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China introduced a proprietary helicopter for high altitude conditions

Beijing introduced the Z-20 military helicopter, which, according to the creators, is a fully locally produced product. According to the publication of the Global Times, the rotorcraft is equipped with a Chinese engine powerful enough to fly in high mountains and using the most advanced innovative technologies.

The latest military helicopter Z-20 made its debut at the parade on October 1, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. At the China Helicopter Industry Development Forum 2019, Wang Sibao, chief engineer at Harbin Aircraft Industry Group, a subsidiary of the Corporation aviation China Industry (AVIC), noted that the helicopter is the "brainchild of the 21st century."

Z-20 (WZ-20) uses many technologies that should be considered advanced, including active vibration control, highly efficient aerodynamic and low-noise rotor design, electronic control system (EMDS).

- Wang noted.

The use of this technology in a Chinese helicopter has already been reported by Military Review.

Li Linhua, chief technology expert at China AVIC Helicopter Research and Development Institute, emphasized that the latest science has been applied in the development of the helicopter. He also highlighted that rotorcraft with EMDS technology are available in only a few countries.

The prospective helicopter was completely made in China, said Chen Guang, deputy general manager of AVICOPTER. It is designed to operate in a rarefied atmosphere and its engine is powerful enough to work effectively in high altitude conditions.

Z-20 will contribute to the development of Chinese helicopters as new model developers can learn from its best practices.

- said Chen.

It is expected that after a preliminary demonstration at the parade, the Z-20 will be officially presented for the first time at the 5 China Helicopter Exhibition, which is taking place these days in Tianjin.

According to eyewitness descriptions, the helicopter’s cockpit is fully digital: it uses high-contrast color displays that display the readings of all instruments. In addition, due to the increased glazing area of ​​the cockpit, the pilots got a better view.

The exact characteristics of the Z-20 are not given, however, it is noted that this is a multi-functional medium-capacity helicopter capable of adapting to various weather and territorial conditions, as well as various types of missions, including cargo transportation, transfer of personnel, search and rescue operations, as well as reconnaissance and anti-submarine operations. Many Chinese experts note that the car occupies a niche similar to the niche of the legendary American "Black Hawk."

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  1. kjhg
    kjhg 10 October 2019 12: 47
    I noticed that the tail rotor is located not vertically, but at an angle. With what it can be connected?
    1. yehat
      yehat 10 October 2019 12: 50
      China did not invent plumb
    2. chikod
      chikod 10 October 2019 12: 53
      Good question. I'm interested too.
      Here's another. CH-53K.
    3. Kurare
      Kurare 10 October 2019 13: 06
      Quote: kjhg
      With what it can be connected?

      That would raise the tail. For machines such as The UH-60 tail is quite heavy and part of the flow from the tail rotor is directed downward, setting it at an angle, for example. 20 °
    4. novel66
      novel66 10 October 2019 13: 15
      fend off Coriolis acceleration ??
    5. dauria
      dauria 10 October 2019 13: 17
      not vertically, but at an angle. With what it can be connected?

      With tail rotor efficiency. It works in flow from the carrier. Moreover, the flow is not simple, it captures only the lower part of the tail rotor. In addition, asymmetrical left and right. Because of the similar focus, they changed the direction of rotation of the propeller on the Mi-24, and then on the Mi-8 mt, simply moved it from the starboard side to the left side so as not to be too smart with the gearbox. If you look at the Mi-24 from the front, you will see a similar V between the screws, only the main rotor axis will be tilted forward and to the right.
      Such is the "asymmetrical" propeller in oblique flow. It can be seen that the Chinese really did some blowing, looked - and decided that it was so optimal. There is no reason to waste extra power on the tail.
    6. pytar
      pytar 10 October 2019 13: 20
      I noticed that the tail rotor is located not vertically, but at an angle. With what it can be connected?

      Probably because the tail rotor compensates not only the torque created by the lifting rotor horizontally, but also by the vertical component, which is created stronger by the steepness of the blades in the rear semicircle of rotation. About the angle at which the tail rotor is located relative to the vertical, one can judge what type it is - "pushing" or "pulling". The one on the Z-20 is probably pushing, while the CH-53 is pulling. Of course, the direction in which the screw is turned <= or => must also be taken into account, since the combinations can be different. Through the interactions between the vectors created by the tail rotor and the tail rotor, the helicopter can lift the nose or lift it down, changing the lift rotor lift quality and flight direction.
      1. NBV
        NBV 10 October 2019 15: 12
        Reprimand for the non-specialist of a catamen is useful. Thanks!
    7. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 10 October 2019 13: 43
      So it was with the American original.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 10 October 2019 15: 04
        What the Chinese "impress" me is that they do not bawl about "by a certain year they will have this or that", but simply make and roll out serial samples. yes
  2. Skay
    Skay 10 October 2019 12: 49
    China introduced a proprietary helicopter

    Are the Chinese already embarrassed by their Chinese copier? After all, this is a miracle, obviously, they painted with the Black Hawk.
    1. dauria
      dauria 10 October 2019 13: 39
      After all, this is a miracle, obviously, they painted with the Black Hawk

      The screw has 5 blades, Sikorsky has 4. It means that the entire transmission is already own, engines, couplings, all gearboxes, a swash plate, hydraulics. In short, its decent car in a 10-ton class. Mi-8 and the Americans will now have to move.
      1. Avis-bis
        Avis-bis 11 October 2019 09: 09
        Quote: dauria
        After all, this is a miracle, obviously, they painted with the Black Hawk

        Screw 5 blades, Sikorsky 4.

        Since when has the change in the number of blades become a sign of self-development or such a dramatic change? :) Well, here "Sikorsky" at his "Stallion" replaced the six-bladed NV with a seven -... and what, he created a separate new helicopter? :) Or ours, having put on the Li-2 a VMG with four blades, received a Li-2V. Is this a very new type of aircraft?
  3. Klingon
    Klingon 10 October 2019 12: 49
    something he reminds me of some other helicopter, maybe a super-lynx ?? lol
  4. Alex_You
    Alex_You 10 October 2019 12: 52
    Black hawk of Chinese spill.
  5. donavi49
    donavi49 10 October 2019 13: 06
    There they presented another more interesting helicopter. Lightweight Z-19 with radar. He is very cheap + he has a radar + he has Chinese Helfers. It’s quite a potential hit in the market. For those who do not have money, but I want Apache LongBow.

  6. novel66
    novel66 10 October 2019 13: 16
    turbocharger to the turbine, screws of variable area and forward to the mountains !!!
  7. Lapunevsky
    Lapunevsky 10 October 2019 13: 30
    So, without pompous statements to the whole world about "having no analogs in the world" and dozens of exhibitions and PR photos of a couple of motley prototypes in the Russian manner - once and a ready-made helicopter. For those, sign. Well done Chinese. Over the years, the quality will improve.