Communications Hunter: Russian ship Amber seen off the coast of America

Communications Hunter: Russian ship Amber seen off the coast of America

The Russian oceanographic research ship Yantar, suspected in the West of "hunting for underwater communications" and espionage, has been spotted off the coast of the United States in the Caribbean. Writes about this Forbes.

The Russian "spy" ship "Amber" from the Northern Fleet arrived in the Caribbean, where for several days it was off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago, after which it went back to sea, the newspaper writes. According to sources, "Yantar" left the base of the Northern Fleet a month ago, after which it disappeared for open surveillance means until it appeared off the coast of America.

The publication notes that the ship is of "special interest to NATO experts," since it had previously been repeatedly seen near submarine communications cables. There are suspicions that the ship was involved in removing information from underwater communications and placing listening devices on underwater cables. According to Western data, the ship is supposedly specially equipped to carry out such tasks even at very great depths.

At the same time, the publication acknowledges that the true task of the vessel remains unknown, and in the Russian Navy it is listed as an "oceanographic research vessel."

On our behalf, we add that the oceanographic research vessel of unlimited coverage "Yantar" is the lead vessel of the 22010 project developed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. The displacement of the vessel is 5,2 thousand tons, length - 108,1 m, width - 17,2 m. The contract for its construction in the interests of the Main Directorate for Deep-Water Research (GUGI) was signed with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in February 2009. The ship was laid down on 8 on July 2010 of the year at the Yantar Shipyard, and is named after the manufacturer. Transferred to the fleet in May 2015.

The main purpose of the 22010 project vessel is to study the oceans, including the bottom at great depths. It can also be used for rescue purposes, the equipment installed on it will allow you to search for sunken objects on the sea and ocean floor.
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