In Vietnam, appreciated the power of the local version of the RPG-29

On the equipment of the Vietnamese armed forces, along with the widespread RPG-7 hand grenade launcher (under the designation B-41), there is another type of anti-tank weapons, that is, SCT-29 - Soviet RPG-29 of local production. His power was appreciated by the publication Kien Thuc.

RPG-29 has been in operation since 1989. Vietnam has been manufacturing this product for the past five years. In addition to the grenade launcher itself, it is possible to make shots at it with its own forces - the so-called DCT-7.

RPG-29 is an anti-tank weapon popular around the world, it has proven its power in many conflicts and is capable of defeating many modern tanks

- writes Kien Thuc, indicating that in Syria the RPG-29 hit the T-72 with just one shot, breaking through the hull, igniting ammunition and literally breaking the tank from the inside.

As indicated, the local version of this system is an advanced modification with increased power. The weight of the grenade launcher is 12,1 kg, the curb weight is 18,9 kg, the length is 1 m during movement and 1,85 m during combat readiness. The shot pierces homogeneous armor with a thickness of 750 mm or a reinforced concrete shelter up to 1500 mm.
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  1. Lord of the Sith 12 November 2019 12: 04 New
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    It is interesting to "Vampire" on the abrams or leopard check)
    1. Flamberg 12 November 2019 12: 10 New
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      On challenge 2 checked. If I'm not mistaken.
    2. Jack O'Neill 12 November 2019 12: 13 New
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      In Iraq, an M1A2 was shot down from a Vampire. The charger was injured, just that. Also, an 2 flew to Challenger in Iraq, as a result of which the driver was left without legs, but survived.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Jack O'Neill 12 November 2019 13: 38 New
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          Your reasoning is strange. The fact that the loader was wounded is yes, but the fact that the tank is hit is garbage.

          I did not write the opposite.

          And the fact that they hit this tank from the RPG in the frontal projection and pierced it and by the way the mech three fingers tore off, not the legs, and two crew members were wounded.

          Chelly was struck in the NLD, but there was no protection. Chellick without ROMOR was.
          All the better for the driver, since only three fingers were torn off.
    3. Lexus 12 November 2019 12: 23 New
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      Interestingly, a licensed copy or a fake?
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. knn54 12 November 2019 12: 22 New
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    In 2006, in Lebanon, Merkava also could not resist.
  3. Sibiriya 12 November 2019 12: 41 New
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    Here is a video of combat use