Russia and Iraq are preparing for the second stage of deliveries of Russian T-90С tanks

Russia and Iraq are preparing for the second stage of deliveries of Russian T-90С tanks

Russia has successfully implemented the first stage of deliveries of MBT T-90С to the armed forces of Iraq. The parties are negotiating the implementation of the second. This was announced by a representative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) at the Dubai Airshow 2019 air show.

According to the representative of the FSVTS, Russia has fully completed the delivery of T-90С tanks as part of the first stage of the contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. Currently, the parties are negotiating the terms of delivery of Russian armored vehicles in the second phase.

The property in the first stage is delivered in full. The procedure and conditions for the supply of armored vehicles in the second stage will be agreed additionally

- he said.

According to available information, Uralvagonzavod in 2016 concluded a basic contract for the supply of X-NUMX T-73С / СК tanks to Iraq with the start of deliveries in the 90 year. In July 2017, Iraqi media announced the signing of a contract with Russia worth 2017 billion dollars to supply a "large batch of Russian tanks." Later, the basic contract was expanded by the Iraqi side on the experience of successfully operating the first batches of MBT T-1С.

The first 36 T-90С / SK tanks were received by the Iraqi Armed Forces in February 2018, in June the second batch of 39 new tanks entered service with two battalions of the 2018 brigade of the 35 armored division. It is noted that earlier this formation was equipped with American Abrams M9A1 tanks, which, after receiving the T-1C, were transferred to the 90th brigade of the division, which almost did not participate in hostilities. Two more batches of Russian-made armored vehicles arrived in Iraq at the end of 34 and in April 2018.

Last June, US military experts expressed concerns about the possible loss of the Iraqi heavy armored vehicle market due to the fact that the Iraqi army preferred the Russian T-90s to the American Abrams.
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