Thales TopSight Helmet Sights for Russian MiG-29K

Thales TopSight Helmet Sights for Russian MiG-29K

At the ongoing air show in Farnborough on July 11, 2012, MIG Russian Aircraft Corporation and the Thales group entered into a contract for the supply of 24 units of the Thales TopSight helmet-mounted target designation and indication system to complete the MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB naval fighters planned for delivery aviation The Russian Navy.

“This system was chosen for installation on deck fighters MiG-29K / KUB, designed for the Russian Navy, since it was successfully tested on India-supplied aircraft of this type, as well as MiG-29UPG fighters,” said a representative of the Russian delegation.

The contract for the supply of the Russian Navy in the period from 2012 to 2015 20 deck fighters MiG-29K and four MiG-29KUB was signed by the Russian Ministry of Defense with RAC "MIG" in February 2012 of the year.

Supposedly, Russia became the third customer of the Thales TopSight system after the French Air Force (where these systems are used on Dassault Mirage 2000-5F fighter jets) and India.
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  1. scrack
    16 July 2012 11: 43
    and it’s not fate to develop your crest?
    1. Tirpitz
      16 July 2012 11: 51
      It is very expensive to develop a system for 20-50 aircraft and very long.
      1. red 015
        16 July 2012 12: 24
        not for long, but mine must be developed
        1. ozs
          16 July 2012 14: 00
          oh come on, what’s ours, why are we friends with NATO, it’s true that on TV they say that it’s our enemy, but in fact, the authorities know who its owner is.

          All this is sad, with the military-industrial defense the final defense, if in the early 2000s there was a chance for recovery, then now it is gone.
      2. ozs
        16 July 2012 13: 58
        With this approach, we are the director of a furniture store and senior management will come to the conclusion that it is expensive to maintain our army, it is better to pay foreigners, and we will dissolve (reform) our own.
        1. PatriotizTAT
          17 July 2012 02: 22
          Yes, yes, yes ... the business, who needs our children, certainly not Vorobyov with E, R. !!!!!
      3. +4
        16 July 2012 14: 43
        Quote: Tirpitz
        It is very expensive to develop a system for 20-50 aircraft and very long.

        The system can be made universal for fighter and attack aircraft, in which case the costs will be justified.
    2. Dmitry.V
      16 July 2012 12: 01
      Maybe they will study then try to make an analog.
      1. ozs
        16 July 2012 14: 02
        Yeah, dreaming is not bad.
        Why make an analogue if you can cut money on foreign contracts.

        Seriously, the copyer will always fall behind, an example of this is China.
        1. Dmitry.V
          16 July 2012 14: 14
          China simply copies both the pros and cons, and I think that our scientists will get all the good bypassing the shortcomings. Well, as always, it is cheaper, somewhere better but who the hell will buy, because it’s better to cut the budget on procurements than support defense.
    3. Skiff
      16 July 2012 12: 18
      probably not fate, alas.
      1. +2
        16 July 2012 13: 14
        Why spend money if francs are sold to us and the manufacturing process.
    4. Vashestambid
      16 July 2012 13: 36
      So a little bit of humor !!
    5. DmitryDmitry
      16 July 2012 14: 14
      that’s actually the answer to the question,
      Does Russia need the Advanced Research Fund?
      1. katarsis
        16 July 2012 14: 28
        Answer: Needed!
        After all, it is necessary to pay for advanced research .... in the West.
      2. Teploteh - nick
        16 July 2012 16: 18
        24 pieces purchased!
        Well, well - we are waiting in a month or two - the appearance of our domestic version!
        So it will be. For they buy samples in such quantities - only for the study of technology, TX for the subsequent creation of the domestic version.
        100 times already wrote about it. Either we bought 12 wheeled tanks, then 5 UAVs, or something else.
        It is excusable - for now. After all, now there is no USSR and there are not all those research institutes and design bureaus that were in the USSR. No mountains of projects and ideas. While everything is restored, a minimum of a couple of years will pass, but arming is necessary. Yes, and to teach young people - albeit on Western models. It will take several years - everything will work out - their own and themselves - no worse, but better at times we will do. As was the case in the USSR, when almost all developments were ahead of their time by 10-15 years minimum.
        Glory to Russia!!!

        Quote: DmitryDmitry
        Does Russia need the Advanced Research Fund?

        That's then needed! In order not to rub ideas and technologies with Western counterparts.
        BUT - we’ll create a fund, but to learn something at first - whatever one may say - will have to use Western models again !!! Disassemble them on the shelves, and improve. So gradually moving on to the creation of Russian samples - already from scratch. A matter of time - for young specialists and scientists - are no longer born as geniuses - they become them - they need to be taught on something. That's when they start, they delve into - then they will trample on their ideas and ideas. No other way.
        Thank God that there are still many living scientists who worked under the USSR. They will be able to convey a lot from their experience and knowledge.
        1. +2
          16 July 2012 17: 39
          Copying technology is a very difficult matter, dear. For example, you draw - no, you don’t even draw, it prints a hundred dollars. Will the paper drawn by you become a means of payment? It will be just a piece of paper with Franklin painted on it. In order for you to have a hundred, you need paper technology, special paints, materials, original patterns, machines, etc. They bought it because it was cheaper and faster to buy than to kill a few more years for the development of a modern helmet especially for a small batch of Migs.
          1. katarsis
            16 July 2012 19: 27
            I fully support.
            In order for you to have a hundred, you need paper technology, special paints, materials, original patterns, machines, etc.

            Burning the office smile
    6. +2
      17 July 2012 11: 10
      Yes, you can also dig into this - 1pcs to disassemble and get technology ...
  2. +6
    16 July 2012 11: 50
    I also remember in the Soviet film about K-50, the pilot had an interesting device with a helmet. Only now is it profitable for corporations in France to buy devices and not to develop them ...
    1. +1
      16 July 2012 13: 04
      "Presumably, Russia became the third customer of the Thales TopSight system after the French Air Force (where these systems are used on the Dassault Mirage 2000-5F fighters) and India ..." It seems that recently the Indians have already fallen, and Mirages often fall from the skies. Do they really want to add us to this list of luck?
      1. +3
        16 July 2012 17: 41
        Everyone is falling. The Indians fall predominantly Soviet MiG-21 - they are up to a fig. The French fall no more often than Russians or Americans.
  3. 0
    16 July 2012 11: 54
    There is a long, but outdated design.
    As I understand it, given, unfortunately, the dying of the 29th platform, we decided to take what is and not to break the spears. Although such use for its Air Force is crap in terms of security and independence from a potential enemy. These systems require ongoing maintenance and a guaranteed supply of service parts. And we will be in real contractions with NATO, to hell with us, not spare parts. And you can forget about the decks, without these systems, combat effectiveness drops at times.
    1. +1
      16 July 2012 12: 26
      The Indians have the same on the MIGs EMNIP, it makes sense to mess around for a few dozen?
      I wonder how it will be in a conflict with NATO Krasnopol-M2?
  4. +2
    16 July 2012 11: 56
    It seems like Air Force said we were buying old stuff, and he screwed up on these issues. You have to do your own! Better and cheaper.
    1. 0
      16 July 2012 12: 03
      Well, they’ll take the party, and there you look while they’ll fly at these - we’ll get our own. What a time to pull. Indeed, if something is needed, it is now easier to buy and ......... by yourself.
      1. +6
        16 July 2012 12: 13
        Maxim, but Skolkovo is not able to do, there are many projects, there’s no sense. In a swag, a local kulibin invented gasoline, which seems to be cleaner than anything else. The Chinese offered him 100 000 green, refused, but he is a simple man not wealthy. Ours didn’t even get interested request
        1. Evil Tatar
          16 July 2012 12: 51
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          In khabar, local kulibin invented gasoline

          In Khabarovsk, a local peasant "kulibin" invented a caterpillar that alone can drive, for example, a tractor or MTLB, or GTS, or something else. Due to an interesting lock in the links, the vehicle is controlled ... The ground pressure is very, very small.
          Imagine that the caterpillar is securely hidden behind the armor and only a mine can damage it ...
          Nobody needs a patent ... Strange.
    2. +1
      16 July 2012 12: 22
      They are not that old. It’s just not new. If you compare especially with the fact that the same French on Rafale is ...
    3. +2
      16 July 2012 12: 42
      On "own" kickbacks are less, and therefore make purchases of foreign.
  5. Eugene
    16 July 2012 12: 01
    Ndaaa survived, as far as I remember the helmet mounts of our MiG-29s were copied by the West when they fell into their hands (pointing the rocket by turning the head, etc.), and now we ourselves are purchasing sighting equipment fool
    If wrong, Sergei correct.

    According to the wire of modernity of these systems, that they are put on a modified mirage, and not on Rafal, as it hints.
    1. 0
      16 July 2012 19: 59
      I remember in the late 80s when our MiG-29s first began to be dragged around at air shows, they already had helmet-mounted sights and it was said that this was not the case on western planes. it turns out that Western firms picked up the idea, adopted the switch ... or (emphasize necessary) and are successfully developing, and ours remained at the same level in this regard, since they began to buy these systems abroad. sadly.
  6. +1
    16 July 2012 12: 06
    Well, no words. Well, everything has already collapsed! Shame on you! And the most offensive is that NO ONE will answer for this ..
  7. Oleg Rosskiyy
    16 July 2012 12: 06
    Let it be, you need to know what guidance a potential adversary is using, and we made the first helmet-mounted sight, and these are already modernized clones.
    1. gor
      16 July 2012 13: 35
      moreover, the Americans made apache helmet-mounted sight
    2. -1
      16 July 2012 13: 37
      Who cares who did what first? The fact is that we in this industry are far behind and become addicted. And how will this "knowledge" help?
  8. +2
    16 July 2012 12: 09
    In my opinion, France did always sell what it wants and to whom it wants. Despite membership in NATO.
    1. +2
      16 July 2012 12: 26
      That's for sure. It is now part of NATO, it is leaving, and all the time trying to play its game
  9. 0
    16 July 2012 12: 59
    For attack helicopters, such sights were developed in the USSR in the early 80s, tested in Afghanistan. About planes - I won’t lie, I don’t know ...
    Wait a moment. We’ll go at such a pace of scientific and technological progress - we will soon be buying cartridges and gunpowder in China. It seems to me that a whole generation of scientists and designers lost during perestroika, privatization, democratization, etc.
    1. ozs
      16 July 2012 14: 06
      it will be so. and the arguments will be approximately such that it’s expensive and long to do your own thing, it’s better to buy from a potential enemy, oh not the enemy’s partner, we are partners with NATO, though they probably still consider us enemies in the old fashioned way.
      Well, management confidently tryndit, about partnership.
  10. kPoJluK2008
    16 July 2012 13: 12
    The system is very good! It works fine, but it’s far from the fact that our pilots will fly with it, there are some difficulties in adapting this crest to our pilots. I'm talking about displaying the information itself, our pilots have no experience working with foreign electronics. Information output, font and a lot of things will be very unusual, all the same, the European hand is felt. They decided to put it only because in India it worked well, why reinvent the wheel when it is already on this plane. It is not yet fully understood about the composition of the on-board equipment for the Russian Air Force, yet half of the avionics of avionics are not ours ...
    1. 0
      16 July 2012 14: 31
      Quote: kPoJluK2008
      It works fine, but it’s far from the fact that our pilots will fly with it, there are some difficulties in adapting this crest to our pilots.

      Well, yes, I also read somewhere that our pilots have 3 eyes, ears on the top of their heads and a perception of the color gamut from infrared to ultraviolet. Difficulties in adaptation will really be wink
    2. +1
      16 July 2012 17: 42
      Work experience is achieved by training, dear. If people did not know how to learn new things, they would jump with monkeys on the branches.
  11. +2
    16 July 2012 14: 18
    In the USSR, it was a developer. Central Design Bureau "Arsenal" (Kiev) And now it is developing new models. The main problem and disadvantages of all target designator helmets are that they are complex in design, placement on board and helmet, as well as in the adjustment and control of the relative position of their component parts.

    For example, a typical analogue of the new development of Ukrainian specialists - the English optical helmet-mounted target designation system has six light emitters, which in itself creates an additional load on the observer's head, and in addition, creates difficulties in placing light emitters on the helmet and ensuring their relative positioning with high accuracy. It also causes an increase in the volume and mass of the computing device due to the need to process information from six radiation sources. The placement of optical-location blocks on opposite sides of the side of the object causes difficulties in their installation, adjustment of relative position and control during operation, and also requires sufficient rigidity of the side of the object to ensure the necessary accuracy of the target designation system.

    The new helmet of the designers of the Ukrainian enterprise "Central Design Bureau" Arsenal "is much simpler in design, placement on the helmet and on the object, as well as in operation control. This is its main distinctive advantages in comparison with all foreign counterparts. Sura-1 ", which is installed on the Russian Su-27 and Su-30 fighters.
    1. +1
      16 July 2012 17: 45
      And let me ask - which model of the British flight helmet is compared, and which company?
    2. +3
      16 July 2012 20: 16
      Behind the high-profile successes of Russian fighters of the MiG-29 and Su-27 families, the contribution of Ukrainian enterprises remains unnoticed. And it is essential. The N-019 radar for the MiG-29, as well as the main units for the N001 on the Su-27, is manufactured by the Novator State Enterprise (Khmelnitsky), and the R-27 medium-range air-to-air missiles are manufactured by the Artem State Holding Company ( . Kiev).

      And recently, joint Ukrainian-Russian products are gaining the upper hand in the competition with Western and "national" ones. Thus, the Russian-made and Ukrainian-made Sura-M helmet-mounted target designation system bypassed the French Thales TopSight helmet-mounted sight when completing the Malaysian version of the Su-30MK. And the Yak-130 with Russian-Ukrainian AI-222 engines and a completely domestic complex won the Russian Air Force "MiG-AT" tender with the French Thales TopFlight avionics and Larzac engines.

      These examples from recent history convincingly show the advantages of cooperation between Ukraine and Russia in the high-tech aviation field. The continuation of the list of successful joint projects of the two countries is in the hands of politicians.

      Read more:
  12. katarsis
    16 July 2012 14: 35
    Nothing, nothing, we’ll modernize a couple of aircraft carriers for someone (not for ourselves, God forbid) you look and we’ll find all sorts of new-fangled, but modern things. What is good for an Indian is good for us. And the fact that the French, so it's nothing, as long as there is none, and so it will come down.
  13. tverskoi77
    16 July 2012 15: 47
    The USSR could not be able to do everything, Russia even more so. But not one other country in the world, incl. The USA is not engaged in "subsistence farming"; there is a lot of cooperation everywhere.
    If you need to equip a couple of dozen boards with a specific system, then of course it is easier to buy it and make a service reserve. We are not talking about the purchase of cartridges 5.45 for small arms.
    PS By the way, for example, our night hunters, for the most part, have French-made thermal imagers in the optical sighting system. And only recently D. Rogozin said that ours made their matrix.
  14. 0
    16 July 2012 17: 06
    The late Saddam Hussein, as I recall, had French radars, and all Soviet fighters. A turmoil began - the Franks sent SMS to the radar, they say, "smoke for a while, rest, otherwise your work is delicate, one might say delicate. Mattress toppers, after all, with" Shriks "(or their more advanced counterparts) can hit you. and health ... "And truncated! Airplanes without radars - puppies are blind, this is understandable for a goat. And within the visibility of your radar, you can't fight much, sometimes even with the radar turned off you have to sneak .. Why am I crucifying here! Where is the guarantee that this will not happen with helmet-mounted target designators? Unless you use these purchases for a thorough review and bungle something on this basis of your own, then - yes, but just not to use these finished products for their intended purpose for a long time - it will become much more expensive for yourself.
    1. +1
      16 July 2012 17: 46
      You know, these are good fairy tales about bookmarks. It is surprising that in reality they are somehow not confirmed.
  15. 0
    16 July 2012 20: 47
    I am ashamed of a country that is trying to position itself as a great power to acquire something from a potential enemy. Or is it most likely not an opponent of our leadership, but a partner? Sincerely.
  16. Diesel
    16 July 2012 21: 52
    And what's the use of these helmets ??? Why do you need a banal duplication of ILS, experts tell ...