Sergeant in the U.S. Army: features of the rank and sergeant posts

It is called the "backbone of the US Army," because throughout stories the existence of the American armed forces, it invariably was crucial in maintaining constant combat readiness, both units and subunits.

We are talking about the sergeant corps of the US Army, which today continues to form a large layer of the American army. In the US Army, a sergeant is a large and powerful figure, a lot holds on to him. In the military circles of the United States, it is believed that the American army can do without lieutenants, but not without a sergeant.

How to become part of the US Army NCO? What nuances do you need to know in order to prepare for the service? What responsible tasks are superimposed on sergeants? What are the requirements for sergeants in the US army today? Watch the next issue of Rud & Co with Ivan Rudenko.

This video will be especially useful for those who want to compare the service in the American army with the service in the armies of the post-Soviet space. How much is not biased about the sergeant composition of the American army, this is a separate issue.

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