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Bulgaria between East and West

The Balkan Peninsula is a strategic crossroads between Eastern and Western Christian European civilizations, as well as between Christians in Europe and Muslims in the Middle East along the North-South axis. The peninsula still makes up the northern continental part of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, which connect the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea and the Marmara Sea with the Mediterranean Sea.

Brown line - San Stefana Bulgaria, established by agreement between the Russian and Ottoman empires 3 March 1878.
Dark Orange Square - Bulgaria according to the terms of the Berlin Treaty.
Light orange square - Eastern Rumelia, reunited with Bulgaria 6 September 1885.

Bulgaria is located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. The country covers an area of ​​111 thousand square meters. km, with a population of about 7,3 million. A state with such parameters cannot independently regulate resource flows of a strategic level that falls on the Balkans. Therefore, the struggle for strategic control over the Balkan Peninsula and the straits is essentially a struggle for geopolitical influence in Bulgaria. From the 14th century to the present day, the states with which Bulgaria entered into an alliance determined who, when, to whom and under what conditions could pass something through the “intersection”.

Relations along the North-South axis Bulgaria identified for itself once and for all: as early as the 9th century, when Holy Prince Boris I Michael elevated Orthodoxy to the rank of state religion when the Baptism of Bulgaria took place.

But along the East - West axis, problems always existed in Bulgaria, and they all began in the same IX century. The first question on the orientation of East-West was as follows: with whom should Christianity be accepted, with the Orthodox East, or with the Catholic West? Yes exactly! The Great Schism took place in the distant 1054 year, after 200 years after the Baptism of Bulgaria. But even in the 9th century, the country's political leaders understood how the fuss that had already begun between Constantinople and Rome would end. In 864, our ancestors made a choice that determined all of her subsequent cultural and political life - the soul of Bulgaria was, is and will forever remain Orthodox.

In the 12th and 14th centuries, the Ottoman Turks brilliantly took advantage of the differences between the Orthodox states in the Balkans and conquered them one after another. 3 March 1878 of the year, according to the terms of the San Stefano peace treaty concluded at the end of the Russian-Turkish war 1877 — 1878, Bulgaria regained its independence. The whole country exulted and was very grateful for its Russian liberators. The word "bratushki" forever remained in the Bulgarian language as a synonym for "Russians". The canon of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church contains the words "Blessed is the liberator of our emperor Alexander Nikolayevich and all the soldiers who fell on the battlefield for the Faith and the liberation of our Fatherland, may God remember in His Kingdom." This can be heard to this day in every temple of the BOC, during the Great Entry of the Liturgy of the Faithful.

And everything would be fine if the West did not start up! He convened the Berlin Congress 1878 of the year, at which the terms of the San Stefano Peace Treaty fell upon the destructive criticism of all the Western European powers. Austria-Hungary declared violations of the previous Austro-Russian agreements. London openly opposed the strengthening of Russia's positions in the Balkans, against the national liberation of the Slavic peoples of the Balkan Peninsula, and especially against the formation there of a large Slavic state loyal to Russia - Bulgaria. Petersburg was isolated, and it was unable to launch a new war against the coalition. Thus, Russia was forced to accept the Berlin treatise 1878 of the year, which caused irreparable damage to it and all the Slavic peoples of the Balkans.

The Berlin treatise and secret agreements to it defined “areas of interest” in the Balkans. Turkey and Greece were allies of England. Serbia to Russia. Romania - France. And Bulgaria in the "allies" went to Austria-Hungary, and later - Germany. Now the Russians often blame the Bulgarians that “we liberated you, and you were on the German side in both world wars”. So where else would we be? Allies of Russia? Would be very happy! With all my heart, faithfully and truly! Only before becoming an ally of Russia, it was necessary to solve one small problem - to reconsider the conditions of the Berlin Treaty and to achieve the establishment of a different balance of forces in the Balkans. What way could Bulgaria achieve this on its own? After Russia itself threw out the white flag in Berlin and gave the West most of what it had achieved with the blood and courage of its soldiers.

At the end of World War II, Stalin secured a review of the Berlin Treaty and somehow restored historical justice in the Balkans. The rulers of the USSR well understood the development of Bulgarian-Russian relations and did not begin to scatter with the fraternal Slavic Orthodox Bulgarian people. Bulgaria is the only country from the Axis countries that emerged from the war with territorial acquisitions: Bulgaria regained the previously lost Northern Dobrudja. Although White Sea Thrace and access to the Aegean Sea, granted by Hitler, was again lost.

After WWII, the United States unceremoniously threw their fierce friends out of Turkey - the Anglo-Saxons. Officially, the United States announced that it was taking a heavy responsibility to “stand in the way of the expansion of the Communists to the Middle East.” Actually The United States gained strategic control over the Straits, which have been holding almost 70 already. Many of the honorable sirs, peers and lords in foggy Albion burst into a fierce denunciation, having learned about this bitter loss. But there was nothing to do. The Americans solemnly swore that the mountain will stand on the Middle East frontier of the USSR for the democratic values ​​of Europe. This ambition was enough, until the USSR placed missiles in Cuba. Yankesy in the hour removed their from Turkey.

In the period from September 9 1944 to November 10 1989 Bulgaria developed along the socialist path. This period was the best in the history of the country's development after the Liberation. Bulgaria became one of the space and Antarctic states. The first nuclear power plant in the Balkans was built in the country, which the European Union has now declared dangerous, and 4 from 6 power units were shut down at the station. In Bulgaria, the largest petrochemical and metallurgical plants on the Balkan Peninsula - Neftohim Burgas and Kremikovtsi - started operating. Among other things, the country produced tape recorders, televisions, computers and CDs. The standard of living of the population was very high.

Bulgaria was the most loyal ally of the USSR in Eastern Europe. No wonder it was called the "sixteenth republic", and jokes of that time say that "the Bulgarian elephant is the best friend of the Soviet elephant."

And in the 90 of the last century, everything again went awry. 9 November The Berlin Wall fell 1989, and the very next day - the November 10 Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party voted for the resignation of its General Secretary and Chairman of the State Council of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria Todor Zhivkov, during 1989 years he headed socialist Bulgaria. For a decade and a half, Russia disappeared from the world political arena, and in the Balkans, the geopolitical balance provided for by the Berlin treatise 37 of the year was restored. Romania again "for" France, and Bulgaria - for Germany! Turkey and Greece - unchanged from WWII. Knowing the conditions of this treatise, one can well understand why Germany is so loudly indignant when it has to save Greece from the economic crisis. How to "direct the policy of an ally country in the right direction" - so the UK, in their own interests. And how to save the economy of the same allied country is already Germany’s responsibility. Cunning Anglo-Saxons, how can Germany not be indignant?

Serbia had a particularly hard time. The authority and status of Serbia in the Balkans is a mirror of the authority and status of Russia in the world. And the state of affairs is such that, unfortunately, the Orthodox Slavs just have a lot to be desired. And when and under what circumstances the position of Serbia should be corrected, it is better not to think at all - one frustration.

Germany, having fifty years of experience in diplomatic and economic cooperation with Bulgaria, after the collapse of socialism, approached the latter extremely tactfully and diplomatically. Germany invested a lot in the Bulgarian economy. Well took care of cooperation in the field of education and culture. But she did not render any pressure to Bulgaria for carrying out this or that foreign policy line. Germany is well known, and from personal experience, that it is not worthwhile to expect Bulgaria’s special zeal in the confrontation with Russia. Moreover, constantly insist on some small silly clashes. Bulgaria is not Baltic, it will not work here. Even worse - the incessant pressure on the prevailing historical and cultural stereotypes will have the opposite effect.

Such a subtle understanding is incomprehensible to the West. Looking at the passivity of Germany, the United States rushed into the foreign policy and even into the internal affairs of Bulgaria like an elephant in a china shop. And, it should be noted, not on their own, but in partnership, and it may well be - even in direct English setting. Americans - in the political part, the British - in the cultural. The Anglo-Saxons outwitted everyone again. Even if it turned out to be something worthwhile, they would get an equal share, leaving the United States to play the role of a “bad cop,” while remaining clean. And in the case of failure, as actually happened, they have nothing to do with it. Well, launched a large-scale cultural work. Well, they tried to form and civilize the wild Balkan tribes. Yes, it did not. Is it bad to open English schools and develop cooperation between the British and Bulgarian peoples? No, in principle, not bad. There is no need for the Bulgarian peasant to keep the Anglo-Saxons offense. A far-sighted person well understands what this “cooperation” would end if the entire campaign is successful, but there is no formal reason for discontent. In general, the deployment and failure of the UK's cultural expansion in Bulgaria is a very interesting topic. It is undoubtedly worth a separate article, but there are many problems and time is short.

But the Americans how much frustration accumulated. The destruction of the Bulgarian army - at their behest, under their direct leadership. The obstruction of the new Belene NPP is on their black conscience. Poisoning of the Bulgarian land with radioactive chemicals in search of shale gas is a direct black case. The elimination of the Bulgarian factory for advanced electronics and compact discs “DZU” - Stara-Zagora was also carried out on the direct demand of the Americans.

I will not reject my article with stories about the frantic attacks of the United States against Orthodox morality and universal human foundations. I'm about it already wrote и more than once.

The United States is good to write in its currency: "We believe in God!".

Did they not read that "who sows the wind will reap the storm"?

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  1. small
    small 16 July 2012 07: 59
    Even Vanga said, only with Russia will Bulgaria have a future.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 July 2012 08: 07
      Scha Voinik will come and tell you that the future of Bulgaria in the European Union. laughing
      1. warrior
        warrior 17 July 2012 02: 10
        Bulgaria is spelled with the main letter, like Russia. The EU, by the way, too.
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 16 July 2012 11: 02
      Baba Vanga said a lot of things that came true, something didn’t, but the point is that Bulgaria twice in its history has already appeared on the other side of the barricades from Russia and both times, to put it mildly, not successfully. True, the second time escaped with a slight startle.
      The old Soviet proverb stated that chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not abroad :)
      This was probably characteristic of how much Bulgaria was attached to the USSR, now twenty years later you can calmly analyze what Bulgaria got rushing into the arms of the Anglo-Saxons and what it lost.
      In my opinion, Bulgaria has degraded in terms of the army, production, and in many other industries. The current owners from Washington do not need strong Orthodox states; they need cannon fodder and a market for illiquid assets. Other CMEA countries suffered the same fate from crawling on their knees in front of the Anglo-Saxons, yet no one had ever received anything good. A nation of thieves and pirates, by definition, cannot bring anything good.
    3. nnz226
      nnz226 16 July 2012 14: 11
      She will not have a future: the brothers with a joyful screech sold out to NATO and the European Union. They are now a colony and a bridgehead. AND EVERYTHING !!!
      1. borisst64
        borisst64 16 July 2012 14: 46
        Not the bros were sold, but the government. And please do not write - you had to choose wisely. Unfortunately, PR technologies are used all over the world; there are no fair elections.
        1. Ruslan67
          Ruslan67 16 July 2012 15: 00
          and the Bulgarian spring, following the example of the Arabian, to arrange, under the slogan, will we return the Orthodox guts of the gut?
  2. Tersky
    Tersky 16 July 2012 08: 07
    The United States is good to write in its currency: "We believe in God!".
    But God does not believe in them.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 July 2012 08: 17
      Hi Victor, but the buckles of the German soldiers also said: God is with us. Well, that somehow didn’t help.
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 16 July 2012 08: 26
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        but the buckles of German soldiers also said: God is with us.

        Hi Sasha! They forgot to specify which ...
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 16 July 2012 08: 52
          The dollar seems to have a Lucifer sign, if I'm not mistaken. America just clarified.
        2. nnz226
          nnz226 16 July 2012 14: 13
          And what God, what - Got ... Some already rowed in full, even with harmonica and rode in tanks, while others twitch, the question is: how long will they last?
    2. segamegament
      segamegament 16 July 2012 09: 15
      The United States does not have its own currency. The US dollar belongs to the FRS, which has nothing to do with the US. Kennedy wanted to introduce gold-backed US dollar bills (2 dollar denomination) into parallel circulation, and apparently died for this. The Fed does not tolerate competitors. It considers it an individual right to print unsecured currency. So the Fed is slowly bringing the euro to its knees with the Geyrosoyuz)))
    3. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 16 July 2012 11: 47
      It's just that their God is called "dollar"! And the inscription there is just a little abbreviated, it should be written "in THIS God we believe"!
    4. Vazya
      Vazya 16 July 2012 11: 52
      Americans do not believe in God - they go to church.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 16 July 2012 13: 01
        Quote: Vasya
        they go to church.

        They go to a psychoanalyst!
    5. Ross
      Ross 16 July 2012 15: 24
      Just their god Satan. And they do not hide it.
  3. Ottofonfenhel
    Ottofonfenhel 16 July 2012 09: 38
    I agree that the Americans completely declared that they were ready to exchange every dollar for gold according to the equivalent, then the cunning de Gaulle drove an entire tanker of American currency and demanded to exchange it for gold, the gold reserves of the American treasury then practically zeroed, the Americans immediately declared that the dollars they will not exchange for gold. And American economists have replaced the gold equivalent with debt obligations which now have accumulated by $ 16 trillion.
  4. Goga
    Goga 16 July 2012 11: 05
    The mood of the article is correct "+", but only the country of Bulgaria lives in a different way - quote - "the soul of Bulgaria was, is and will forever remain Orthodox." - it may be so, only something this Orthodox soul in the two world wars of the 20th century did not prevent the Bulgarians from being allies of Germany against Russia, this "soul" did not prevent the Orthodox Serbs from slaughtering, it does not prevent Russia from shitting wherever possible (I'm talking about South Stream).
    And now - the quote - "" The Bulgarian elephant is the best friend of the Soviet elephant "- you can prephrase - the Bulgarian elephant is the best servant of the American donkey ....
    Many Bulgarians are really nice to Russia and the author is probably one of them, but they don’t decide who and where Bulgaria will go.
    1. ivanovbg
      16 July 2012 12: 39
      After RTV 1877 / 78, Russia wanted to have not one but two allies in the Balkans - Serbia and Bulgaria. Moreover, Russia made the main bet on Bulgaria. But the West got up and said no, Bulgaria would be an ally (sphere of interests, that is) of Austria-Hungary. I specially published the map, consider it more closely, please. Do you think we were very happily squeezed three times from the border of San Stefan Bulgaria to the small Principality of Bulgaria ???

      How could Bulgaria reconsider the terms of the Berlin Treaty and achieve a different balance of power in the Balkans, if Russia itself retreated to the West and accepted that Bulgaria would not be its ally ???

      Stalin alone achieved the unification of Slavic states in one political and economic bloc. But as soon as the USSR collapsed, everything again returned to the position of the Berlin treatise 1878, and even worse - instead of England, the USA stands on the Straits. Turkey is building the Second Ottoman Empire and is only waiting for an opportunity to again seize the Orthodox states in the Balkans.
      1. Goga
        Goga 16 July 2012 13: 03
        ivanovbg - Colleague, indeed the result of RTV 1877 \ 78 for the Balkan Slavs was minimal - England played the main role in this, Russia had just recovered from the "Crimean" war and was not ready to get involved in a war with the British. Now, instead of the British, America - it is with their submission that two Muslim "states" have arisen in the center of Europe - Kosovo and Bosnia, and under certain conditions, no matter how the leadership of present-day Bulgaria fawns upon the United States, the Americans will always support Turkey and easily agree with the partition of Bulgaria, as agreed to the partition of Cyprus.
        1. ivanovbg
          16 July 2012 14: 01
          Quote: Gogh
          no matter how the leadership of present-day Bulgaria fawns on the United States, the Americans will always support Turkey and agree lightly with the division of Bulgaria, as they agreed with the division of Cyprus

          All understanding people in Bulgaria are afraid of this. The USA is a strategic partner of Turkey since the end of WWII. The United States stands behind Turkey and they always support it. And now she’s afraid to build the Second Ottoman Empire as she wants. And since the USA is the main participant, the Orthodox Slavs in the Balkans are not on the road with NATO.
          1. Goga
            Goga 16 July 2012 14: 12
            ivanovbg - Ivan, I completely agree with you drinks - quote - "Orthodox Slavs in the Balkans are not on their way with NATO." - it would be good if the leadership of your country understood this
    2. sergo0000
      sergo0000 16 July 2012 13: 00
      I welcome Igor! I also really liked the mood of the article. + The author tried to explain why Germany had 2 world themes in its allies and raised a topic about Serbia! Everything is relatively true, I think. To protect friends you have to be strong yourself. And Russia can’t for at least one century we can do without a major fight in world space that weaken and bloodless it to the skeleton! In the meantime, we build muscle, neighbors and friends tremble not childishly! To understand the root cause of the troubles of the Slavic peoples, it took us 20 years !!! And we begin with enlightenment slowly now to get rid of this infection. I am still an optimist in my soul and believe in the former friendship of our peoples. There will be a holiday on our Slavic street too! An Anglo-Saxon collector will pass along it! smile wink And this article strengthens my faith! The author is my respect !!!
      1. Goga
        Goga 16 July 2012 13: 57
        sergo0000 - Hello Sergey! Wars of course lead to irreparable losses, but in the 20th century our country lost much more from internal shocks (if, of course, we can call them internal). Not a single war, even a lost one, could lead to such results as did "perestroika" and the "reforming" that followed - not just friends or allies - you could lose yourself ... God willing, we will recover and when the time comes - we will be ready to meet the "collectors" as expected! angry
        (I also put a "+" in the article)
        1. Varog
          Varog 16 July 2012 20: 20
          You are very right, I hope, and you and others understand this. Eastern Europe and Russia were subjected to the most severe trials at the end of the 20th century, from which they were not expected to survive.
          Nevertheless, we all survived, albeit at the cost of tragic losses, but became stronger and cleaner. The goal of the Anglo-Saxons was to seduce people with freebies and "beautiful life".
          But this people did not grow at McDonald's and Mikkimaus, but in Russian epics and in their garden.
  5. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 16 July 2012 14: 04
    Well, why are you guys so attacking the poor and unfortunate "brothers"? The US and NATO military bases in Bulgaria do not threaten Russia at all, but are intended exclusively for playing golf, paintball, for growing radishes, bell peppers and beans. And if the Yankees write in bucks "We believe in God", the Bulgarians can freely assert: "And we love Russia!" In terms of their veracity, both statements are roughly equivalent. But seriously, why be surprised: - the usual dog-lackey behavior - "Whose I eat, I listen to that!" Now in their "brothers" they have Yankees, before that we, before us Adolf Aloizovich, tomorrow Ethiopia will offer more, automatically the Ethiopians will become "brothers". Nothing personal, pure business! So that you should not hang your ears and believe and rely on the mythical "Slavic unity and brotherhood", one has only to look at the Ukrainian or Polish "Slavic brothers", inevitably comes to mind: "God forbid me from such brothers, but from enemies I I'll get rid of it myself! "
    1. pav-pon1972
      pav-pon1972 18 July 2012 01: 58
      I think you are right in many ways ... At least for the current period ...
  6. darkman70
    darkman70 16 July 2012 14: 35
    Interestingly, the ultra-liberal government is now in power in Bulgaria. And the country's population declined from 1990 year to 1mln. 600thousand man.
    1. Varog
      Varog 16 July 2012 19: 42
      What does ultra-liberal mean?
      In Bulgaria after restructuring the "second wave" of the nomenklatura came to power, those who had no chance of being the first before. Young and greedy. Then the "third wave" came to power - those who were not even allowed to the trough before, therefore they were greedier, and dyed blue, they say, anti-communists (although they were either communists or candidates). Then came those who were generally rabble, joined the hypothetical king of Bulgaria (who fled, being a young child and became a secular lion in Europe).
      Well, now, another wave rolled over, already the very rabble and dregs, a person with a criminal past, a kind of pitching and manners of a gopnik. Who in Europe said that the poor quality of the human "material" (sic!) In the country prevents him from being a successful politician. So much for the liberal art.
      1. darkman70
        darkman70 16 July 2012 19: 51
        I meant the party "Emblem". At least on Wikipedia, they were described as ultra-liberals.
        1. Varog
          Varog 16 July 2012 19: 55
          Thank! Read Wikipedia reluctance. I tell you as it is.

          By the way, I don’t understand what “ultraliberals” mean. I see that the mob and gopniks. If you've heard, "Son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch."
        2. Varog
          Varog 16 July 2012 20: 37
          Sorry, and the last. The aforementioned ultra-liberating ruler has a romantic girlfriend. A beautiful chick, although of respectable years, but the truth is nothing, even if you never mind that she is a banker, or billionaire, or one of the richest women in Bulgaria. Jewess. Well, these are squabbles. And her father is a simple man, a former supply manager of the Bulgarian embassies in different countries. Civilian.
  7. naidenovsm
    naidenovsm 16 July 2012 17: 24
    The problem is that Bulgaria is governed by the most pro-American government in Europe, and the people stand firm with the Russians. Of course, there is Rosophobia, but this is inevitable. You know that on the day after Hillary Clinton’s visit to Bulgaria, a few months ago, Bulgaria refused every Russian icomonic project ... request Pro-Americanism is an incurable disease laughing

    Sorry for the bad Russian recourse
    1. Varog
      Varog 16 July 2012 19: 24
      The problem is that Bulgaria is governed by the most pro-American government in Europe, and the people stand firm with the Russians. Of course, there is Rosophobia, but this is inevitable.

      In Russia itself there are enough Russophobes. This can be seen in any comments on forums and blogs. The hypothesis with the pro-American government is there too.
      One comment here is very correct: Bulgaria is not the Baltic. In Bulgaria, there will never be an initial hatred of Russians, for this is tantamount to self-hatred.
      I am sure that if the NDB, the Bulgarian NATO soldiers will have to confront the Russian guys, they simply will not raise their weapons. As during the Second World War, although the USSR declared war on Bulgaria, and the SA came to it, still not a single bullet was fired against its brothers, no matter what after that.
      And so, the government may be pro-American; Putin himself is tipped into the staging of the State Department.
  8. rexby63
    rexby63 16 July 2012 20: 56
    How's Konstantin Sergeevich ... "I don't believe"?
  9. SoVIet ZiMBo_O
    SoVIet ZiMBo_O 16 July 2012 22: 53
    Mraaaaaaaaaaaazish wassat
  10. warrior
    warrior 17 July 2012 02: 12
    Yes, the Bulgarianophobes and their pseudo-Bulgarian accomplices apparently intensified again.
    Comrades, not knowing Bulgaria, google.
    1. Bulgaria is not located in the central but in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The geographic center of Bolkan and the crossroads are located east of the Priscina in Kosovo. Who controls Kosovo controls the Balkan. There was such a battle of the Ottomans with the Serbs in the Kosovo field, they also fought for the dominance of the peninsula. Kosovo today is a territory of strategic importance and is controlled by NATO forces, including the Bulgarian units.
    2. “Bulgaria under the terms of the Berlin Treaty”. Apparently Ivan Ivanich is changing his profession. ... to the Bulgarians. Ivanich, this is not a treatise and not a restaurant but DICTAT. Berlin dictatorship. So in Bulgaria they call the decisions of the Berlin Congress. Ex, my beloved Bulgarian. Students in Bulgaria know this, but you don’t have access to it.
    3. Why I do not see the map of the restoration of the Bulgarian state, adopted by the Great Forces at the Tsarigrad Conference of 1877. at the suggestion of the UK. Here it immediately becomes clear who the real friend of the Bulgarians is and takes care of Bulgarian interests.
    4. Having been baptized, my patron saint. Boris the Baptist created an independent church, independent of Rome and Byzantium, led by the patriarch. The soul of Bulgaria was, is and will always remain Bulgarian.
    5. In San Stefano, peace is not signed but a truce. In modern language - ceasefire. Peace decisions were made in Berlin.
    6. Bulgaria gained independence from the Ottoman empires on September 22, 1908. against the will of Russia.
    7. Brothers the Bulgarians called the Serbs. After the Serbian intervention of 1885 ceased to be called like that. Then the word spread to the Russians.
    8. No need to attribute the Berlin Congress to the west. Russia itself has signed a secret agreement with Britain, changing the San Stefan ceasefire. Opponent of creating Bulgaria within national borders was Count Shuvalov himself, the ambassador of Russia in London. The ego phrase “What does Dondukov want to create Orthodox Turkey? (I meant the only Bulgaria)” we still remember and quote. And indeed the war of 1878. there was a failure of Russian diplomacy and armies. After it, Russia began to lose almost all wars and reached the revolution.
    9. The author famously circumvented the two Balkan and two world wars, the union treaty and the military conventions of Bulgaria and Russia in 1910, the baptism of ЕВ Boris ІІІ to Orthodoxy by the Emperor of All Russia and issued a joke of humor - they say Bulgaria didn’t choose anything, its allies even distributed in Berlin, like cards. This is ridiculous. After the betrayal of Russia in the Second Balkan War, Bulgaria consciously chose the Austro-Hungarians and Germans. And with him she signed the Brest Treaty as a winner. Bypassed the author and return to the bosom of the Fatherland of South Dobrudja in 1940. This became the signatures of Stalin and Hitler. They seem to have signed other cards and documents together.
    10. Bulgarian access to the White Sea - the result of the Balkan Wars. Lost in WWI. It has nothing to do with Hitler. One word, pseudo-Bulgarians.
    11. About the great socialist period. The author forgot to say that during this time Bulgaria declared 3 (three) defaults in the conditions of economic rise by the planet. In conditions of the global financial and debt crisis, Bulgaria now has the lowest debt in the EU and is raising credit ratings. Everything seems to be about social.
    12. But no. Tirade of the lost AEC and the evil EU. What is the truth. AEC Kozloduy - 6 power blocks. 1 and 2 have finished the resource and are disabled. Z and 4 - disabled prematurely. EU paid damages and withdrawal procedures. 5 and 6 work. For 2011 Bulgaria's electricity capacity grew by 5%, electricity export from 20%. In other words, without two Kozluduya blocks and without Belene AEC, production and export are growing. No need to cry, serbolyub. Mostly our electricity is bought by the same Serbs.
    To summarize. The Bulgarianophobic desa of the pseudo-Bulgar does not pass. The author in google read. It’s not easy for a Bulgarian to build himself.
    1. ivanovbg
      17 July 2012 10: 30
      6. Bulgaria gained independence from the Ottoman empires on September 22 1908. против by the will of Russia

      The West hated Bulgaria so much that for 30 years it did not recognize it as an independent state. 22 September 1908 recognized us West, but Bulgaria has become an independent, independent state in 1878! You better tell me how the Judeans, Masons and Satans tried to slip Bulgaria on 22 of September instead of 3 of March and what came of it! Tell me dear don't be shy laughing

      The author famously circumvented two Balkan and two world wars, the Union Treaty and the military conventions of Bulgaria and Russia 1910.

      Voinik on satanate, if all this is put together in one article, one will be at least 20 pages, who will read such a "sheet"?

      10. The Bulgarian access to the White Sea is the result of the Balkan Wars. Lost in WWI. It has nothing to do with Hitler.

      Bulgarian access to the White Sea - the result of the San Stefano Peace Treaty, see the map above, especially for you like published!

      Lost under the terms of the Berlin Treaty (so it is accepted in Russian!) "Thanks to" the insistence of Benjamin Disraeli for whom the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov wrote:

      Oh English, did you protect

      soulless train those governing?

      - Drive to Bulgaria, Disraeli, August 1876

      Restored in BV and again lost in WWI. Restored by Hitler in WWII and again lost at its end. Thank you bros, even though Northern Dobrudja was left to us.

      11. About the great socialist period

      Great, small, and people lived in peace, derelict gypsies and rakatiers like Kirill Rashkov were where they belonged - for "re-education by work" in the camp in Belene, and did not cut the people and did not crush them with cars, medical care was free and affordable , there was work for everyone and the salaries were normal, and much more, I won’t list, because anger takes !!!!

      Tirade of the lost AEC and the evil EU

      Do we need the Judeo-Masson-Satanic "values" of this EU? Is the age limit of sexual consent at 14 years old is good ??? This is evil and it comes to us from the EU and the USA! The EU is just pederasty and tolerance for all sorts of nasty things, and there is nothing worthwhile and constructive in it! Plus, the destruction of the entire Bulgarian economy, starting with nuclear power plants and ending with small workshops in villages that stopped working as soon as we began on the path of crappy democratization.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 17 July 2012 13: 25
        Greetings to Ivan! We also have a dime a dozen of us like the Warrior of lovers of Western liberalistic fagotism!
        Everything will be fine! drinks At these western slabs, the ground is already beginning to burn underfoot! Where can they only run then? London will not be able to accommodate all planetary trash! laughing
        1. ivanovbg
          17 July 2012 22: 05
          Hello Seryozha drinks

          London will not be able to accommodate one planetary trash!

          But we still have to try to cram all of them in one place, for the good of all mankind. And not feed, but leave them to eat each other in turn. Let then these freaks find out among themselves who is more tolerant and who is the most tolerant.
      2. warrior
        warrior 17 July 2012 15: 57
        Pseudo-Bulgar, behave yourself. Lied, blame yourself.
        You don’t know Bulgarian history, I won’t teach you for free. I will only illustrate you with the following joke.
        Different countries have different signs saying that you can’t talk with the tram driver.
        "Please, monsieur, will not disturb the driver"
        United kingdom
        "Sir, the driver is not a member of your club, it is unworthy to talk to him."
        HP Bulgaria
        "They don't talk to drivers in the USSR"
        That's your whole soul - "Orthodox" -Sovetist.
        1. ivanovbg
          17 July 2012 22: 37
          Voinik on satanateSo I don’t know the history of my country? It’s not my fault that you didn’t like my view on the history of Bulgaria. Someone likes Orthodox values ​​and a healthy order in society, albeit with some Stalinist excess. You and your kind like Satanic marches in the Bulgarian capital, led by England and the United States. To each his own.

          I warmly recommend that you watch the documentary STALIN AND THE THIRD ROME. I really liked him.
    2. rexby63
      rexby63 17 July 2012 20: 12
      Why "Bulgarophobes" at once? People really look at the history of relations between Bulgarians and Russians. Personally, I have always had a great prejudice towards "brothers-Slavs". Only a request - when the Russian soldier once again puts your next master with cancer, try to behave more decently.
  11. Northerner
    Northerner 18 July 2012 11: 34
    Good afternoon Dear forum users! After reading the comments, I decided to share my thoughts on the former friendly once-states! On the example of individual individuals, it is possible to model for entire groups of people! People always tend to blame their loved ones and more similar in spirit in their problems, because for some reason they expect more from them than they themselves can give and that is so! In confirmation, I can only say that the USSR, unlike the Anglo-Saxons, was it poorly poor but allowed nations and nationalities to develop in its cultural ethos and, like all empires, peacefully coexisted with its satellites, while selflessly giving the best that it could and allowing cultural and technical development, it helped and DO NOT DISTURB to create the foundation of a strong and independent state! Anglo-Saxons acted the other way around as wise Danes! Having rolled up smoothly on the dashing horse of democracy, they promise in three boxes that, they say, you put away this factory, close that social project, forget about it, and we will rebuild our advisers for you! In the end, the people begin to tolerate, consume what is produced far beyond the borders of their homeland, taking a seat on the commodity needle of the West, and in the minds of citizens of a once independent state, a narcotic pattern of a tolerant worldview is introduced through the media and people get an interest in aspiration, but only an exorbitant feeling is acquired your insecurity! And then, when culture degrades, self-awareness and the army becomes ceremonial immediately, a split in society appears in the country and the opposition begins, crushes the country's true patriots by proclaiming loud slogans, there are friends of a country from which one name remains and people sincerely do not understand what happened to them, become packs for slaughter at the direction of necromancers from the State Department! And the result of 15-20 years of shit-crashing and a once-promising, independent state mutates into a weak-willed dwarf vassal, who meekly hangs on the strings of an Anglo-Saxon puppeteer and can only be angry with those who once completely unselfishly allowed to fully enjoy freedom and true independence, made it possible to build and produce, fly into space and independently develop your economy!
    1. rexby63
      rexby63 18 July 2012 16: 16
      A plus. Do not add, do not add
  12. Seraph
    Seraph April 1 2013 19: 36
    I agree with the Severyanin. It is a pity for Bulgaria - it has turned into the backyard of "Europe". I love this country, I've traveled a lot around it. The general depression of the people and apathy are striking. All without excitement, without expression, sluggish. No wonder they are in first place in Europe in terms of population decline. And all this pack of temporary workers and degenerates in power .... It is a pity for the country and the people. Without Russia they end