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Russian sport, meaningless and merciless. What are the stadiums to blame for?

This is nothing more than a sequel observer's polemic notes on sports facilities in Russia - for mass sports and not quite. And we’ll try to start the second part of our near-sport review with a good one.

Russian sport, meaningless and merciless. What are the stadiums to blame for?

What nights in Sochi

It must be admitted that the choice of the capital of the Winter Olympics in favor of Sochi was made absolutely right. Seaside resort, where there has never been and will not be a shortage of tourists, and even in the vicinity of the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort, where the elegant "Swallows" are now "flying" along the super-track without interruption - a guarantee of success. Both sports and commercial.

On the whole, positive expectations regarding the future fate of the main sports facilities are also justified. Sochi now has both hockey and football teams that help keep the Sports Palace and Fisht Arena empty. The alpine sports core, we can say, is flourishing - it is not for nothing that the president, the prime minister, and other officials regularly visit there. It is clear that the prices at Laura and Rosa Khutor are going wild, but why are we worse than Courchevel or Davos?

It seems that the sad fate of the former Olympic capitals, such as Sarajevo or Canadian Vancouver, does not threaten our Sochi. And yet - commerce, this, of course, is wonderful, but is a semi-secular ski party a mass sport that serves as the foundation for big sports? It seems that people remember the mass sport in the health resorts of Sochi only in the morning exercises, and in the same Krasnaya Polyana they even forget a little about traditional hiking trips.

Tourists, however, can look for other routes, but after all, almost everything else, except for wonderful slopes for skiers and snowboarders, on the slopes of the five-headed beauty Aibgi is mostly idle. Both ski jumps and tracks - ski, biathlon, tobogganing or bobsleigh, and even rehabilitation centers, which are clearly redeveloped into dens.

Alas, quite often for months, and even in season, a significant part of the hotel fund is idle, not only in Sochi, but also in Krasnaya Polyana. In general, Sochi literally begs for holding not only international economic summits, but also sports competitions at the Universiade level, or at least the Spartakiad of the peoples of the North Caucasus.

Yes, even if it is a world olympiad of ecologists or ufologists, if only everything that was done for the memorable 2014 year remains in demand today. This is very sad, but even the best sports facilities can be destroyed and launched very quickly, which happens, in fact, throughout Russia. It is hoped that Sochi will be able to remain in this sense a pleasant exception.

Successors of Football Glory

Then again - about the good. Russia with a little back spent perhaps the best in stories Soccer World Cup. I updated the infrastructure for it, although, of course, not throughout the country, and which stadiums I “built”, as Comrade Dynin once said. And now something needs to be done with them. Fortunately, the country's national team is struggling to support the football boom.

Yes, today the people go to the national team in Volgograd, in Kaliningrad, not to mention St. Petersburg and Moscow. Although in the capitals they might not have started in 21: 45 matches start, which is why many people can’t get to the house later than in a taxi. In Cyprus, the other day, for some reason they managed to play earlier, and no television contracts were in the way. However, we will not leave the topic.

Last fall, when the memory of the 2018 World Cup was still quite fresh, many noted a real audience rush in almost all arenas of the World Cup. The former first league, now the FNL, beat all Soviet attendance records that the Voronezh “Fakel” once set in its old 40-thousandth arena, and then the Moscow “Spartak”, which in 1977 in Luzhniki under the command of Konstantin Ivanovich Beskov way back to the big leagues.

Arenas in Saransk and Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd and Kaliningrad gathered in September-October 2018 of the year, 25-30 of thousands of spectators, and even more. It was not only pleasant to go to brand new stadiums with a modern infrastructure, with draft beer not yet sold out to the end, but it was fashionable and prestigious. And it was not so important that under the Kaliningrad arena the soil was floating and still floating away, and in Volgograd, a memorable birch grove on Mamaev Kurgan was sacrificed for the stadium.

Then in the season there was a winter break, and now, perhaps, only Volgograd remains in trend: “Rotor” clearly claims to be upgraded. At the same time, stands are still filling in Samara and Rostov-on-Don, and, of course, in two capitals where clubs from the “tower” play - the Russian Premier League (RPL). In Saransk, instead of the “Mordovia” that didn’t shine with success, “Tambov” settled down, for which there are more than 10 thousand spectators in the RPL - it’s already a success, and, in Sochi, the local club is also unable to gather full stands.

Now the Mordovia Arena can collect full stands only for the national team

But, from my point of view, absolutely subjective, I note that football, especially big football, is not the main thing, or rather, not the main thing. After all, arenas can work in a different way - for concerts, some festivals and exhibitions, especially since protecting the field is no longer a problem. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the bet was too clearly made specifically on football. And not only in the provinces, but also in both capitals.

Very narrow specialists

What am I talking about? Yes, that in our country only recently has it become fashionable to build purely football stadiums. Yes, there is a lot of money revolving around football, but we live in Russia, not in England with its 40-45 thousand average attendance at matches. The first experience was not the largest 16-thousand stadium in Ramenskoye near Moscow, where the club “Saturn” played and was blown away, then it also played, although only in European competitions, and Anji from Makhachkala was also blown away.

Ramensky stadium, in fact, has not gone away, even helped the World Cup - served as the basis for the Portuguese national team with Cristiano Ronaldo at the head. The stadium is quite nice, but almost not working. It’s good that all training fields and other sports facilities around it are functioning, as they say, in full. Even the football school has not gone anywhere.

However, besides football, there are many more sports, and above all athletics, which, in fact, before the doping scandals brought Russia a very substantial share of medals at all olympiads. And not just for football, but just for athletics, and were building more and more large Soviet stadiums.

Having now built quite a lot of purely football stadiums, Russia immediately ran into a problem with their use. Even Luzhniki, this All-Russian showcase, sought salvation from CSKA last year, which, fortunately, didn’t play the worst in the Champions League, ensuring an almost 100 percent occupancy of the arena. Even if only for three matches, but all other events in the famous arena can also be counted on the fingers.

In fact, the narrow specialization of sports facilities is now something like a trend. With this approach, you can, of course, continue to train medalists and medalists in synchronized swimming, figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics. In most other sports, without relying on mass, you won’t achieve much. And in order to stimulate mass, big sport should be a big sight.

Yes, football and hockey in this regard now have a lot of competitors, but full stadiums, even with us, with an impoverished population, can collect many other sports. Skis, biathlon and ice skating, ball hockey, basketball and volleyball, the same athletics at last. Is it worth it to list all those sports spectacles that have not yet completely lost popularity: Yes, and they are unlikely to lose. And under them, too, arenas are needed.

Such, for example, as in the city of Zhukovsky, neighboring with the same Ramenskoye, where the Olympic champion Yury Borzakovsky settled with the light hand, it seems, the country's best athletics arena - the Meteor stadium. It was next door to him last summer that I saw a group of young people and girls who were engaged in a very solid fence in the park, what do you think? Throwing a hammer! This is in our time, when Russian athletics seem to be destroyed by the Western press and WADA commissars right on top.

The Meteor in Zhukovsky, as well as the Ramensky Saturn, are among the converted Soviet stadiums. And even the classic Stalinist facade was carefully preserved here, turning the arena itself with the adjacent territory into a real sports town, where you can practice almost any sport. Starting with swimming and ping-pong and ending with horseback riding.

However, the feeling that Meteor is the rare exception when a really elite sports facility, which you will agree with in Russia, continues to remain popular, does not leave me. And at the same time not only accessible to the masses, but in demand - after all, not just like that, the famous Memorial named after the Znamensky brothers was relocated to Meteor several years ago.

And what will we build in the end?

There are many sports facilities under construction in Russia, although, most likely, less than, for example, elite villages and temples. By the way, in response to a previous post (What are the stadiums guilty of? About sports in Russia, mass and not so) from the capital city hall the author has already been reminded of the notorious Sobyaninsky program “500 pools”, about which I immediately want to ask - which ones?

It would be better to ask, for example, about the Red Arrow stadium, which was once built by the NKPS in the former city of Babushkin. Now it’s Losinka - the Moscow district of Losinoostrovsky, where 90 percent of the territory of the former stadium went under multi-storey buildings. And on the fence, where high-rise buildings are already literally hanging over the green territory of the Babushkinsky park, a mocking advertisement flaunted for several months: "There will be a sports stadium." It would be very interesting to see with your own eyes the "unsportsmanlike" stadium.

Or about the fate of the famous Torpedo named after Eduard Streltsov on Vostochnaya Street, where all training fields have already gone under housing construction. And on the site of the main arena, Muscovites are promised to build something new designed for as many as 35 of thousands of spectators, obviously in anticipation of the release of car manufacturers in the RPL.

Only now, “Torpedo” is likely to enter the Premier League next season, and the new stadium will be built for five years, or even ten. At the same time, no “popular” sports core will definitely remain there. More precisely, there wasn’t any more - a construction site was boiling in the lower coastal part, and the pair of miserable hangars with rocking chairs and the volleyball arena that had turned into a real barn were not counted at all.

I would also like to end it with a good one, for example, a story about a modern sports ground with all-weather cover in the prestigious holiday village of Bykovo. Or about a new pool in the city of Kirsanov in the Tambov region or about several sports and recreation centers in the Nizhny Novgorod region at once.

However, the sports ground in the village. Bykovo appeared when the Spartak stadium, which was previously attributed to the 402 aircraft repair plant, was brought to complete collapse. In Kirsanov, the pool is practically empty, because even local 200 rubles per session is unbearable money, and Nizhny Novgorod sports cores, alas, amicably curtailed all sports work, renting out to clothing markets. Maybe, after all, things are better somewhere?
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  1. Tiksi-3
    Tiksi-3 17 October 2019 15: 17
    It is clear that prices at Laura and Rosa Khutor are going wild, but the worse we are, Courchevel or Davos

    I have not been to Davos, but Courchevel has visited more than once and we will say - it’s worse in many ways!
    1 - the price of accommodation with us is not lower !! (I compare it with a slide, the city where I was resting for 2 weeks) there are 65000-75000 a week for the three of us in the apartments we got 90000)
    2 - the flight is more expensive with us (back there 10000 / person Moscow-Lyon .... we have 11000-17000 only there per person)
    3 - the tracks are worse (both in quantity and quality)
    4 - food is cheaper, but a little canteen .... even in cafes Gorki-Gorod.
    5 - ski pass ... there is a double opinion .... you can sell the remaining hours, this is not possible there - although there is 230 euros for a week, we have from 2500 per day and on Mondays the cable car does not work (prevention)
    6 - our mountains are more beautiful, our girls are more beautiful !!
    7 - the mountain infrastructure there is an order of magnitude better - and there are more lifts and funiculars and more cafes in the mountains ... we have queues to get up and eat queues too, although besides hamburgers and cola in the "circus" (gurney) there is no ((
    1. bk316
      bk316 17 October 2019 15: 46
      I have not been to Davos, but Courchevel has visited more than once and we will say - it’s worse in many ways!

      Three valleys (who does not know Courchevel is one of them) is definitely worse than KP and I don’t even speak about freeride on highways and infrastructure. For me, the only resort in Europe that compares (and I rode in more than 30 places) is Tigne Valdizer.
      In Davos was- did not like at all.
      In the Communist Party one must live in Rosa, then there will be no problems at all with the rise.
      1. Tiksi-3
        Tiksi-3 17 October 2019 15: 55
        Quote: bk316
        Three valleys (who does not know Courchevel is one of them) is definitely worse than KP and I don’t even speak about freeride on highways and infrastructure

        three valleys worse than a red clearing ??? belay ..... well, what a wonderful thing ....
        did you ride dolomites or bormio? ... is it worse? belay
        1. bk316
          bk316 17 October 2019 19: 02
          In the Dolomites was in Val Gardena
          In Italy, in Cervinia, in the Sister, in Santarosa, in Aosta throughout the valley in all resorts.
          Perhaps I liked it in Cervinia and Sister, and then at the expense of neighboring countries laughing
          Specifically, the Dolomites did not like the instability of the weather, although it is also not like in the KP.

          In general, I like France more like a lezark, Tignes, not bad in Chamonix. 3 valleys are not very - there are many people, I prefer there on the outskirts of the shaft
          1. jjj
            jjj 18 October 2019 13: 41
            It's nice to read the polemic conquerors of the peaks. And informative. We, collective farmers, the nuances are not distinguishable
            1. Tank hard
              Tank hard 19 October 2019 08: 30
              Quote: jjj
              Us, collective farmers, the nuances are not distinguishable

              You may not be distinguishable, but I, not a collective farmer, do not need these nuances, because we are all different and interests differ, and this is good. For example, I am not at all interested in football, skiing, alpine skiing and other "boards", both snow and water, but wrestling and boxing (and martial arts in general). So, your admiration for me, not that it is not clear, but simply and not interesting. And about the conquest of the peaks, I have my own opinion, I was born among them (peaks). Why am I? And not everyone in our country admires "Courchevels" and the like, not everyone and still measure with money, we are different and that's good. wink
    2. Ryaruav
      Ryaruav 17 October 2019 19: 30
      I completely agree with you, especially about our beloved, these beauty of theirs was burned at the stake now forever, they climb to us for women
    3. Pivot
      Pivot 18 October 2019 20: 28
      Neither should Lala at the circus an excellent cafe. The summit can be ordered there a lot from borscht to oysters. I constantly stop at the apartments in the lower city. The price tag is 20000 per week. Two-bedroom apartments arrive after March 15, just a lot of snow and pouring every night. We go there every year in early September my wife is allergic to ragweed, the price tag this September was 16 thousand for two weeks, drove to the sea and hiking in the mountains every day. Restaurants are for every taste and budget. And the slopes for snowboarding on a rose are better than in Europe. Better only in Keystone Colorado.
      1. Tiksi-3
        Tiksi-3 19 October 2019 08: 00
        Quote: Pivot
        Neither need Lala

        Do you want to say that I’m lying? ... in 15, I lived in Gorky near the funicular city .... apartments -90, the circus had one cafe only fast food and a stake ((..... on Mondays not the funicular worked !!! the tracks are miserable because you are standing in the circus for 000 minutes on the lift and there is no end to it! I go on wheelchairs exclusively during the spring school holidays, and this is around March 35st .... I ski
        And the slopes for snowboarding on a rose are better than in Europe - ha ha ha ... than ?? exactly what ?? have you been to saldeo? or in chamonix? ....
        1. Pivot
          Pivot 19 October 2019 08: 40
          I’ve been to Chamonix, I’ve been to Ore, I’ve been to Valgarden, I’ve even visited Bukovel, but you haven’t been to Krasnaya Polyana for the last 3 years, the resort is developing every year new routes are being built in Gorki, Rosa, Gazprom, two years ago build updated Alpika. Since I live in Krasnodar, I go to Krasnaya Polyana all year round once a year for at least a week, and most often for 10 days. I even skated when there was no talk about the Olympics.
          1. Tiksi-3
            Tiksi-3 19 October 2019 09: 25
            Quote: Pivot
            but you have not been in the red clearing for the past 3 years,

            It wasn’t because it’s cheaper in Andorra than with KP ,,, you can’t understand this by Krasnodar .... I got into the car and arrived ..... we need to dock flights .... somehow drag skis .... by God it’s cheaper beyond the hill ..... not everywhere, but there are places
            1. Pivot
              Pivot 19 October 2019 10: 11
              Your choice, no one forces you to go to Krasnaya Polyana, the resort is filled year-round and this is a fact.
              1. Tiksi-3
                Tiksi-3 19 October 2019 11: 32
                Quote: Pivot
                Your choice, no one forces you to go to the red clearing,

                yes with great pleasure I would come 2 times during the winter, but I explained that the flight is expensive and everything else is not cheaper than Bormio
                1. Aerodrome
                  Aerodrome 20 October 2019 12: 32
                  and even rehabilitation centers, which are clearly redeveloped into dens.
                  close by ... and not in Sochi, in the Urals. "health center" champion ". in the price list: sauna, swimming pool, rooms. view from the window, so that it is clear to me:" heal "to a piggy state, taxis of the neighboring district are driven, (so as not to" shine for clients ") - legalized brothels. (next to a school 50 meters away)
  2. Dym71
    Dym71 17 October 2019 15: 27
    Although in the capitals they could have started the matches at 21:45, which is why many people couldn’t get to the house later than by taxi. In Cyprus, the other day, for some reason they managed to play earlier, and no television contracts were in the way.

    And in Cyprus, Tina Kandelaki does not solve anything, so there is football for the fans, and we have for television. laughing
    1. RWMos, kwa
      RWMos, kwa 17 October 2019 21: 26
      Name, where is it wrong? Do you think "football is for the fans, not for the trash" is our invention? lol No, and by the way - that's right. I will hint - in England after a series of scandals ... The fact is that there is really a frostbitten fanatic - a lot, as much as a whole state policy was to introduce order at the stadiums. So, this led to the fact that the so-called real "offniks", from the word "near-football", DO NOT go to matches at all, precisely because they began to ban visits to the stadium en masse, up to life, especially for those who distinguished themselves in the stands. Yes, now they peacefully sit in the stands, drinking beer and going to matches with their families, and do not get horns at a match or, as they once loved, throwing coins from the stands at the opponent's players. Believe me. will come to you in a five-ruble note from the top rows of the Puddle to your head - football will end for you, and the Sklifosovsky Institute will begin.
      But on the other hand, these seated people on the pope spent the whole match sipping beer - they bring money to the stadium for beer, tickets. paraphernalia ... And not like poor beggars. they attacked a cheap swag before the match, but there’s no money for beer - and they don’t let anyone watch around 90 minutes of the match with lots of fervor, obscenities and fumes. You will stand next to such a pack of baboons with your wife and child. to watch the game? No. Because you don’t go with your family, and you won’t carry your money to the stadium, that’s why such a policy went, and how it went - the Premier League became the richest league in the world
      1. Dym71
        Dym71 17 October 2019 22: 18
        Quote: RWMos, kwa
        What is it wrong?

        I don’t know, and I’m not interested in how they’re doing, I’m not very happy to go to football at 21-30 on Sunday at home (Tula), due to the fact that “Match-TV” is not doing well there ...
        Quote: RWMos, kwa
        I’ll hint - in England after a series of scandals ... The fact is that there really is a frostbitten fan - a lot

        Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (and not only) need to work in this environment, introduce their own, this is Klondike criminal information!
        1. RWMos, kwa
          RWMos, kwa 17 October 2019 23: 41
          That's about match-TV separately. This is just an example of how the channel is NOT made for the viewer. Turned upside down, it was not football for TV, but TV drank budget dough for the sake of it, and spit on the spectator in general. Want an example? But hold on, they introduced the rating of commentators at one time, they say, whoever wants to, after the match, can evaluate the work of the commentator. So, Genka gorlov became the worst, the second from the bottom - Attic, Cherdantsev. I will not repeat. why, but briefly, you will not hear such nonsense anywhere except the madhouse what they carry. For example, Orlov DOESN'T know football rules!
          Now look - the viewers of this channel recognize them as the worst. So what? And then they remain the most frequent commentators at the matches! With that, the audience sobbing into the voice. and even Zenith fans! If you don’t know, Orlov and Cherdantsev are also peters ... They actually watch football without a sound, I remember that I watched the Zenit-Spartak match in a tavern, so everything’s in a voice, and ours and Petersburgers cut the sound until you split the telly))))
          Well, what is the payback of football when everyone does it not for the viewer?
  3. Amateur
    Amateur 17 October 2019 15: 32
    And in what? belay
    1. RWMos, kwa
      RWMos, kwa 17 October 2019 21: 34
      Sport is the health of the nation. And sport is state policy. And affecting the existence of the state ... Maybe less. than the army, but also much
      1. Tank hard
        Tank hard 19 October 2019 08: 42
        Quote: RWMos, kwa
        Sport is the health of the nation

        Sport is a profession and occupational diseases, sometimes very sad ... The health of a nation is a mass physical culture.
        Quote: RWMos, kwa
        And sport is state policy.

        That yes
        Quote: RWMos, kwa
        And affecting the existence of the state ...

        This is not.
        1. Private-K
          Private-K 26 October 2019 10: 41
          Sport is a profession and occupational diseases, sometimes very sad ... The health of a nation is a mass physical culture.

          Truly plus!
      2. ZAV69
        ZAV69 19 October 2019 14: 42
        Quote: RWMos, kwa
        Sport is the health of the nation.

        You are wrong, the sport is just the unhealth of the nation, the health of the nation is physical education. And sports are disabled people in old age and thrown out money.
  4. bk316
    bk316 17 October 2019 15: 39
    Is a half-world ski party

    the author would be silent about what you do not know am
    FOUND THE PICTURE ON THE INTERNET and draw conclusions?
    Every weekend thousands of people from the Krasnodar Territory go to the CP. And youth and children and retirees and employees and students and workers and farmers. And from all over Russia, military men and workers of the military-industrial complex and oilmen and programmers and lumberjacks go there (THIS I DO NOT JUST LISTED PROFESSIONS - THIS IS MY FRIENDS AND ACKNOWLEDGES) WHAT FUCK SEMI-SOVIET PARTY?
    About swimming pools in Moscow. Under the USSR (I’m not even talking about 90), within a radius of 3 kilometers from the place where I am now, there were 3 or 4 pools. Now there are more than 10, and 3 of those 4. Five hundred not five hundred but certainly far beyond 200 of them are a bunch in fitness centers. And most importantly, 50 meter highs appeared, which before had practically never been.
    1. yehat
      yehat 17 October 2019 16: 40
      Pools have appeared, but how much does this joy cost?
      I used to go to the Soviet 2000 meter pool in my homeland in the 25s for 19 rubles per session (a full 45 minutes and they were allowed to meet for the same amount for free)
      in Krasnoyarsk, the same pool already cost 200 rubles, in St. Petersburg - 400. And at the same time, 45-10 of the 15 minutes of the session go to the locker room. Those. in fact, the price of time in water differs by 30-50 times.
      and if in the first case anyone can go in for swimming and even pay for 2 lessons per day, as athletes practice, then in the second, without the help of outsiders, the sports option just falls off for 95% of those who wish. Here is the difference in mass. There is also a figure. In the USSR, the amateur title of the CCM was distributed 4-5 times more than now. It was a support for the sport.
      Now I look at the trainees. Achieving relevant indicators is space.
      Money is needed and decent so that there is simply a chance to go beyond the amateur level.
      And in the USSR, in a cross-country skiing university, in the national team’s reserve, I received inventory (my truth was much better) and free meals in the sanatorium at dormitories + small indulgences that gave time for training. In general, he could not spend a dime and calmly completed the CCM for the year.
      He went broke only on shoes - he stopped 4 pairs while he was running.
      here it is, the real difference between mass sport and today's.
      1. bk316
        bk316 17 October 2019 17: 55
        I used to go to the Soviet 2000 meter pool in the 25s for 19 rubles per session

        Now 50 meters 18000 a year, even every day - perhaps it’s cheaper - the sauna also comes with the same money.
      2. bk316
        bk316 17 October 2019 18: 39
        In the USSR, the amateur title of the CCM was distributed 4-5 times more than now.

        Well, the CCM in the USSR is already very strong almost and not an amateur. I have a lot of sports categories and the CCM is even close nowhere
        1. yehat
          yehat 18 October 2019 10: 17
          in the USSR I was ms in chess, kmc cross-country skiing, 1st category in volleyball, table tennis, drafts, boxing, athletics, there is an icon in applied fire sport. 10 years ago, performed 1 category in swimming crawl. It’s just that I studied a lot and did not have enough time (I was already engaged in skiing when it got dark), otherwise I would have had another 2-3 kmf)))
          when you get in shape, ranks roll in one after another.
      3. Undecim
        Undecim 17 October 2019 19: 03
        In the USSR, the amateur title of CCM
        In what kind of sport was CCM amateur - in towns? Or correspondence chess?
        1. yehat
          yehat 18 October 2019 10: 22
          I got a CCM in the USSR and always considered it an amateur level
          my father was the champion of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in cross-country skiing (relay race), he was a pure lover, but he completed the kmc without difficulty, although there were times when 1-rated sportsmen were such that you could only envy. In Novosibirsk, in the 90s, due to the chairman of the federation, over 4 years almost no one completed the CCM and more than 70 people lost it. The Universiade was fun - the university teams consisted exclusively of masters and first-class students. There was almost no CCM.
          1. Undecim
            Undecim 18 October 2019 10: 57
            It was easier to get GMS in personal forms than in team ones.
            1. yehat
              yehat 18 October 2019 11: 32
              there is more likely that each sport has its own situation, and it has changed
              the easiest thing was to get titles in such forms as powerlifting or towns or field hockey. in checkers for a year it is easy to fulfill 1 category - I completed it in 2 weeks.
              but in cross-country skiing or wrestling or swimming, titles are not easily given.
              in biathlon, you generally need to stupidly spend 3 years until the results appear.
          2. Tank hard
            Tank hard 19 October 2019 08: 54
            Quote: yehat
            I got a CCM in the USSR and always considered it an amateur level

            Well, this is your personal opinion. Although sport in the USSR was considered amateur, but approaching a certain line beyond which the "sport of high achievements" began, this sport became professional. In general, all these titles and the category grid are characteristic of the USSR and have been transferred to some of the post-Soviet republics. In the world (and in the West in particular) there is no such concept (as far as I know) and never existed. There (the world, "west") the title (champion, medalist of the country, the world) is valued and probably this is correct. hi
    2. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 17 October 2019 17: 23
      I don’t know, Vladimir, in your Krasnodar Territory, maybe thousands and go to KP on weekends, but in our region, for example, my acquaintances, on average, only 2-3 times a season, and of course these are those who at least can spend a couple of weekend 10-15 mp in economy mode with your own equipment .. without equipment and without strong savings, the weekend already will cost no less than 25-30 mp for a couple.
      Well, the biggest jamb of the Communist Party (and Sochi) - you’re tired of getting there on serpentines with traffic jams, I try to go by train in Sochi-night and there, because sometimes 8-10 hours on one-way cars driving in traffic jams from Krasnodar ...
      1. yehat
        yehat 17 October 2019 18: 04
        and how much is the plane there now? the piece of iron is not cheap
      2. bk316
        bk316 17 October 2019 18: 45
        you get there getting on the serpentines with traffic jams,

        1. About the car. What for by car, the swallow from Krasnodar is any faster
        2 About 3 times. Well, if you consider that the season is about 3 months, then this is a lot. In the USSR, this was unrealistic.
        3. About 10-15 thousand you just snickered, I'm sorry, in Moscow you will lower so much for two over the weekend in Sarochans, and this is not a mountain but a pit. I could, for that kind of money, I wouldn’t get out of the Communist Party.
  5. Batonkt
    Batonkt 17 October 2019 16: 00
    Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region Just today, on Dzerzhinsky TV, I watched a program that skating rinks of FOK were torn to pieces by skaters, hockey players and kids, and a night hockey league. They are still thinking about building an indoor ice rink. And we have a lot of different pools, so my 50 meter walks, so they don’t even let in sessions of 14 to 20 adults, as everything is full, in FOK (25 meter) as well. In Kstovo - the same thing, for the rest of the FOCs, I will not say Nino.
    1. AK1972
      AK1972 17 October 2019 16: 20
      Hi Dzerzhinsk !!! I served there. True, my regiment is no longer there.
      1. bk316
        bk316 17 October 2019 17: 57
        I served there.

        Directly in Dzerzhinsk or in the Gorokhovets training if in Gorokhovets then half the country served laughing
  6. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 17 October 2019 16: 05
    Sochi step in the right direction. The resort should be year-round. But you need to establish transport in the direction of the CMS ... there, it is directly close to Dombay and Arkhyz.

    But, so that there would be a lot of tourists' sports, mass children's sports are needed. And then some strange movements.
    Hockey is becoming an elite and expensive sport. Football is in KK, on ​​the contrary, affordable, Sambo’s son is engaged in - that’s generally poor, if the sport itself is cheap (all the shells are your arms and legs).
    1. Tiksi-3
      Tiksi-3 17 October 2019 16: 16
      Quote: Zaurbek
      Sochi step in the right direction. The resort should be year-round.

      it will be if prices become no more expensive than in Europe .... at least a flight !!!
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 17 October 2019 16: 31
        There are a lot of points that do not apply to the resort .... regulation of prices in transport, excise taxes, reg norms in public catering. Now a bunch of "digital" ones have added to all the old norms ... and the old norms and their controllers have not gone anywhere.
    2. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 17 October 2019 17: 26
      That’s for this +, Zaur .. For so many years they have been talking about the road from Arkhyz to Sochi and only talking .. But getting on the serpentines is a lot for everybody, especially when you go for only two days and count the days on the road from them. I think with this road the flow of people in Sochi will increase by at least 2 times.
    3. Phil77
      Phil77 17 October 2019 17: 59
      Quote: Zaurbek
      Hockey is becoming an elite and expensive sport.

      Dear Zaurbek, I will answer you about hockey (this topic is close to me) This sport has always been an expensive pleasure, but under the old government it was subsidized by our state, I understand the children's sections and sports schools, of course, and hockey ammunition was not so road (hockey helmet at about 6.50 (salvo, who's in the topic), mid-range club at 2.40 (EFSI with fiberglass on the hook). The helmet lasted for several seasons, with clubs more difficult, and more costly! I was sponsored by the father, the board? Naturally * fives * in the diary. But this is in the past, and actually to this day, I’ll say this: boys play football, even in winter. I don’t have a special love for hockey, like in the 70s! But this is clear from personal observations. hi
    4. Ryaruav
      Ryaruav 17 October 2019 20: 31
      more than once people wrote holiday in Turkey cheaper and more comfortable, I certainly mean ordinary Russians and not fat cats
      1. region58
        region58 17 October 2019 20: 48
        Quote: Ryaruav
        Holidays in Turkey are cheaper and more comfortable

        It's just that the very concept of "rest" is different for everyone. Sometimes the exact opposite ...
    5. yehat
      yehat 18 October 2019 10: 26
      to do sambo normally, you need not only arms and legs.
      for good, you need the services of a masseur, traumatologist, exercise machine, food, gym, training equipment near the house.
      although I agree with heaven and earth hockey
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 18 October 2019 10: 56
        Compare the costs of playing football or hockey ... and we are talking about children's sports.
        1. yehat
          yehat 18 October 2019 11: 34
          road hockey due to form. it is imported and therefore expensive.
          for most hockey countries this is a meager expense in proportion to the cost of training.
      2. Tank hard
        Tank hard 19 October 2019 09: 00
        Quote: yehat
        to do sambo normally, you need not only arms and legs.

        You also need a normal cover (carpet (better) or tatami (at worst)) and a good coach. And without it, there will be no arms or legs. wink
  7. A man with a capital letter
    A man with a capital letter 17 October 2019 17: 59
    It is a pity the Soviet sport!
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 17 October 2019 18: 10
      Quote: Man with a capital letter
      It is a pity the Soviet sport!

      And not only sports! Too much was good in that life and in that country!
    2. Ryaruav
      Ryaruav 17 October 2019 20: 56
      Comrade your well, and soviet sport rules the country in the person of a master of sports in judo, are you very satisfied?
  8. Igor V
    Igor V 17 October 2019 18: 26
    The author has the wrong information. The stadium in Kaliningrad is not sailing anywhere. Where will he go on such stilts? The Baltic is quite playing on it and people are walking. And for athletics, we traditionally have the Baltic and Lokomotiv, where reconstruction is now being completed. Not everything is so bad in this regard.
  9. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 17 October 2019 20: 25
    please tell me the old man in the photo to the article are people representing the future of our country, if so then I do not envy our children
  10. RWMos, kwa
    RWMos, kwa 17 October 2019 21: 10
    Hmm, I couldn’t pass by, already registered. Sam is a third-generation Spartacus, the fourth is also a fan of Spartak, the fifth is on the way, Hosh and DeVitsa, all one, will also be a Spartacus, where to go))) The topic raised by the author is not a stranger to mnu, and I can say as if more the author.
    Let's start with the first, the stadiums under the World Cup. The author missed a simple moment from the view - the World Cup paid off, ALL the costs were repulsed - not only stadiums, but even signs in two languages ​​in all the stations of the European part of the Russian Federation wink For all the time there was not a single World Cup / European Championship unprofitable. that is precisely why not rich Germany and the USA are biting to death for their conduct (that's who the country is — specifically not a football one!), but Poland-Ukraine, who have hosted the European Championships - and they didn’t go broke, but earned money! Nafig even demolish the stadium in Kaliningrad, where the World Cup was not there - it has already fought off at the expense of others!
    Further, about the narrow specialization of stadiums, where "they can work in a different way - for concerts, some festivals and exhibitions, especially since protecting the field is no longer a problem." YEAH? !!! Do you want to throw in examples about the floated lawn in Kazan, where the pool was muddied for a while, it seems, of some kind of youth Olympics, something like that? Or about the concert of Leningrad with us, at the Opening?
    Almost half of the field visually seriously affected after the performance of “Leningrad”. It is still difficult to draw conclusions on how serious the damage is. The picture will become clearer when the arena agronomist speaks his word
    More details:

    And this is Rostov after the Basta concert ... Author, you were not just mistaken - you are not specifically on the topic !!!
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 17 October 2019 22: 12
      Quote: RWMos, kwa
      Nafig even demolish the stadium in Kaliningrad, where the World Cup was not there - it has already fought off at the expense of others!

      But what was it? Abidna, yes!
      1. RWMos, kwa
        RWMos, kwa 17 October 2019 22: 38
        Good question. Find the answer - tell me, I’m personally just not in the tooth with my foot, even no thoughts! Well, someone but Kaliningrad ... But they were ill at the World Cup not only for football, but the sights in König already with a slide, and the wider the cultural program of the guests, the more money these tourists will leave! No, well, really do not understand!
    2. Jerk
      Jerk 20 October 2019 11: 20

    3. podymych
      21 October 2019 08: 50
      The fact of the matter is that to protect it is now not a problem, but it does not protect at all !!!!

      And what about the fact that the SM has paid off - and what, now to throw everything to hell, to demolish the "Olympic" in Moscow? Only there is not so much dough everywhere as in the capital to build and demolish. Build and demolish, and lay tiles twice a year ...
  11. Engineer
    Engineer 17 October 2019 21: 57
    I really like Rosa Khutor and I am not surprised at the presence of foreigners there. But unfortunately, it turns out even such a good place for some reason did not become profitable

    Key reporting indicators for 2018 (according to the Federal Tax Service):
    Amount of income:
    - 6 rubles. ↓ -219 million (076 000,00 2886.81 9 rubles for 105)
    Amount of expenses:
    - 11 rubles. ↑ +656 million (319 rubles for 000,00)

    Loss of 5 billion !!!!
    there has been a loss in previous years.

    It turns out that without the support of the state, the place is doomed. The provision of preferential skiing in such cases can be forgotten

    And also a board was stolen from me there, but oh well))))
    1. bk316
      bk316 18 October 2019 09: 45
      And they stole a board from me there, but oh well

      GDP? But he is skiing wassat
    2. Stas157
      Stas157 18 October 2019 10: 08
      Quote: Engineer
      Rosa Khutor and I am not surprised at the presence of foreigners there

      Despite the fact that this is perhaps our best resort, foreigners there are ridiculous 5% of the total. From this it cannot be said that it is internationally competitive.
      Thanks for the reporting metrics. I did not think that at such prices the resort could be unprofitable.
  12. RWMos, kwa
    RWMos, kwa 17 October 2019 22: 57
    By the way. a joke about the lawn to the author) And he really did it so well about the fact that a lot of things can be done at the stadiums. A stadium with a natural coating is a whimsical thing. And its content requires a lot of money. That is why even in the milder climate of Europe you look at the clearing - neighing hunting. Do not remember the clearing in Maribor, where our rabble (at that time exactly) flew into Slovenia? Or recently in Trabzon? What concerts, with fairs ?! Do you know why there was an artificial lawn on Puddle? One wise guy in a cap. our former mayor, stuck a cap over the stadium - and the grass there stupidly rotted, what don’t do with it - it rots! And when tens of thousands of moose trample at the lawn fair, there will be no heating of the stadium or drainage
  13. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 18 October 2019 08: 04
    I live in a town .. the population is less than 10 thousand .... a stadium, an ice closed complex, where the ice is almost always occupied by ice, a city pool, always people and sections, two pools in the school, a paddling pool and a 6 track 50 meter ... where before lunch, schoolchildren, and then for everyone in the same school, exercise machines and rocking chairs are busy, the gym in the evenings, so that volleyball or basketball, in three courtyards put such training grounds for children and adults there constantly .... and people constantly study and come to study, still make a special stray where n and skateboards to do all kinds of tricks there, and it’s full of beer shops, but cultural ones, with good beer and a variety of snacks and a lot of pilgrims to the Temple and monasteries .. here it is .. and in Sochi almost never was 50 for its own soon .. I can’t say anything, I was like in Belarus, there was a complex not far from Minsk, I studied mountain skiing ... I almost broke my tailbone and a very bad bruised hip ... but it’s cool)))
  14. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 18 October 2019 13: 29
    What are the stadiums to blame for?

    Everything according to the classics:
    You are to blame for the fact that I want to eat
  15. Captain45
    Captain45 19 October 2019 16: 49
    and in Volgograd, a memorable birch grove on the Mamaev Kurgan was sacrificed for the stadium. (C)
    The author, I don’t know, maybe there is some other football stadium in Volgograd, but here is a photo of the Volgograd Arena and the Motherland from Mamayev Kurgan. Estimate the distance between objects, where is the stadium and where is the barrow
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. yehat
    yehat 21 October 2019 10: 03
    Quote: Tank Hard
    and probably right

    nothing wrong with that
    the fact that you have grown a couple of good masters in the region but without titles is good in itself
    take USSR chess - 3 dozen grosses, and titles with a gulkin nose and that was good.
  17. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 21 October 2019 22: 46
    Quote: bk316
    I used to go to the Soviet 2000 meter pool in the 25s for 19 rubles per session

    Now 50 meters 18000 a year, even every day - perhaps it’s cheaper - the sauna also comes with the same money.

    Near the house built a leisure center.
    But after being wrung out trading network Magnet, you know for whose benefit, in the building of this center opened the very Magnet..
    FOC with a swimming pool is being built a little further from the house, all local residents hope that FOC does not happen such a misfire.
    Open, sign up for the pool.
  18. Brigadier
    Brigadier 23 October 2019 18: 08
    It’s not in vain that Putin’s officials love to build huge and useless stadiums.
    They are very expensive !!! And then we remember the popular wisdom - "with the world on a string ..."