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Logistics support vessel Vsevolod Bobrov is preparing for the introduction of the crew

The logistics support vessel of the 23120 project Vsevolod Bobrov, which is being built at the Northern Shipyard, is getting ready to move in the crew. This was reported by the press service of PJSC "Severnaya Verf".

Logistics support vessel Vsevolod Bobrov is preparing for the introduction of the crew

According to a popular report, the ship continues to sew rooms, cabins and cockpits are equipped with furniture, special equipment is installed in the medical unit. Vsevolod Bobrov received fuel, tests are carried out for the thermal fluid boiler and emergency diesel generator, the tanks are finished painting, their leak tests are carried out, test runs of fans and pumps are carried out.

Vsevolod Bobrov is the second logistic support vessel of the 23120 project. Ice class vessel, laid in the 2013 year and launched in the 2016. This is the second ship of such a project, being built at the Severnaya Verf shipyard, after the head Elbrus, and the first production ship.

The logistics support vessel of the 23120 project is intended for the transportation of goods, towing, hydrographic surveys, and assistance to ships in distress. Dynamic positioning system allows you to hold the ship at a given point in any weather conditions. The ship has two electro-hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons, towing winches with a pulling force of 120 and 25 tons, a cargo deck with an area of ​​more than 700 sq. m. Unlike the lead ship, the deck is strengthened on Bobrov, the ship will be equipped with additional devices, including a grab for loading bulk cargo.

The vessel is multifunctional: it can carry out loading, transportation and transfer of goods; due to the powerful power plant tow ships, up to the aircraft carrier; participate in rescue operations and provide medical assistance to those in distress (the vessel is equipped with a pressure chamber for decompression); conduct mapping of the bottom topography and search for sunken objects. The hull of the vessel with the ice class ARC4 will allow it to sail in arctic latitudes, overcoming the thickness of ice in 0,6 m.

Length - 95 m; Width - 22 m; Draft - 9 m; Speed ​​- 18 nodes; Displacement - 9 500 t; Cruising range - 5 000 nautical miles; Autonomy - about 60 days;

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PJSC SZ "Severnaya Verf"
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 29 October 2019 13: 08
    Logistics support vessel Vsevolod Bobrov is preparing for the introduction of the crew
    According to the laws of military art, the side with a strong rear is victorious. repeat
    1. cost
      cost 29 October 2019 13: 19
      "Ilya Muromets", "Ivan Papanin", now Vsevolod Bobrov "- the grouping begins to be drawn. Only an ice-class tanker remains
      1. orionvitt
        orionvitt 29 October 2019 17: 20
        Quote: Rich
        Only an ice class tanker left

        Something, a lot of ice class ships, Russia recently launched. There is something (in the Arctic) that we don’t know about (except gas and oil). It feels like a brawler for the Arctic will not be frail.
    2. knn54
      knn54 29 October 2019 13: 50
      Talk about the fleet. The Navy is a battle ship. And the strength of the fleet in the quantity and quality / characteristics of warships.
      And the strengthening of the SPF with such ships speaks of providing, in the FIRST TIME, a tanker fleet.
  2. nPuBaTuP
    nPuBaTuP 29 October 2019 13: 15
    Launched but in the 16th year ... And what stupidly stood for three years at the pier?
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 29 October 2019 13: 18
      Completed, but not stupidly stood against the wall.
  3. Destiny
    Destiny 29 October 2019 13: 26
    TTX-zer gut. Seven feet under the keel to the crew and ship!
  4. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 29 October 2019 13: 35
    Elbrus is simply gorgeous. We are waiting for the second.
  5. A.K.
    A.K. 29 October 2019 13: 39
    As I understand it, the Arctic is now our ALL. Here we are ahead of everyone.
  6. Maalkavianin
    Maalkavianin 30 October 2019 18: 24
    In! Support ships went. Seven feet under the keel!