Was it so bad T-35: the story of a veteran tanker

The T-35 heavy tank has a very short military biography. He was able to take part in the hostilities of the first months of World War II.

Was it so bad T-35: the story of a veteran tanker

T-35 tank abandoned due to a malfunction. USSR, 1941 year

Most of the tanks that were part of the 34-th tank division of the 8-th mechanized corps and deployed on the Lviv ledge, was lost due to breakdowns. Meanwhile, it was this five-turret tank in the 30 of the 20 century in the USSR that became a serial machine and personified its military power.

Today they talk about this car unless with a laugh. Indeed, the tank had a huge number of problems and shortcomings. For example, they talk about a stupid multi-tower vehicle layout, as a result of which it was difficult for the commander to control all the numerous weapons of the tank in battle, as well as weak T-35 armor. It is believed that at the time the war began, the tank was already outdated. Some military experts call this tank "huge steel squalor."

But how did the tankers themselves relate to this tank? The book of the Russian military historian and writer Maxim Kolomiyets gives an interview with senior reserve lieutenant Vasily Sazonov, who met the war on the T-35. The story of a veteran tanker is presented in the video:

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