In the United States drew attention to the "bomb marking" F-35, striking in Afghanistan

Materials appeared in the American media stating that F-35 fighters made more sorties with strikes against militants in Afghanistan than officially reported. We are talking about fifth-generation fighters F-35B, which belong to the United States Marine Corps (ILC).

It was previously reported that F-35 were involved in two cases of air strikes at militant positions in Afghanistan.

On Twitter they write about the appearance of photographs that show the “bomb marking” in front of the F-35B USCMP. These are images of air bombs inflicted by American pilots after completing combat missions. “Bomb marking” is made in two rows and corresponds to two types of aviation ammunition.

Aviationist suggests the use of laser-guided LGB aerial bombs and GBU-32 JDAM bombs (all-weather correctable) are indicated.

It is alleged that the Americans used the capabilities of the aircraft carrier fleet to strike at terrorists in Afghanistan. So, the F-35B, as stated, took off the board of the Essex universal landing ship (LHD 2). This ship, as part of a group of US Navy ships, performed combat missions in the Indian Ocean in September 2018. On the tail of the aircraft you can see the designation of the combat ship, in the wing of which it is included.

From a statement by US military experts:
The number of air bombs reflected on the F-35B Marine Corps suggests that the number of sorties to Afghanistan was more than the two that were mentioned earlier.
Photos used:
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