Victims of false theories

There is nothing more practical than a good theory.
Robert Kirchhoff

Dry theory, my friend, and the tree of life is magnificently green.
Johann Goethe. Faust

Fascism is when a small person believes that there is a big one and he is always right. Fascism is when there is a differentiation of people according to the color of their pants. Fascism is when the Schwartz dragon sits in everyone.
Boris55 (Boris)

Problems of social teachings. Not so long ago, interesting materials appeared on VO about nutrition in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Roughly speaking, the Germans started the war, but they didn’t decide what they would eat if it lasted a chance, and just at the crucial moment they didn’t have enough food calories! However, referring to stories war, we see that the Germans did not have enough not only calories. They also lacked metal, oil, and human resources (it was necessary to collect foreign scum from almost all of Europe, and even nationalists from India, into the elite SS divisions). It turned out that the farther the German tanks went through the territory of our country, the more they needed spare parts, and they had to be transported on trucks that were successfully shot by Il-2 attack aircraft, and they also needed fuel. It did not work to capture the oil-bearing areas, but even if it did, then the oil itself cannot be poured into tanks, it must be processed. And then the situation arises that the fuel is here, but it is not there at all. But with regard to public opinion, and it is of very great importance, not everything was in order either.

German Hitler Youth and their leader. They still do not know what price they will have to pay for his ignorance and obscurantism

Propaganda and Reality

There was a saying in medieval Spain: “The king’s ax is chopped, priests’s bonfires are burned, but street songs are killed faster!” And something similar happened in Germany during the Second World War. For example, Hitler propaganda claimed that the British and Americans were corrupt plutocrats, mired in the pursuit of new washing machines and refrigerators, ruthlessly exploiting their native servants, and, in case of war, victory over them was ensured. However, the Luftwaffe pilots had a completely different opinion about the English pilots, and they expressed this opinion. Even German newspapers wrote that the Soviet system that gave birth to the Stakhanovite produces a huge amount weapons, and the stories of the returning war veterans (and the numerous funerals!) only confirmed this. But it was said that Russia is a colossus with feet of clay!

Dr. Goebbels v. Doctors, Bauers, and German Industrialists

Goebbels printed stated that Russian girls were all whores corrupted by the Komsomol. But medical examinations of the girls of workers hijacked to Germany showed that 98% of them are virgins, and many wear crosses around their necks and ask their employers to provide them with the opportunity to perform religious rites! This was especially striking to the German Bauers. And many openly freaked out about it, and many forced to think. He wrote that the British tops were torn away from the people, and they were not supported, but the Germans did not really believe in it. But looking at his leaflets about the life of the German "leaders", they were outraged that "the servants of the people live better than the people themselves." The denunciations lay in batches on the table for Himmler, so he was forced to advise Dr. Goebbels ... "reduce agility." It was said that Soviet engineers ... "there is nothing and no way to call," but the same German industrialists have repeatedly noted how exactly our specialists, or even ordinary workers, showed much more knowledge and skills than German ones! And then, of course, they "chatted about it." And those who listened to them informed about this. As a result, we simply have a lot of evidence of the intellectual superiority of our citizens (many of which, incidentally, were read in the original Schiller and Goethe!) Over representatives of the "Aryan race".

One thing in the newspapers, another thing in the bulletins!

And it turned out that propaganda said one thing, and life and reports from the front pointed to something completely different! However, it was already impossible to turn off the chosen path. Actually, the Germans lost the war on the 1 of September 1939 of the year when it started. They couldn’t get in touch with the same USSR, since all German factories at that time gave only 200 tanks, and USSR plants - 2000! That is, our country had a base, there were huge land spaces that needed to be passed, and then protected, that Germany (even if we forget about the courage and heroism of our soldiers) was simply beyond the means. Germany could be saved only by the cowardice of the elites, who, at the first setbacks, could consider their business lost, as, for example, happened in France. However, in the same England, its elites turned out to be more far-sighted and informed, but in the USSR then it was not the elites who played the main role, but ... the mentality of the nation. And you can’t go against the mentality!

Contradictions in everything

What was the basis of the defeat of Germany during the Second World War? It seems that there are many reasons: economic, political, and even mental, but if we think about it, there will be only one reason - the wrong theory of national socialism and the superiority of the “Nordic race”. Even the very division of mankind into masters and slaves seems to flatter the vanity of the former, but at the same time it constantly turns out to be untenable in practice, thereby disorienting its supporters. “We are the best”, but we can’t do without foreign workers, and they need to be fed well, otherwise they die like flies, and among them there are very valuable ones ... “untrue”. “We are the best”, but our vaunted technique does not work in the cold, we do not have enough usual felt boots, and our overcoats do not heat up. But the “commander’s genius of our Fuhrer” turned out to be not so brilliant, since with all our superiority we were not able to defeat “some Russians” before winter. And so in everything! And what does the loss of faith in the ideals of the system lead to? To the most terrible, albeit invisible at first glance: people begin ... "use it for themselves", act primarily in their personal rather than public interests.

And Hitler's racial theory required finding someone who would be responsible for all the previous troubles of the German people, and the Jews were chosen as such. And this was also one of his mistakes, and this error was more serious than the number of food rations not calculated in advance. The most interesting thing is that history already knew examples of such mistakes and their consequences, but did Hitler know them, and most importantly - did he try them on himself and his country? Most likely not if he allowed the repetition of at least one of them. However, it is very revealing and not so ancient.

Clever Jean Baptiste Colbert vs. Stupid Louis XIV

And it happened that Jean Baptiste Colbert, the Minister of Finance under King Louis XIV, based his economic policy on the postulate that the resources in the world are not unlimited and only that country will be strong, which, firstly, will receive most of them, but, secondly, it will do this by exporting its goods. Somehow it sounds very modern, doesn’t it that speaks of his explicit mind, and the mind of those who adhere to the same practice today. So Colbert forbade experienced artisans to leave the country, and the masters who came to France offered privileges. And everything was fine until in 1683 he died. Because two years later, the short-sighted Louis XIV, crying for the unity of his subjects, canceled the Nantes Edict on the equal rights of Catholics and Protestants. He ultimately achieved unity, but at the same time forced thousands of experienced Huguenot artisans to emigrate to England and the Netherlands, and this was the beginning of the decline of French power in Europe, because both England and the Netherlands immediately overtook it in the export of goods, a crisis began in the country , and it ended with the revolution of 1789 of the year.

So Hitler made sure that the mass of famous and talented scientists and engineers of Jewish nationality left the country, but he himself did not receive the atomic bomb, and as a result lost both the country and his life. But ... being a hostage to the wrong theory, how could he have done otherwise? Yes, his own adherents for this would have immediately cursed and ... removed!

Without a future perspective - nowhere!

Another shortcoming of the fundamental “theory” of the Third Reich was the lack of prospects for the spiritual development of the nation. “Since we are already the best”, then why do we need some kind of “perspectives” and “spiritual searches”. And it is not without reason that in Reich there were no outstanding novels, no films capable of taking for the soul, no poems, again calling not clear where. Everything conceivable, as was then thought, was already achieved by the German people! It remains only to manage other backward nations and consume. That is, there was no longer any desire for spiritual improvement of the individual, and this is fraught with moral decay and degradation, which, incidentally, happened in Germany. And “degradants” cannot defeat “non-degradants”! They do not have enough “spirit” for this. So it turns out that Hitler’s propaganda itself was preparing a defeat for its country, and the more effective, the more actively it propagated the spiritual “values” of National Socialism and its racial theory.

Another victim of the wrong theory was our country. However, our theory was much better than the German one, why the system based on it lasted more than 70 years. He did not address the worst personality traits, but the dominance of some people over others by right of birth is one of the worst invention of mankind, but ... the best - the equality and brotherhood of all people, regardless of race. The theory of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism did not declare the best as a race, but ... classes, or rather one class, as the most advanced and progressive. Moreover, Marx considered him to be progressive only because he has no property, and he produces material wealth. But what about, for example, spiritual benefits? Or as good as health? Someone also produces it, right?

“The lord of things is not partial, for he has it!”

That is, the utopianism of such views of the fathers of Marxism and their followers is obvious. Even in ancient Egypt, people knew a very simple truth that “envious (to), (what) others have, is a fool, because (life) passes on earth, it is not long, leaving a (good) memory of oneself is lucky ... Is there (a person) living forever? .. He who is provided for in his house is not partial, for he is rich and does not need. But the poor man does not speak according to the truth. Unjust saying "I want to!". He is addicted to the one he loves, he is inclined to the owner of his offerings (i.e. the poor person goes over to the side of the one who rewards him). All this is stated in the "Teachings of Heracles of Tsar to his son, King Merikar." And ... isn’t that the case, or has something in our society changed since then? It is impossible to re-educate a person in such a way that he consciously limits his needs for the sake of other people, often personally not even familiar to him. For a while - yes, maybe. For someone you know, too, yes. Why not?! But not for everyone !!! That is, the poor will always strive to become richer, and if a person of high morality achieves this through labor, then there will be those who will take the other path, the easier. Not to mention that where to recruit so many people of high morality? In which village to look for them? But even found? But now it will be necessary to educate them! And here it is just very many and corrupts.

“Well, how can you not please your dear little man ?!”

In addition, people on planet Earth are also child-loving, that is, they care about their children and seek to straighten their path to prosperity and happiness. Therefore, those who had and have more than others will seek to pass on what they have accumulated to their children, to save them from unnecessary labor and hassle, “the leaden abominations of life.” So it turns out a society in which everything seems to be equal, but some people are always “more equal than others,” and for the negligible benefits that some have, but not others, these first will fight the second, no matter from the high stands morality was not proclaimed. Marx himself did not hesitate to live on Engels' money, and he, in turn, received them from the exploitation of workers in his factory.

Help everyone, deprive yourself!

The theory also ordered all proletarians to help. But as they said in Russia: "to give birth to everyone (to please) to walk without socks". And people in the USSR said so: “To all help, help (namely“ help ”), but they themselves are lacking (namely,“ lacking ”).” Moreover, in the village, and then in the city, where our peasants migrated from the village in search of a better life with all their petty-bourgeois psychology! A stratum of intelligentsia, officials, party and Soviet leaders stood out from them, and the views on life remained the same, absorbed in mother's milk.

By the way, in the presence of an incorrect theory, propaganda only brings closer the collapse of a society based on it. In the case of Germany, this is obvious from the above examples. But we, unfortunately, had the same thing in the case of the USSR, where there were three whole information flows ... going in different directions. One is "the world revolution and the plight of workers in the West." But time passed, and the revolution did not come. The second is the achievements in the field of science and technology that they were somehow perceived in the light of the information of the first stream. And a frankly strange stream - “feuilleton”, which gave eyewitnesses information about bathrooms and showers in workers' apartments, about their salaries, cars ... That is, comparative information, which is the worst thing to strengthen the unanimity of the nation. Only by 1953 did they realize that these three streams should be replaced by one — imperialism is a threat to peace, but there was no sequence here either. During the “deitant” (detente) period, grains of truth about life “there” again leaked onto the pages of domestic publications and this also played a detrimental role in spreading distrust of the domestic media.

“Tomorrow's joy is a stimulus to human life!”

However, if we talk about the future, then in our society she was and was very beautiful. It was not for nothing that it was in the USSR that outstanding works of literature and art were created, films were made, which were included in the world fund of artistic culture, which, as we know, was not in fascist Germany. And all because our art was oriented toward the future, and in the works created with us it was a question of spiritual improvement of a person not at the expense of his notorious “Aryanism” or wealth acquired by his ancestors, but his own high spiritual qualities. It was shown how these good qualities fight the bad and ... win. And it warmed the soul! It gave rise to hope that it will be so in life. But then in society the credit of trust in those who promised this “bright future” was exhausted and everything turned out the way it turned out.

A good theory should take into account that people ... are "bad"!

That is, if society needs some kind of "correct" theory "in which direction to go," then it must first of all take into account ... the inherent weaknesses and vices of human nature, and through them, and little by little, raise their possessor all Higher and higher. Undoubtedly, only that society is improving in the process of improving tools. But even their very improvement is a consequence of such a negative property of human nature as laziness!

No wonder the protagonist of the novel of the American writer Robert P. Warren “The whole royal army” says: “You have to make good out of evil because there is nothing more to do from it!” That's just that, and nothing else.
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