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On reading thoughts of a neural network and hydrogen trams: Russian innovations

Imagine that in the near future, Russian engineers are teaching Japanese, hydrogen-powered vehicles are running in the streets, electric cars in Russia are almost everywhere and, in general, the ubiquitous triumph of domestic technologies. Such a thought experiment is proposed by the authors of the YouTube channel "Time - Go!"

On reading thoughts of a neural network and hydrogen trams: Russian innovations

Further in the video, it is stated that, in fact, all of the above is happening in our country, to one degree or another, now, but with a “closed veil of information noise”.

Presented is the development of neuro-robotics MIPT and one of the private companies. Development actually allows you to read human thoughts using a special organized neural network. It is noted that they are trying to do similar in the company of Ilona Mask, but in the USA they have so far limited themselves to experiments on animals, to which electrodes are implanted in the brain.

From video:

The Russian development reads signals from the surface of the brain and is completely safe for humans.

It is noted that such a system will make life easier for paralyzed people and will improve the operation of the brain-computer interface.

The same video talks about such a miracle of technology as a hydrogen tram, as well as about other technical innovations:

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  1. nikolai.kolya
    nikolai.kolya 29 October 2019 21: 32
    Good night, the kids returned?
    1. Region-25.rus
      Region-25.rus 8 November 2019 19: 40
      rather a "perestroika searchlight" (ugh ....)
  2. Plantagenet
    Plantagenet 30 October 2019 04: 20
    "Dazzling prospects unfolded in front of the Vasyukin amateurs. The room expanded. The rotten walls of the horse breeding nest collapsed, and instead of them a glass thirty-three-story palace of chess thought went into the blue sky. In each of its halls, in each room and even in the elevators sweeping by the bullet, thoughtful people sat and played in chess on boards inlaid with malachite ...

    Marble stairs fell into the blue Volga. There were ocean steamboats on the river. Funky aliens, chess ladies, Australian fans of Indian defense, Indians in white turbans, adherents of the Spanish party, Germans, French, New Zealanders, residents of the Amazon river basin and envious Vasyukins - Muscovites, Leningraders, Kievites, Siberians, climbed the city.

    Cars moved by conveyor among the marble hotels. "
  3. Observer2014
    Observer2014 1 November 2019 21: 37
    Listen while the cranks filming these videos are not for free. I have already addressed you in the vastness of VO. I want to appeal again. Instead of your fairy tales. Help me personally take the civil exoskeleton to the test. This is the only thing that inspired me from your work. Act. Communication through Q. At the same time, we’ll check whether you have tales or not. hiA summary of the product from me personally. Well, for the cranks I apologize with pleasure.