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How many consecutive shots can the AK-12 assert

One of the brutal "fun" is related to how to bring out the highly reliable weapon out of service. A favorite option for such experiments is the use of a Kalashnikov assault rifle. It is immersed in water, frozen, sprinkled with sand - and all this in order to test its huge potential.

The next issue of the program "Destroyers of weapons", presented on the YouTube channel "Kalashnikov", talks about the experiment on the AK-12 assault rifle. The experiment is related to how many shots one of the group’s modern shooting “products” can withstand.

An experimenter in a special mask and gloves of the welder proceeds to test the machine for wear with multiple shots. Shop after shop are fired into the dark emptiness of a special box. On the 360-m shot, the barrel of the machine gun begins to noticeably heat up. It turns orange-crimson, but the shooting continues.

On the 480-m shot from the barrel of the AK-12 smoke is plentiful, the tester reports the smell of plastic. After 510 shots, an open flame occurs, while the machine makes it relatively easy to send the cartridge into the chamber.

The rate of fire keeps fairly even.

After the 600 shot, the machine gun burns with a real fire, but continues to shoot.

A clip on the mentioned channel tells about what happened after:

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  1. knn54
    knn54 4 November 2019 14: 17
    Burns, but brings down.
    1. Greg Miller
      Greg Miller 4 November 2019 16: 16
      So I think it’s worth buying a civilian version of the AK-12 ... The price really bites - more than 2 times more expensive than the civilian version of the AK-74M ...
  2. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 4 November 2019 14: 24
    There is a similar vidos about M-4. About 500 shots. Burns but shoots
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 4 November 2019 16: 25
      a little later it will be about Mku .. But for now about AK. I like this video more.
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 4 November 2019 16: 35
        well, your favorite M-16 ...
  3. Evil 55
    Evil 55 4 November 2019 14: 39
    I personally checked 350 shots from the AK-74 ... It stinks terribly, the pads melt, but it shoots ... True, the bullets are thrown unclear where, but obviously not in the target.
  4. Hakka
    Hakka 4 November 2019 14: 53
    POF416 didn't break at all! Iv8888 has a video, only it is probably all made of Inconel.
  5. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 4 November 2019 14: 53
    I was glad for the domestic weapons. The durability of the sample is amazing.
    Given that this rate of fire is not normal, we can assume that the owner will have enough time to complete the tasks.
    Kalashnikov - the most reliable weapon in the world! Proven!
  6. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 4 November 2019 16: 35
    Pff, anyone can be consistent, let him try parallel. wassat
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Krasnoyarsk
    Krasnoyarsk 4 November 2019 16: 56
    What's the point in this pampering? It would be much better to check how an unprepared person, after a couple of lessons, will shoot at a target? Will he be able to "knock out" at least 60 out of 100 at a distance of 100 meters? And take another, foreign, in service, and conduct the same experience. And compare the result. It would be interesting. And so that the smoke goes, what's so interesting about that? Foolishly you can also goat on a cart ...
  9. Eug
    Eug 4 November 2019 17: 10
    Didn’t you do the shutter lag?
  10. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 4 November 2019 17: 13
    I am trying to recall the old message about the ukroin who set the teeth on edge .... Three years ago we discussed the photo of melted linings on the modernized Kalash. Also, like, a dozen stores were released. Only then were they eaten, and now we are proud?
  11. Sergey Obraztsov
    Sergey Obraztsov 4 November 2019 17: 45
    After 180 shots smoke started, which then disappeared, the grease of the barrel apparently burned out. I think the assault rifle was new, because this is the current Kalashnikov concern model and it would be foolish to take on such a used vehicle (as it was with ak74).

    What is the point of this pampering?

    There are 197 countries in the world. Many of them are potential buyers of this weapon. Pure marketing. I do not see anything wrong with that.
  12. Yuri Ilyakhin
    Yuri Ilyakhin 4 November 2019 20: 10
    My father told me not to carry cartridges back to the unit, he shot 11 boxes from the PK .. The flame arrester melted down, for which he was put on the "lip".
  13. Avior
    Avior 4 November 2019 21: 04
    I do not see any practical value and real information from this experience. This show is for fun.

    obviously, it was necessary to measure the flight parameters of the bullet.
    Since the fact that the machine gun shoots and does not fail, does not mean at all that it can be used for its intended purpose. Perhaps the overheating of the trunk makes it unworkable much earlier than the pads smoke.
    again, it makes sense to test weapons in the mode of combat rate of fire, as it will be used in battle.
    That would be a real test of weapons.
    1. Sergey Obraztsov
      Sergey Obraztsov 4 November 2019 23: 01
      In real life, it would never occur to anyone to be so naughty as a hero of a cheap action movie (in films there are also about as many cartridges in a store as there were shot). But about the quality of steel and the likelihood of a skewing of the bolt frame at the maximum possible (in a real battle) rate of fire, this video gives an accurate idea.
      The same thing about the trajectory of sweating bullets. It will hit at point blank range, and shoot at that pace for several hundred meters .. From the realm of fiction, I think. And the problem in this case will definitely not be in weapons. I’m sure that such tests were carried out, but what's the point of spreading it on YouTube? No one will be interested in such content (I mean the mass audience).
      1. Avior
        Avior 5 November 2019 01: 22
        ten stores point blank? the emphasis will not stand ...
        and a realistic test scenario would be interesting to me.
  14. About 2
    About 2 4 November 2019 22: 14
    Now, sad gentlemen! During the tests, the cartridges with the GRAU 7N6 index were used for this cartridge as much as the AK 74 assault rifle, that is, in the region of 45 years and it has been hopelessly outdated for a long time. To carry out a test with such a cartridge is, to put it mildly, not correct. Where are the cartridges 7n21 and 7n24 ? I'm not talking about the latest generation of cartridges 7n39 armor-piercing and increased accuracy 7n40.
    1. Ingenegr
      Ingenegr 4 November 2019 23: 21
      Fun is not cheap. 7N6 is 2-3 times cheaper than the above products.
      1. About 2
        About 2 5 November 2019 06: 42
        First of all, it is weaker by almost 2,5 times and the high cost has nothing to do with it.
        1. Ingenegr
          Ingenegr 5 November 2019 06: 50
          Weaker in what? The muzzle energy, momentum and recoil energy of the entire 5.45x39 line are practically the same. The difference in the breakdown effect of bullets on the parameters of the automation and heat fluxes does not affect in any way.
          1. About 2
            About 2 5 November 2019 06: 53
            Can you prove this? At the same time answer the question for what purpose add hexogen to gunpowder 5,45?
  15. av58
    av58 5 November 2019 12: 24
    I don't understand such "tests". What is the point, is this a video instruction, how not to shoot from an AK? American idiocy.