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Twin brothers: M4 federal standard carbine (left) and one of the many commercial AR-10AR-15 rifles

Weapon and firms. Last time we met some Samples of semi-automatic American rifles for sports shooting and hunting. They were surprised at how many manufacturers there were in the States, and all of them had enough income from the sale. Why? Yes, simply because in the United States the law considers shooting (legal) one of the types of sports, and there is no difference between shooting at specially organized competitions and shooting outdoors at the beer cans in parallel or after a good barbecue and hunting. And from a technical point of view, there really is no difference: in all these cases there are a shooter and a weapon, to which there are certain ammunition; there are goals, and there is a distance to them; wind usually blows into the space between the shooter and the target; and the result of a shooting mark is always a reward - a medal, hunting trophies or even just thoughts about how cool I shot in front of my girlfriend and at least a little like Buffalo Bill.

Weapons of interest!

But such shooting requires appropriate weapons. Firing from a double-barrel shotgun for a long time, and you need to reload, a rifled magazine rifle needs to be reloaded with a bolt movement. And as you know, laziness mother was born before us. So it is not surprising that today civilian rifles of a semi-automatic type have become so popular. After all, these are essentially simplified copies of military weapons, but lacking the ability to conduct automatic fire, including the fire mode in fixed bursts. Many are simply pleased to “shake the old days” and hold in their hands a copy of the weapon with which he served in the army. Therefore, it is not surprising that the popularity of such weapons is growing rapidly. For him, he even came up with his own special designation - MSR, Modern Sporting Rifles, or "modern sports rifles."

It is clear that Modern Sporting Rifles is not only rifles from the AR-15 family. Civilian versions of such "machines", such as Steyr AUG, IMI Tavor, Bushmaster ACR, etc., can also be attributed to them in principle. In Russia, Modern Sporting Rifles are AKM and SCS versions. But, nevertheless, as they say - "historically" so that it is the rifles of the AR-15 type that are referred to as MSR weapons. So a trend arose, and a trend is such a “scrap” against which there is no reception. Everyone buys, everyone shoots, but what am I worse? So I bought it. Therefore, it is not surprising that manufacturers of a large family of "arches" in the States are thriving. People like this type of weapon, but they require ... "diversity", "choice", and that's why the market presents it to them!

Savage MSR Rifles

MSR-15 Patrol ("Patrol") Externally, the clones of the military "arches" are practically nothing but the stamps of the manufacturer, do not differ from military weapons with the inscription US Army

But inside the differences are much greater. For example, the shutter rammer on the MSR-15 Patrol is available, as it should be on military weapons, but only it is non-functional and is on it only for the sake of authenticity

The market is all over the head!

As a result, small-scale assembly companies and tuning workshops appeared in the United States that assemble AR-15 rifles from fully finished or semi-finished prefabricated parts. Many of the most serious manufacturers, including the firm itself, also began manufacturing the famous Stoner black rifle. Armalight, where he created it, and even Remington Arms, which in theory itself should have installed fashion on the arms market, and not blindly follow it. That's what demand means. But, however, it follows them too, which means the desire of a qualified consumer who knows what he wants and maybe what he wants to buy!

The standard army flame arrester "Patrol" - Bird Cage ("bird cage"). Note that the 16.1 / 8-inch barrel (409 mm) of the Patrol chambered for .223 Remington or 5.56x45 mm, however, is not freely hung out, that is, this means that the forearm is touching it. Well, so what is it? Someone likes it too! Moreover, if for some reason you want to have the same weapon, but with a short barrel, there will be no problems - the company also has a sample with a barrel length of 10.5 inches. It is called very characteristically: Blackout, which can be translated as “Extinguisher”
Here is the Savage Arms from Westfield, Massachusetts, which previously produced exclusively classic rifles with a rotary shutter, just as “lazy” stopped and turned to the “needs of the workers”.

Armalight's Patrol competitor: “Eagle-15” with an 16-inch barrel (406-mm) and the proud name “First Tactical”

First four models

Starting with the production of AR15, the company immediately launched four models on the market so that there was plenty to choose from: for .308 Winchester cartridges (7,62 × 51 mm NATO) and 6,5 mm Creedmoor, and the other two, of course, for the most common small cartridge today .223 Remington. But with the names it was like this: patent restrictions do not allow outsiders to use the names “AR-15” and “AR-10”, since they belong to Armalight, so we had to call them MSR-15 and MSR-10. Which is quite permissible, since it can also be decoded as follows: “modern Savage rifles,” which directly indicates their manufacturer and ... the very look of this modern small arms.

The suspended barrel of the MSR-10 Hunter model is located inside such an original openwork design, which is quite rigid, lightweight and provides good heat exchange with the environment. Of course, she does not touch the trunk anywhere!

"Patrol" and "Scout"

Well, now we’ll take a closer look at the MSR-15 Patrol and MSR-15 Recon rifles. In the Savage line, these rifles are manufactured for 5.56-mm cartridges. Recon is an abbreviation of the English word reconnaissance ("intelligence"). Well, the difference between these samples is only that the “patrol” version of AR-15 is somewhat simpler, but Recon should obviously be more complicated, because they won’t send anyone to intelligence. Here you need a master of his craft and weapons should be his match!

The name of the company on the product is emphasized in all ways and is given large so that everyone can see

And not very large, but in other places. The caliber is also indicated here.

And here is a pointer to the country of origin

Without further ado from the evil one!

Both of the above-mentioned MSR-15 rifles are manufactured according to a well-developed scheme, when gases are removed from the barrel into the cavity of the bolt frame through a long tube and act directly on the bolt itself. Over the fifty years of using this scheme, it has become apparent that it works well, and is very simple in every way. Although, of course, no one said that it was not necessary to clean it and did not need to be lubricated at all.

All the details of the Patrol and the Scout, both those inside and those outside, fully comply with all the standards of the military specification Mil-Spec. This means that any standard parts of these rifles can be replaced with exactly the same standard parts of other manufacturers, and no matter how you change them, the rifles will still work.

MSR-15 Recon

Savage Arms MSR rifles also have internal differences. For example, MSR-15 Patrol employs an “improved USM military model.” But the MSR-15 Recon USM is “trickier”. It is made by Blackhawk (Black Falcon), which claims that all of its parts have a nickel-boron coating that reduces their friction. Interestingly, the nickel-boron coating is slippery to the touch, so it seems that the metal is already coated with a layer of lubricant.

The trigger is very convenient, and its guard allows shooting in thick winter gloves.

The most important thing after the cartridge is the barrel!

The weapon is made under the cartridge. No cartridge - no weapons, but if a cartridge is available, then the barrel will be the second most important. And here the Savage company can be said to have tried.

MSR15 Competition. The Savage MSR series also has special rifles for shooting competitions, characterized by the presence of a gas regulator and a specially designed muzzle brake. For the barrel and for the caliber 7,62-mm (MSR10), and for the caliber 5.56-mm (MSR15) one and the same - 457 mm

Externally, all the trunks of the MSR-15 series rifles look traditional: the standard length is 410 mm, and on the trunks both the Patrol and the Scout have standard flame arresters. But this is outside, the most interesting is inside them.

So, the rifling pitch of the barrel channels for these rifles is equal to 8 inches (203 mm), while for army rifles of the NATO unit, the rifling pitch is equal to 7 inches (178 mm). Meanwhile, as you know, the main role in stabilizing the flight of a bullet is played by its length, and by no means its weight, and that longer bullets need stabilization with smaller rifling pitch for stabilization. Well, they try to choose the rifling step in the rifle according to the heaviest pool (which is just very important for military weapons!), Which will be used in this caliber. Moreover, it is possible to shoot from such a barrel with lighter bullets than those for which it was originally designed, without prejudice to stability and accuracy. If you shoot heavier, then the bullet will "somersault." So it is believed that for .223 Remington cartridges it is the eight-inch pitch of the rifling that is optimal.

The store thing is not very important, but without it, nowhere!

Next come the chamber, which in both rifles is something in between, suitable for both commercial .223 Remington ammunition and military ammunition 5,56 mm NATO standard. It is clear that it is small, but it exists and increases the chances of the shooter to hit the target accurately. An army chamber, let’s say so, is more universal for cartridges of this caliber, since in war, as they say “like in war”: you never look at the brand of rechargeable cartridges. But at home, in a calm environment, why not use the most suitable ammunition in all respects. After all, a hobby is a hobby because it is not accepted to spare money for it!

Much more important in this regard is a flame arrester at the end of the barrel, which usually also serves as a muzzle compensator. Here, for example, how this part looks on the MSR-10 Hunter rifle ("Hunter")

A variant of the flame arrester on the barrel of the MSR-10 Competition rifle, especially for shooting competitions

Different trunks and their rifling. In addition to the new chamber and the rifling pitch, the Savage engineers made not only four but five rifles in the trunks of their MSR-15 rifles, and also changed their shape. All this made it possible to achieve almost the maximum possible for commercial cartridges with which to shoot from them, flatness and accuracy of fire.

There is also a special long-range rifle in the company's arsenal - MSR-15 Long range

It is also known that non-chrome barrels, like stainless steel barrels, have the best potential accuracy of battle. If only they were well made. The reason chromium plating of the bore is potentially dangerous, although it protects its surface from corrosion, is due to the fact that a thin film of chromium inside the bore during prolonged cyclic loads (both mechanical, temperature, and chemical) can crumble and peel off, which will ultimately deprive him of protection. Particularly dangerous for the chrome barrel are cheap ammunition, equipped with capsules that cause accelerated corrosion, and bullets with a mild steel shell. There are "good" ammunition, but they are expensive - that is why the search for the best trunk protection is ongoing.

One of the competitors' rifles, perhaps the most important rival Armalight, is the AR-10 with a barrel length of 20 inches (508 mm) (“tactical rifle”)

And so the Savage Arms engineers took all this into account and found a much simpler and very elegant solution. The barrel channels in their MSR rifles are protected by Melonite QPQ technology. Its essence is to saturate the surface layer of the barrel metal with nitrogen and carbon compounds. Just a couple of tens of microns, which does not affect either the shape or size, but the surface treated in this way receives both increased hardness, thermal and wear resistance. But the most important thing is that since there is no film in the trunks and their geometry does not change, their accuracy remains at the level of the best non-chrome trunks. This is what modern technology is ... that are not even visible to the eye.

The "Devil" is hiding in the details ...

It remains to consider various interesting "little things" that complement the main advantages of these rifles, which are in their trunks. Recall that their forend is made of aluminum in the form of an octagonal tube and with a solid Picatinny rail along the entire length of their upper surface. The exhaust pipe is completely hidden under the forend, and just like the barrel, it does not touch anywhere.

No modern rifle can do without Picatinny rail today

The MSR-15 Patrol barrel is not hung out, so it has a different fore-end made of high-strength polymer with a textured A-shaped front sight. Moreover, his company “Savage” orders from another well-known American company “Blackhawk”, known for the production of just such “auxiliary” parts and accessories.

Blackhaw Adjustable Butt

Butt extended to full length

Although thanks to the Picatinia rails, both rifles and any other sight can be immediately mounted on both rifles, the Scout has both a rear sight and a front sight (and a folding rear sight is also included in the Patrol’s package). From a practical point of view, they, of course, are not really needed, but they are quite capable of being backup sights for any unforeseen event.

Pistol grip MSR-10 Long range with long barrel length 508 mm

Telescopic stocks and pistol grip for MSR rifles are also Blackhawk products. The stock is made of high-strength black plastic, and the pistol grip is also made of it. The perfection of its shape is complemented by a complex pattern of texture corrugation on the surface. That is, reliable retention of the rifle in the hands with such a handle is guaranteed.

And this is how “our arch” from ORSIS looks like, and it costs 13500000 rubles!

So it is unlikely to be an exaggeration to believe that Savage has completely managed to create highly competitive samples of its own AR10 and AR15, and what will happen next will be shown by time!

To be continued ...
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    The suspended barrel of the MSR-10 Hunter model is located inside such an original openwork design, which is quite rigid, lightweight and provides good heat exchange with the environment. Of course, she does not touch the trunk anywhere!

    From the fact that this trunk is "hung" in this case, no one is cold or hot. But the fact that you do not need to fool with the deformations of the forend from barrel vibrations, it is now called the hanging forend. Although picking out dirt or frozen snow from it, that is still a concern.
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