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Beautiful woman, mother of four children ...

In Iran, detained Russian journalist Julia Yuzik. According to available information, Iran’s intelligence agencies are charged with working for Israeli intelligence. Now (at the time of writing), the journalist is in custody. On Saturday, a court session should be held, where a preventive measure for Yuzik will be determined. In the future, if convicted, the Russian journalist faces up to ten years in prison.

This event is not ordinary in itself, but in this case there are some additional circumstances that have to be taken into account. Oddly enough, these circumstances relate to domestic political, purely Russian “troubles,” but from this they do not become less significant. More precisely, taking into account all circumstances, they become even at the forefront in any of our attempts to understand the situation a little.

First of all, let's find out a little what is Julia Yuzik. Believe me, this in itself is interesting and deserves separate consideration ...

Julia Viktorovna Yuzik was born in the city of Donetsk, Rostov Region (not to be confused with Ukrainian Donetsk). However, its relationship with Ukraine is very strong: according to publicly available information, grandfather Yuzik was a Bandera man, actively participated in combat and sabotage operations against the Soviet Army in the Great Patriotic War. After the Ukrainian events of 2014, Julia herself openly expressed her sympathy to the leader of Ukrainian nationalists, Dmitry Yarosh. According to her, she likes him “humanly and feminine”.

More recently, Julia Yuzik worked in Iran. She worked not for the Russian, but for the local edition: yes, despite all the rumors about Iran’s absolute closeness, this is also possible. She did not stay in Tehran for long, but apparently, she managed to leave a deep mark there ...

In addition to journalistic activities, Yuzik is known for her literary experiments. In 2003, the world saw her book, “Brides of Allah,” dedicated to Chechen suicide bombers. A little later, her other book, Beslan Dictionary, was published, dedicated, as you might guess, to the events in Beslan. Books are anti-Russian and anti-state, written, according to critics, with a clear sympathy for terrorists.

In 2016, she ran for the State Duma and was supported by the Open Russia Foundation by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. She advanced from the constituency in Dagestan, which may also not be entirely random: she clearly deserved the sympathy of a certain part of the local population with her books.

Everywhere you go, everywhere a wedge

And now this journalist ended up in the Iranian cell, where she was interrogated by investigators of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. And many, I am sure, will say that there is the place for her. But…

To begin with, our average consumer of information is not very inclined to delve into the details. Especially when it comes to the detention of a Russian citizen by a foreign state. And this is an excellent lever for manipulation: I’m sure that in the case of a not very quick reaction from our Foreign Ministry, it is the liberal media that will start playing the “Putin does not want to protect ours!” Card with a predictable result: hundreds of thousands of naive patriots will come out with hatred on the Internet, cursing the “pro-American regime ", Not wanting to stand up for our (!!!) journalist.

In a situation where the government does not have time to recover from slaps flying from all sides, including some representatives of this very government, the Kremlin simply cannot ignore such a threat. But then another blow awaits him: accusations that Putin pulled out the journalist of Khodorkovsky, who was clearly anti-state, and others, real patriots ... And then, of course, they will remember by name everyone who is now in American prisons.

Of course, this is also an occasion to drive a wedge into Russian-Iranian relations. Now, say the patriots, look, Putin, what friends you have! We give them missiles, we give them air defense systems and political support, and they sent a beautiful Russian woman to prison! For which, of course, Mossad will thank them very much.

That is, this event in itself does not belong to particularly important events, but you can beat it in a very unfavorable way for the Kremlin and Russia as such. And beat, you can not even doubt it ...

As for the factual side of the matter, so far very little is known about this. However, it is of great interest that, according to the daughter of the arrested journalist, she was ready for such a development. Moreover, she left certain instructions on this subject.

Is love alone to blame?

Perhaps someone will call this the usual forethought, but it is unlikely that we can agree with such an assessment. Given the existing relations between Russia and Iran, despite the fact that Iran is extremely interested in good and serene relations with Moscow, it is clearly not inclined to carry out any provocations against Russian citizens, and especially journalists. Consequently, one can expect an arrest in Iran only if, as they say, a stigma in a cannon. Moreover, if you clearly understand why they can arrest you.

And this suggests that we were not even talking about some kind of “use in vain”, which, to be fair, is a very common technique for intelligence. No, if Julia rendered some “friendly services” to inconspicuous guys from Tel Aviv, then she at least guessed that you could get a deadline for that ...

The Komsomolskaya Pravda publication, where Yuzik worked for quite some time, puts forward a “romantic” version of what happened. Allegedly, during her work in Tehran, Julia began an affair with a certain high-ranking Iranian official. This in itself is not a crime, but the IRG allegedly decided to play it safe just in case.

A good version, but Yuzik’s readiness for arrest in Tehran seems to hint that she is also extremely doubtful. The IRGC, of ​​course, has a very bad reputation among our liberals, but so much so? .. Is the arrest of a Russian woman only because she is sleeping with someone?

But, judging by the latest information that has appeared, Russian diplomats have already practically settled this issue. Probably, the journalist will be released on Saturday, just following the results of the court hearing. And this is probably the best thing that could happen in this situation.

Although the sediment, of course, remains. These Iranians are bad friends, oh and bad ...

If they were good, they would hide the sympathetic woman Dudaev, Basaev and Yarosh for ten years. And we won’t succumb to any of our persuasions ...
Viktor Kuzovkov
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