Russia and Turkey hold third joint patrol of northern Syria

Russian and Turkish troops patrolled a third joint area of ​​the Syrian-Turkish border in northeastern Syria. The patrol took place without incident, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

According to the report, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol crossed the 105 km of the route in four hours, leaving the Deira-Naaga customs crossing and returning to the starting point. Eight armored vehicles took part in the patrol - Typhoon, Tiger and BTR-80 of the Russian military police and the Kirpi armored vehicles of the Turkish border service, as well as about 50 troops of both countries. The reconnaissance route of the patrol convoy column was provided in real time by the Orlan-10 drone of the RF Armed Forces.

The third joint patrol of the Russian military police and the Turkish border service completed the joint patrol of a new area of ​​the Syrian-Turkish border in northeastern Syria. The joint patrol, which started from the Deira-Naaga customs crossing point, crossed the 105-kilometer route in about four hours and completed its work returning to the starting point

- said in a statement.

The Ministry of Defense noted that during the patrol the situation in the settlements along the route was inspected, there were no incidents during the patrol movement.

This was the third joint patrol of the Russian and Turkish military in the 30-km zone, previously occupied by Kurdish military forces from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS). Previously, the armored cars of one of the joint patrols were stoned in one of the Kurdish villages.
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