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Project "Piston" - an experienced Ukrainian rocket launcher "RG-1"

The project of a hand-held grenade launcher "Piston" was developed at the production association "Yuzhmash", designers Yu.Alekseev, V.Serbin, A.Zagreba and N.Muzhuyev. The grenade launcher was designed to fill the infantry weapon niche in combat use when AGS-17 heavy-lift grenade launchers would be ineffective. To work with a grenade launcher, only one person is required, and its main purpose is to use it in transient combat operations using mobile ground equipment in mountainous, urban and difficult conditions of capture / release of populated areas. The use of cumulative ammunition in grenade launchers makes it possible to use it against lightly armored infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and vehicles.

Project "Piston" - an experienced Ukrainian rocket launcher "RG-1"

Device and construction РГ-1
The grenade launcher consists of:
- trunk;
- housing;
- lock - frame, bolt, frame and lever;
- butt pad and damper with reverse springs;
- USM;
- translator of fire;
- butt.

The designers took into account the experience of creating various grenade launchers and made it self-loading type, having store supply. The barrel increased (30 centimeters), which ensured the stability of the ammunition in flight. The shop has a flat execution with five shots. All this has increased the design accuracy, speed and range of fire.

The locking device created by the designers solved the problem of recoil compensation and made it possible to use increased power ammunition in the grenade launcher, which results in an increase in the range of fire. Meal from the store and automatic supply of ammunition increase the rate of fire. When firing a grenade launcher at a flat trajectory, the grenade launcher can use sighting devices - optical, collimator, television day / night.

Operating principle
Automatic grenade uses the principle of using the rollback of the castle due to powder gases. Gases press down on the bottom of the liner, throw away the massive lock in its rear position. The lock, in turn, begins to compress the backplate springs, accumulating energy to return to its original state.

The lock at the beginning of firing from a grenade launcher stands in the front position, behind it supported by springs of the back-type backplate. The trigger trigger is in the deflated position. The shot in the grenade launcher due to the impact of the castle's core falls a little below the receiver’s receiving line. The translator of fire stands in the "PR" and holds the hook USM in the lower position. WP-1 is ready to start firing.

At the start of shooting, the trigger should be released. The lock is retracted to the rear position, the handle is released, without accompanying this action by hand. Reverse type springs, help the castle to return to the front position. At the beginning of the withdrawal of the lock back, the rear edge of the frame, acts on the trigger and turns the lock around the axis, which puts it on the combat platoon. The shot rises to the dosylka line under the pressure of the store spring.

The lock, moving forward due to the impact of the springs, picks up the ammunition from the store with the lower end of the bolt, after which it is sent to the chamber. After that, the frame and the bolt are released by the shutter disconnector. The skeleton and the bolt stop in their front position, the frame further moves forward, sets the lever with the skeleton and the fighting stop. The ammunition is located in the barrel bore, the grenade launcher is closed - WP-1 is ready to fire.

When fired, the powder gases push the liner, which tells the oscillatory motion to the shutter, which the designers performed with the ability to scroll. He pushes the frame - it starts moving backwards. The lever does not allow the castle to start moving backwards. The frame of the shutter, which begins to move backward, removes the lever and releases the frame. After moving the frame on the 27 mm back, the entire lock makes a way back, and the shot has already left the barrel.

When moving back the entire lock, he cocks the trigger. The next shot begins to rise in the receiver. The inclination of the castle, or rather the lower end of the bolt, is shot from the store and sent to the chamber. The lock comes to the rear position and transmits energy to the backplate springs. Part of the energy goes on the butt and on, it acts on the grenade thrower's shoulder. However, the shock absorber installed in the butt, most of this energy is extinguished. With the next shots, the cycle is repeated.

Of the features of the RG-1, we note the possibility of shooting from difficult positions and from moving equipment to a distance of up to 400 meters. From standard positions, the effective range is increased to 900 meters. As mentioned above, returns for this class weapons It turned out almost minimal.

Ammo to WP-1
The “Piston” project would not be complete without the development of shots for this weapon. The development of the shots involved the company "PMZ". The main ammunition are:
- 30 mm frag type shot. Purpose - to destroy the enemy personnel;
- 30 mm shot of cumulative type. Purpose - to destroy and disable lightly armored vehicles of the enemy;
- 30 mm shot of practical type. Purpose - for training grenade throwers and conduct training firing;
- 30 mm flue type shot. The purpose is to cover the actions of the personnel of their troops and to disorient the enemy.
The designers of GP PMZ are ready in the shortest possible time to develop non-lethal shots carrying tear gas. The performance characteristics of the shots themselves are close to shots of grenade launchers of the AGS-17 type, but there is no exact data today.

Key Features:
- caliber grenade - 30 mm;
- supply of ammunition - shop;
- firing speed to 30 vyst / min;
- The maximum effective range - 1000 meters;
- weight of the grenade launcher - 10 kilograms;
- length - 90 centimeters;
- centimeter barrel 30;
- used ammunition - fragmentation, smoke and cumulative;
- shot speed - 185 m / s;

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  1. Gurza
    Gurza 14 July 2012 12: 07
    Not bad, interesting can serve as a replacement for the AGS, for example for scouts.
    Interestingly there is a subbarrelled version?
    1. mga04
      mga04 14 July 2012 12: 35
      For the underbarrel version, the product is too large and heavy, even removing the butt will not change anything. The Americans have already tried to cross the machine with a grenade launcher in the XM-29 project - it did not work.
  2. mga04
    mga04 14 July 2012 12: 35
    For the underbarrel version, the product is too large and heavy, even removing the butt will not change anything. The Americans have already tried to cross the machine with a grenade launcher in the XM-29 project - it did not work.
  3. evgen2124
    evgen2124 14 July 2012 13: 32
    rg-6 is more effective in my opinion! and even the appearance of some kind of handicraft! and ammunition not unified with other weapon systems is also a minus! and it is doubtful that automation in the field will work effectively with such calibers!
    1. Andron24
      Andron24 14 July 2012 15: 19
      Rg - 6 is a weapon rather for battle in the condition of the city. The rate of fire is less, the range of the projectile is less, the weight is less. And Rg - 1 is an easel grenade launcher. He has more weight and the length and range of the projectile. Just to destroy enemy armored vehicles and manpower. I think you should not compare these grenade launchers. It's like comparing AKM - 74 and AKM - 74 / 2u
      1. evgen2124
        evgen2124 14 July 2012 20: 35
        As for the rate of fire, rg6 is hardly inferior! as for the range, such a weapon should work effectively within sight, and not in terms of area there is an ags 17! Yes, and in the field he showed himself perfectly!
  4. Leisure
    Leisure 14 July 2012 13: 55
    Any weapon is created for certain tasks, hence the question, under whom is this unit made with such characteristics, and is it possible to do with the available means?
    5 grenades in the store is not enough.
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 15 July 2012 22: 03
      I suspect that its scope intersects with large-caliber, anti-material rifles (12-20mm) and with hand grenade launchers like GM-94. It beats not far, small ammunition and heavy weight, dubious accuracy, will not let replace the two units listed above, neither together, not separately. Without super-duper ammunition, he can’t advance further than experimental samples, IMHO.
  5. George IV
    George IV 14 July 2012 14: 13
    It would not hurt to attach the photo grenades to the description. More information would be.

    Is it a prototype yet? Somehow it looks a little more artisanal.
  6. lotus04
    lotus04 14 July 2012 16: 14
    Not new. Automatic grenade launcher Baryshev. (THE USSR)

    Baryshev’s automatic hand grenade launcher (ARGB) is a Soviet automatic semi-free hand grenade launcher, firing from the rear sear. It has a folding butt and magazine supply with 30 mm VOG-17 grenade launcher shots. Designed to defeat enemy targets with grenades at distances up to 1000 m.

    Performance characteristics

    weight without ammunition - 15,3 kg
    the length of all weapons (butt folded / unfolded) - 700/950 mm
    barrel length - 300 mm
    caliber - 30 mm
    rate of fire - 350 rounds per minute
    grenade initial speed - 185 m / s
    standard store capacity - 5 gran
    1. lotus04
      lotus04 14 July 2012 16: 32
      Oh how! They turned it upside down and it immediately became an "experienced" Ukrainian.
      1. schonia06rus
        schonia06rus 15 July 2012 11: 40
        Quote: lotus04

        Oh how! They turned it upside down and it immediately became an "experienced" Ukrainian.

        yeah! and they also reduced weight, developed their own shots, which are not on our grenade launchers! oh how! Lol
        1. cth; fyn
          cth; fyn 15 July 2012 18: 34
          But the mechanism is the same.
          Well, if they used the bulldozer scheme, heaped up collimators, laser rangefinders, and other things, then it would be possible to say that on the basis of Soviet technology, with deep modernization, a new Ukrainian grenade launcher was created.
        2. lotus04
          lotus04 15 July 2012 20: 59
          Quote: schonia06rus
          yeah! and they also reduced weight, developed their own shots, which are not on our grenade launchers! oh how! Lol

          Patents are issued both for a locking device and for industrial designs, in particular, an automatic rifle ABB-7,62 and an automatic grenade launcher AGB-30. Moreover, in Ukraine and the Czech Republic, Baryshev’s weapons were tried to be stolen, that is, put into production without his name and participation.

      2. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac 19 July 2012 20: 23
        it doesn’t work out - at Baryshev the store is permanent, the spring-loaded lever rises - ammunition is put in and fed under pressure into the barrel. + to this - by replacing the barrel and the bolt group - a fecal machine gun can be obtained. 12,7 or 14,5 mm.
  7. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 14 July 2012 16: 58
    Quite a curious unit - light and powerful, in my opinion it is very effective in urban conditions, and it’s useful in the field ...
    It seems to me that many people already have an allergy from the word "Ukrainian" ...
  8. Lustrator
    Lustrator 15 July 2012 13: 18
    All small arms use a single principle of throwing a bullet through the barrel bore under the pressure of powder gases ...
    Quote: lotus04
    About how!

    Ukrainian wheeled armored personnel carrier. The wheel was invented ...
    Quote: lotus04
    About how!

    Do not boil;) the more so, Russian designers are actively using the development of Soviet design schools,
    Quote: lotus04
    About how!

    and nobody minds. only if the Russian army has good weapons (well, except for "friends of Russia")
    1. lotus04
      lotus04 15 July 2012 21: 07
      Quote: Lustrator
      All small arms use a single principle of throwing a bullet through the barrel bore under the pressure of powder gases.

      And all planes have wings and a tail. -Just stealing is not good.
  9. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 15 July 2012 18: 39
    Cool stuccion. Respect to Ukraine.
  10. Andrei
    Andrei 15 July 2012 20: 21
    in my opinion, not a bad thing, if we compare it with the rg-6 (although this is a little wrong ... there are other analogues of the ARGB or the manual version of the ags-30), then we can say that both have their pros and cons of the rg-6 grenade itself is more powerful, but the RG-1 is more accurate and a cumulative ammunition has been developed for it. Then someone said that 5 grenades in the store is not enough, but it is relatively compact and light, you can quickly change it to a new one, but if you put more grenades in the store like this for 15-20, you can't quickly change it, given that the grenade launcher is designed for 1 man, and for what more, after all, according to the written "... its main purpose is to use in fleeting hostilities ..." he does not need a large millet store, the grenade launcher itself will become heavier and it must be mobile. And to say that they say the Ukrainians stole our idea and just "turned over" ARGB - there was one country and did everything together .. so if after the collapse of the union they did not discuss the issue of "inheritance", then I think let them do it ... do not do it ourselves let at least others do something good can learn and so you can say a lot of someone who stole from someone ... so you can get to the point that we have engines t54 / 55/62/72/90
    "Not licensed")) since they are a further development of the B-2 (it was put on the T-34 (and not only) if someone does not know) and this engine was designed in Kharkov (Ukraine if anyone does not know) ... If For that matter, it is necessary to drive against the Chinese, they are all a stick with us, and now they definitely have no right to do this.
  11. Dnepropetrovsk
    Dnepropetrovsk 20 July 2012 00: 00
    Many like a sickle in the balls from Ukrainian developments?
  12. geo1286
    geo1286 15 August 2012 01: 50
    Quote: Dnepropetrovsk
    Many like a sickle in the balls from Ukrainian developments?

    You yourself have to wave a sickle in the balls of shame - before, YMZ did "Satan", but now it makes almost only lousy counterfeit grenade launchers ...
    SMUTIAN 18 August 2012 17: 38
    Everything is great. But in my opinion, even with the Union
    made weapons much more elegant, the same AGS. am
  14. Korvin
    Korvin 15 September 2012 14: 44
    Do not be offended, guys, but weakly. The Chinese W-87 is only 2 kg heavier and the automatic and caliber grenades are larger, the South African PAW-20 and the German XM-25 are less self-loading in caliber but also weigh less. And here is something in the middle for the self-loading handbrake is too heavy for the automatic loader, the BK is too small and the target's efficiency is 30 mm.
  15. Bledonene2012
    Bledonene2012 24 October 2013 15: 53
    As always stuck at the test stage!
  16. simara
    simara 4 February 2015 14: 25
    As if 2 RShG-2 behind the back is easier and more effective .. or 1 RShG-2 and one-time thread with thermobaric .. the effect is stronger and less fuss