Pentagon intends to transfer additional F-35 fighters to Europe

The US Department of Defense intends to send additional fifth-generation F-35 fighters to Europe in the next few years as part of a program to "contain Russia" and prepare NATO partners for "new methods of warfare." About ethos reports Fox News with reference to statements by US Air Force General James Holmes.

According to the general, the Pentagon intends to send an additional 50 F-35 fighter to Europe over the coming years in order to bring the total number of fifth-generation fighters to one hundred or higher together with NATO partners and be used to “contain Russia”.

By the time our planes arrive there, in Europe, taking into account our European partners, there will already be more than 100 F-35. We will join our European partners who already have their own F-35

- said Holmes.

According to the channel, the complete redeployment of fighters will be completed at the beginning of the 2020's, and preparations are underway for their transfer. Places of new deployment are not indicated, but with a high degree of probability it will be the Baltic states or the countries of Eastern Europe, located closer to the Russian border.

It is assumed that the American F-35 pilots will carry out training and serve together with the European allies, which in general will give the United States and NATO "a whole series" of new options for strike operations in order to "prevent a potential attack from Russia."

According to the author of the article,

F-35 not only possesses fifth-generation stealth technologies, but is also equipped with unparalleled guidance systems of unprecedented range and new types of air combat weapons, and also, by analogy with unmanned aerial vehicles, has the ability to monitor and monitor target areas

F-35 nuclear weapons are also not excluded. weapons.

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