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Russia suddenly came to life. Liberal world order in danger


Project "ZZ". The current world order has been challenged, Western analysts write. Russia, this “old player”, suddenly “came to life”. The threat now is not Putin's stability, but global liberalism. The Pentagon, by the way, does not argue with such statements. In contrast, the US military and intelligence have prepared a series of documents containing lists of “threats” and counter-threat measures.

Russia, suddenly revived

Columnist Wolfgang Hansson in "Aftonbladet" recalls the fall of the Berlin Wall, which happened exactly thirty years ago. That time is considered to be the beginning of a new world order. This was clear to everyone, the observer notes. However, now this order is "coming to an end."

And when in the West missed a turn?

This “happened a few weeks ago,” the author believes. Yes, this moment attracted “some attention”, but Hansson does not think that many people have spotted here the “end point of the world order” - the very one that was established “after the collapse of communism”.

This is what Mr. Hansson spotted.

The US military in northern Syria left the base from where they fought against the Islamic State (banned in Russia) in close cooperation with the Syrian Kurds. Their convoy "was met by angry Kurds who threw potatoes at the Americans" and considered them traitors. Only a few hours after the Americans left, the author continues, the base "was captured by Russian soldiers who scribbled on Twitter how quickly the withdrawal of American troops took place."

Without firing a shot, the Americans voluntarily left "a position strategically important for their main enemy - Russia." Such a withdrawal clearly illustrates the United States abandoning the role of a power that has a “firm understanding” of the world order.

For eight years of the war, Syria has become a conflict in which the great powers of the world are fighting for influence, Hansson further recalls. Others see in this even the "third world war." Under President Obama, the United States for a long time avoided the entry of its troops into Syria, not wanting to get into the new military impasse in which they fell after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But when the Islamic State formed a whole terrorist "caliphate", the United States "could not passively look at it." Obama initiated the creation of an international coalition. This alliance worked - and not least thanks to the Kurds, who acted as coalition ground forces. And the military presence in Syria, the United States forced the Russians and all others to observe from the side.

Since the Second World War, Hansson has been developing his theses, there has not been a president in the United States who would voluntarily give up American influence on the world stage and fight for him.

But that is not Mr. Trump. He does not see his actions in the geopolitical dimension, the author believes. He thinks “only of fulfilling election promises” and acts as a business leader who does not want to pay money for “unnecessary things”. “It seems that he does not even perceive Russia as a colleague in the international arena,” Hansson sneers.

When the established world order was challenged by new players, as happened on September 11 of 2001, the United States resisted.

When the old players came to life - for example, when Russia “invaded Georgia in the 2008 year and annexed Crimea in the 2014 year”, putting the world order “in doubt”, the United States “clearly resisted”.

But it’s a completely different matter when the one who controls the prevailing world order "self-destructs and creates a power vacuum that the enemies of this order can fill."

Columnist's conclusion: Mr. Trump is a Trojan horse. He sabotages the interests of his own nation and allies. He "treats former friends as enemies, and vice versa." And in the end, he "undermines confidence in the authority of the United States."

This is what Hansson sees as a threat to the “liberal world order”. It is too early to prophesy about the future. It is only clear that the new order will turn out to be “much more unstable,” and instead of a superpower and its allies, “a large number of regional centers of power” will appear.

Strategy. Not simple, but hypersonic and nuclear

Meanwhile, the US intelligence agencies, together with the Pentagon, prepared a statement in which Russia occupies a special place.

A joint statement by the Department of Justice, the US Department of Defense, the FBI, the NSA, and a number of other agencies regarding the security of the 2020 election came about on the Pentagon website.

Statement released by Attorney General William Barr, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and. about. National Intelligence Director Joseph Maguire, FBI Director Christopher Ray, NSA Director General Paul Nakasone and others.

The joint statement states that less than a year is left before the United States election. Soon, Americans will have to go and vote in the presidential election of 2020 of the year.

The safety of elections in the statement is identified as "top priority for all." According to the Pentagon and intelligence agencies, the US government has reached an "unprecedented level of coordination" and works with all 50 states and at the local level, as well as with partners from the private sector. Work is underway to identify threats and defend the democratic process.

“Our opponents want to undermine our democratic institutions,” the statement said, “to influence public sentiment and government policy.” According to the authors of the document, "Russia, China, Iran and other foreign states will seek to interfere with the malicious process in the voting process or affect the perception of voters."

Campaigns on social networks, disinformation operations, and destructive cyber attacks on infrastructure are called as tools that will be used by “attackers”.

The Pentagon and intelligence promise to "closely monitor any threats to the US election." According to the authors of the statement, the informed public will be resistant to threats.

The statement calls on all American citizens: every American should "report any suspicious activity to local officials, the FBI, or the Department of Homeland Security." The greatest means to combat threats is “the efforts of the whole society”.

In parallel, another document was published on the network. The report of the Office of the Pentagon Inspector General contains a list of tasks for the 2020 financial year. ( Link to the page with the document. Attention: from Russian IP the site may not open!)

Among the "key areas" that are important for the Pentagon, the document comes first in this paragraph: "Confrontation with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea."

And only the second one says “Combating Global Terrorism”.

“Ensuring the welfare and well-being of military personnel and members of their families” is paragraph number three.

The following lists behavior (ethics), financial management, improving operations and capabilities in cyberspace, as well as space operations and nuclear deterrence. In the very last place is called “providing cost-effective medical care”.

In the Office of the Pentagon Inspector General, powerful arguments in favor of countering Russia are ... quotes from military leaders. For example, a March statement by General Dunford is quoted as saying that Moscow conducts "operations in the information and cyberspace," and combines its military operations with "unconventional methods." The Russians, according to the general, are exerting economic and political pressure to advance their own interests and to make confidence in the North Atlantic Alliance fall.

It is especially noted that in order to achieve its goals, Russia relies on nuclear forces, namely on strategic weapons. it weaponAccording to the authors of the report, this is one of the key elements of the Russian national security strategy. However, the Russians manage to partially modernize traditional weapons as well.

Attention in the document is also given to new Russian technologies. The Pentagon is concerned that with the acquisition of hypersonic missile weapons, Moscow will have new opportunities. In this regard, the report mentions the Avangard hypersonic missile, whose units are classified as a “threat” to US missile defense due to the "unprecedented" speed of delivery vehicles.

Responses to this report have already appeared in Russia.

Senator Viktor Ozerov said Federal news agencyTo get a similar assessment of Russia's actions is “nice”:
“It's nice that the United States gave such an assessment. We really strive for this. The President has set a task. We did everything so that the personnel of the army and fleet He was fluent in modern types of weapons and military equipment. And I would be ready to solve problems both in a planned and in a sudden situation. ”

It can be assumed that during the time remaining before the US presidential election, the US military and special services will issue more than one report or amend the lists of “threats”. Democracy is in danger!
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  1. fa2998
    fa2998 12 November 2019 05: 11
    Who invents such articles? Yes, to do something in the global world, you need to have a developed economy! To demand something from others, you must have enough resources yourself. Either do small things at the expense of the population. And then not for long until they die out or arrange a revolution. hi
    1. Sergey39
      Sergey39 12 November 2019 05: 26
      Yes, there is nothing to do. They can handle it. Under the leadership of Trump, who will be elected for a second term in a year. World liberalism will eat itself.
    2. Boris55
      Boris55 12 November 2019 09: 01
      Quote: fa2998
      Yes, something to do in the global world, you need to have a developed economy!

      For what? What to buy "friends"? And why do we need such friends?

      When in the 90's of the USSR (Russia) experienced difficulties, at least one of those bought gave us a helping hand? Not! On the contrary, each of them strove to bite ... So why step on the same rake twice?

      Quote: fa2998
      In order to require something from others, you yourself must have enough resources.

      Why something, but we have enough of this good - 20% of our global natural resources.
      1. Sergey1987
        Sergey1987 13 November 2019 15: 48
        Quote: Boris55
        20% of the world's natural resources are ours.

        This is where you read this?
    3. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 13 November 2019 09: 38
      Our authorities are immersed in self-hypnosis. There, in their hypnotic world, our economy grows. It is not entirely clear how they managed to plunge into the hassle so deeply, but the fact is the fact ...
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 12 November 2019 05: 26
    And why, do a press review with outdated information? The Americans left the base in Syria, but have already taken control of Syrian oil ...
  3. shinobi
    shinobi 12 November 2019 05: 31
    As Lavrov put it there, you understand. The point was set much earlier, when the United States was blown away with Eun's Korea. And the beginning was in Syria with the "red lines" of the Negro. At the moment, it’s just because it’s impossible, no matter how their senators and congressmen might be puffed up there.
    1. Nenie Lynn
      Nenie Lynn 12 November 2019 06: 17
      Quote: shinobi
      The point was set much earlier when the United States was blown away by Eun Korea.

      blown away? S.Korea suddenly stopped swelling with hunger and lifted sanctions? Did I miss something?
      Quote: shinobi
      And the beginning was in Syria with the "red lines" of the negro.

      This hedgehog was clear from the very beginning that the states did not intend to drag a multimillion-dollar country completely destroyed by the civil war to their budget, this honorable mission was transferred to other inots.
      Quote: shinobi
      no matter how their senators and congressmen puffed up.

      I would not be in a hurry with conclusions and bravura reports. USSR will not let lie ...
      1. Evil echo
        Evil echo 12 November 2019 06: 46
        New apologist for "great America"? Or old, but with a new nickname?
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 12 November 2019 07: 27
    Columnist's conclusion: Mr. Trump is a Trojan horse. He sabotages the interests of his own nation and allies.

    Unlike any columnists and other riffraffers, Trump IS the real leader of his nation, state and understands, accepts much more than what she needs.
    In short, the next ... diverse, typical br - E - d, from those who believe they understand more than others.
    Their president is not for peace and prosperity throughout the world, he is for his own and good deals!
    Yes, he also really loves OIL!
    1. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 12 November 2019 08: 16
      They say Truman communicated with aliens and they offered him their help, but he refused. Maybe Trump agreed and they sent him a robot, like Leopold the cat, at the right moment for Trump, he will bark: "Guys, let's live together!" and everyone will try and understand that the USA, the hegemon
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 12 November 2019 08: 30
        Quote: Chaldon48
        They say Truman communicated with aliens and they offered him their help, but he refused. Maybe Trump agreed and they sent him a robot, like Leopold the cat, at the right moment for Trump, he will bark: "Guys, let's live together!" and everyone will try and understand that the USA, the hegemon

        About "Lords of the World" who just did not write, did not shoot films .... however, fantastic. On the other hand, everything is incredible until it happened in real life!
    2. Lunic
      Lunic 16 November 2019 21: 59
      All my life I tried to stay away from politics, but for the last five years I simply have nowhere to go. I think Trump is the normal president for the United States. He is primarily concerned about his citizens.
      This became noticeable in the years 2018-2019: unemployment is about 2,5%; the economy is growing, salaries are rising, prices are rising more slowly than salaries. In my two departments, before there was a turn of people who wanted to work, but now there are no people who want to, I have to compete with other companies for labor. Yes, and his family has something to compare. Previously, even with an average salary for the states, my family lived practically from paycheck to paycheck (well, I don’t know how to speculate or steal), but now everything seems to be fine and there is money, although the children are still living with us and spending a lot.
      I always say to Americans that I like Putin because he works for the good of his country and I like Trump because he works for the good of his country. Everything else is show off.
  5. Andrey Chistyakov
    Andrey Chistyakov 12 November 2019 08: 06
    Writing truths to Western analysts is a futile exercise.
    For example, that nothing lasts forever.
    The West probably thought that the expansion of NATO will be infinite? In Georgia, they raked. In Ukraine, with the Crimea, a bummer.
    It didn’t work. Afghanistan-Iraq-Libya ...
    In Syria, finished.
  6. Undecim
    Undecim 12 November 2019 08: 18
    Reading such "dude analytics", one immediately recalls the famous song of the Cat and the Fox from the movie "The Adventures of Buratino". The authors of the song clearly wrote it about such "Chuvakins" analysts who create their "analysts" on the basis of the work of "columnists" like Wolfgang Hansson, who for the last two years, since Trump's election, writes exclusively that Trump is "the Kremlin's agent for overthrowing America from the pedestal of a great world power. " Those interested can look at one of his articles ( and determine the level of it themselves " columnist ".
    1. tesser
      tesser 12 November 2019 22: 06
      Quote: Undecim
      Those interested can look at one of his articles ( and determine the level of this for themselves " columnist ".

      I thought at least someone would check what kind of "columnist" it was before writing a comment?)))
  7. nznz
    nznz 12 November 2019 08: 22
    The article is written for the domestic Amerov market. Against Trump. I have not read it, because from the first paragraphs there are stamps for amers.
  8. Kibl
    Kibl 12 November 2019 08: 47
    Sick nation on his head! Antidepressants, opioids and other rubbish steers the Americans! They don’t screw their brains anymore, turn them around as they like! Someone or an idiot will say something in a box or in a newspaper and rush. The main thing is to put everybody on ... but it irrigates everyone!
  9. And
    And 12 November 2019 08: 52
    You look at this Trump, what a parasite is: instead of crawling wherever he falls with his democracy, he thinks about fulfilling his campaign promises. This is simply nonsense in the modern democratic world.
    Something at Wolfgang's roof is leaking, because if Trump wants to be elected for a second term, he should think and fulfill his campaign promises.
  10. Operator
    Operator 12 November 2019 09: 32
    The author of the cartoon in the headline of the "Vitaly" article is a clear liberoid / Democratic Party fan laughing
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 November 2019 09: 33
    Nenie Lynn
    S.Korea suddenly stopped swelling with hunger and lifted sanctions? Did I miss something?
    Apparently you are completely off topic especially on the situation in the DPRK.
  12. Igor Pa
    Igor Pa 12 November 2019 09: 34
    And the photo was not attached to the article, on which the author beats in hysteria?
  13. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 12 November 2019 09: 54
    For the caricature !!! Great comparison !!!
    I didn’t even read the article - it’s not an interesting topic ...
  14. depressant
    depressant 12 November 2019 10: 10
    We must admit that we live in an era of redistribution of the influence of countries on global politics. Some political players leave their habitats, losing influence there, while others, such as Russia and China, seek to take their place. For example, China extends its influence to Africa, but Russia also seeks to do so. The same thing is happening in the Middle East and even in South America. Is Russia doing the right thing by getting involved in this game? Correctly!
    If our political weight is negligible, we will be crushed. The same USA, the same mighty China, the same pack of small mongrels surrounding us at the moment. Our country is too big, its territories are too seductive and the fear of our weapons is just as great.
    The only question is, due to which Russia's political influence on global peace will be restored.
    At the expense of you and me. After all, the greatness of the country is not only in what areas of the globe it climbs, but also in its economy. And she, the economy, is still weak. To restore it, Putin nominated 12 nat. projects. They need funds. They were saved for a long time in the National Welfare Fund. It was agreed long ago that as soon as the NWF reaches 7% of GDP, the "extra" money going to the NWF, that is, over 7%, will be invested in the economy. Last year, the NWF amounted to more than 4 trillion rubles, and this year, due to unprecedented measures to rip off the population, more than 8 trillion, that is, 7,5% of GDP. This means that Putin's national projects are already receiving material support. The money will be invested in infrastructure - roads, bridges, the like. And it is right. It doesn't matter what the infrastructure will be made by Putin's friends, and the oligarchs, the mining companies, will remain on the sidelines. No mechanism has been found to involve them in domestic activities.
    What is wrong? Further attraction of money to the NWF in the next 3 years, according to Medvedev's decision, will be carried out by increasing the pressure of the fiscal authorities on small and medium-sized businesses, which will lead to its gradual curtailment, as well as by increasing the tax burden on the population. Otherwise, the NWF will not be filled with funds sufficient to implement Putin's economic plans without attracting funds from "mining" oligarchs - "friends" will be invested. But their capital is again of fiscal origin.
    Question: will the population survive? What would enter Africa and build bridges.
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 12 November 2019 23: 13
      In principle, an oligarchic republic is an almost perfect government, in case the oligarchy is aware of responsibility to the country and people. An example is the Republic of Venice, which has existed for about 1300 years quite successfully with one form of government
  15. comradChe
    comradChe 12 November 2019 10: 50
    President Trump, the longer he is in office, the more respect he earns with his endurance, dedication, and WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FULFILL YOUR PRE-ELECTION PROMISES. And this is all surrounded by obvious ill-wishers, if not to say his personal enemies. And I want to compare with yesterday's "lamentations" of our president about how to steal and not rush into the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. The fact that he himself is the guarantor of this position for him no time to guess. Yes, no words, only dots. So we know from history that the SGA is able to mobilize its forces in times of danger. The enemy is very earnest and powerful, and even more so dangerous for Russia because it has a powerful fifth column inside our country in all government institutions, in the media, the oligarchy, in higher education. We are losing this battle from within.
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 12 November 2019 23: 07
      Our president is the guarantor of the constitution and its exact observance is its main task. And the East and all that is the business of ministries and government. And the words about the fifth column are nonsense without understanding what our course is and what prevents this notorious column. And since at - capitalism - the 5th column is more likely pseudo-patriotic forces.
  16. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 12 November 2019 12: 21
    The statement calls on all American citizens: every American should "report any suspicious activity to local officials, the FBI, or the Department of Homeland Security." The greatest means to combat threats is “the efforts of the whole society”.

    The guys were walking on a sunny road,
    And Johnny was the last and most dusty.
    By chance or on purpose, he himself does not know for sure
    That Johnny stepped on the button.

    He picked up this button and took it with him,
    And suddenly he saw the letters he Russian on it.
    Guys with the whole crowd to the head of the outpost
    Running away, turning off the road, hurry, hurry, hurry!

    “Tell me exactly,” the chief said sternly,
    And he revealed the green card before him, -
    - Among which farm and on which road
    Did you step on the button, Johnny?

    Four days searched, four days jumped
    Fighters on all roads, forgetting food and sleep,
    On the road we met a stranger
    Severely examined him from all sides.

    But there are no buttons from the left pocket
    And wide pants are sewn in Russian,
    And in the back of your pocket - gun cartridges
    And a list of paid trolls from the Russian side.
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 12 November 2019 17: 35
      Eco pulled you on graphomania. By the way, the song is about such a severe failure of the border guards, who only thanks to the attentiveness of the guys found out that the spies graze in the border strip and even managed to draw a map.
      1. certero
        certero 12 November 2019 22: 29
        "That button is kept in Alyoshka's collection. He is honored for a small button."
        A well-played combination by Alyoshka, it was not for nothing that he later rose to large ranks
        1. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 12 November 2019 23: 05
          The fate of the chief of the outpost is interesting. First, he put in place the spy in his area of ​​responsibility, then stupidly conducted searches (4 days skipped) and the arrest of the spy is a pure coincidence. I think a special department will not miss
  17. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 12 November 2019 17: 33
    Here's a scream. It turns out we won in Syria and the Americans lost. In fact, we got the costs for many years to come, and the Americans proffit
  18. Private89
    Private89 12 November 2019 20: 09
    The author made laugh of course. What a change in world order! This power can not offer anything to the world, much less to its people, except for wild, frenzied capitalism. And nothing differs from the Western capitalist oligarchs. Only they rob the world, and these are their people.
  19. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 14 November 2019 10: 58
    Yeah, democracy in its American sense is in danger. They will be afraid - they will respect!
  20. Military77
    Military77 14 November 2019 18: 19
    By the way, in this report Russia is mentioned already 9 times, China and North Korea - 8, Iran - 7, and international terrorism only 2.
  21. mikle1999
    mikle1999 15 November 2019 10: 58
    Breaking does not build. Even one bully can make the whole porch life unbearable by setting fire to mailboxes and crap in the elevator. But what can he offer residents positive?
  22. Fevralsk. Morev
    Fevralsk. Morev 17 November 2019 04: 21
    Russia suddenly came to life. 25 million jobs created? For comparison: under Stalin's Industrialization, only 19 million jobs were created. Ah yes Putin, oh yes .....