The philosophy and practice of victory. Let's play the fool

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The fight for a place is already underway

So, in order to save and maintain its place in the world, Russia still has to fight. Although why come? The struggle for a place is already underway. This can be judged even by the fact that the world has become somehow uncomfortable, through. And the drafts of change do not bode well for anyone. Yes, yes, and not only to us.

Now there is a so-called hybrid warfare, which, as in the days of Gorbachev, began with the words of human rights, peace and justice: historical, cultural, sports, and can result in a shootout and roll call. There are different options. It used to be called perestroika before, and today globalization. The scale has grown somewhat, but the essence of the process has not changed.

So, perestroika, excuse me, globalization, is going on the planet, and how all this can end, God alone knows. But our task, unlike the task of God, is more modest, therefore we will not guess at the coffee grounds.

For now, just go over the cards. What we have, what trump cards in our hands or dummies.

First map: borders, territories. There is a big plus. No, not even a huge one! Gas, oil, Siberia, Baikal. This is not the white sun of the desert. The main thing is not to let her out of her hands into the hands of other applicants. Sufferers will always be found.

Next: population map. It's not as bad as it seems. Despite all the shortcomings, our people have not yet had time to degrade to the level of the indigenous population of a civilized community. Just do not have time. Because we are moving along its path with some time lag. That is, we are following other people's tracks with a delay, interfering with yesterday's snow. And they still haven’t managed to swallow the fact that others have long corroded the insides. The population is relatively moral and not completely lost, although with a sloth inside. In general, there is hope.

Economic card: i.e. income, treasury. Just some kind of nightmare! Our economy is still run by liberal doctors and professors, so the patient can only sympathize. While it is somehow drawn out of the pit by a map of nature. But it cannot last forever if there is no profit. Let's see what will happen next.

Behind it comes a social map, a derivative of the economy. These are education, healthcare, art, culture, and even pension benefits. Everything that relates to a person. Sadly, I won’t say anything else. Take your social card, whoever has it, and estimate what it gives you. Comments are needed? Culture, art do not play a big role, the times are not the same. Bad, but where do you find better now?

We take a map of domestic policy. There is politics, but already alarming. The cumulative effect of recent reforms is being affected. And, of course, the reforms are not so fresh. This card works in conjunction with an economy where it is empty. With her, i.e. inside yourself, you need to be more attentive, not to put it far.

So, one more card: diplomacy and foreign policy. What to say? It's a little pale. Sometimes beautiful, but more often helpless. A lot of noise, a little sense. Little practicality. So far, no systematic goal has been seen. Everyone is swinging back and forth. Well, God bless her, okay.

Next card: internal security card. This is the police, the Ministry of Emergencies, special services. Our city. Quite nothing to himself. It’s not with a bast that they eat bread for nothing. The four with a minus to them so far, so as not to relax. But to reduce-reform them is no longer recommended.

Finally, the last card: external security card, i.e. army and armed forces. This is perhaps the biggest trump card in our hearts. And sometimes he beats all the other trump cards, no matter how much and no matter what color they are. It must be protected in order to build a game through it and apply it in the most extreme case.

Do not play chess with a sharpie

The cards are dealt, start playing. Yes, by the way, what are we going to play? If only we can’t play chess as much as we can already! And then we played chess with others for a long time, while they were ordinary cheaters. It’s like posing as smart and honest in a brothel with the sign “Club”. It’s not for me to explain why in such a club you should not play giveaways.

But still, the question of the game remains open. Cards, by the way, can already be shined. Others rummage in them without embarrassment. On the contrary, they even advise how to act and what to put on the line. To teach us the gaming mind.

One card bothers them all the same. No, this is not a great natural map that they would lend to us. True, pulling it out is not easy, while there is a second, worse. Worse, of course, for "friends." But what to do with security if you don’t take it in a snap? She will not let outside play the card of nature. Stop, then we should advise you to play by the rules.

After all, there should be only six on hand, i.e. two cards are still superfluous. They would now be removed from the table. One, i.e. internal security, hide away, and external is even better cut. So that she does not interfere with a pleasant conversation in the sun. Why bother, if everything is so cool in nature. Look: nature sings, birds. The solar circle is the sky around. Why spoil yourself such a good mood?

But for suspicious and skeptics everything can be explained even more popularly. Our game partners will explain. Here, judge for yourself.

Who is threatening you, dear, what are you? And what will you do against us gamblers if we always work in a heap. It’s better not to think about it, so as not to torment yourself with phobias. Relax and just enjoy the game.

You are behind in Russia, and all over the world there is a competition not of military, but of statistical arguments. Charts, indicators. Like GDP, a high standard of living against the backdrop of innovative achievements of science. Which is only occupied with helping a person live comfortably at someone else’s expense, without making much effort. How do you feel good? We will teach you this too, only you take your hands away from the holster.

So that the army, so that it does not interfere with the onset of such bliss, should be reduced and preferably faster. And invest the freed money in the economy of global happiness, i.e. in securities and treasury paintings. They guarantee a good percentage. You can, of course, think of something else by investing them, for example, in repairs, but all the same, the money will be exactly where we tell you. Do not be surprised, it is necessary.

Semenovsky or Preobrazhensky regiment, God bless them, can still be saved for the annual run on Red Square. But the Kantemirovskaya division is no longer useful. No nuclear needed weapon, neither aerospace troops, nor air defense and missile defense forces, nor ships with infantry and artillery. Paratroopers once a year bathe in the fountain, so be it. But the army in general, and especially yours, the Russian one, is a dangerous relic of the past, from which we would certainly have to move away. At least so that she does not interfere with the easy use of popcorn.

The past, militarism, communism does not allow you to live comfortably today. It draws energy out of you. Burdens morally, physically. Therefore, you would, of course, still repent and thereby remove the stone from the soul. It will become easier for you, honestly, like us, i.e. the lucky ones. We tell you this from a pure heart.

Why do they love Dostoevsky

Here we are treated with such a special national dish, i.e. Russia, while playing other gamblers, seasoning it with a sauce of quotes from Dostoevsky. Who himself suffered in life, forced literary heroes to suffer, and, according to dexterous executors, to us, i.e. descendants, ordered to suffer. So that we, finally, through self-purification enlighten our souls. After all, it’s not clean with us. In short, so that we, not thinking about the sinful, save our soul.

Dostoevsky really suffered a lot in life. Sometimes he suffered from being a roulette player, lost. And in between the roulette, he wrote his compositions in order to somehow improve things. And then again he went to a noisy overseas casino.

When he did this, he exploited his heroes besides himself, forcing them to suffer in the interests of a gambling establishment. Such honest people are regulars in casinos, i.e. crooks are considered useful idiots. It seems to me that the heroes of Dostoevsky did not deserve this. And even more so, the crooks themselves did not deserve it!

Now you understand why Dostoevsky’s work is so loved abroad? Because the beneficiaries of his work were crooks, a cheater. Without wishing, he told them how to behave, how to play, and where to cheat in order to constantly be in the ward.

But we, in turn, will not blame our classics for anything. We will not justify the stupidity of their contemporaries. To cover up the atrophy of the mind, any surname will do. If only for ourselves not to think, and even more so not to answer. And let anyone walk around the mysterious Russian soul. It’s not we who fool around, but demons, Fyodor Mikhailovich will not let us lie.

Oh, we are heavy, friends, on the rise, heavy. Tugi mind. And you say that roads are bad in Russia. They, the roads, are far from us.

And when there are fools at the table, there are smart ones, even if they do not shine with the mind. Here, you don’t need a big mind, sleight of hand and no fraud.

Life can't be fooled

But, to our happiness, life helps us again! We ourselves can still deceive ourselves, but here it will not work. No wonder they say that fools, like saints, are people talking. Life is hitting us hard, still forcing us to move. And we are able to extract meaning from her lessons. Remember, nature will not leave us in trouble with its stunning truth.

How does life happen? Imagine that someone came to a bear in a forest to give a lecture. How tired he is to everyone and how ugly he behaves. Therefore, he must, of course, quickly turn into a mouse. Those. to repent, to pray, to remain without paws and claws, and also to remove the skin from oneself. For all those fears and inconveniences that he delivered to the menagerie. So that the menagerie could make cutlets and take a walk on his memorial service. Sitting on the skin of a bear in his den.

One can imagine this, of course, as well as how such enlightenment will end. From whom they themselves will hide the skin, tear off the tail and tear out their tongue. Cutlets, too, friends, will be like minced meat from a squeal, brains and cartilage. In general, the bear will not remain hungry in the forest.

But in order to start being a bear, he himself needs to wake up. And stop believing in fables about the dangers of fat for health. For the health of the bear, it is not meat that is harmful, but hay.

I already told you about the herbivorous peace, which usually ends with gnawed bones. Does anyone want to test it for themselves? I personally do not want to. Therefore, it’s nothing good for a bear to stop eating meat, I personally don’t see for myself! Anyway, cutlets run around in the forest, and anyway, someone will eat them. This is the law of nature, but you should not joke with nature.

To live with wolves is like a wolf howl, even if the wolves are dressed in sheep's clothing. In our case, roaring like a bear. It’s time to wake up, get teeth and claws, otherwise God knows what’s going on.

What conclusions should be drawn from this breakfast on the grass? Now seriously, without humor.

Do not fool yourself

Friends, we should not take on too much. They should not be fooled by the whining concern for world peace, while this world does not give a damn about the world. We should not give up interests for his sake. And even more so, we are not obliged to buy it at a high price for our safety and dignity.

Previously, we bought it, paid for the world in blood, but the world did not value it. For him, our blood is not enough, no matter how many lei. That's enough guys! The line of being holy has passed, and let others endure for peace.

And let, fed up by Gorbachev, they are waiting for an auction of unprecedented generosity. Nothing, wait. And we finally need to wake up and stop playing idiots. By or without rules, it doesn’t matter. We put our hands on the holster and fasten the belt to ourselves. We get a trump card. So that no one makes sense with us to bluff at the table ...

Friends, I'll meet you in a week or two. Let's talk about the army and weapons. Ahead of us is still waiting for a lot of things and one small digression.
Anton Dahl
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