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In the footsteps of SKSHU "Center-2019"

A month ago, the largest strategic command and staff exercise Center-2019 was held in Russia. It was attended by servicemen not only of the Russian Armed Forces, but also representatives of the armies of several foreign states, including Tajikistan, India, China, Pakistan, etc.

SKSHU "Center-2019" allowed the command to check the level of training not only of the command staff of the military contingents, but also of the military command and control bodies of the Central Military District (Central Military District).

Over 130 thousand people, tens of thousands of pieces of equipment: from army vehicles to tanks and multiple launch rocket systems, from armored personnel carriers on the ground to fighters, attack helicopters and attack aircraft in the sky.

The other day, the Zvezda channel in the Military Acceptance program spoke in detail about the conduct and results of the Center-2019 exercise.

One of the most spectacular (and at the same time effective) stages of the maneuvers is the landing of the Airborne Forces regiment according to the formula 2000-200-20. According to the program host Alexei Egorov, in just 20 minutes from the sides of the military transport aviation 2000 personnel and 200 pieces of equipment were landed.

Flamethrowers literally burned out a conditional enemy at the training grounds, assault groups occupied bridgeheads, holding them until the approach of the main forces and means.

All the details of the Center-2019 maneuvers that allow you to follow the trail of SKSHU are in the plot:


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  1. edeligor
    edeligor 16 October 2019 14: 25
    I am very interested: how do our strategists in the General Staff represent mobilization issues at the present stage?
    1. ushakorv
      ushakorv 16 October 2019 14: 30
      Clearly better than you recourse
    2. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 16 October 2019 14: 44
      Quote: edeligor
      I am very interested: how do our strategists in the General Staff represent mobilization issues at the present stage?

      No way. There is no mobile reserve, unlike China.
    3. WILL
      WILL 16 October 2019 14: 59
      Quote: edeligor
      I am very interested: how do our strategists in the General Staff represent mobilization issues at the present stage?

      Civil Administration - will turn into Military!
      In my opinion - not the best solution! Wait and see.
      God forbid - actually see it! The good news is that at the turning points of Russian history - Real Leaders have always appeared!
      1. edeligor
        edeligor 17 October 2019 18: 13
        God grant. I would like your confidence. At the moment, everything, in this regard, is very sad ...
  2. gabonskijfront
    gabonskijfront 16 October 2019 14: 40
    As the experience of Syria and the Donbass has shown, local conflicts turn into a war of target designation, the capture and retention of information space over the battlefield leaves the enemy no chance.
  3. Free wind
    Free wind 16 October 2019 14: 51
    But what about the quick-eyed in the center of Russia? What did they forget with us?
    1. Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo 26 November 2019 00: 23
      Exactly 100 years ago.

      The exact number of volunteers from the Middle Kingdom is now impossible to name, but it was a question of many tens of thousands of Chinese legionnaires. Trotsky began to form CHONES from them - special purpose units. The first such formations were requested for himself and tested in the case by the commander of Yakir.

      Jonah Emmanuilovich Yakir fought in the south-west of Russia and Ukraine, where the peasantry did not abruptly accept the new government and constantly rebelled. The Chinese Chonovtsy fully justified themselves - they slaughtered entire villages, sparing neither women, nor old people, nor children. Not to mention the captive White Guards. Rejoiced at their successes, Trotsky distributed the CHON along all fronts of the Civil War. And everywhere is quite successful. In 1919, more than 20 Chinese international units were already active in the Red Army ...
  4. Alexander Alekseev_2
    Alexander Alekseev_2 12 November 2019 23: 33
    Maybe instead of "Nivakempfvagen" Brdm-2 is better (at least she knows how to swim and has some kind of chain mail).