Russia is ready to assist Turkey in the development of a modern fighter

Russia does not exclude the provision of assistance to Turkey in the creation of a last-generation fighter; there is experience in joint work of the countries. This was stated by Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia (FSVTS) Dmitry Shugaev.

According to him, Russia and Turkey are currently conducting technical consultations and negotiations on the 4 ++ generation aircraft, as well as the first test consultations on the fifth generation. The Russian side does not exclude its participation in the Turkish project to create an fifth-generation fighter by Ankara, but it is premature to make any statements about the beginning of substantive negotiations on this topic.

Given the existing competencies in the production of our fifth-generation aircraft, Russia could participate in this project, in particular, such cooperation is possible on a number of aircraft systems

- He said, adding that this issue is only at the consultation level.

At the same time, Shugaev noted that Russia could, if necessary, supply Turkey with a fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, but only after the initial needs of the Russian Aerospace Forces have been met.

The question of the possible supply of Su-57 to Turkey can be considered only after the initial needs of the Russian army in fifth-generation fighters are met

- he explained.

In addition, Russia is ready to work out the issue of supplies of Turkey to Su-35 if Ankara shows interest in them.
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