Images from an armored car of the military police of the Russian Federation: a “stone” attack on a patrol in Syria

On the "Military Review" previously published materials on patrolling the northern regions of Syria, today inhabited mainly by Kurds, the Russian military police together with Turkish troops. At the same time, the published videos were originally shot by attackers - Kurds, who threw stones at armored vehicles, in one case they beat him with a sledgehammer on an armored personnel carrier of the Russian Federation.

Now there is an opportunity to see patrols from the cockpit of a Russian armored car, as well as hear the negotiations of Russian troops.

Facing a crowd of locals who were aggressive, the crew of the head vehicle of the convoy asked the patrol commander for further actions. The commander replies in a calm voice that the convoy should follow further.

After a while, a camera filming what is happening outside the Tiger armored car window shows how local youngsters who received a task from adults throw stones at the column. One can hear the impact of stones on the bulletproof glass and the body of the army car. Further, adults join the children throwing patrols. Cars to the sound of sirens continue to move, the military does not pay much attention to the "stone attack." Stoning continues approximately at a distance of about 300-350 m - when driving along the street of a settlement.

Recall that previously published footage that captured how a Russian soldier gets out of an armored car and starts a conversation with the local population. After a few words, they rush on and throw stones on exclusively Turkish joint patrol armored vehicles.

Also, the Russian military police in a sense “equipped” armored vehicles against “stone” attacks: installed metal grilles in front of the armored glass of army armored vehicles, launched barbed wire along the elements of the APC body.
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