U.S. submarine missing in 1944 year found

The American submarine USS Grayback, which died at the beginning of the 1944 year near Japan, was found after a long search. This was announced by the researcher and head of the private search group Lost 52 Project Tim Taylor.

The discovery was completely at the final stage of the search, when the team lost faith in success, and the equipment needed repair. When viewing the latest recordings from an underwater drone, a submarine was suddenly discovered.

USS Grayback lies at a depth of about 426 meters, about 161 km from Okinawa. The Japanese amateur search engine Yutaka Iwasaki, who determined that the initial records of the alleged location of the drowning contained errors, was of great help in finding it.

This submarine of the Tambor class has been in the US Navy since 1941 and during the military service in the South Pacific sank a large number of enemy ships, and also saved several American pilots.

USS Grayback embarked on her last trek on January 28 1944. Pearl Harbor received her report on the sinking of two enemy ships, but the submarine did not return to base. It is believed that it was sunk by one of the Japanese aircraft.

The Lost 52 Project research team is investigating the fate of the 52 United States submarines that disappeared during World War II.
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