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Ambassador of the Russian Federation: The danger of the Ukrainian "Azov" is difficult to ignore already in the United States

The press service of the Russian Embassy in the United States issued a statement by Ambassador Anatoly Antonov regarding the situation surrounding the letter of Congressmen about terrorist organizations. Recall that a few days ago, four dozen congressmen sent a letter to the State Department with the initiative to include the radical ultranationalist Ukrainian formation Azov (banned in the Russian Federation) along with two European extreme right-wing organizations on the list of terrorist organizations. The letter notes that US intelligence agencies have established the facts of Azov’s recruitment of foreign citizens, including US citizens, to carry out their extremist activities.

Anatoly Antonov notes that the letter of the congressmen deserves attention.

Ambassador of Russia to the United States:

The rampant radical right-wing extremism has spread far beyond Ukraine. Congress, apparently following the US intelligence agencies, is beginning to become aware of the threat posed by Azov and the Americans in contact with it.

Recall that a terrorist in New Zealand Christchurch stated that he was training in Ukraine, consisting of Azov.

Anatoly Antonov noted that even in the USA it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the danger posed by the extremist Azov.


America should have already reached information on the creeping rehabilitation in Ukraine of Third Reich accomplices, those responsible for the massacres of civilians (Jews, Ukrainians, Russians, Poles) and Soviet prisoners of war, news the renaming of streets in honor of criminals, the erection of monuments to them, the persecution of priests of the canonical Orthodox church.

The Russian ambassador to the United States recalled that the Ukrainian Prime Minister had visited the concert of an openly neo-Nazi music group that denied, for example, the Holocaust.

It is worth recalling that it was the Azov militants who actively impeded the process of the separation of forces and assets in Zolotoy and Petrovsky.

Anatoly Antonov noted that in the Baltic countries there is a trend that is associated with attempts by the authorities to heroize the Nazis.

According to the Russian ambassador, the peacemaker extremist site operates in Ukraine, moreover, under the wing of the American Cloudflare service.

Russia expects the American authorities and the public to condemn any manifestations and support radical right-wing extremism in Ukraine.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 October 2019 05: 54
    Russia expects from the American authorities and the public, condemning any manifestations and supporting right-wing extremism in Ukraine.

    I guess we can only "wait". request
    1. cost
      cost 24 October 2019 06: 08
      Russia expects the American authorities and the public to condemn any manifestations and support radical right-wing extremism in Ukraine.

      Um? expects from the actually right-wing American authorities?
      It is rather a message to the American Jewish lobby.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 24 October 2019 07: 53
        The American Jewish lobby is not the kind of Jews the Nazis destroyed. It is unlikely that the message of our ambassador will reach their chicken cerebellum. negative
        1. orionvitt
          orionvitt 24 October 2019 11: 43
          Quote: bessmertniy
          these are not the Jews whom the Nazis destroyed

          Especially if you remember Kolomoisky, with his "Jew Bandera". Hasn't it been a long time since Jews were killed? Well, the Russians are in the Donbass, it turns out, who cares.
    2. Far East
      Far East 24 October 2019 12: 16
      with us, only (CARE) sadness! crying
  2. morpogr
    morpogr 24 October 2019 06: 05
    If they admit, this will be another argument in our favor that in Ukraine at the state level they support the Nazis and propagandize their views. And in this regard, for Ukraine it will be a strong blow to the image on the world stage. But strong changes in the policy regarding the Nazis within the country will not come. They are now convenient as a tool for redistributing the market and taking away the remnants of profitable enterprises for those who control them. And of course they will play a major role in the sale of land.
    1. Jerk
      Jerk 24 October 2019 06: 09
      Neo-Nazis this same Azov in the US Senate the devil when recognized. And they continued to send money and weapons to them, including
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 October 2019 06: 19
    the letter of congressmen is noteworthy.
    It not only deserves attention, but also gives reason to believe that not all politicians in the United States believe that all methods are good in the fight against Russia. As soon as we received information (and there was no such information before?) That Azov is recruiting, incl. and the citizens of the United States, so immediately thought about the consequences. We can only hope that common sense prevails over Russophobic stupidity and Azov is recognized as a terrorist organization.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 24 October 2019 06: 40
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Azov is recognized as a terrorist organization.

      And "Azov" is included in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which means the Ministry of Internal Affairs is a terrorist organization, And the Ministry of Internal Affairs is a state structure, which means Ukraine is a terrorist organization! wassat
      1. novel66
        novel66 24 October 2019 07: 28
        oh Volodya hi what have you said so new? well yes. that's all for a long time. it is strange that the Jews are silent ...
        1. Uncle lee
          Uncle lee 24 October 2019 07: 32
          Roma hi I just summarized ....
          1. novel66
            novel66 24 October 2019 07: 33
            Well, yes, the logical chain .. lol
        2. parkello
          parkello 25 October 2019 08: 21
          why should they shout here, you might think their words will play some role here? no ... and where it is necessary to say, they will say. so do not look at the Jews .. with one eye, take both eyes off. they have their own disagreements between the orthodox and liberals are not at all joking. they have no time for Ukraine now. they are in a deep hole. from all sides surrounded by hostile countries, literally in a ring. and that's just the neo-Nazis they still lacked, to complete the bouquet ... wait, their time will come and as they say. and to choose the least of the two evils. One must not forget that although it is the lesser, it is also an evil, and it will bring joy to few people, and there it will bring someone from a completely different country. The same Nazis from the United States and Canada sponsored the Ukronazis and the Balts, and Trump has not yet reached the main heap ... and if Azov rakes it off, and it’s not sickly. and behind him and the Balts will rake in full. they are not well known everywhere in the EU. most Europeans have very misconceptions about these countries. limited and very far from reality. they also need time to see clearly. the same Spain is again divided into fascists and non-fascists, the same Italy, the same Holland. Basically, the waters are muddied by those who do not understand anything at all. It is from their feed that all sorts of action begins in the form of Azov and "their ilk". while the Europeans have in mind how to get rid of at the expense of Ukraine, they will support anything there, any regime, just to prevent the accession to Russia. but they are in their own shit and will choke .. wait a minute, the time is near, but it has not yet come. and those who live to see the moment when the insight of the majority begins will envy the dead. sad
    2. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 24 October 2019 06: 49
      Specialists of the USA foster all sorts of "Azovs" and recruit people there, turning them into non-people. Fostered, they begin to live their own, dependent on the owners, but an independent life and are already recruiting Americans into their ranks. The circle is closed.
  4. anjey
    anjey 24 October 2019 06: 21
    Ukraine for the United States is becoming a "suitcase without a handle." The Yankees did not achieve many of their goals, they did not occupy the Crimea, they could not unleash a local conflict with Russia, and it is also impossible to dump Ukraine on the balance sheet of the European Union. The brown Nazi infection that the Americans and Europe, they themselves have sprouted, they themselves will eventually reap, so we are waiting for the repetition of "The fate of the Kurds" laughing
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 24 October 2019 06: 52
      Ukraine is becoming a "suitcase without a handle" for the United States.
      Ukraine would be a suitcase without a handle for the United States if it were in Mexico. And so, this is a problem for Europe and part of the Middle East.
      1. anjey
        anjey 24 October 2019 07: 02
        But you will not argue that the Yankees were mainly the initiators of the "Maidan coup", whoever made the mess, let him take it out in full. "Project Ukraine" is slowly but surely blown away, with all the consequences ...
        1. abrakadabre
          abrakadabre 24 October 2019 07: 23
          But you will not argue, who were mostly Yankees, were the initiators of the "Maidan coup"
          In the sense? Do you oppose me? I’m talking about the same thing.
          "Project Ukraine" is slowly but surely blown away, with all that it implies ...
          Nowhere is he, by and large, not yet blown away. Corrected - yes, blown away - no. For his curators, the current version is acceptable. A headache for us and Europe created? Created. So everything goes in the general framework of the plan.
          1. anjey
            anjey 24 October 2019 07: 48
            Again, I repeat, Ukraine, these are financial and political costs for the United States, it does not fully justify the investments made by the State Department. With the launch of Nord Stream 2, Ukraine will turn into a driven Bolivar, which cannot withstand two laughing .
            No wonder in the top article on VO, it is written about hohlyatsky laments about the "Nord Stream" laughing
            1. abrakadabre
              abrakadabre 24 October 2019 09: 08
              With the launch of Nord Stream 2, Ukraine will turn into a hunted Bolivar, which cannot withstand two
              The launch of Nord Stream 2 is the problem of the Indians (Ukrainians), not the sheriff's. They have already been tied in blood and will not go anywhere. There will be less income, more blood. They will more actively eat each other like spiders in a bank. Survivors will be angrier and more frostbitten. Than create more potential problems for the surrounding countries in general, and Russia in particular.
              1. anjey
                anjey 24 October 2019 09: 18
                Less income - it will be more accommodating with Russia, and evil Nazi spiders will soon be yesterday, only a financial trickle will stop flowing into their pockets and the world support of interested countries will weaken, hurray patriotism will disappear for many, and irreconcilable nations will cleanse the government itself, that's just probably not when Zelenkin was in, about 5 years old, everyone will show ...
  5. Vadim T.
    Vadim T. 24 October 2019 06: 32
    Every extremist organization has powerful forces behind it. The creation of Azov was not done without the knowledge of the United States. That is, at a certain stage they needed the Nazis. Now they have probably become too toxic an asset. But in the Square they don't think so, since the home-grown Fuhrer feels at ease and issues ultimatums to the president ..
  6. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 24 October 2019 06: 36
    A vivid example of how the United States surrenders its Chaldeans.
  7. knn54
    knn54 24 October 2019 06: 48
    The boomerang always comes back.
  8. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 24 October 2019 07: 00
    ... "The danger of the Ukrainian" Azov "is difficult to ignore even in the United States" ...
    But if it harms Russia, then it is possible.
  9. askort154
    askort154 24 October 2019 07: 10
    Apparently, Congress, following the US intelligence services, is beginning to realize the threat posed by Azov and the Americans in contact with it. (Antonov).

    Diplomatic verbiage. General Antonov, former Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. And should he not know how nationalist movements were created in the Baltic States, then in Ukraine. This is the development of the special services of the United States and England. And now they are "beginning to understand the threat." Baby talk. We are all afraid of offending our "partners" by telling them the truth in the face.
  10. Ura Orlov
    Ura Orlov 24 October 2019 08: 23
    Played out in the Nazi analists.
  11. cniza
    cniza 24 October 2019 09: 00
    “Russia expects the American authorities and the public to condemn any manifestations and support radical right-wing extremism in Ukraine.

    You can expect it, but there are many but ... and until their asses are touched they will not move.
  12. Antares
    Antares 24 October 2019 09: 51
    The United States long ago recognized Azov as neo-Nazis and ceased official assistance to this particular organization.
    As for the financing channels, unofficially, Azov has a bunch of patrons.
    And even support not only from the United States, even from the Russian Federation. No wonder there are many Russians.
    And yes, Biletsky is more dangerous than all these small-town nationalists. Because he is Russian. He knows how to ideologically unite the Slavs. Methods are also known.
    As for the demarche of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is some kind of distraction. The Foreign Ministry has so many problems with the United States, and they decided once again to demonstrate the All-Russian movement #Achetamuukraintsev
    Do you have Ukraine there, is it all over? Any disputes and actions ..
  13. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 24 October 2019 09: 51
    "" "Russia expects from the American authorities and the public to condemn any manifestation and support of right-wing extremism in Ukraine." ""
    In vain do we expect condemnation from the USA, because during a vote for an initiative condemning fascism at the UN, the United States and Ukraine were among the countries that refused to sign it. request
  14. Ros 56
    Ros 56 24 October 2019 09: 55
    We are waiting for when the striped banderlog under the shkonka will begin to drive.
  15. Kerensky
    Kerensky 24 October 2019 17: 02
    The letter states that US intelligence agencies established the facts of recruitment by "Azov" of foreign citizens,

    Good move. We recognize the organization as terrorist and international. What about international terrorism? Fighting! And on foreign fields as well. That is, there is a great reason to create a coalition to combat international terrorism (familiar?) And ... to bomb!
    I’m not a bloodthirsty, it’s an academic example.