Lack of strategy is also a strategy. What should we do with Ukraine

Often you hear such a rebuke: Russia has no strategy towards Ukraine. Maybe not, but maybe we don’t know about her, they don’t report to us about her. On the other hand, the lack of a strategy is also a kind of strategy. Perhaps Moscow really does not know what to do with all this that is happening on our borders?

Eternal questions

If you have a scandal with a neighbor, if he is harassing your relatives and declares himself to be a Sumerian, then a European, and boasts that he is “anti-Russia,” what should I do? What should Russia do with “anti-Russia”? The answer is obvious, so Moscow does not stir up passion, and the process goes on as if by itself according to its iron logic.

Our other, as it were, eternal question: who is to blame for what is happening in Ukraine and generally in the post-Soviet space? There are many answers, from the guilt of tsarism and communism to the failed policy of Moscow in the post-Soviet space in the 90 years.

Meanwhile, there are direct culprits: the USA and Europe. The ideologist of the West, the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, at the beginning of the zero years unveiled a strategy for building a Western world order: against Russia, at the expense of Russia, on the bones of Russia and so on. Nobody in the West, in fact, disavowed this. In principle, Russia would have to impose sanctions against the West for interference and aggression in the post-Soviet space, but ... not for Senka so far this cap. Russia itself barely escaped the expansion of the West in the 90 years, and even today it cannot give an answer on the merits of the question posed by the West, confining itself to counterattacks. And today, Russia has to maneuver in the confrontation with the West and consolidate with China and other non-Western countries so that the West understands how wrong they are.

2014 Turn of the Year

Since the year of direct aggression of the United States and Europe in Ukraine through a coup d'etat, Russia's strategy for Ukraine has nevertheless begun to emerge. In general, it consists in laying the costs of these events and the content of the formed "pro-Ukrainian" regime on the United States and Europe, especially since the latter officially associated Ukraine. Now let it carry it as much as it can.

Implementing this “isolation” strategy is not easy, because the Russian economy will also suffer from a sharp break in all ties: it has tied its Soviet republics too tightly and it is impossible to free itself from this burden “all of a sudden”. Nevertheless, this strategy began with the policy of import substitution of Ukraine in the military sectors, it gradually extends to non-military sectors, we see this in the counter-sanctions against Ukraine announced last summer.

The “isolation” strategy is also being implemented by Russia in relation to the West as a whole, since “Ukraine” is only part of the problem, an episode in a hybrid war with the West. Although the great interdependence of Russia and Europe makes this process difficult and contradictory. However, the import substitution of Europe and the United States in Russia also occurs, primarily due to the development of economic relations with China and the BRICS countries. The Turkish Stream, Power of Siberia pipelines to China are precisely the beginning of import substitution in Europe. In Paris and in Berlin, they understand this, so they seized on the SP-2 and suddenly remembered "Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok."

Maidan miracle

There is never a blessing in disguise, in this sense, the Ukrainian showcase of achievements of the West for six Euro-Maidan years affects Russia and the whole world is very sobering. Our own latent Bandera people showed up, and many still moved to Ukraine and even picked up who feather and who weaponotherwise you would still be fooled by our “human rights”.

Bandera people who came to power in Ukraine are “truthful” stories they compose, but they work poorly and rule the country. This became clear already in the 2014 year, when the Maidan Nazi battalions invaded the Donbass: after all, they came with the stripes “Slavlasniki” (“Slave owners”). They followed the slaves who would work for the “pro-Ukrainians”, and they would be “panuvals”. But the most industrialized Russian-speaking region left them. Yes, with the help of Russia, but escaped from Bandera slavery. The Maidan’s country is falling apart even on loans from the West: the slave system is inefficient, and there are too many lords. Pan Kolomoisky has just done his independent examination on this subject.

Who is to blame for all this? Russia, perhaps, did not do something: failed, could not, slap it, but there is no fault in it! Guilt comes for what is done, feel the difference! The coup in Ukraine was made by the United States and Europe, supporting Bandera nationalists. Here they are to blame.

Minsk deadlock

For the first time since 2016, President Zelensky began with great difficulty to carry out at least something under the Minsk agreements and even signed the "Steinmeier formula"! In general, this suggests that it was Kiev that sabotaged the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The Norman guarantors, Berlin and Paris, as it were, guaranteed that Kiev would comply with the Minsk agreements, but instead threw the third “guarantor” - Moscow, accused Moscow of not fulfilling the “Minsk” and imposed sanctions!

The Maidan regime, with the tacit consent of its "guarantors," came up with a war with the "Russian occupier" in order to end it on favorable terms and receive a large indemnity. After all, a concocted war is easy to stop, just to stop composing this war. What to do with all this now will be decided on December 9 in Paris, but they will not be able to decide essentially anything. Because in the Minsk impasse, the whole strategy of Europe is a strategy of constantly “throwing” Russia.

Ironically, President Trump “threw” Europe at this crucial moment: he demands to pay all the expenses of America for the years that Europe has lived through Europe. Therefore, Berlin and Paris suddenly remembered Russia and realized that Ukraine was not fulfilling the “Steinmeier formula”! Why did they impose sanctions against Russia?

Against such a general background, Russia can continue its “isolation” strategy in the form of raising the question of the responsibility of Nazi paramilitaries in Ukraine, conducting shelling of the Donbass and terrorist intimidating activities throughout Ukraine. If the question of reckoning the Azov National Guard under Ukraine’s regiment as terrorist organizations is raised in the US Congress, then, as they say, God himself ordered that this be done.
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