US State Department is trying to dissuade Egypt from buying Russian Su-35

The United States warned Egypt of the possible consequences of the purchase of Russian Su-35 fighters, Washington and Cairo are working to resolve this issue. This was announced by a senior state department official during a briefing.

According to an American official, the United States warned Egypt of the possible consequences of acquiring Russian military equipment, citing Turkey as an example, which has already lost fifth-generation F-35 fighters and is awaiting the imposition of sanctions. Cairo understands the possible consequences, so the parties are working to resolve this issue.

Egypt, of course, is acutely aware of what happened in Turkey. Egypt, of course, clearly defined its requirements for self-defense (...) Nevertheless, we work with them to satisfy their requirements, (...) if they want to acquire an important Russian defense platform, such as Sukhoi-35 or Su-35. However, they are well aware of what they risk.

- said the representative of the State Department.

He explained that not only did the United States urge Egypt not to buy Russian planes, but other countries made the same request to Cairo. At the same time, the American official did not name these countries, limiting himself to the statement that they exist.

Of course, there are other countries that also turned to Cairo and said: "Please do not cross out all your progress in recent years." So not only the USA is concerned about this (the purchase of Egypt by Su-35). There are other countries that have also approached Cairo with this issue.

- he said.

Earlier, Washington directly threatened to impose sanctions against Cairo for the acquisition of Russian Su-35 fighters. It was later reported that the Pentagon and the State Department wrote a letter to the Egyptian authorities warning that the purchase of Russian Su-35 fighters would inevitably be followed by punishment from the United States.

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