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In the US, they are studying the creation of new amphibious ships: "to increase the effectiveness of combat missions"

The US Navy decided to study the issue of future expeditionary operations of the American fleet and Marine Corps (ILC). In particular, a topic was raised regarding how many amphibious ships the US Navy and ILC would need in order to support the possibility of “expeditionary combat missions”.

In the US, they are studying the creation of new amphibious ships: "to increase the effectiveness of combat missions"

The captain J. Hill, the head of the US Airborne Forces Command Department, noted that the Navy remains satisfied with the characteristics of the US-class universal landing ships and the San Antonio-type landing docks. At the same time, Captain Hill said that in order to increase the effectiveness of expeditionary combat missions, the American fleet also needs smaller ships.

The Ground Operations and Fleet Logistics Directorates are said to be working to define the concept of a new landing ship.

At the moment, it is being discussed which particular solution should be implemented when creating a new ship. At the same time, it is precisely stated that it should have amphibious properties.

San Antonio Transport Dock Program Manager Captain Brian Metcalfe:
It is necessary to determine what does not suit the existing ships. If they are too expensive, we will design a cheaper ship, but then it is unlikely that he will be able to fully carry out a combat mission. If you try to combine the classes, then you can’t understand why the ship will be used: will it carry armored vehicles or marines?

As you can see, the structures of the US Navy and their departments have not yet decided which amphibious ship they need. One of the proposals received was the creation of a new hovercraft, which will focus on operational operations with landing on the coast to engage and hold a bridgehead - until the arrival of the main forces.

Today in the USA there are LCAC type air cushion landing boats with a standard displacement of about 89 tons.

The boat's crew is five people. It is capable of transporting several pieces of military equipment (if we talk about tanks, then one "Abrams"). These boats are used at the above-mentioned transport docks of the "San Antonio" type. In the United States, they want to get not a boat, but an air cushion ship with a significantly higher carrying capacity than that of the LCAC.

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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 October 2019 07: 42
    What missions are there? There are fewer and fewer unarmed Papuans in the world. And as soon as it smells "fried", the striped-eared scrapes, breaking their legs ...
    1. cniza
      cniza 30 October 2019 08: 41
      So for them the main thing is money and more, and soon everyone will drive them ...
    2. gridasov
      gridasov 30 October 2019 09: 27
      The problem of the effective movement of all ship structures is determined by the propulsion device. Propellers, screws scatter the flow of water and air, but do not concentrate and direct along the necessary vector. therefore, there will be no development without the application of a new method for converting a hydro-gas-dynamic flow in a new mover
  2. Kerensky
    Kerensky 30 October 2019 07: 52
    These landing boats must be delivered to the landing site. And they most likely want the ship that can go in the warrant and land on an unequipped shore.
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 30 October 2019 08: 29
      Such ships still have insufficient range. Judging by our small landing craft of project 12322 "Zubr" then the range is 300 miles, the combat radius is 120 miles maximum. this is too small for Americans who have long arms though. Again it rests against the delivery means, i.e. ships are docks, and in them the space for landing craft is limited. So in the transport docks of the "San Antonio" type there can be - 2 air-cushion boats LCAC or 1 landing craft LCU or 14 landing transporters. In the UDC type "America" ​​there are a bit more seats, but still only 3 LCAC hovercraft can fit.
  3. Private-K
    Private-K 30 October 2019 07: 56
    It’s just time to replace the outdated LCAC.
  4. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 30 October 2019 08: 30
    “At the same time it is precisely said that it must have amphibious properties.” An air cushion ship in the warrant ?! Rather like our KFOR or BDK.
  5. Basarev
    Basarev 30 October 2019 08: 38
    Do they want to copy the Bison?
    1. IL-64
      IL-64 30 October 2019 09: 06
      Why copy there? We don’t have bison, actually. If I’m not mistaken, two pieces remain in service
    2. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U 30 October 2019 09: 27
      Can a Zubr go at least a couple of thousand miles at 20 knots?
  6. Zeev Zeev
    Zeev Zeev 30 October 2019 11: 02
    If sclerosis doesn’t fail me, hovercraft have great weather restrictions both in terms of wind and in terms of excitement. That is, in an internal body of water like the Persian Gulf or the Black Sea, they are still there, and in the ocean they will simply be turned upside down.