Heroic operation "Valkyrie"

“Altogether at least 40 assassinations were committed on Adolf Hitler”

An interesting topic here is the very “assassination of Hitler”. You read, and your hands are shaking, it would seem, a little more ... A little more - and the main villain of all time would be destroyed. The impression is that there was nothing more for people in Europe to do but to encroach on the life of Adolf Hitler. Cabinetmakers and students, English officers and just loafers ... Everyone encroached on Adolf Hitler.

That's how they knew ... how they knew how it would all end, and therefore they attempted! Just some kind of series! And even the mentally ill homosexuals fired from the Luftwaffe attempted. How without them! They tried to blow up the Fuhrer, they wanted to shoot the Fuhrer, they wanted to poison the Fuhrer! Literally every second wanted the Fuhrer of evil ... such an impression.

But ... the Fuhrer was not injured! Never! Up to that fateful meeting of the 20 of July of the 1944 of the year ... But how they attempted, how they tried ... they just couldn’t eat or breathe, so they attempted on the precious life of the Fuhrer of the German people. But it didn’t burn out for anyone. Up until that meeting.

Around the brilliant Fuhrer of all Aryans, the conspirators walked simply in shoals. And everyone carried to him either a charged Walther, or an English mine, or some other dirty trick. But every time everything went wrong. Watching it on TV is even better than reading it on the Internet. By REN TV, for example. German folk fun: encroach on the Fuhrer. Already breathtaking, and involuntarily you begin to sympathize with this "Bohemian corporal", as arrogant Prussian generals sometimes called him contemptuously.

It becomes a little incomprehensible: what did the legendary Gestapo and other SD do in general. Raven counted? By the way, yes, about the Prussian generals.

Officers and gentlemen ...

Deutsche Welle:
“In 1944 on that day, an explosion occurred at Hitler’s headquarters in East Prussia. This was not the first, but the most serious attempt on the Fuhrer, the result of a conspiracy against him and his accomplices. But Hitler survived. Hundreds of participants in the conspiracy (primarily military personnel from noble German families) were executed. The memory of these people who saved, like the other heroes of the Resistance, the honor of the Germans, is highly respected in today's Germany. ”

And it is the German generals that are usually designated as a sharply opposition structure in relation to the Nazis. The holy people are these German officers. And it seems like they even saved the honor of Germany ... beautifully, of course.

"The combat officers despised the" butchers "from the SS, considered it shameful to wage war against the civilian population and shoot prisoners, whoever they were."

Noble, very ...

“Nevertheless, Stauffenberg, like many of his like-minded officers, believed that first you need to win the war, and only then, as he then told his brother Bertold,“ remove the brown scum. ”

And it is reasonable at first, under the leadership of the “ingenious Fuhrer,” to exterminate subhuman people, and only then to destroy the Fuhrer himself. That is, “two in one”: both nobility and reason. Two qualities that glorified the Prussian aristocracy. In general, reading about the misadventures of the conspirators in general uniforms, you are simply amazed. But they didn’t like the Fuhrer at once, immediately after coming to power they didn’t like it. After the first meeting with them as the official head of Germany, Hitler aroused persistent antipathy among the German generals. And conspiracies began ...

Conspiracy Generals

You know, any adequate person who has read a book about these same “conspiracies and conspirators in high-top caps” has a kind of cognitive dissonance. It seems that the reason for the defeat of Germany in World War II is the excessive "non-core" workload of German generals in drawing up plans for conspiracies "to kill Adolf." They consisted of them continuously, in mass ... They did not believe Hitler, they hated the Nazis, and therefore - conspiracies!

At least, various "idle historians" there are constantly writing about this. And immediately there is such a strong internal sense of contradiction: Hitler Germany seemed to be famous for its "totalitarianism" and its special services, so what's the matter? Why did all this "subversive activity" go unnoticed in fact? How was this even possible?

If all the plans for “killing the emperor” were drawn up by dark and illiterate peasants from the deaf Black Forest villages, then this would still be clear - you can’t keep track of everyone. But these damn conspiracies were constantly drawn up directly in the midst of the highest (and not only) German generals. That somehow it looks strange. Unbelievable.

You see, the whole trick is that generally there are usually not many generals, but their influence is just the opposite, in the sense - in abundance. And to us, you understand, all ears buzzed about the omnipotence of the German intelligence services. "Everything is under the hood." Literally everything. The author does not wear the proud brand "special services veteran", but when studying the heroic stories of the anti-Hitler conspirators from the Wehrmacht ... well, there is some kind of persistent feeling of either "linden", or "misinformation", or mystification. And quite tastelessly worked.

Simply, when such work has been carried out continuously for many years, the result should be either a putsch (sooner or later), or the disclosure of a conspiracy. It just doesn’t happen in another way. Especially when dozens of people are involved. And they are constantly discussing something. And the duration of such a process is measured rather than months, but months. If you are close to the heights of power and you are being watched. And if you are a general in Nazi Germany, then you are being watched. In theory. Or not?

But how is it possible, being at the top military posts of 10 years, to engage in conspiracies and not get caught at the same time? For me, it is "beyond good and evil." How is this even possible? The country is not only authoritarian and totalitarian to the limit, but it is also waging war ... But somehow God was merciful.

This raises another simple question about the level of intelligence of German generals. Didn’t they understand that even in the most democratic country “subversive conversations” were a reason for resignation. And in the empire of Adolf Hitler ... where for an extra phrase it was possible “to rattle a bowler in zones ...” Moreover, this extra phrase (according to eyewitnesses) could be quite harmless, and an ordinary burgher who was very far from any politician could have spoken out. And then they took him "under the little white hands."

But the generals talked, talked (reminiscent of an operetta), but couldn’t really agree on anything. Which is strange enough. After all, people are military, disciplined. Energetic and peppy. And they behaved like civilian hollow. In the descriptions of their activities, it is precisely its duration and breadth of contacts that amaze ... Imagine that the red commanders, instead of strengthening the defense, have been discussing plans for the overthrow of Stalin for years over a glass of vodka. And comrade Beria at this time trying on a new form and engaged in hardware intrigues. Fierce nonsense. You can’t say otherwise.

But this is precisely what happened under the gloomy vaults of Hitler’s empire. World domination, say? Oh well.

Strange is all

And in stories The Third Reich is generally a lot of strange, incomprehensible. There is generally much more cloudy than transparent. If we put aside propaganda, then the "picture in the frame" frankly blurred. Both questions of financing the NSDAP and questions of financing of the Reich already leave more questions than answers, and it is very difficult to fully solve them. Everything is muddy somehow. Shaky and foggy.

That is, the sacramental question “how could this even happen?” Is getting harder and harder to answer every year. It is already impossible to respond. Everything is too tight, too unnatural. And the advent of Adolf Hitler to power, allegedly funded by German industrialists (in the course of the play it turns out that it’s not entirely German). In general, the question of who financed the NSDAP in the 20 and the beginning of the 30's is openly hanging in the air.

And how did the Western powers allow Hitler to win the election? And why? Why didn’t they touch Hitler in the middle of the 30’s and didn’t stop him from arming himself and taking over neighboring countries ... There are a lot of questions. And this is the very operation to eliminate Hitler in July 44. Interesting to see when it all happens. And on 6 on June 1944, the Allies landed in Normandy. Successfully. And just after this finally hit Hitler, and also quite successfully. Nearly.

Everything that was “before this” did not create a threat to the health and life of the Führer. This is an impression. But on the 20 of July of the 44, he was finally "rushed". But the Fuhrer survived. Or did his double survive? Or the double died, but ... Not the point. In reality, the first "normal" attempt with good chances happened just on 20 of July. A month and a half after landing in Normandy. See? And the dates all fit.

Very logical kill

In general, the successful landing of the Anglo-Saxons in Normandy dramatically changed everything for the Third Reich. The war in Africa is a colonial war (essentially). The landing in Italy is far from the Second Front (the geography there is inconvenient). But the landing in Normandy ... the landing of the fresh forces of the two great powers changed everything, and very dramatically. The game escalated. Hitler (unlike the Kaiser!) Simply had no strength on the second front. And his discovery meant disaster.

In principle, even the Bagration operation (which began just on the 20 of June) changed little in the east. The Red Army advanced, the Wehrmacht rolled back. Some principal there were no changes. The German generals knew the correlation of forces; they were not worth waiting for something good. And most importantly - no there is no evidence of “contacts” of German generals in the east. It’s just not, and that’s it.

But there were contacts “in the west”. Since 30's. And no one denies this. Contacts are wide and numerous. German generals "there" were constantly negotiating. And where did the special services look? Where to? But nothing of the kind has been recorded in the east. And somehow little is known that initially they were planning to remove Hitler (already really!), And together with Himmler and Goering, already on the 11 of July of the 44. Further "Rommel’s wound and the unsuccessful" rehearsal "of the July 15 mutiny, when it was difficult to justify itself due to the appearance of troops with tanks in Berlin, seemed to paralyze the conspirators." No, you imagine this today, in any country that is not even at war.

There, in Hitler's Reich, some trash was happening. The Wehrmacht so easily introduces tanks to Berlin. And no one has serious questions: what is it? That is just after the successful start of Overlord’s coup in Germany was given a “go-ahead”. Right away after. Oddly enough, no one is trying to link these two operations: Overlord and Valkyrie into one logical chain. But everything develops by itself.

And it’s quite logical. And it was not in vain that Rommel was forced to "commit suicide" (in January 1944 Rommel was appointed commander of Army Group B in Northern France). How it all fits ... That is, just the landing in Normandy served as the decisive argument for the German officers. Before that, they thought, hesitated and doubted. And then they decided.

Heroic operation "Valkyrie"

“After 70 years, it should be noted: public opinion over-idealized the conspirators,” said Heinz Lamowski, an ex-employee of the GDR State Archives, historian. In modern Germany, streets are named after them, monuments were erected to them. It is forgotten that the ultimate goal of the plan to kill Hitler was to conclude peace with the allies in the West and start a joint war against the USSR. One of the leaders of the conspiracy, General Ludwig Beck (if the assassination was successful, he was going to become president of Germany), said: "The Reich will save unification with the Americans in the fight against Bolshevism." And the ex-burgomaster of Leipzig, Karl Goerdeler (they planned to make him chancellor) wrote in his diary: "After the elimination of Hitler, the Russians will not be able to take Berlin." "Among the conspirators there were enough ardent opponents of Nazism, monarchists and nationalists, but there was not a single supporter of the Soviet Union."

Generally, gentlemen, German officers saved their skins. This is to be completely accurate. And not with Nazism fought. That is why July is 44. When, finally and irrevocably, it became clear to everyone that the Reich was doomed in the current geopolitical situation. There can be no talk of any "conscience" or "insight". Neither in the 40, nor in the 41, nor in the 42, was anyone seriously attacking Hitler.

That is, plans and conversations are one thing, and real actions are a little different. So, it seems to me, around this same Valkyrie, a “cover operation” is being actively carried out. Say, the Führer was attempted at all times. Because if you accept the opposite version, then many questions arise immediately. If you connect the 6 of June and the 20 of July in one chain ... then an ugly picture is created.


The successful coup in Germany in July 44 th dramatically changed the geopolitical balance of power. Negotiations with Hitler were absolutely impossible for the Allies, but the German generals, “not tarnished in Nazi crimes,” are a completely different matter. You can and should talk to them. But for this, the Nazi elite must be eliminated. "They are too bad guys."

In general, for the Anglo-Saxons this is a very characteristic move - not to hit in the forehead, but to hit in the back when the enemy does not expect this. I met the recollections of the Europeans (Belgians) of that era - they say, in the summer of 44, after the Overlord, many were waiting for the overthrow of Hitler and the revolution, as in 18 ... but Hitler survived, and instead of the revolution flew Fau.

In general, there is such an impression that Mr. Hitler was literally waiting until the last for some proposals “from the West”. Just he (unlike many naive journalists) had a good idea of ​​real world politics and asked a simple question: do Anglo-Saxons really want the triumph of Bolshevism in Europe? Yes, that cannot be! That is why he fought literally to the last, selling his life dearly. The impression is that his “message” to the West was very simple: the defeat of the Reich is expensive and difficult and will benefit only the Stalinist USSR. Think about it.

And already the German generals wanted to offer the same thing, but already eliminating Hitler himself. Which, of course, dramatically increased their chances of success. For some reason, Operation "The Unthinkable" is immediately recalled. That is, Adolf Hitler, as it were, was useful to many until a certain point, and then ceased to be useful (as happens in politics), well, they decided to “eliminate” him - nothing unique, it happens. But he survived, having broken all the plans of the conspirators and their curators. I had to fight with Hitler almost for real. But in terms of "A" even the American landing "on Berlin" does not look rubbish. But the elimination of Hitler without any “guarantees” on the part of the West looks like complete nonsense. The Anglo-Saxons are very fond of giving such "guarantees." Otherwise, it turns out stupid - well, you “eliminated” Hitler and Himmler on a “proactive basis” ... and then you from London and Washington offer “honestly surrender” ... and what is the “profit” here?

Roughly speaking, if Hitler had "self-cut" in July of the 44, and not in April of the 45, this would have dramatically changed all the alignments in Europe and in the world. Less than a year, and the difference is huge. But then he did not want to do this, and what happened happened. For all their cynicism and pragmatism, the Anglo-Saxons could not agree directly with Adolf Hitler: too much hung on him from the point of view of the Western voter. That is, I really want to ... but not at all. This is precisely what the “Bohemian corporal” could not understand in any way, that the option of a “red” Eastern Europe is extremely unpleasant for the West, but the version of “political agreements with Mr. Adolf Hitler” in the summer of 44 is categorically unacceptable. Rather, even this: the first option is unacceptable, the second, unfortunately, is impossible.

For some reason, the most famous German chancellor in history could not understand that he received the final answer of the Anglo-Saxons to all his “proposals” (also a kind of Endlösung) in the Wolf’s Den bunker on 20 on July 44. And, to paraphrase a German proverb, you can say this: "And you don’t sit with the Anglo-Saxons porridge, they all have one thicker hamburger."

Oleg Egorov
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