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The head of Roscosmos: Russia will build its orbital station after the ISS


Russia will build its own orbital station in the event that it is not possible to agree on the creation of a new International Space Station (ISS), head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, said at the Farnborough 2012 international air show.

“We are developing several new modules for the ISS, and they are being designed so that they can be used as basic units for the future generation of manned stations. If we do not find further lines of international cooperation, these modules can be used autonomously, like a Russian station, ”Popovkin told Interfax.

According to him, in cooperation with the countries operating the ISS, on the recommendation of the Russian side, a working group has been set up, which is designed to decide the future fate of the station and determine the timing of its decommissioning.

“Discussions are ongoing and are invariant in nature. We consider the idea of ​​creating small stations for specific tasks in near-Earth orbit, international stations at the equilibrium points between the Moon and the Earth, or on the far side of the Moon, ”said the head of Roscosmos.

According to the newspaper VIEW, the partner countries of the ISS program expect to extend the life of the station for the period up to 2020 year. After that, the station can be derailed and flooded.

The creation of the International Space Station directly in near-earth orbit began on November 20, 1998, with the launch of its first module, the Zarya Functional Cargo Block (FGB). In December of the same year, the Endeavor ship STS-88 put the Unity connection module (Unity) into orbit and docked it with the FGB of Zarya. In July, the 2000 of the year, the composition of the ISS was added to the third module. They became the service module (SM) "Star". According to its purpose, SM "Star" is the basis of the Russian segment of the ISS.

It provides crew activities and station management with a regularly changing configuration. At the stage of deployment of the ISS, the SM Zvezda served as the base unit of the entire station, the main place for the life and work of the crew. 2 November 2000 of the year on the Soyuz TM-31 spacecraft arrived at the station by the crew of the first main expedition (ISS-1) - William Shepherd (commander), Yuri Gidzenko (pilot) and Sergey Krikalev (flight engineer). Since that day, the ISS has become a permanently habitable station.

On board, replacing each other, the crews of the main expeditions began to work for several months.

In 2001, the American laboratory module Destiny (Destiny - Fate) and airlock Quest (Quest - Search) and the Russian docking compartment Pierce, which also acts as a lock chamber at the exits, were introduced into the ISS. open space.

In subsequent years, the energy node of the high-power solar cells was deployed. A mobile transport system with a Canadian remote manipulator Canadarm-2 has been installed to support work in open space.

The ISS was supplied with the help of Russian manned spacecraft of the Soyuz type and automatic cargo spacecraft of the Progress type, as well as of the American space shuttle system ships. In connection with the 1 incident of February 2003, the crash of the American ship Columbia, in which all seven crew members were killed, flights of other shuttles were also suspended.

In reality, it was possible to maintain the operation of the ISS until the resumption of flights of American ships was possible only with the help of Russian means. The first test flight of the shuttle after the Columbia crash took place in July 2005.

The construction of the ISS continued. New sections of solar batteries were delivered to the station, which significantly increased its power supply. At the end of 2007, the ISS was supplemented with two more sealed modules. In October, the Node-2 interconnect module (Node-1 called “Unity”, which has been operating as part of the station since December 1998) was delivered to orbit made in Italy by order of the United States. In November, the Node-2, now it is called “Harmony” (Harmony - “Harmony”), with the help of the station's manipulator was put in its regular place - on the axial port of the Destiny module.

In 2008-2009, the Japanese module "Kibo" entered the ISS. To do this, it took three launches of American shuttles to deliver to the station the cargo hold of this module, its main section and external platform.

In November 2009, the construction of the Russian segment of the ISS continued - a small research module MIM-2 “Search” docked to the Zvezda SM. In February 2010 of the year for the American segment of the ISS, the Endeavor STS-130 shuttle was delivered to the Tranquility residential module (Tranquility - Tranquility) and the Domes review module (Kupola - in Italian “Dome”). In May of the same year, the shuttle Atlantis STS-132 brought the Russian small research module MIM-1 Rassvet.

NASA plans to retrofit its segment with another hermetic module and to complete its construction. Construction of the Russian segment will continue due to the addition of new scientific modules to it.
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  1. nokki
    nokki 12 July 2012 07: 29
    Need your own station! Americans are famous "scammers"! And the Chinese are stepping on their heels!
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 12 July 2012 08: 12
      Quote: nokki

      Need your own station! Americans are famous "scammers"! And the Chinese are stepping on their heels!

      I agree! No matter how expensive the station is, but you need it now! The future station is our prestige as SPACE POWER !!!
      1. White
        White 12 July 2012 16: 46
        What scammers are they if they pay almost all the costs of the ISS?
      2. Polente the Wanderer
        Polente the Wanderer April 19 2020 18: 59
        Let billionaires instead of yachts, etc. will fall on her.
        But instead, ordinary people will be torn apart by taxes ... So why remove the latter for the sake of prestige of some top managers, public and private ...
    2. leon-iv
      leon-iv 12 July 2012 12: 06
      that's just the same amers are not scammers. they can bargain for a long time and tediously but they fulfill their contracts.
      1. dark_sp
        dark_sp 12 July 2012 12: 18
        Head of Roskosmos !!! - unless they closed it for the theft of billions !!
      2. Eugene
        Eugene 12 July 2012 16: 59
        Exactly, if not for the USA, then there would be no ISS.
    3. PatriotizTAT
      PatriotizTAT 12 July 2012 17: 37
      It was not he who stole the dough there ?! yes oh at least do not pay taxes !!! request
    4. Polente the Wanderer
      Polente the Wanderer April 19 2020 18: 55
      And what to do with it? Since 95, our Science module has been creating ...
  2.  pistons
    pistons 12 July 2012 07: 36
    Judging because how much time they promise us the Angara. creating our own station is a long wait. if that happens at all.
    1. Vashestambid
      Vashestambid 12 July 2012 10: 18
      Quote: pistons
      Judging because how much time we are promised the Angara

      In Soviet times, scientists behind the lag behind the Americans in space threatened to put them on the wall (with a shot) !! And so people tried with all their superpowers for their homeland ...
      Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
      1. kagorta
        kagorta 12 July 2012 10: 33
        Queen to the wall ... laughing what
  3. Goga
    Goga 12 July 2012 08: 02
    The Chinese already have their own station, but we are all in the future, wondering - we will agree, we will not agree ... request
    Popovkin, like Khodja Nasretdin - after the 20th year we will build a station and on the Moon we’ll be a base and fly to Mars .... and by the 20th year one of the three will die either an emir, or a donkey, or Popovkin .. . wassat ... This is not serious, but the fact that the RCU was hooked on the theft of 500 million is already serious, they finally took up the "space" cut.
    1. Yves762
      Yves762 12 July 2012 09: 05
      Not only Roscosmos, but also all of our authorities, movements in one way or another referred to by the finish lines by 2020, leave a aftertaste of the mentioned anecdote ... recourse
      1. 916-th
        916-th 12 July 2012 10: 25
        Iv762, rather than a joke, but a large-scale macaran production with subsequent hanging of products on the ears of the people.
  4. itr
    itr 12 July 2012 08: 06
    But the head of the Russian Space Agency has no plans to resign or wait until the criminal case is opened.
  5. volcano
    volcano 12 July 2012 08: 13
    Honestly, I want Russia to move to a new level, as the pioneer of space. Lunar bases, expeditions to other planets, etc.
    I would like Russia to rush to the stars.
    Oh, dreams, dreams.
    1. Goga
      Goga 12 July 2012 08: 34
      volkan - Greetings, Andrey! - quote - "I would like Russia to rush to the stars" - not the word you want it to be! But Mr. Popovkin is somehow not at all S.P. Korolev and with such a professional student's education, in the near future, "Korolevs" may not happen ... request
      1. volcano
        volcano 12 July 2012 09: 06
        I welcome you Igor and completely agree with you.
        But one wants the Cosmos to be what humanity would turn its gaze to.
        So that it would not deal with the clarification of relations, but would combine its efforts and go out to the stars.
        The fucking USA and NATO are rocking the civilization of the earth and stopping military fires from dying around the world. All scientific potential, all finances are directed to the military aspects of our life.
        And space exploration now exists on a residual basis.
        From which we can conclude that it is the United States that impedes the space expansion of mankind.
        1. Goga
          Goga 12 July 2012 15: 47
          volkan - Andrey, let’s clarify, let's say - not even the United States itself, but the Jewish "world government", which has fallen into progressive paranoia, is pulling the whole world into a dead end. And at what pace was the development of cosmonautics in the USSR! When and where will there be such conditions for development, and will it be ... sad recourse
          1. volcano
            volcano 12 July 2012 17: 44
            I agree again drinks
  6. Vadim
    Vadim 12 July 2012 08: 30
    The station is very necessary, but will it be pulled? With our cut and reforms.
  7. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 12 July 2012 08: 56
    The worse things are, the louder the statement!
    The industry has almost collapsed, soon there will be nowhere for cosmonauts and no one to prepare, the rockets can’t really be launched - but again the promise of something unthinkable in the distant future ...
  8. Igor
    Igor 12 July 2012 09: 02
    And the design of this station will be OJSC Horns and Hoofs registered in Cyprus, something tells me that it will be an underwater station. By the way, I noticed that after loud scandals with astronautics, the Roscosmos leadership immediately tells stories about how we will fly to the moon , Mars and Superships. laughing
  9. JonnyT
    JonnyT 12 July 2012 09: 18
    It would be just wonderful if we had our own station !!!! The same independence in space exploration !!!!
    1. Igor
      Igor 12 July 2012 09: 23
      Where will she fly?
      1. with
        with 12 July 2012 16: 30
        Quote: Igorek
        Where will she fly?

        Will plow the vastness of the universe !!))) bully
  10. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 12 July 2012 10: 35
    It would be better if we focused on the moon, there we need a station!
  11. koksalek
    koksalek 12 July 2012 12: 08
    After the publication of an article as at Roskosmos (or Roskosmos itself) they plundered half a billion rubles, their own Wishlist all look somehow ridiculous in the sense that they will again milk the budget again for even larger amounts and the exhaust is empty, but the pockets will hang even more full of dough. Where are the harsh sentences of the robbers? No them? And it won’t be, the feeder is too sweet, and the people pick it up, they only get a sweeter drink on their ears
  12. TROG
    TROG 15 July 2012 02: 56
    Popovkin is a storyteller!
    Until now, the Russian segment of the station has not been completed.
    And about the new station and speech can not be.
  13. Bypassed
    Bypassed 8 March 2019 18: 25
    Of course, you can criticize the American trampoline - and takes off crookedly and dock anyhow as it lands on the water.
    But seven seats! This is a bit more than 2 Union