Belarusian Air Force received a second pair of Su-30СМ fighters

Belarusian Air Force received a second pair of Su-30СМ fighters

Su-30СМ with number 04 "red" Belarussian Air Force at the airport in Baranovichi

The Air Force of Belarus received the second pair of Su-30СМ fighters. Aircraft today landed on the territory of the Baranavichy airfield. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the republic.

According to the Belarusian military department, at the airport of the military base in Baranavichy, the third and fourth multi-role Su-30СМ fighters with identification marks of the Belarusian Air Force and the numbers "03" and "04" "red" landed. The first pair of Su-30СМ with numbers "01" and "02" red arrived in Baranavichy on November 13. Thus, Belarus received all four fighters in the 2019 year according to the contract.

On November 20, two more Su-30СМ multi-role fighters landed at the aerodrome of the air base in Baranovichi. Thus, the obligations to supply military aircraft under the contract for 2019 were fulfilled.

- said in a statement.

In total, 12 multi-functional Su-30СМ fighters will be delivered to Belarus; the next four fighters will be delivered during the 2020 year.

The Belarusian military department noted that the choice of Russian Su-30СМ fighters for the country's air force was not accidental; Belarus had previously purchased 12 Yak-130 combat training aircraft from the Irkutsk aircraft plant in Russia. This aircraft is a training complex for the development of Su-30 family fighters. In aviation units, experience has been gained in operating the Su-27 aircraft, the prototype of the Su-30. In addition, the double Su-30 SM can be used both for combat missions and for training pilots.

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