About sniper rifles from an experienced long-range shooter

High-precision sniper rifles have always aroused and continue to cause great interest both among ordinary inhabitants and military experts. it weapon often endowed with fantastic characteristics and surrounded by legends.

Viewers of the Lazarev Tactical YouTube channel, along with Konstantin Lazarev, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the richest weapons collection of a successful Russian businessman and professional long-distance shooter Andrei Ryabinsky. The guest of the release will present a variety of weapons classes, from Desert Tech SRS tactical rifles in several calibers and Desert Tech HTI, used mainly for sniping, to the F-class rifle and Custom rifle.

Andrei Ryabinsky, holder of the world record for the farthest shot, will talk about how the bullpup system works and what its advantages are.

Why, according to the entrepreneur, should pay attention to the caliber 416 Barrett? How is the replenishment of the weapons collection? Which rifles not shown in the video are also of interest to Ryabinsky? Are there any Russian-made precision weapons among them?

The answers to these and other questions are in the video:
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  1. Cheerock 13 November 2019 12: 46 New
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    Well this is a sport. And a very expensive sport.
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  3. ss-n-22 13 November 2019 15: 43 New
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    The sight in the photo is gorgeous.
  4. aws4 13 November 2019 19: 59 New
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    Sorry, I looked at 15 minutes and that’s all ... well, it’s not interesting to wax ... Well, why on VO lay out what essentially refers to sport and not to military review? Well then, let’s lay out the biathlon competitions, they are much closer to the army-military topic than these wonderful arrows with very expensive propellers .. even though people ski there and then fall they shoot all this to the limit ... what’s it here? the screws for 10000000000 cartridges for them for 10000 and the uncles lie to themselves and will heal in comfort and warmth ..