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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Call Makarevich, let him sing!

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Call Makarevich, let him sing!

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and comrades, in general, all-all-all! I welcome you to the next part of our show, which will continue while Russia and Ukraine will be. That is forever. I hope so, at least.

Today, the format is not quite familiar to you, to be honest, for me, too, but you know how in that joke about Sir Henry Baskerville. “Who is it howling in the swamps?” - Barimore. “Why is he yelling?” “Sore, sir ...”

And so it got sick, and I decided to look back and forth. And because who does not remember his past, is not worthy of the future, and indeed.

This is especially “and generally”, because what have I been doing all this time? A fair assessment of everything that happens in our world, specifically between our countries.

However, sooner or later, the idea comes to any powerful mind that you need to look back and take a slightly sober (well, you understand why) look at the path you traveled.

You yourself, you see, this is not always possible, because I called my godfather, and, taking advantage of Tarakanushka’s visit to my sister’s christening, we wished the newly-baptized health in absentia and began to seriously prepare to see the depth of time. Okay, a few years is also a term, but you can’t buy health, because that’s what it is, that is.

So take a seat around your pasta. Today, in our culinary program, noodles with lard and a vodka.

And we would like to start talking from the events preceding the 2014 year and “Your Crimea”.

But you will have to start not from the 2014 and not even from the 2008 year, but from the stop of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, no matter how strange it may look.

The first bell in the cooling of our relations was precisely the stop of the station as a gesture of trust in Europe and the West and, as a result, mistrust of Russia.

Then there was a tsar-mandarin, who was thrust into our throats under the guise of resistance from the power of Donetsk criminals. Nobody spoke of Russia as an aggressor then, but there were already notes that all of Donetsk were resettled Russian criminals.

It is allowed to pedal the theme of the Holodomor and to instill ideas of nationalism in schools. High school teachers began to yell in plain text, which, for example, Lviv was not made into an industrial center, but planted the Russian language by importing Russian-speaking teachers and specialists from all over the Union.

The next call from the tsar-mandarin was a joint exercise with NATO near Odessa. There were two goals: to see how ours (stormy applause and leaps?) And yours (slurred grumbling and twisting a finger at the temple or what is worse?) Will react to this.

And the customer’s result wasn’t happy, the bottle of American fruit didn’t get into our throats, even kill. It turned out that if it doesn’t go out, it’s better to put it out, the special services thought and began to cook us again.

Those in power from your gas and our taxes lived happily ever after, especially at the rate of 5 rubles per hryvnia.

Therefore, a decree was issued - without any Aesopian shit about starting to scream in three throats, that everyone here is buying up by the Russians, that LAZ was unleashed precisely in order to create a zrad, for example.

And to make it more fun, for any Soviet symbols in the Ternopil and Lviv region, the administrator began to sew automatically. Just so that it was more fun to drive, the red flags were again conveniently redone, cut off the star, and smeared half of the shit. The benefit of it is more than enough for everyone.

And at the exit, it turned out just so patriotic, because the Soviet flags were prepared that tomatoes were pickled in the fall. Half a century ahead is still enough.

In 2010, the people had a remission of the brain and the braid king was to win, but then Tsar Petrushka pulled himself up with the “Party of Regions” and showed everyone what it means to elect a president rectally.

And so that Maidan would not gather, the tsar-pigtail gave way to the count - the first minister.

They didn’t take into account one thing; she didn’t take loot; she came to power; she, along with other boyars, really came to do something, albeit not without benefit for herself.

I agreed on cheaper gas, arranged a preferential purchase of housing for young families, put in the National Bank according to the tonsils, and eventually paid everyone who had deposits 1000 hryvnias for the savings book.

Who remembers, who does not remember, but there was such a thing.

1000 / 8 = 125. American This is me, to remind, suddenly someone forgot that at that time the hryvnia was still worth something. Therefore, in order not to get the face of the saint during his lifetime, they hid her in a jail, and at the same time all the sensible specialists, the same Lukash, for example.

Look at your hands, organized everything Petruha, taxis Azarov, and then Yanyk blown away for everyone. And Mrs. Yulka of what, but she’s nothing, she has an iron alibi, because she moored on the bunks.

And then the comedy began in full.

Yours are pounding the neighbors in the liver over their heads. And at our side we have a country in which there is a king a bandit. And every day all the TV channels pedal the topic with the braids landing, the dismissal of ministers.

Not a simple situation with the language was mixed in a bunch, they wanted to introduce the 2 of the language, but all economists answered with one voice - we won’t pull it. Two-way television, documents, training, radio, all official in duplicate. And the tension around the ruling party is growing, and the population has actually managed to hammer out that Russians are everywhere in power here.

And here, as it were, by chance they wring such a price for renting bases in the Crimea that it will be easier to dig up a new sea and pour in a new Crimea than to pay. Well, then you yourself know, it started: 2013 year, Maidan ...

People poke the pearls from Azarov in the style of "Go dig, you will have a good mother’s salary." Society was tense to the limit, and there was a need for a channel into which everything negative could be merged, but here we have it: the tsar’s bandit, rapist, pedophile, murderer. Who led to the helm against the will of the whole nation, whoever says that we ourselves have chosen it, I want to remind you that already in 2004 we voted against Yanyk for Orange, and what it led to, we all remembered well and no one was in a hurry go out, although there were provocations.

And in 2013, we determined where we were going, in the Customs Union or in the EU. And they stupidly threw the president, that's just in the most interesting place, he stood rooted to the spot, and can not announce where we are going.

Stuck President. Neither be, nor me, nor corn.

And then there were rallies for joining the EU, the king does not say anything. And in the information vacuum, requirements have entered Europe. And the people poured into the streets of Kiev, first Kiev, then the region, and then half of Ukraine already stood on their ears.

It’s impossible to disperse such a crowd with batons. Only the troops could fix the situation. But the whole elite was silent and did not issue a single order, they all waited for the decree from the owners, until the last not believing that they had been merged. And the same “Golden Eagle” took the oath, the “Golden Eagles” pledged to defend the Motherland from external and internal enemies, and they carried it out with the stamina of knights, held on when they threw Molotov cocktails at them, caught provocateurs ready to smash business for the sake of 500 hryvnia quarter on Khreshchatyk.

But the last straw was provocations with weapons, in both directions started firing from machine guns. And then the populace became insane. Government buildings were taken by storm, to the guise of all competitors, those in power simply killed with shouts “He is aunt! He is for Yanyka! ”

And here the "Golden Eagle", and the president, and the prime minister (this generally fell the first) unanimously said: it all failed in vain! In the coffin, we saw all this sort out!

And amicably piled into the sunset. To the little brothers, treat the nerves, feed the fish, away from these tours. Meanwhile, rolling out Yulka from the mud of the Maidan and stroking Yatsenyuk’s bald head, our knight crawls out in shining armor, which destroys everything that he touches.

But it was in Kiev, and what happened in the Donbass? And we were all told that there was Maidan, as well as throughout Ukraine, and he was brutally crushed by military force there. Word for word, and battalions of volunteers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine stepped there, so that everything seems to be sorted out, but it didn’t work out.

Everything about Donbass is my half guesses, some of you even know better than me how it was. Another question is how it was submitted to the rest of Ukraine, which calmly shook it and did not choke. Just because TV still believed.

In general, the terrorists, together with the rest, tried to "repulse these impudent terrorists, seizing power by force." And troops were sent to suppress and admonish these incomprehensible separs, only they were met by not scattered heaps of bandiuk, as expected, but in general the entire population with weapons. And when the battles began, then yours pulled themselves up.

But, judging by how they shouted to us that there were terrorists, I can assume that things went there like in Odessa, where anti-Maidan stood in November and came to disperse it with the help of the same Urkagans who staged a massacre on Maidan.

According to eyewitnesses, the head of the police department in the hot phase of the clash convened all the heads of the Odessa police for a meeting, demanding that the phones be cut down. So that no one goes to heroism. Police shielded the sides one from the other with shields while the rally clashed. Molotov cocktails, stones and even a firearm were used. Everything ended with a massacre with a huge number of corpses and the murder of a woman shouting "Glory to Ukraine!"

Resistance crushed. In Odessa, silence and grace, but candles with flowers.

Perhaps for comment I will quote the Bulgarian comrade George Dimitrov: “Fascism is the power of finance capital itself. This is an organization of terrorist reprisals against the working class and the revolutionary part of the peasantry and intelligentsia. ”

The police could stop this crime, but they needed an order from a superior officer, and without it, any attempt at arbitrariness would have ended with a tribunal and reprisal after graduation. But where did these fighters of the Maidan and warriors of light come from in such quantities? Good question, right?

At each transport junction between cities, in each city there are more than 20 000 people, their maidans were organized in support of the coup, nothing is new under the sun.

In the 2008 year, even in the town with the 5 000 population, the people raised to a torchlight procession at night in the cold. Fortunately, mulled wine was cooked on everyone, otherwise they would freeze. But they walked all day two, after which they started getting on the buses, I note, quite organized! And advance to Kiev, on the Maidan.

And so that life would not seem like oil, under a couple of buses in famous places, unknown people threw spikes and buses with protesters were sent to ditches and into the oncoming traffic.

But those in power needed to urgently embitter the people and direct their anger towards opponents of the coup and anti-Maidan. In order to organize this in Odessa, letting down the bus was not an option, because no one would go there en masse to help.

Therefore, they took the proven “Right Sector” (banned in Russia) and a crowd of football fans who, in peacetime, are ready to kill for fun, and for money and fame ...

How do you think the media in the east gave us media? Maybe we were told that not everyone agreed with the results of the massacre on the Maidan and the overthrow of power?

No, in all the media it was said that supporters of accession to Russia gathered in Odessa and “everyone” is going to disperse them. In the eyes of the public, the inhabitants of Odessa looked like separatists and traitors to their homeland. And the football fans who beat them were heroes.

What am I doing this, would not be the second of May in Odessa, it would be anywhere.

Local Maidans were created promptly and with one single purpose: to stifle any Separa infection.

And now we come to the main thing, but what would happen if in the 2014 year there weren’t “Our Crimea”? What would happen if there were no "green men"? If there were no events in the Donbass?

In short, the slaughter.

All opponents of Petro Poroshenko and his team would be killed. Any creeps towards democracy would be called separatism and destroyed on the spot.

Hand on heart, I’ll say: the situation in the Crimea has not been easy since the 1993 year. And in 2014, the tension reached its climax.

The massacre throughout the country told the respected GDP an extremely simple truth: either, Vladimir Vladimirovich, you will take Crimea by any means, or there will now be a maidan for depriving the status of autonomy and withdrawing all pro-Russian forces and establishing a new correct order, and first of all all the bases, for officers nafig, the waters of the Sea of ​​Azov close.

And what would happen if they did not help the Donbass? The border would be littered with refugees screaming for help, people who consider themselves Russian.

Although the participants in those events who dug themselves trenches and trenches at the Obozrenie will not let me lie, this was so.

Did Odessa seem to you Khatyn?

And in Donetsk and Lugansk there were many more protesters. According to my estimates, ten thousand people would have to be killed in order to “pacify” the city, where 5% of the population was at least the most active and ready to resist.

5% - how is it? Who does not understand, this is a huge figure! On the second Maidan in Kiev, about 200 thousand people shuffled, and God forbid that 30-40 were Kiev. In a city with a population of three million.

Do you understand what I mean? Statistics are a scary thing. If according to my calculations, then Kiev had to expose up to 150 thousand people. And it turned out four times less than in the south.

The choice, dear readers, was in the spirit of Cartman, between a giant enema and a sandwich with ... Well, whoever watched the series, he will understand who did not watch, let him know.

In the first case, the discrediting of power and destabilization of the situation throughout the country, in the second case, the sanctions of the whole world and the collapse of the exchange rate, the embargo on the supply of machine tools for the production of military equipment and other amenities.

The increase in VAT, retirement age, a huge pile of new taxes and the impoverishment of the population - these are the consequences of tightly lost foreign policy and oblivion stories 20 century.

Want to beat the veterans, ROA marches and Cossacks in Red Square?

Want to restore the monarchy and the total dictatorship of capital?

You are on the right track, comrades.

No, no offense. It makes sense to be offended by each other if, to put it mildly, we dance on the same rake? And all that happens sometimes is a boom! - have we mastered and re-started singing?

And while you have not dispersed and threw me slippers for pessimism, I want to talk about something else.

What will happen if a divorce of armies and a ceasefire in the Donbass happen? The key word is if.

The Azov battalion has gone somewhere? Other national bats? What about C14? And the national corps? There will be an attempt at reprisal against the fighters of resistance, the power of capital, which will come in the place of the leaders of the LPR, DNR, they, today's fighters, will not be needed for nothing. They will be asked to disappear out of sight, out of mind.

Will Russia be able to accept all? To give housing, work? Do you believe in your “yes, dear ones?”

No, a significant portion of the military will remain who have lost their home, homeland, relatives and land. Which has no where to return and no way back.

Perfect mercenaries. As I have a fellow countryman in the Foreign Legion. Icon for the whole family. So what does this icon say? Icon on the drum, where to fly and what to do there. The icon receives 2000 euros per month of salary and another 2000 bonus on departure.

In your opinion, are projects for isolating the Internet prepared just like that?

Perhaps I betrayed everything a bit messy, unusually like that, but alas, it happened like that. Ask me, why did I give it all out, dumped it like coal on the mountain?

Shannovi pans, love friends and just dear comrades! Reading your comments, I often understand how far away you are from us.

I do not urge to love, no. I do not urge to understand, forgive, forget. Look with all your eyes and learn, since we are an ideal training ground for smart people, we need to learn to understand the processes that will organize (or try to do this) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Quiet and calm, like retirement age in European sizes. With the preservation of salaries and pensions in our ordinary. Today, pensions are branded as visa-free, tomorrow something else.

Watch, evaluate and understand. What today is easy with us, the day after tomorrow it can be easily with you.

So the old song by Andrei Makarevich with the words “Do you remember how it all began?” Is very, very relevant.

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  2. Baloo
    Baloo 11 November 2019 06: 54
    Watch, evaluate and understand. What is easy with us today, the day after tomorrow may be easily with you
    It is quite relevant. Workweek 4 days is what? Banks burst with money, several times a week, or even per day, intrusive SMS with offers to take a loan, but where are our salaries? Transfer from kindergarten to kindergarten-100 thousand. Raised the retirement age, what to do for those who were left without work at 60? And higher education, how accessible is it? Canceled internship, the most important stage in the life of a doctor. This is how to learn how to drive a car — if rightly taught right away, then everything will be fine, if by a tutorial you didn’t drive ah. The company is focused on the defense industry, there is no order for 2019, it will probably be after 2020. Staff reduction, rumors about the sale. What next? System failures ... Ahead of the election. Who will people go after the pension reform?
    1. NEOZ
      NEOZ 11 November 2019 12: 59
      Quote: Balu
      Convert 100 thousand from kindergarten to kindergarten

      take more! 1 trillion!
      Quote: Balu
      Workweek 4 days is what?

      project. and what does not suit you?
      Quote: Balu
      where are our salaries?

      apparently the employer! what's question?
      Quote: Balu
      who was left without work at 60?

      look for a job!!!!
      Quote: Balu
      And higher education, how accessible is it?

      but it should not be easily accessible! and in the USSR it was not realistic to enter an institute without brains!
      Quote: Balu
      Canceled internship, the most important stage in the life of a doctor.

      I see you are an expert in all areas! ... or do you work as a taxi driver?
      1. Baloo
        Baloo 11 November 2019 13: 39
        Quote: NEOZ
        I see you are an expert in all areas! ... or do you work as a taxi driver?

        Judging by your comments, working as a taxi driver is your everything. And my work is really related to expert work. Behind his back work experience in 8 specialties, took 6 studies. Weak basic training of talented young people precisely because of the cancellation of the internship. It is not possible to learn to think clinically from reference books and textbooks. The specifics of the profession.
        but it should not be easily accessible! and in the USSR it was not realistic to enter an institute without brains! That's just the point, the emphasis on paid tuition closes the way for applicants from families with less income. What is the difference between majors and non-majors? Majors are not characterized by shyness - a very important quality for any person, especially for a physician. I know that for sure.
        take more! 1 trillion!
        Take it, take it. The price is not taken from the ceiling.
        1. NEOZ
          NEOZ 11 November 2019 13: 42
          Quote: Balu
          Judging by your comments, working as a taxi driver is your everything.

          Well, yes, I'm a taxi driver ... and who do you work with?
          Quote: Balu
          Take it, take it. The price is not taken from the ceiling.

          where did the figure come from?
    2. Berber
      Berber 11 November 2019 13: 39
      I do not know how, but for some reason this "carnival" did not happen with us. And the prerequisites were. Orange, tulip, pink - "revolutions" that have passed. Does the "apple" party resemble anything? Essentially the same project. And neo-Nazis, well, there are all sorts of "Rodnovers", etc. the same ever-memorable "Azov". Give the opportunity, our undergrowth, will also jump. And not only undergrowth.
      1. Xnumx vis
        Xnumx vis 12 November 2019 22: 56
        Quote: BerBer
        Essentially the same project. And neo-Nazis, well, there are all sorts of "Rodnovers", etc. the same ever-memorable "Azov". Give the opportunity, our undergrowth, will also jump. And not only undergrowth.

        In essence "Cockroach" Asks not to repeat Ukrainian mistakes! Warns us about the danger of the Russian Maidan!
  3. vadson
    vadson 11 November 2019 06: 56
    Hmm, a look from the other side. in general, propaganda from the telly was already so sick, though do not throw the box away.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 11 November 2019 07: 32
      Quote: vadson
      but in general the propaganda from the telly is already so sick

      Propaganda from behind the hillock, from our Ukrainian sousidia, is also sickened, sort it out yourself. We’ll get along without advisers, especially such.
      1. Cut Samshitov
        Cut Samshitov 11 November 2019 07: 46
        A respected cockroach has to dig since the times of the USSR. When the primordially Russian lands were "presented as a brotherly gift to cunning villagers." When Russian children on Russian lands were forced to teach a rural surzhik. When tsarist Russia was called a prison of peoples, and all sorts of criminals like Ustim Karmelyuk were elevated to the rank of national heroes.
      2. vadson
        vadson 11 November 2019 09: 11
        Quote: bober1982
        from our Ukrainian experiences

        Quote: bober1982
        We’ll manage without advisers, all the more so.

        Have you written me to Ukrainians? wassat I live in the Urals
        1. bober1982
          bober1982 11 November 2019 09: 17
          The propaganda from the TV set has annoyed you, and the propaganda of our insane cases has been me, this is the essence of my statement. No more.
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 12 November 2019 09: 21
      My TV has a stand. Already more than 20 years.
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 11 November 2019 07: 11
    PROCESSES go on as long as there is any discontent among the masses (and it will ALWAYS be in one form or another) when there are those who are ready to knead and take advantage of the fruits of the implicated! Yes, besides, there are people to distribute cookies for!
    The average person does not want to learn anything ....
    There, the next tramp is involved ... now in Bolivia !!!
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 11 November 2019 12: 51
      The discontent of the masses is energy that can be directed both towards creation and destruction. It needs to be able to manage. Discontent is always and everywhere, in any country. And this is normal. Everyone is happy and there can always be only a madman. If someone cannot cope with the energy of the masses, then he has nothing to do in power. You're talking about Bolivia. And I will give you an example of Bavar al-Assad from Syria. Whoever wants it and can.
    2. NEOZ
      NEOZ 11 November 2019 13: 05
      Quote: rocket757
      PROCESSES go while there is any discontent among the masses

      I agree ... the process is going on ...
      sits, there’s a miracle in front of me 30 years old ... Akhošnik ... once a week he orders a stationery ... 100000 zp ... not satisfied ... believes that he is underpaid ... w / o bought, knows nothing , until 30 years old it’s not clear what he was doing ... only his cheeks are blowing - he’s stealing videl ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 11 November 2019 14: 07
        But everything is different. Someone worked hard all his life, for the payment is not great, but someone was added to an official for payment and a social package, bureaucratic .... you can’t catch everyone.
    3. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 12 November 2019 09: 22
      Oh, they killed me. You may not be teaching anything. And it taught us a long time ago. Remember once and for all and do not write more nonsense: "Under capitalism it will not be otherwise!"
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 12 November 2019 10: 18
        Do we have what and how to cite an absolutely correct example?
        There is no "stamp", we write on what is.
        There would be NO CAPITALISM, it would be the subject of discussion.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 11 November 2019 07: 18
    You are on the right track, comrades.
    ... We have been going for a long time, like you, but you are faster, we are slower, but more confident ...
  6. 72jora72
    72jora72 11 November 2019 07: 34
    The choice, dear readers, was in the spirit of Cartman, between a giant enema and a sandwich with ...
    At that moment I almost choked on morning coffee. Cockroach citing South Parkstrong tramp ......... respect.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 November 2019 07: 42
    telly propaganda is so sick at least do not throw the box.
    And you "telly" someone forcing you to watch? Judging by the comment "box" it is a pity to throw it away.
    1. vadson
      vadson 11 November 2019 08: 03
      Hmm, but you do not mind? A good telly with a monthly salary is worth it.
      1. bober1982
        bober1982 11 November 2019 08: 15
        A TV spreads nervous and mental illnesses, while watching a program, a person cannot install an information filter, thus creating a new type of person.
        I did not say anything new, it is well known.
  8. Same lech
    Same lech 11 November 2019 07: 50
    It would be nice for Tarakanushka to describe the behavior of the Communist Party headed by Simonenko at the decisive hour of the struggle against the fascist regime of Kiev ... where were the fiery communists of Ukraine during all these events?
    I’m trying to appreciate their behavior and I can’t think of anything other than the betrayal of Simonenko in relation to my people.
    The Communist Party of Ukraine has rotted at the very top.
    1. Squelcher
      Squelcher 11 November 2019 10: 26
      Do you think the Communists of the Russian Federation are not like that? Sponsored by 70 percent of the state budget (our taxes).
      1. Ptolemy Lag
        Ptolemy Lag 11 November 2019 12: 52
        ALL parties are now sponsored.
        1. Squelcher
          Squelcher 11 November 2019 15: 44
          I agree that all parties are sponsored, but it is important who. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation seems to be for justice for the people, but takes money, as many here say, from the liberal and "anti-people" government, as old as the world who pays money to a girl and dances. Or the final one has lost the confidence of citizens and cannot exist on its own.
    2. beeper
      beeper 11 November 2019 15: 12
      Simon "shrunk" back in 1999, when the whole world, by the majority of Ukrainian voters, chose this "communist" in ukropreza, and he (apparently frightened by the "accident" with the Western contender Chernovol ?!) weakly "leaked" his presidential victory to Kuchma (as, incidentally, the "muslin lady-zavgar" Yanyk, who officially won the elections, cowardly and very shamefully "leaked" the anti-constitutional "third-year", supposedly "non-stealing" American protege Dioxin in 2004!)!

      Then, in 99m, it was still incomprehensible to us (although there was already a Russian example with a bourgeois "communist leader" who also cleverly "evaded" his presidency, but we believed our "communist" and, having already fully tasted the "bestial grin capitalism "- robbery and deriban, almost without exception voted for him, then, still, crowded, whole labor collectives, naively, still in the Soviet way, thought then that our Ukrainian" commander-in-chief "is the most real and so shamelessly will not" get sick "?! winked ), after all, it was the communists - "diehard fighters for workers' rights" who were "in trend" among the people who lost their faith and were robbed by crooks ...

      But, over time, everything cleared up, alas request -The lip-slap turned out to be an ordinary Red Boy, a time-consuming sybarite, one of the most hypocritical of the comradenegates, a hilarious "exploiter" of the communist "phrase", our nationwide nostalgia for the Soviet "confidence in the future" and aspirations for Justice ?!
  9. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 11 November 2019 08: 25
    Why do we need their problems? Let them eat themselves. I can not stand traitors.
  10. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 11 November 2019 09: 10
    If we are to quote Makarevich, then "Monologue of a man who wished to remain anonymous" is better suited.
    1. sevryuk
      sevryuk 11 November 2019 23: 14
      Better: "You can walk like a neglected garden, or you can shave everything off ..."
  11. Scud
    Scud 11 November 2019 09: 19
    The idea of ​​Tarakan is not only chaotic (its conclusion) but also contradictory, with a claim to the truth. I am not so visible from Zaporozhye as from Kiev, but still.
    In total, in all the cities of dill on the Mudans, about 5% of the population took part, and yet yes, the remaining 95% put crustacean.
    To give a halo of maidan ... heroes, they banged a hundred skakuas, agree, kill 35 or 80 there is not that aplomb, but the heavenly hundred will make Bandera sob in the grave.
    None of the Ukrainian politicians, and even the instructor Pauchat-Tarakan, said the simple truth - the open assassination of law enforcement officers, not to mention the knee humiliation, leads only to the end of the collapse of morality and the rule of law and country.
    But ... there is something good in every bad thing. I bow low to the Yaros and Biletskys. Continue to yell further about the suitcases of train stations and Russia, Novorossia will recover faster!
  12. stalki
    stalki 11 November 2019 09: 28
    Cockroach really got sick this time, the article can be said "nervous" well what can I say. Take a deep breath, dear, Cockroach, and count how many tons of blood your "independence" costs. I admire how nationally-patriotic all of you are, they formed out of nowhere, they didn’t just happen. You know what, you should have been bolder when they put a yoke on you. Or smarter.
  13. shinobi
    shinobi 11 November 2019 09: 29
    Something happened on the cockroach. Personally on it. Not complaining, but feeling.
    PS: With Ukraine there will be exactly what happened with all the projects of the Yankees. It will be in ruins and will desperately try to get any help at all, cursing and spitting in the USA.
  14. Lord_Raven
    Lord_Raven 11 November 2019 10: 12
    Dear author, don't you think that an attempt to retell complex political events, and even extended in time, in a kind of "common" language and in a "booth" style, looks a bit "idiotic"?
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 11 November 2019 13: 41
      Quote: Lord_Raven
      Dear author, don't you think that an attempt to retell complex political events, and even extended in time, in a kind of "common" language and in a "booth" style, looks a bit "idiotic"?

      A sense of humor is a sign of the mind.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Sky strike fighter
    Sky strike fighter 11 November 2019 12: 40
    I will quote the Bulgarian comrade George Dimitrov: “Fascism is the power of financial capital itself. This is an organization of terrorist reprisals against the working class and the revolutionary part of the peasantry and intelligentsia. ”

    Fascism is the power of terrorist parasites. In fascism, countries usually do not live long. They pump money out of them and then use them as consumables. Remember the post-war state of Germany and Italy. So, today's Ukraine has no future from the word at all. They use it and throw it away as soon as they understand that there is nothing to take from it. This is how the Germans used to pump blood from prisoners. Parasitism. Oligarchs are parasites in power by type Kolomoisky (as we had Berezovsky at one time). But we woke up on time. But will Ukraine wake up? Here is an example of yesterday’s Dynamo Shakhtar match. And a racist scandal all over the world. At the same time, those who smacked and brought black football players of Shakhtar to tears are covered by both club leaders and fans. They show that this is the norm and that is how it should be. They have come to what. For them, Fascism is already the norm. This is normal for them.
    In the first case, the discrediting of power and destabilization of the situation throughout the country, in the second case, the sanctions of the whole world and the collapse of the exchange rate, the embargo on the supply of machine tools for the production of military equipment and other amenities.

    The increase in VAT, retirement age, a huge pile of new taxes and the impoverishment of the population are the consequences of a tightly lost foreign policy and oblivion of the history of the 20 century.

    We already had it and have it at the moment, starting in 2014. There were attempts to destabilize, but they did not pass. There are sanctions. The exchange rate was forcedly lowered. Nothing. Adapted. About taxes, too, the truth.

    Want to beat the veterans, ROA marches and Cossacks in Red Square?

    Want to restore the monarchy and the total dictatorship of capital?

    And why is it that someone should beat the veterans? Who and for what reason? We do not have our own Galicia. Thank God. As there is no basis for fascism. Who are the ROA? It was interrupted before its foundation after 1945. What are you talking about?
    Our Cossacks are all against fascism and for Putin.
    What Monarchy? No one takes this nonsense seriously. You talk about some fantastic scenarios that have no foundation.
    1. Ptolemy Lag
      Ptolemy Lag 11 November 2019 12: 55
      Fascism flourishes when a nation is humiliated, when people want revenge ...
      1. Sky strike fighter
        Sky strike fighter 11 November 2019 14: 25
        Fascism flourishes when they say not the people, but the "nation". The word "nation" is not peculiar to us. There is a word people. Fascism is a hate regime, based on the calculation of getting even with someone for insults. It does not envisage solving problems in a positive way, but identifying those allegedly responsible for these problems and punishing them. Simple solutions are proposed that someone on the side is supposedly to blame for our problems. fascism is easy to manipulate. The thing is destructive, not creative by nature. The ideology of death, self-destruction in essence. It does not solve problems, but creates new ones, because it strives for war, for conflict. Fascism is the direction of the energy of discontent along the path of destruction.
        1. IL-64
          IL-64 13 November 2019 09: 38
          You should at least read at your leisure what fascism is ... Do not confuse fascism with Nazism. This is me solely about terms and definitions, if that
  17. Jerk
    Jerk 11 November 2019 12: 43
    Yeah, damn it, I’m looking for Okoloradsky ... This time you waved hard - but it’s obvious that from the heart ... True, you are EXTREMELY dofig ... Well, let's call this - controversial ... No, I can justify something, only schA - I’ll live the mat ... Well, for example:
    And when the battles began, then yours pulled up

    "Ours"? For example, you will tell me that I am a stranger, since I crumpled at Marika's, until you took them out - there was half a name ?! And by the way, taka baida - Comrade, near-Radish .... You just think - if half of Moscow - shocks that gags .... Well, what interest they have to the "foreign" country of Ukraine. And in Tula, in general, they say so at 100%)
    So the old song by Andrei Makarevich with the words “Do you remember how it all began?” Is very, very relevant.

    Yeah, now! I tell you:

    Yes, I’m YOU specifically justified. that that bastard from Yavorovka is a stranger. do you understand me?
  18. asp373
    asp373 11 November 2019 13: 30
    Zdorovenka bula, pan Ukrainian.
    Of course, we follow, and very carefully, what is going on with the non-brothers. This is an alternative Russia. Always answering the question "is there an alternative to the Kremlin regime?" You can point to Ukraine. So for everyone who wants to go the European way, I offer a suitcase-station-Kuiv
    I did not understand just a speech about the class struggle. Do you know who the proletarians are? This is the pillar of the current Kiev regime - the Erobitchites, always ready to stand with a flag for denyuzhku small and poorest (landless) peasantry. By the way, the revolution was made precisely by visitors and nationalities from the previously fraternal Baltic republics. The locals were completely bourgeois, therefore they were terrified of what was happening, but they were afraid of the revolutionary terror that began long before the revolution.
    So learn the materiel, in the sense of history. This is a good and extremely useful business.
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 11 November 2019 14: 40
      Are you about VOSR? So they did it, very ideologically savvy, people with a clear understanding of what the final result will be. About 40-50 years. And the fact that the poor with such fervor rushed to strangle the backbone, so what is surprising about this? And belonging to certain places did not matter what. Enough natives of St. Petersburg, Moscow or Yaroslavl enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to get to the hated throat. These people defeated the slave in themselves, and so are great.
      Librastically bourgeois little things to tear out a historical fact from the context, like the Latvian shooters, and put emphasis on it. Are you, not an hour, Mlechin?
      1. asp373
        asp373 11 November 2019 22: 04
        Yes, the understanding was very clear, so the construction of communism was completely curtailed by the age of 21, returning private property and commodity-money relations. But then they managed to arrange such a devastation from which 20 years had to get out.
        1. Essex62
          Essex62 15 November 2019 12: 42
          The eternal class struggle. Ulyanich is the cleverest uncle, the remnants of the underdevelopment, people with a huckster's dwelling were brought into the world by the NEP and they were criticized later. And commodity-money relations in the RSFSR did not curtail even when, private property in the industrial sphere did not return. So, trading is a service, "what do you please. Vissarionich handed over the Nepmans - zagrebetnikov, so that they become insolent and stop hiding. And now it will be the same.
          1. asp373
            asp373 17 November 2019 16: 35
            No. NEP turned Khrushchev. Under Stalin, all these burials felt great.
  19. Jerk
    Jerk 11 November 2019 15: 20
    And yes, comrade Targan ....
  20. xomaNN
    xomaNN 11 November 2019 20: 47
    Sawing a cockroach right through a nerve smile Because I myself "live" experienced all these years inside the country of U. And the boar-Christosik Yan, sitting at the "regional committee dachas". I will never forgive that, having all the levers of power in 2013-14, I shamefully bleated about non-resistance. And - profiled both the country and the people. And the Galicians and so on. nat. over the next 5 years, worried gentlemen have inflated the images of the Big Enemy in the ears of millions.
    1. sevryuk
      sevryuk 11 November 2019 23: 24
      The country was profiled in 90-91. And the Galicians discredited the project "Ukraine" completely. And I'm afraid they will wait for the deportations ... At best, to Canada. At worst, to Poland.
      1. tatarin1972
        tatarin1972 18 November 2019 00: 03
        And Chukotka, Magadan ?! I think these are the best options.
  21. AB
    AB 11 November 2019 20: 59
    Somehow everything is piled up in one heap, sprinkled with pessimism, seasoned with allegories and dumped on the head of a reader who is not used to such delights, from a respected Tarakanushka, reader. Cockroach, go back to the old storytelling!
  22. Li17
    Li17 11 November 2019 21: 06
    Hello comrade Cockroach! And I really thought it was a sinful thing that the slippers .. It was not long! To the point. I have already said that I somehow watched the program in 2014 (I may be wrong in time) with "our" Kiselev on your TV. His guest was a Canadian commander (as I understood like our capraz) appointed to oversee the Ukrainian Navy, by the way, he is a Ukrainian himself. So, Kiselyov asked him what surprised him ... Literally - when I (that is, the commander), when I was in 2008 at the representative office of the General Staff of Ukraine in Moscow, one rank led me to the window and, pointing at the Kremlin, wilted, and here we are preparing and going to fight with them !!!!! So, this whole topic has cockroach roots, that is, it arose immediately along with the Square! That's how the naive campaigner gave it away!
    1. tatarin1972
      tatarin1972 18 November 2019 00: 10
      In 1992, during the formation of the 1464 Special Forces Regiment, Hero of the Soviet Union Goroshko asked Russian soldiers to kill? And you are about 2008.
  23. forester1971
    forester1971 11 November 2019 22: 14
    I have nothing against Tarakan's reasoning, although the statement that Yulia “didn’t cut the loot came to power, she, together with other boyars, really came to do something, even if not without benefit for herself” - looks somewhat ridiculous.
    1. beeper
      beeper 12 November 2019 01: 47
      How "funny it looks" and sad that Julia allegedly "returned everyone 1000 hryvnia from each savings account" is already a blatant lie! negative
      Maybe somewhere in the capital Kiev (one nimble swindler even managed to get a "thousand" a few times, but this is a rogue, and many and many respectable "people on the waiting list" did not wait for their "thousand" !!! And then she fined with gas contract Zhulka's accomplices turned out of the "premieres" and "she forgave everyone she owes" until the next elections, when she again tried to go with the same "trump card" ...) it was, but not in our South-East!
      The crooks, famous for ALWAYS aiming ONLY "ON SILLING BABL" on an especially large scale and evading TAXES, as usual, deceived fellow citizens, both his "lohtorat" - "intimidated" yulkobots, and the adequate majority of the Ukrainian population!
      The message styles of the Tarakan near Radsky are very heterogeneous, do I have the impression that they are written by different authors ??!
      Some of these Tarakanov gave clear signals in their texts that they were working "under the control" of the "ISBU" and, as far as I remember, did not deny their participation in the "orange Maidan" -2004 on the side of the anti-constitutional crowd, which, having drunk on the "Maidan seagull," chanted "all at once we are rich" and which then "overwhelmed" coup-revolutionaries-Yushchenko "pidmanuly" with the promised "manna from heaven" ?!
      Yes, this is clearly visible in the interpretations commented by us on this Article! smile
      So I am not surprised by the individual author's "passages" with "defaults" and "generalizations" - based on the "unbeknownst (who do not know the ins and outs of the events described)" Russian readers, with obvious "distortions" - "soaping" and " reinterpretations "unpleasant for" Svidomo "," delicate nuances ", but" cutting eyes "to those who are directly" in the subject "of our entire" Ukrainian life "and the unleashing of American lackeys-Banderonazis, together with sponsors-klepto" w / Bandera " , endless civil war!
      In general, he did not want to comment on the provocative "Tarakanov" patriotic "messages to the Russians" - after all, it is very easy to be recorded by the Minstets in the "separatists" and get into "development" with a lethal outcome ?!
  24. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 12 November 2019 08: 51
    Amiable cockroach .... all this would be ridiculous if it were not so sad ... I remind you, in all his misfortunes, the person is to blame for himself. And until you understand it, you won’t see any victory ... yourself, all by yourself ... Or you will understand that you are part of the empire, or everyone will be lazy to sleep on you ... with all due respect to the author
  25. monster
    monster 12 November 2019 10: 15
    Dig the caches, and cut down the flies, Svidomo Bandera. The Poles puffed up for a long time. The Emperors Romanovs were bored and became Pshek part of Russia. The same project 404 awaits you. Kuev will leave you, and three areas, as if there were Poles, and the rest will return to the possession of Russia, which founded these lands, having driven the Turks and Tatars to the Black Sea.
  26. AleBors
    AleBors 13 November 2019 13: 00
    Watch, evaluate and understand. What today is easy with us, the day after tomorrow it can be easily with you.
    I completely agree with this. And most likely events are just around the corner.
  27. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 14 November 2019 07: 10
    Dear Tarakan is deeply mistaken, starting his historical review with the Chernobyl tragedy, assuming (asserting) that "Nazalezhna" turned towards the West, and the young Bandera growth began to grow stronger ideologically and in an independent direction at school lessons from their teachers. The history of nezalezhnosti and independence must begin in 1956 - 1957, when the Soviet government began to amnesty and release from the Gulag thousands (namely THOUSANDS) of the double and stubborn Bandera, caught by the Soviet special services in the forests of western Ukraine. Naturally, the Western intelligence services of the USA, England, Sweden, Norway were already ready to cooperate with motivated fighters against the USSR. But the most interesting thing is that the Banderaism also did not appear out of nowhere, but is a derivative of the Petliuraism, defeated, but embittered and hiding in farmsteads in huts throughout western Ukraine.
    So liberated and "reformed", but convinced independent fighters for nezalezhnost, armed with detailed instructions from the CIA and MI6, began to conquer the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) and teach their offspring in the spirit of "Ukraine is not Russia" and mastered and educated. The upbringing was of high quality and not in schools, but in families, first of all, by one's own parental authority, one's own example of hatred. Otherwise, where did all these Kravchuk, Kuchma, Farion and Turchinovs come from - the leaders of the Communist Party of Ukraine and KomSoMol ??? I am a witness to this, I came across this offspring (30 years old), with young and competent IT specialists, in 1978 at advanced training courses in Kiev. Already then I heard from them all this nonsense about the fact that Ukrainians are not Russians at all and have nothing to do with Russian history, and in the magazines (Peretz) there was intense polemics about the survival of Ukraine without Muscovites and whether the economy would sink Bandera boat without the support of Moscow. Even then, I was surprised that the RSFSR was quiet and smooth, but God's grace in "developed socialism" in relation to Ukraine, where a generation of convinced non-foreigners had already been prepared, although they did not even know about Chernobyl at that time.
  28. certero
    certero 14 November 2019 10: 49
    200.000 on the Maidan? In Kiev? What are you doing? There the numbers were an order of magnitude smaller
  29. Paratrooper
    Paratrooper 14 November 2019 13: 45
    Thank. Strength, patience and peace of mind.
  30. Mihail2019
    Mihail2019 14 November 2019 20: 10
    And here Luntik first says that productivity is not enough to provide for the current retirees, then a year later he proposes to make a four-day work week, citing "good" productivity in the economy.
    I have a proposal to him: either remove the cross, or put on your underpants!
    And then you, the head of government, do not understand: either productivity is enough, then it is not enough - and this is in the shortest possible time, a year and a half maximum !!
    He, by chance, didn’t have a split personality ?!
  31. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 18 November 2019 13: 45
    It all failed!
    My wife from the European Championships cannot see my sister. It’s cold to go to Siberia, mine is scary. There, in Ukraine, the law - the sea!
    The sea and a cloud of frightened penguins - residents of this territory, controlled from Washington and London.
    Power blows and kisses in the ass of Canadian, American, Western Bander ...
    Ukraine will never be the same. This is the Wild Field for a hundred years until everyone dies out ...