Capitalism with a social face, or How to push a steam engine in Russia

It is no secret that today Russia lives in a crisis. Sometimes it seems that a crisis is its natural state when it has no end and edge. And, actually, why? Why are we so dutifully used to it that we don’t even try to dream of the best? We are not trying to set ourselves tasks that could really be realized.

Socially oriented capitalism

Friends, what do you think of the project of social capitalism? In fact, why not? Indeed, “capitalism”, “socialism”, “democracy”, “dictatorship” - all these are rather conventional concepts. In its pure form, you can hardly find them. Life (and economics in particular) is still multifaceted. It goes beyond clear definitions.

The choice of the socio-economic system is not throwing at dusk from Scylla to Charybdis, but the ability to see the golden ratio and the talent to combine the seemingly impossible. Because in the cart to go, sometimes you have to harness a swan, a crayfish and a pike if there are no draft horses at hand. But they are not yet. But nothing, but there is a cart, and even a rush for inventions is cunning. Although, to begin with, it’s not necessary to invent anything tricky.

In general, the economy, like any system, is physically moving somewhere. More precisely, it moves in only two directions: it is developing or is declining. It will not work to preserve her movement, no matter how much she wants. Hence the conclusion: we have only one way - go ahead!

But in order to take it right off the bat, you need to create the prerequisites and evaluate what is in the way. But what hinders our economic development, if not the lack of proper demand? Even supply in Russia is not as scarce as demand. Because we, unfortunately, have no money. There is a printing press, but, alas, money. All enterprises are credited, all consumers groan in debt. Because in Russia, you see, there is no money.

And for the Olympics, fiesta and other tinsel, not so cheap, where did the money come from? Really fell from the sky?

Demand is necessary for the economy, this is not a whim and not a handout to the poor. It’s time for our ministers and deputy prime ministers to learn this. And at least not to kill the demand that still exists. For this, pensions and social benefits must be fully preserved, curbing the predation of natural monopolies and housing and communal services. And do not allow banks and mobile operators to lift commissions for their air services. So that the money of the population does not fly into the pipe. After all, there are none, so let's limit greed. That on purchases remained in wallets rubles. Then the level of production in Russia will slow down or even stop it.

As you can see, so far everything is simple. No higher math.

We take the following question: how to raise supply or production, including in the countryside? Fiscal benefits alone cannot be dispensed with, although one must start from there. It’s time to stop strangling work with taxes. The tax burden on enterprises and farmers is wild. Hence there are no incomes, and, as a consequence, the enterprises themselves. VAT and the same communal eat up all the profits in production. Because of the accrual of salaries to employees, the employer is also required to pay taxes! As if he is renting serfs from the budget. What kind of economic growth in Russia can be discussed then?

The government is justified by spending on education, medicine and defense. These articles, they say, will have to be curtailed if the tax burden is reduced. How, are there no other options? What about the rent from sales of minerals abroad? If it is not enough, you can revive the former state monopoly on vodka and bread. She was still with the king-priest. In addition, why not remember the church and its tax breaks. Who is stopping such a large organization from paying taxes jointly and severally? And I ask you not to consider this an attempt on the sacred. Yes, our church fathers are holy people, they pray for us. But why is there a lot of money for this? Money corrupts the soul.

We will collect it all, and nothing, then the budget will make ends meet. There will be a country that is healthy, competent, strong and does not kill production, entrepreneurship, farming. He will be able to create his own market, where no one just snoops around, no external monopoly or octopus.

What is required of our economists

Of course, creating a market (and, in fact, it is not there yet) will not be as easy as abandoning looting in relation to consumers. However, this case is hardly troublesome. Especially if you can turn the ruble into a hard currency like the euro, dollar or yuan. When will we finally rid him of crutches? And do not be afraid that a strong ruble will kill exports. In China, the yuan did not kill, but vice versa.

Cleverly playing the hard ruble without getting carried away by import and not interfering with export is just what our economists require. And if these luminaries begin to exclaim that this, they say, is also “alas”, we must send our luminaries for an internship. The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank would be sent to China as a whole, and it is advisable that they do not return home. I’m not sure what will happen there with China, but money will appear in Russia. After all, they are, they can not be.

How to make Russia work?

Finally, the last of the first. The task is not easy and is already the third. It is not easy in the literal sense: how to make Russia work?

In Russia, labor has long ceased to be a source of well-being. We even got the term: “working poor”. But there are still poor, but not working. For the rest, work ethic is degrading to zero. I’m not talking about professionalism anymore. People do not work, but sit at work with one thought: where else to make money?

But how did we get to this? Yes, very simple.

One of the reasons why the liberals managed to crush the economy was their indulgence in idleness. The liberals entered into an asocial alliance with society: we do what we want at the top, but you don’t want to do anything below and don’t do it. Bucks, what else do you want?

So we beat. That is, we sit and wait until our hard-working neighbors, China and Japan, grind us to dust. We have almost no labor reserves and few technical specialists. And workers are cheap day laborers from Central Asia.

We also have almost no labor market for Russians; we willingly transferred it to the wrong hands. There is no need to talk about the quality of labor. As well as about its quantity. The government, for example, thought of offering the country an 4-day work week. It is as if our work is complete and everyone is tired of it.

I do not urge to plow in three doom, but still you need to plow anyway. But where and by whom? Especially if working and vocational education is actually destroyed. We urgently need our labor reserves: workers, craftsmen, technicians, agronomists. It is necessary to create an entire apiary and labor market. And we in Russia are stamping lawyers and economists, and we are also saying that soon all professions will die. We, like the blind, grow dung flies in an apiary, and then we are suddenly surprised: why is it that we don’t have honey, but the stench is such that even hang an ax!

Nightingales do not feed fables

For economic growth, not only bees are important, but also honeycombs, i.e. workplaces. Which implies a good salary. Nightingales do not feed fables. The priority here is jobs in production: in the city and in the countryside. Each of them provides another 3-5 jobs in the service sector. People literally need to be accustomed to work and a good salary. They are unaccustomed to this.

At whose expense do all this grace? I answer: for no one! It is enough to reduce production taxes and taxes from legal (!) Private business. And the government can easily cover the lost, so to speak, budget benefit by abandoning insanely expensive and stupid "national projects." Where there are no clear goals, objectives and guidelines, but budgetary funds flow away.

The rise of Russian production will pay for all this bureaucratic whim. He himself will suggest projects at the national level.


And now to summarize our conversation. To move a cart in Russia, you need only three (!) Things:

The first one. To maintain and increase demand, i.e. population consumption of goods and services. To do this, people need income - salaries and pensions with adequate taxes.

The second one. Save and increase the offer, i.e. agricultural and industrial production. He also needs moderate taxes and healthy protectionism. Domestic manufacturers need help.

The third. We must finally stop messing around. Stop nationwide beating the bucks and engage in artistic whistling. Enough as much as you can already! It's time to start working. I repeat once again: RA-BO-THAT. This is the key to success.

It's time to roll up our sleeves, and then our cart, or rather, the engine, will begin to rattle and move. It will go forward: at first slowly, and then normally. To ride a steam locomotive, it must first be started, set in motion.

But who exactly will lead the engine without the praise of “necessary” and “we”? What do you think, nobody? You are mistaken. And what is our dear power to us? The Kremlin seems to still exist. And do not wave your hand: they say, what to take from it, from this power? Believe me, you can take a lot of things from her. The question is already acute, rib. Postpone it will not work. And we have someone to start a steam locomotive, although not everyone is aware of this.

Anyway, Russia will have to push. Nothing stands still, and we will also have to move, whether we want it or not.

As you can see, we have not discovered miracles with you, and supernatural tasks, too. The tasks are ordinary, the most school-like. Which are decided on gray days.

And then it will not be necessary to go into the wilds, arrange color revolutions and shoot from the tanks around the White House. Everything will cost peacefully. Without poverty, horrors and upheavals, although with calluses in their hands.

Well, now that seems to be all. Oh yes, I completely forgot. We are discussing here how to move Russia from its place, but we do not ask our oligarchs. As if they weren’t at all already. And they are rich, influential people, God forbid, they will be offended.

And what to be offended, dear? You yourself know: we have oligarchs, but no oligarchies. Each of them is for himself, and even strives to pinch a neighbor. In this sense, they are far from liberal companions.

Liberals cooperate, although they do not cherish power in Russia. They are working on it in order to transfer Russia under external control, and to retire themselves. Gentlemen, you know, are unkempt. Well, or almost.

And the oligarchs would still save capital in the light of the likely collapse of the country. To imperceptibly (!) Integrate with them into the global economy. Even with bird rights. Here lies the main problem for them.

From the point of view of the global economy, Russian oligarchs perform only one function, pumping money and mineral resources from the country. The foreign economy needs them as a tool - a siphon for the overflow of wealth.

As soon as there is nothing to transfuse or resources can be pumped without a siphon, they will cut it, leaving it without profit. And foreign property from the oligarchs will be taken away. Some of the valuable will be arrested, and the rest will be taken in parts, filling up with debts, so that the oligarchs parted with him for a penny. Offshores in the world have long been gone, and financial accounts are easy to freeze. So to speak, to combat the Russian mafia and illegal money laundering.

As you can see, our oligarchs are not much favored even abroad. Discriminated and discredited. Do not respect. Planted for jailbreaking in a French prison. They are treated not as rich, but as sheep, which must be sheared and can still be eaten.

Where then to go to poor people, for whom there is even nobody to say a word? Or maybe for a start they should look at themselves? Stop chasing nonsense and do not dismiss the threat.

It’s time for our oligarchs to grow up. It's time to get out of children's pants. Stop pampering yourself with trinkets and live for your own pleasure. Especially when pleasure is doubtful.

It's time to know the value of yourself and your country, because they have one. And to get rich, it is not necessary to squander it. The country must be able to be proud, as well as put your soul into it. So that, not even an hour, there was a place to lean on your back.

We will talk about politics, war and peace next time.
Anton Dahl
Photos used:
Anatoly Stafichuk
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