B-52H strategic bomber with a shower of sparks fell on the photo

Photographer Zdenek Cerny, who captured many interesting moments in the life of aviation, captured a remarkable image of sparks and smoke coming from the engine of the American strategic bomber B-52.

The photo, which was picked up by specialized groups on Facebook and forums on aviation topics, recorded a real "shower" of sparks coming from the gondola of the aircraft in which the power plant of the aircraft is located.

As explained, at that moment the B-52H Stratofortress bomber with tail number 61-0029 belonging to the 2 wing from Barksdale, Louisiana, flew out of Czech Ostrava after participating in the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance.

It is possible that this incident was caused by a malfunction of the engine or the fact that a foreign object, such as a bird, climbed into it.

Whatever the reason that caused the engine to emit sparks, the moment captured in this photo is really rare: it’s possible to catch this in the lens only once in a few years

- notes the publication The Aviationist.

Earlier, a more serious incident related to the B-52 was featured. 5 January 2017 year during the flight of an airplane one of the engines fell off. The car was able to land successfully, as it is equipped with 8 engines. None of the crew members were injured.

B-52H strategic bomber with a shower of sparks fell on the photo

The “corrugation” on the aircraft fuselage is also noteworthy. US users, seeing this photo, called for the need to change the B-52 to new bombers.
Photos used:
Airplane Pictures / Zdenek Cerny
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