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How provocations are made

How provocations are madeHonestly, the provocation turned out to be base, but in it everything is visible in full view. You simply wonder how, for lack of anything worthwhile, the Westerners news agencies pounce on cheap provocation. Honestly, when I first saw this report, I could not help laughing. Fellow journalists from local publications looked in disbelief, is he healthy?

For those who understand English, it’s probably enough to watch the video yourself in order to understand how low-grade this “work of art” is. Those who do not know English, the author will try to clarify some points. In general, it must be said that the video presented by SNN is a training manual for amateur provocateurs. Having looked at how this is done and by what arguments one’s own nonsense is reinforced, one can say with confidence that the person who is trying to pronounce all this considers the Americans to be complete idiots.

Many people know the person shown in the photo, and we will not give his last name, because the goal of the article is not this person himself or his wonderful last name. Yes, and what's the point of calling, there are many. We are not talking now about his interview, but about the interview in general and how it might look like if the interview is given by an unscrupulous, biased and corrupt person, perhaps even a manager or employee of a foundation. In his eight-minute TV interview, the hero of the interview managed to say a lot, did not have time to just say one thing - the truth!

So, in an editorial under a TV interview, it was said that Russian politicians at 95 percent supported the point of view of the American authorities on Syria. This, of course, is not, but the Americans who heard the interview are beginning to think: "Since Washington’s position is supported by Moscow, why are we still not bombing Syria? There is no resolution? So this is trifle! The main thing is Moscow’s agreement." So, if the US starts bombing Syria, there will be no problems. And if they do, then: “Oh, those insidious Russians! After all, they were not against it. ” It would be interesting to know how the 95 percent figure appeared, where did it come from? Unfortunately, these data are not given in SNN.

The second, very interesting moment of the interview. Israel is very ambivalent about the change of power in Syria, that is, it does not insist on it (oops, whether!). This is the purest water manipulation. Everyone knows how Israel wants to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. Today, Syria is perhaps the biggest obstacle to the realization of this desire. Does Israel still interfere with this Assad or not?

The next wonderful passage is that Russia does not sell and will not sell weapon Syria is not because Vladimir Putin does not want to sell weapons to Assad, but because Syria has nothing to pay for these weapons. This passage is intended to convince the Americans that starting the war against Syria, the United States should not be afraid of the significant capabilities of Syria’s air defense, because Russia will no longer supply any weapons, and one would like to recall the biblical “Blessed is he who believes!”. After all, Russia pays for the Russian base in Tartus, and could simply supply this money with this money. So, as you can see, you can do without money at all.

But this, as it turned out, is not all. Further, to make this interview seem truthful, an employee of the same foundation or institute adds a little truth. The Russian position on Libya became one after Obama’s conversation with Medvedev (where would the Russians go when the “senior ordered”). Medvedev went for it, even realizing that "both the people and Putin will criticize him" (a clear puncture! If 95 is politically sensitive for American interests, who then would criticize Medvedev?).

Further, the reporter asked whether Russia is going to get involved in a fight with the United States because of Syria. The answer was absolutely unequivocally interpreted: Russia is not going to protect the interests of Assad, therefore, if NATO comes to mind to bomb Syria, it does not need a UN Security Council resolution, and Russia should not be afraid either. Bomb for health! Here, even the correspondent was taken aback and said that she saw that in this case Russia gives the green light to the bombardments. The interviewee believes that the “weak Medvedev” then went on about Obama. However, for some reason no one remembers that it was Medvedev who gave the order, as a result of which “timid Georgians fled” in 2008. If Medvedev is so weak and has defeated Georgia with one left, it’s scary to imagine what Putin would have done if he were in power. But Putin is now the president of Russia, where does such confidence come from that Russia would not mind if the West “taught” Assad? Yes, there is no certainty, it is a complete linden.

There are, of course, other “pearls” that cannot cause anything but a smile. For example, the English language of this figure. Here, of course, you can defend your doctoral dissertation on the topic: “A wonderful“ Russian-speaking ”accent for your money.” Probably, even Benny Crick's bindjeworkers didn't speak English like that. To the mind, an incomprehensible amount of mistakes and a completely wild accent transforms the interview into a specially encrypted message. Those who did not understand something besides the above, and heard all this trolleywatch, can now think of the rest themselves. If we consider that they will think out in “native” tones for the Western mentality, brought up on provocation of the English-language press like today's interview, we should not be surprised if the consumer of these TV cutlets makes for himself the conclusion: “What are we waiting for? It’s time to bomb and overthrow al-Assad. "

And then imagine what a person will think when he learns that the Russian ships of three fleets are going to Syria. “Why do they go there? What game did these damn Russians start? They can never be trusted! The KGB and Putin are to blame for everything. Russia is an evil empire! ”

In general, it must be said that the provocation in this interview is not only cheap, but, like all provocations, it pursues certain goals. In this case, some circles need to remove Assad by any means, therefore, throw the Russians out of Tartus and open the road to Iran. To some of these circles, they don't give a damn that if they push the Americans and the Russians together, the citizens of the United States and Russia will die. Interested circles make such provocations not in the name of these two countries, so let them “wet” each other. There is even an opinion that all Gentiles in order exist to serve the interests of certain people.

In fact, this provocation has one single goal, to make Americans believe that the Russians will not oppose the United States in Syria, which means that it is necessary to begin immediately. Then, when it turns out that the Russians are still against, a new provocation will appear, which will convince us that it is necessary not to bow our heads to the perfidious Russians, but to go to the end. That is how they are drawn into the wars of the country. Here, as they say, “servile chubov” is not a pity. Will the Americans swallow this TV cutlet? Be sure to swallow. Do they pay for their gullibility with their lives - of course, pay. This is all, so to speak, predictable consequences.

But what will be the reaction to all this from Russia? It's funny to even hear that 95% of Russians support the White House’s aspirations for Syria. Most likely, 95% of Russians are categorically against what the United States is doing in the world in general and in Syria in particular. Perhaps never before in the last 20 years of the newest stories Russian-American relations did not have such a gloomy period. A person who gives deliberately false information in an interview looks like a thief who, talking to you and looking directly into your eyes, nevertheless, climbs into your pocket. These are the "TV" and pushing their heads with the army of the two countries. They consider themselves to be clever politicians, but, in fact, they are only “gamblers”.

Those who understand and see their cheap feints, of course, know them and the price. The Russian does not need to explain for a long time who climbs into all the cracks and tries to create tension here and there. This greatly hinders those who are constantly caught by the hand. Somehow, in a Russian analytical program, a certain US political analyst said: “The problem with Russia is that Russians are too politicized. What they have to do with foreign policy, while the Americans are interested in something else. Americans need to have the roads repaired to build schools and so on. "

Here it is important to understand that this is not a problem of Russia, that it has such citizens, this is a problem of politicians and political scientists of the United States, that they cannot fool Russians like they fooled the Americans. The fact that Western media outlets are idiots of Americans doesn’t even go to the grandmother, and they manage to “push” a lot of American consciousness, but the problem is with the Russians. Russians refuse to consume such a brew. The Russians have a pathological flair and a request for truth, but the Western media are just trying to hide this very truth more deeply. The current interview is a vivid example.

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  1. alexng
    alexng 13 July 2012 06: 42
    Well, don’t feed the Americans bread, but let the triumph of lies, that’s understandable. But what does this old senile need. And suddenly the amers will bend and this moron will be on the sidelines without any means of subsistence, since Russia will not need it. And rightly so.
  2. Activist
    Activist 13 July 2012 06: 57
    Who will cheat whom. Experience with us and opponents do not take.
    Listen, so Russia and the USA have nothing to do with weapons at all.
    As the famous sportsman says, well, or almost so;
    And so, we are for world peace.
    1. CC-18a
      CC-18a 13 July 2012 07: 05
      You are completely wrong, we have no experience both with the state and the people!
      The United States honed the population fouling for 200 years, we have passed the current 20 years. And besides, in the United States since ancient times, the entire education system consists in creating controlled dumbasses who do not understand and do not want to understand, but we had a USSR that educated people with high moral values ​​and with the ability to introspect any information.

      I don’t want to say that we need the same experience ... we don’t need, but we need something capable of withstanding the pin * expansion board in our information space, it is LIVELY necessary, or we will do it (destroy the trolls working for our enemies) or we as a state and as a people perish.
      1. nagual
        nagual 13 July 2012 11: 53
        It’s not that I intercede for Mr. Rahr (he is a rare enemy). But in fairness, it should be noted the obvious fact that Israel has to deal with Assad (with all the dislike for him and Hezbollah) - it is still better than with armed groups feeding with the Saudis. If Assad sponsors Hezbollah, while maintaining official neutrality, then after it, Israel runs the risk of getting a radical gangster regime armed with from the warehouses of the Syrian army, including the chem. weapons. Objectively, Israel would have been better off if the West had not stirred up water in Syria at all.
      2. DEMENTIY
        DEMENTIY 13 July 2012 16: 54

        I do not want to say that we need the same experience ...

        Not at all needed.
    2. vvvvv
      vvvvv 13 July 2012 07: 32
      Weapons can be sold and not possessed as the United States for killings, but to prevent this, as Russia.
      1. Норд
        Норд 13 July 2012 10: 53
        Previously, the Western media at least somehow tried to give the appearance of credibility to their nonsense, but this sample of the interview put a fat blot on such efforts. Well, there is no media in the West, there is a QS or means of mass fooling.
        1. Machaon
          Machaon 13 July 2012 15: 21
          Yes Goebbelsiad of pure water !!!
          1. 755962
            755962 13 July 2012 17: 45
            Their media turned into a weapon of mass extermination a long time ago. And Americans are gullible children, whatever they say, they are zombies in a word. And they must be fought with their own weapons. Although this is too weak for us. many enemies and few allies.
            1. Harlin
              Harlin 13 July 2012 18: 42
              Quote: 755962
              it turns out too weak.

              Yes, and this kind of task is not worth it! We are in the tail and in the mane, and we only smile mysteriously!
  3. vvvvv
    vvvvv 13 July 2012 07: 36
    For thousands of times I read and heard something about the affairs of the United States and the West as a whole.
    But, until now, I can’t somehow reconcile myself or be able to understand how you can be so much like all these initiators and their handy ?! How low should a person be so that there is so much lies and blood on their souls ?!
    They are simply degenerates of the human race.
    1. Tsim
      Tsim 13 July 2012 09: 40
      Totally agree with you.

      Previously, it seemed to me that evil is something abstract. It turns out no - the evil are those that you described.
  4. aleks3897
    aleks3897 13 July 2012 07: 38

    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 13 July 2012 07: 55
      Quote: aleks3897
      Reply Quote Report n

      The Russian people know the truth, but the American nifiga does not, so all the lies are being poured on the ears of US citizens in the first place, in order to show the complete failure of Russia as a state. And at the same time to reassure society that in the event of a strike against Syria, there will be no new Caribbean crisis. Which in itself is far from a fact.
      1. Armata
        Armata 13 July 2012 08: 07
        Quote: aleks3897

        I would clarify that this is stupefying youth, since at our age we can already analyze and perceive information and not just take everything on faith.
        1. vvvvv
          vvvvv 13 July 2012 08: 33
          You are right, statistics indicate

    2. Stelth
      Stelth 13 July 2012 09: 40
      aleks3897, if our authorities did not give a reason, then discrediting would have been impossible. Why during the tragedy to glue stickers with the "ER" logo on the humanitarian aid collected and handed over by ordinary people? Why does the police forbid distribution of aid without registration? I will answer: during this registration the stickers "EP" are glued. Not everything is so smooth and cloudless.
      1. alexng
        alexng 13 July 2012 16: 15
        I contacted my friends volunteers working in Krymsk on Skype. About the sticker they assure that this is a heinous lie. This is what should be the jackal stifled (most likely stew) in a person who spreads vileness in such a tragedy. And about the death toll: the lists of the dead hang so that all relatives could find out about their missing. Do not mumble on the bones of the dead for this Nature is very cruelly punishing.
      2. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 13 July 2012 18: 20
        Why during the tragedy to glue stickers with the "ER" logo on the humanitarian aid collected and handed over by ordinary people?

        That's it, that you should not immediately believe such an infe.
        Very similar to what the article said. The goals are the same.
  5. rinzhak
    rinzhak 13 July 2012 07: 55
    damn, just today I heard broken English by Dmitry Saims belay I thought he knew the traditional "Landon" pronunciation ...
    1. with
      with 18 July 2012 02: 03
      Quote: rinzhak
      damn, just today I heard broken English by Dmitry Saims

      He has the same broken Russian, maybe he is an alien with a downed plate?))) bully
  6. kuzmich
    kuzmich 13 July 2012 08: 02
    Well, I read and I don’t understand whether to cry or laugh what
  7. Trapperxnumx
    Trapperxnumx 13 July 2012 08: 44
    Remembering the performances of CienNan about 08.08.08. I'm not surprised at all ...
  8. sergo0000
    sergo0000 13 July 2012 08: 47
    Well, our ships will not turn back already! Now it’s up to the internal media enemies. And it’s time to start introducing political information lessons in schools. Alager com alager!
    1. sapulid
      sapulid 13 July 2012 14: 59
      Drive and fight. What to write on a gravestone, in case of your death? Died for the freedom of Syria? Nobody, like, attacked Syria. For the Assad regime? Is it worth it?
      1. vvvvv
        vvvvv 16 July 2012 06: 05
        There are different situations in life. There are wars because of power and money, as it was in the Second World War, or wars of the USA - Yugoslavia, Libya, etc. Even women and children, or Jews, blacks were killed and tortured a lot. There were different people at the same time. Some were the noble defenders who defended not only their own child, not only their homeland. And they generally fought with EVIL. If you delve into it, then in reality in the person of Hitler a terrible evil revived, which brought simply horror to millions. Yes, someone defended and perished for the sake of others. Someone was not brave, but could clearly adhere to the ideological point of view, condemning evil and glorifying GOOD.
        And what is your point of view? Which is visible in your comment, or still want to clarify it so as not to look at least an accomplice and a liar ?! Syria was attacked by terrorists and special forces, a message from all sides formed and sent by a number of NATO countries and their accomplices. This is not possible not to know. One can only pretend to be a fool, as Western politicians and the media do. But, they do it purposefully and consciously. And you?
  9. Opertak
    Opertak 13 July 2012 09: 11
    There is a lot of pathos in the article, it makes little sense. In general, I did not understand what the author was attached to this Simes - he is a very sensible expert.
    1. Represents Russia as a reviving power.
    2. Until 08.08.08, he categorically advised Americans not to meddle in Russian-Georgian relations and not to help Georgia.
    3. The most correct of their experts assesses the possibilities of cooperation between Russia and the United States - without love and only on mutually beneficial aspects.
    4. He owns the phrase: Washington must understand that it is dealing with a nationalist and resurgent Russia, "which is not interested in anyone's instructions regarding internal affairs."
    5. He is categorically against US influence in the post-Soviet space.
    PS Nah to us this Syria has not surrendered. This is Putin's opinion. And why our ships went there is a topic of a completely different conversation and in fact it has nothing to do with Syria - we pay for Medvedev's "sins" in relation to Libya. There is a hint of this in his interview with the Financial Times - he says softly that he was deceived, but in fact, was thrown like a kid.
    1. dmb
      dmb 13 July 2012 10: 21
      Well, thank God, otherwise I thought. that the members of the forum from the heat completely limp their brains. Well, where does the fooling of the Russian people, when Simes spoke for the American people, the bulk of the Russian people have an English vocabulary. comparable to the stock of Ellochka the cannibal. This is the first thing. Secondly, the author so dashingly draws conclusions for all Americans that it is just right to consider him a provocateur. The author's anonymity also suggests a similar idea. However, the second option is also possible, to which the requirement of Peter the Great for the speakers is very suitable. Well, for example. Simes speaks about 95% of Russian politicians, and the author famously translates them into 95% of the Russian people. As far as politicians are concerned, Simes is probably right, because their venality is well known, and in my opinion it is not worth giving examples of it. They are already well known. Further. The author, for the reasons I mentioned above, obviously firmly believes that when deciding to intervene in Syria. the American leadership will consult neither with its intelligence agencies, but with the general American public. So I imagine the picture, Obama on the TV screen: "Citizens, all to vote on the Internet. Bomb, al no. The first 10 voters will receive a prize of 1000 dollars." Dear site administration. I understand that the site is patriotic and very necessary, but this article is not even an opinion, but a reprint from a dubious source, which reminded me of the worst examples of Soviet propaganda. That is how the political observer Zhukov stands before his eyes, who said: "No, Mr. Reagan, nothing will come of yours," a plumber from the city of Kovrov writes to us. "
      1. MI-AS-72
        MI-AS-72 13 July 2012 20: 39
        I wanted to say something, a connoisseur of English.
        1. dmb
          dmb 13 July 2012 21: 33
          Apparently, some heat affects
    2. Cynic
      Cynic 13 July 2012 18: 13
      Quote: OperTak
      we are paying for Medvedev's "sins" in relation to Libya.

      They wouldn’t merge Libya, there wouldn’t be a question on Syria.
      Quote: OperTak
      he softly says that they deceived him, but in fact they threw him like a kid.

      Well, just the second Gorbachev, he also has a favorite record: the West ommanul!
      1. Opertak
        Opertak 13 July 2012 21: 33
        Quote: Cynic
        They wouldn’t merge Libya, there wouldn’t be a question on Syria.
        - not in the eyebrow, but in the eye! But the point is not so much that, but that Gaddafi managed to bite Russia very poisonously before his death. His phrase: There is no longer Russia - the advocate of all the weak and destitute did not widely advertise, but reached those to whom it was intended. For Russia, there were few open doors in the world before, and after that, the few that were opened began to close. This hit Russia’s authority very much. This explains our current fuss with Syria. Although I think that this will not help her - Assad is a weakling, he did not go to his father, but to his mother. Figuratively speaking: a klyster tube is a doctor by basic education, not a military one.
  10. Stary oper
    Stary oper 13 July 2012 15: 26
    There is no doubt that the next massacre in Syria is a provocation. If only because they always appear at a certain moment, so that the news does not have time to cool down. Just like handing over the object for the next party congress ... :) They even this time took into account some obvious flaws of the previous provocation and killed representatives of many families. But what I do not quite agree with is that: "There is even an opinion that all gentiles exist for this purpose, to serve the interests of certain people." This is how the melody sounds in this phrase: "If there is no water in the tap ..." :) And one more thing. I understand patriotic feelings, but you shouldn't be so dismissive of the Americans and think that they don't understand anything (sort of hamburger eaters), but we are all so smart and politically literate. And there, and we - there are different. Another thing is that ordinary people practically do not participate in decision-making, but in which case they are forced to disentangle their consequences.
    1. Oleg Rosskiyy
      Oleg Rosskiyy 13 July 2012 22: 36
      I completely agree that normal people live in the United States and they are in the majority, but they cannot do anything, since there is a political elite that runs all this chaos, guarded by special services and a contract army (mercenaries), and which absolutely do not care about the opinion of ordinary citizens Well, if public opinion is needed, it will simply be formed with the help of such "human rights activists" and the media.
  11. katarsis
    katarsis 13 July 2012 21: 28
    It is important here to understand that this is not a problem for Russia, that it has such citizens, it is a problem for US politicians and political scientists, that they cannot fool Russians the way Americans fool.

    What can I say ..... American politicians cannot fool the Russians, because Russian politicians led by Putin, who are not just fooling around, but zombie their citizens, are not good for it. But this is the problem of Russia, the one that is Great, and not the one that is totalitarian Putin.
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 14 July 2012 03: 05

      If this is a problem, then not Russia, but yours!

      ZOMBIES YOU! ! ! This mantra you with enviable constancy Taldychit not the first day! It looks like you haven’t left anything else in your head! ! !
    2. Cynic
      Cynic 15 July 2012 18: 17
      Quote: katarsis
      which is totalitarian Putin.

      Will you be explaining to us here about what a totalitarian system is?
      You still tell about the totalitarianism to the inhabitants of Germany, otherwise they also can not know.
      Although you know better you have enlightened democracy.
  12. Sarmex
    Sarmex 13 July 2012 22: 39
    That's what interests me! At present, one can see how strong the correct flow of information is. Why is Russia losing in the information war to the west?
    I must say right away why it is losing, because this war is going on in our territory - Bolotnaya, Krymsk, Elections! Your opinions
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 14 July 2012 03: 25

      I didn’t notice that we were losing! !

      We have that the majority began to consider the US a friend?

      Or do you think you will be given in the United States Leontief programs twist ??

      In my information field, in my opinion, they very competently bring to the attention of who is who!

      And what do you call a loss? If Lavrov will comment on all the nonsense that the different Clintons and McFaul carry and others like him, he won’t do anything but collect a press conference five times a day!
      1. Sarmex
        Sarmex 14 July 2012 07: 20
        The question here is what purpose is set for a certain information impact. The manipulations around the Elections and Krymsk are gradually undermining confidence in the authorities.
        In our country, there are a lot of people who do not watch TV and do not read sites like this and many of them believe, for example, that Krymsk flooded power by opening the floodgates of the reservoir, that only one volunteer is engaged in the restoration of the city, etc. This is especially evident in social networks, the blogosphere where there are constant reposts of information stuffing, aimed at exacerbating the simplest human reactions (fear, anger, resentment, pity). People begin to think that the state is constantly deceiving them, that it is necessary to change power. I have heard such opinions more than once from friends, acquaintances, colleagues.
        And the United States no one else considers) This is probably already genetically and irreparably)))))))
  13. io_stalin
    io_stalin 13 July 2012 22: 58
    Знаменитый Senator John McCain portends the "Arab spring".

    or Details from the life of clowns.

    Question: Do all Americans know that Johnny is a flying pilot ?:

    John ibn McCain was an ordinary "son" - the son - the grandson of two four-star admirals - also John McCain. Our Johnny - as the future great senator was called in the family, did not shine with abilities from childhood. What for? Turning to his life path, you come to the conviction that his "roof moved down" long before Vietnam, if he had one at all.

    While training in Texas, he drowned his plane in the bay, but managed to get out of it and swim to the surface. Ditch the plane, do not break the ski during the transition, dad had to bring in a friend of the admiral to hush up this story. But as it turned out later, it was not the worst,
    After graduating from flight school, he was assigned to the Mediterranean group, where he managed to "excel" by invading the airspace of a sovereign state, flying over southern Spain, near Gibraltar.

    Here the matter turned out to be much more serious than just a ditched plane. Dad had to hush up the international incident. European newspapers wrote about the admiral’s son, Americans behaving completely disrespectfully, and the like. But dad did it, the case was hushed up and Johnny was just ripe home for the Caribbean crisis. And there Vietnam began ... Young McCain served as an adjutant for some time with a certain admiral, and then he was sent to Mississippi as a flight instructor at the McCain military airfield - his grandfather, such modesty was only gaining momentum.

    But the most important thing was ahead. Johnny grew, his "qualifications" grew, and his next victim was not only an airplane, but also a whole AIR CARRIER for the company.

    The Forrestal he served on flared like a match after a missile salvo that Johnny, PERSONALLY! fired from his plane right on deck. "

    As a result of an assault strike by a dashing admiral's son, one and a half hundred sailors were killed, (147 people) hundreds were injured and burned, 21 aircraft on the deck were damaged, 15 of them were completely burned, and the aircraft carrier itself was put out of action for a year!

    McCain himself was immediately transferred, away from sin, to another, more recent aircraft carrier. Where is he soon, during a sortie, to the US Navy was hit by a Soviet missile, and for five and a half years was excommunicated from the US Army.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 15 July 2012 18: 22
      Quote: io_stalin
      was shot down by a Soviet rocket

      You’ll think about it, but they’ve shot down a fig?
      Don’t say: Blood washes away all sins.
  14. mind1954
    mind1954 14 July 2012 04: 17
    In the end it tires! No variety!
    It is necessary to finally fuck the UN Security Council
    fist on the table, recall everything from Iraq and demand
    stop, turn the UN Security Council into a booth, with these provocations-
    -resolutions! And pay less attention to China!
    But unfortunately, my wishes are not from this life, I would say, but
  15. antikilller55
    antikilller55 14 July 2012 21: 55
  16. antikilller55
    antikilller55 14 July 2012 21: 56
    the amers got already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. antikilller55
    antikilller55 14 July 2012 21: 56
    Amer dibila !!!!