the United States and Great Britain, who are very afraid of normalizing relations between Russia and continental Europe and the further development of economic and political ties. It is they, and not Russia, who are interested in the genuine destabilization of Europe, since disparate European countries are easier to control and manipulate.

Indeed, a strong and stable continental Europe is not beneficial primarily to the United States, which then lose the leverage of economic and political influence on European countries. Therefore, the planting of Russophobia and the cultivation of fear of Russia are considered as important tools to ensure an American military presence in Europe.

Putin: EU will collapse soon

Against this background, the statement of Vladimir Putin, who predicted the imminent collapse of the European Union, is becoming particularly relevant. According to the Russian president, Great Britain will not be the last European country to leave the EU, and many other states will follow London in the opposite direction from the European Union. The President of Russia even called the approximate date of the proposed collapse or reformatting of the EU - 2028 year.

The words of the Russian president should be heeded, if only because the EU’s structure is even now beginning to crack at the seams. And Brexit, although the most striking, is far from the only and not even the most dangerous manifestation of the EU crisis in terms of consequences. The United Europe project has faced a wide variety of difficulties - from migration policies, which caused very great controversy between individual European governments, to financial issues.

Centrifugal reactions within European states are also evidence of a systemic crisis in the European Union. The same Catalonia or Scotland are only the first signs of the pan-European movement for the redivision of borders and the creation of new nation-states. It is the idea of ​​a nation state, traditional for Europe, that is opposed to the concept of the European Union today.

The idea of ​​a nation state is most clearly expressed in countries of Eastern Europe. If in France and Germany the authorities, on the contrary, are rushing with multiculturalism and are trying to present Europe almost as a new home for all comers of humanity, then in the Czech Republic and Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, Romania and even in the Baltic republics, this issue is completely different. Eastern European countries are too young, and all of them история - This is a dream of their own national states, of the liberation from power of the Austrian Empire (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia), Russia (Poland), the Ottoman Empire (Romania).

In Eastern Europe, they understand and value national identity and do not want to let incomprehensible immigrants from tropical Africa and the Middle East into their countries; they do not want to turn into donors of a united Europe project, allocating money to bring “lagging” ones like Albania or Northern to the European standard Macedonia.

The rise of Euroscepticism in eastern Europe

About thirty years ago, the countries of Eastern Europe - Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary - considered joining the European Union as their main goal and linked their future, the prospects for the development of their economy with EU membership. Now the situation has changed beyond recognition. Euro-skepticism is growing in Eastern Europe, and by no means at the level of opposition parties. In three countries of Eastern Europe, governments are already headed by Euro-skeptics, which is a very alarming signal for Brussels.

The most striking Eurosceptic is Viktor Orban, who is not afraid to voice his position, which differs radically from the Brussels paradigm on a number of issues. Thirty years have passed since the collapse of the socialist camp and today Hungary is a country with a rapidly developing economy. But the national pride of the Hungarians, their desire to build their own prosperous Hungarian house, is contrary to the policy of Brussels, cultivating multicultural values, encouraging the sharing of money with more backward European countries. Budapest does not like such a policy of the European Union.

How Viktor Orban does not like anti-Russian sanctions. It is difficult to suspect Hungarians of increased sympathy for Russia, tea is not Serbs, but it is clear that Budapest is driven by simple economic rationalism. It is profitable to trade with Russia, it is beneficial to receive energy resources from it, to sell its goods to Russia, so why should Hungary sacrifice its economic interests for some common European purposes?

Another pole of Euroscepticism is Poland. This country is extremely unfriendly towards Russia, is a supporter of anti-Russian sanctions and an opponent of the launch of Nord Stream-2. But the European Union does not suit Poland for all the same reasons: multiculturalism, disregard for the values ​​of the national state, and too loyal attitude towards Moscow. For Warsaw, a much more desirable prospect is to be as independent as possible from Brussels, but to enjoy the full support of the United States, in which the Polish leadership sees its main patrons and intercessors.

Thus, we see that the economically most prosperous countries of Eastern Europe have almost received all that they could get from membership in the European Union. Now the need to reckon with the “general line” of Brussels and comply with the instructions of the pan-European government causes only growing irritation in Warsaw, Prague or Budapest.

Euroscepticism is also growing in Italy, where the industrialized North is the main initiator of changes both in relations with the EU and in the political life of the Italian state itself. Since Italy has very strong regional socio-economic differences, the level of polarization of the regions is also high. Northerners believe that they are "pulling" the economically more backward and criminalized South. And they like this situation less and less.

Thus, the main reason for the real political destabilization in Europe is the crisis of the European Union and the paradigm of “united Europe” itself. In the future, the actions of Eurosceptics may lead to political chaos in individual European countries, to mass unrest and “mini-maidan”.

On the example of Catalonia or Slovakia, we see that even in quite prosperous European regions and countries, the thread that separates a stable existence from the path of "maidanization" with all the ensuing consequences is very thin.

The second most important reason is the interference of external forces, primarily the USA and Great Britain, in the political life of continental Europe. The United States is not interested in reformatting the European Union into a truly strong and capable structure, since it threatens America’s own interests in Europe.

If we talk about Russia and the position of the Russian leadership, then the collapse of the European Union and the destabilization of Europe are just not beneficial for our country. European countries are Russia's most important economic partners, and Moscow is very interested in making Europe independent, freeing itself from American dictatorship and building relations with Russia based on healthy economic benefits and mutual political respect.
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  1. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 25 November 2019 05: 28 New
    Gentlemen, the Spaniards themselves need to be people, and the Catalans will reach for you.
    1. APES
      APES 25 November 2019 05: 39 New
      Why should Russia destabilize Spain and tear Catalonia from it?

      Barca must play in the RPL !!!!!
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 25 November 2019 07: 22 New
        As far as I remember, when the "Maidan" events began in Catalonia, there in Catalonia, taking the opportunity, the Ukrainian "maydanut" nationalist radicals rushed to armed earnings to "support" - inflate - the local socio-political conflict. It was not entirely clear on which side they spoke (in my opinion on both sides) and who at the same time was their "employer", but certainly not Russia!
        1. Stas157
          Stas157 25 November 2019 09: 20 New
          our country the collapse of the European Union and destabilization of Europe is just not profitable. European countries are Russia's most important economic partners

          The collapse of the European Union is beneficial for our country. It is easier to have trusting relationships with individual countries than with pro-American Brussels.

          When the center is weakened, centrifugal accelerations occur. Puppet Brussels has long compromised itself, and the idea of ​​a common Europe is bursting at the seams, many do not share "common European" values.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 25 November 2019 10: 53 New
            Political games are now extremely unprofitable. Our interest in neighbors is purely economic. Euro is a good and strong (for now) currency. And our main product, gas, requires huge investments in infrastructure and long, stably executed contracts.
            As long as European countries have one coin and one policy, we have a stable profit. If you have to cook in a cauldron of scattered Europolitics, deal with the daily floating rates of dozens of currencies and currencies, instead of profit, we will receive the same stable physiognomy.
            Neither our officials, nor our “big businessmen,” let’s say so, are famous for their skills in their main field. Of course, they know how to make a funny face with a suitcase and to say that everything is in order, "not noticing" the next puddle into which they got into it by their grace. But everything else ... We simply can not cope with the revived "European concert", in which everybody will lead his part.
            The collapse of the European Union will be a disaster for our country.
            1. Stas157
              Stas157 25 November 2019 14: 16 New
              Quote: Mikhail3
              Euro BreakdownUnion for our country will be a disaster.

              Enemy decay for us Union what is a disaster ??
              An interesting move! There is clearly non-standard thinking.
              Personally, I always liked friendly alliances. Let them break up and merge into already friendly alliances. I am sure that after the collapse, there are those who wish.
            2. Stas157
              Stas157 25 November 2019 14: 31 New
              Quote: Mikhail3
              Political games now extremely unprofitable.

              Sounds like an axiom requiring no proof. And meanwhile, it’s dirty political games The West around Ukraine separated from us have done their dirty deed. The West has earned a very good gesheft on this! And I certainly intend play farther.
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 25 November 2019 16: 27 New
                Are there any unions friendly to us (or anyone else)? Well, it’s necessary ... I personally don’t know such people, all alliances are hostile to all, not excluding their members. And what kind of gesheft did the West get? What did he earn in Ukraine? Property there costs little, because it does not bring profit, there is no place to take money (they themselves feed ukrov with loans), the market collapses ...
                1. Stas157
                  Stas157 25 November 2019 19: 23 New
                  You ask such elementary questions that it’s even inconvenient for me to answer.
                  Quote: Mikhail3
                  Are there any unions friendly to us (or anyone else)? Well, then ... I personally do not know such

                  Customs Union, BRICS ...
                  Quote: Mikhail3
                  what gesheft got the West? What did he earn in Ukraine?

                  He etched two halves of the whole. Russian world. Thus he realized his eternal dream - he directed the Russians against the Russians.
                  1. Mikhail3
                    Mikhail3 26 November 2019 10: 08 New
                    Your argument does not correspond to the level of the article. Excuse me.
                    1. Stas157
                      Stas157 26 November 2019 10: 28 New
                      I understand that you are considering the situation from the point of view of the economy and situationally. But any international event, as a rule, has a multi-level logic. Which gives rise to the opportunity for manipulation. Therefore, it is better to consider any phenomenon as a whole. In the context.
            3. Alexey LK
              Alexey LK 28 November 2019 14: 06 New
              Quote: Mikhail3
              deal with daily floating rates of dozens of currencies and currencies,

              And to sell for rubles - what is not an option?
    2. WILL
      WILL 25 November 2019 05: 40 New
      laughing Somehow you demand a lot from the Spaniards ... they are “innocents” - Russia is destabilizing everyone ... in fact, who would doubt it! fool
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 25 November 2019 06: 03 New
        According to Spanish investigators,
        I am a Spanish pilot! repeat
    3. Comrade
      Comrade 25 November 2019 06: 12 New
      Of particular relevance is the statement by Vladimir Putin, who predicted the imminent collapse of the European Union.
      Sooner or later, all empires collapse.
      1. rhino
        rhino 25 November 2019 13: 56 New
        With what a fright EU empire ??? USA, yes, there are some weak signs of a democratic empire. But they are not an empire either.
    4. Civil
      Civil 25 November 2019 07: 28 New
      Here the EU will collapse, and then the USA ... here life will begin, a little remains to be tolerated. Immediately, incomes will increase, industry will produce production, fields will fill up and all problems will be resolved. But it takes time, after 2030, closer to 2050.
      1. nikolai.kolya
        nikolai.kolya 25 November 2019 10: 02 New
        it will be especially funny as a 2 or 3 clone of Putin (in the 2040s and 2050s) will continue to promise to raise salaries and living standards, and also make a breakthrough / jerk, etc. laughing
      2. Roman070280
        Roman070280 25 November 2019 14: 12 New
        Something you are pessimistic about ..

  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. prodd
      prodd 25 November 2019 10: 44 New
      He smiled about Poland, the country is developing well.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 25 November 2019 11: 41 New
        Sucks from three mothers and gets richer. In contrast to those countries that receive milk from one mother, just like a cat wept.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 25 November 2019 06: 01 New
    Actually, everything is going according to the plan voiced by Obama. New states, new peoples and new languages ​​will be created on the territory of Europe. Those. European caliphate.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 November 2019 06: 34 New
      Quote: Tank jacket
      Actually, everything is going according to the plan voiced by Obama. New states, new peoples and new languages ​​will be created on the territory of Europe.

      It still began to be created before the outbreak of the First World War, and only now has entered the final phase.
      1. Tank jacket
        Tank jacket 25 November 2019 11: 43 New
        hi Then we are all the more not to blame request
      2. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 25 November 2019 11: 47 New
        This is really tragic: we just gathered in the United States of Europe, as we realized that we had to scatter. By the way, some states in the USA also think about leaving and independence from time to time.
    2. Wolverine
      Wolverine 25 November 2019 17: 23 New
      Quote: Tank jacket
      Actually, everything is going according to the plan voiced by Obama. New states, new peoples and new languages ​​will be created on the territory of Europe. Those. European caliphate.

      Oh, Ruslan is already closer to the truth, the European Union is being prepared to be cleaned up, all the while, and our poor rulers and oligarchs, if they want to survive, must turn to face the people, rally and develop in Russia, economics, healthcare, education, science, etc. .
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 25 November 2019 06: 15 New
    Well, if the elder said it would definitely fall apart ...
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 25 November 2019 15: 25 New
      Quote: parusnik
      Well, if the elder said it would definitely fall apart ...

      And you probably don’t know that, Alexei, that about a month ago I wrote here in the comments ---- DECLINE!
  5. andrewkor
    andrewkor 25 November 2019 06: 17 New
    Le Carré, Fleming and others would be envious of such a plot!
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 25 November 2019 06: 44 New
      Well, the first on the list is Frederick Forsyth! good
      1. knn54
        knn54 25 November 2019 07: 20 New
        FIRST on the list of Confucius: It is difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if she is not there.
        And the Spanish court seems to have found.
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 25 November 2019 06: 53 New
    In addition to interfering in the American elections, Russia was also accused of destabilizing the political situation in Europe.

    It is expected! Those guys themselves saw the branch on which they are sitting, and their fault is not even SAW, but a passerby who passed by !!!
    He would say that "WELL stupid !!!", but they understand the real state of affairs perfectly, but they will say that "Passerby is to blame !!!".
    Not stupid, hit and goats - s - entertainers are still those! It’s just not clear, but the BROADCAST understands this or the brains swam completely with fat, brain activity was stopped ???
  7. nikvic46
    nikvic46 25 November 2019 07: 01 New
    Indeed, at the very beginning in Catalonia there were only the interests of local people who profit from tourism. But as often happens, they were joined by people who were not happy with their hardships. In Chile, not everyone travels on the subway, and in Iran not everyone drives in cars For me, it would be better if NATO collapsed.
  8. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 25 November 2019 07: 13 New
    “Thirty years have passed since the collapse of the socialist camp, and today Hungary is a country with a rapidly developing economy.” This is a passage, what will the Hungarians say to us, what did they quickly develop there?
    1. pru-pavel
      pru-pavel 25 November 2019 07: 32 New
      ▲ $ 325 billion (PPP) [1]

      ▲ $ 164 billion (face value) [2]
      Place in GDP 57th place (PPP) / 58th place (nominal)
      GDP growth of 4,1% (2018) [3]
      GDP per capita
      ▲ $ 33 (PPP, 408) [2019]

      ▲ $ 16 905 (face value, 2019) [5]
      Inflation (CPI) 0,4% (2016)

      Average salary before tax withholding 327 HUF / $ 089 per month (1165,93)
      Average salary after tax withholding 217 514 HUF [6] [7] [8] / $ 775,36 per month (2019)

      Unemployment Rate ▼ 3,4% (April 2019) [9]
      The main industries are mining, metallurgy, construction materials, food, textiles, chemistry (in particular, the pharmaceutical industry), automobiles
      International trade

      Export $ 98,72 billion (2017)
      Export Articles
      machinery and equipment (55,8%), finished products (32,7%), food products (6,8%), raw materials (2,4%), fuel and electricity (2,3%)

      Export partners Germany - 27,7%, Romania - 5,4%, Italy - 5,1%, Austria - 5%, Slovakia - 4,8%, France - 4,4%, Czech Republic - 4,4%, Poland - 4,3% (2017)

      Import $ 93,28 (2017)
      Import Articles
      machinery and equipment (45,4%), other manufactured goods (34,3%), fuel (12,6)%, food products (5,3%), raw materials (2,5)%
      Import partners Germany - 26,2%, Austria - 6,3%, China - 5,9%, Poland - 5,5%, Slovakia - 5,3%, Netherlands 5%, Czech Republic - 4,8%, Italy - 4,7%, France - 4% (2017)
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 25 November 2019 08: 29 New
        4,1 percent of the growth is somehow not particularly, it does not pull on a rapidly developing economy.
        1. pru-pavel
          pru-pavel 25 November 2019 08: 32 New
          Take an interest then as the economy of Russia is developing rapidly, and the developed economies of Europe and the USA. It turns out that they have everything quickly. Only developing countries are developing faster, and China, which can probably be put in an intermediate position, between developing countries and developed ones, is true only because they have not fully completed urbanization because of the huge population, and this is already a fully developed country in cities. Well, in the countryside - this is a typical third world country. However, the countryside of Russia has something in common with the Chinese village
          1. Vladimir_2U
            Vladimir_2U 25 November 2019 09: 50 New
            Namely, China is a rapidly developing country, and Hungary is on the verge of stagnation, there is no question about the Russian Federation at all.
            1. pru-pavel
              pru-pavel 25 November 2019 09: 55 New
              Well, 4 percent is not on the verge of stagnation. This year, China's GDP growth is unlikely to exceed 6 percent. 4 is not so catastrophic and smaller. It is almost 3-4 times faster than in Russia and one and a half times slower than in China
              1. Vladimir_2U
                Vladimir_2U 25 November 2019 11: 17 New
                I believe about China, but not about Hungary, maybe there is the same Rosstat (Hungarystat))).
                Quote: pru-pavel
                4 is not so disastrous
                Not catastrophically and fast-growing noticeably different, don’t you?
              2. Sergey1987
                Sergey1987 25 November 2019 14: 12 New
                Quote: pru-pavel
                it is almost 3-4 times faster than in Russia

                In 2018, 2,3%, where 3-4 times?
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 November 2019 07: 18 New
    Moscow is very interested in Europe becoming independent, freed from American dictatorship
    So this can only happen after the collapse of the EU, when stupid Brussels officials will not dictate to countries what the US needs to do and how. And it will be much easier for Russia to resolve economic and political issues with individual countries.
  10. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 25 November 2019 07: 51 New
    Everything is natural. In all the maidanas of Latin America, and in our protests, we are screaming about the intervention of mattresses, they are looking for the Kremlin’s hand. It's time to get used to it and stop paying attention!)))
  11. Rwmos
    Rwmos 25 November 2019 08: 37 New
    In short, there is such a joke. there are generally two flags of Catalonia. And here is a version -

    - these are Catalan socialists. And according to the convictions of the Geyrope people, and even more so the Americans, all commies are sponsored by the crooked Terran from the Kremlin - and that’s the point!
  12. Glory1974
    Glory1974 25 November 2019 08: 48 New
    Even during the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, the current European countries were united into one state. Then the Roman Empire collapsed, now again the Europeans united. That is, the process has been going on continuously for millennia. The laws of geopolitics also say that what is united begins to experience disconnecting forces, etc.
    Therefore, it makes no sense to guess whether it will decay or not. We must look after our country, fight separatism-terrorism, raise the standard of living, then the future is with us and our children.
    And then we are discussing the European Union, and they are discussing us wondering when we will disappear from the world map.
  13. BAI
    BAI 25 November 2019 09: 25 New
    The President of Russia even called the approximate date of the alleged collapse or reformatting of the EU - 2028.

    In the year 28, no one recalls this forecast. You can say anything. Now, if I say, in 2028 the Earth will fly on the celestial axis, who can remember this in 28? But right now - a clairvoyant, almost Nostradamus. Anyway, no one can refute it - you have to wait 28 years.
  14. Doctor
    Doctor 25 November 2019 09: 29 New
    Why should Russia destabilize Spain and tear Catalonia from it?

    And why does Russia need a united Europe with borders near Pskov and Kharkov and a modern army under a million?

    It has long and wisely said:

    Divide and conquer
  15. kriten
    kriten 25 November 2019 09: 47 New
    Managers who have profiled their country are looking for excuses ... all the more, there is an example of the United States, where, contrary to the will of the democrats, Russia chose President Trump for them. The stupidity of the Spanish rulers also breaks all records: the complete impotence and lack of a true analysis of the situation for decision-making that preserves the country. There is a desire to stay in power only thanks to demagogy and accusations against non-existent enemies, insidiously guiding the moods of the Spanish people. In Europe, as in the USA, the time of the reign of sheep ...
  16. prior
    prior 25 November 2019 10: 50 New
    All that is created by man, after some time turns into waste, into garbage.
    Sooner or later to be there and the European Union.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. EnGenius
    EnGenius 25 November 2019 12: 33 New
    The US is not profitable the collapse of the EU and NATO, but the collapse of the Euro zone - that's it. Everything will start from him.
  19. rhino
    rhino 25 November 2019 14: 07 New
    Quote: Arzt

    And why does Russia need a united Europe with borders near Pskov and Kharkov and a modern army under a million?

    Naturally, you do not need it. But the EU is on the rise and there are no signs of its collapse. There are problems, but they are not critical. And what did you want after the Crimea and Donbass ??? Everything is natural, the strength of the action is equal to the strength of the reaction.
  20. New Year day
    New Year day 25 November 2019 14: 21 New
    Why is everyone in the EU eager? - For a good life. Instead, they gave up their industry and agriculture. In return, they received implantable duties, Papuans and no rights. EU locomotives are not able to contain the rest. Economic unification has become political and in return - crisis
  21. Good_Anonymous
    Good_Anonymous 26 November 2019 00: 19 New
    The same Catalonia or Scotland are only the first signs of the pan-European movement for the redivision of borders and the creation of new nation-states. It is the idea of ​​a nation state, traditional for Europe, that is opposed to the concept of the European Union today.

    In fact, Catalonia and Scotland want to be members of the European Union. Scotland is planning a conflict with the United Kingdom.
  22. NF68
    NF68 26 November 2019 16: 13 New
    EU leadership is increasingly losing touch with reality. Sometimes the same thing happens with common sense.