The agony of the Russian school

The strength of the government rests on the ignorance of the people, and it knows this and therefore will always fight against enlightenment.
L. N. Tolstoy

For a quarter century, Russian education has been killed in Russia. Obviously, the "reforms" have reached their point - the Russian school is in agony. The commercialization of society and culture (the complete victory of the Western “golden calf” society) plus the imposed Western “democratization” and “liberalization” of the school led to a total degradation of the education system.

The agony of the Russian school

Schoolchildren of the USSR, 1954

Enough to read the most sonorous news from school life in one day, September 24 2019: massacre at school was prevented in Kirov; in the Leningrad Region, a schoolboy systematically beats classmates for several years in a row, and the school leadership and parents can do nothing about it.

Hitler and the Russian school

The Soviet school as the basis of the Soviet state and people tried to destroy the Nazis. The military-political elite of the Third Reich perfectly understood the significance of the Russian school. Without the destruction of education, it was impossible to destroy Russian (Soviet) statehood and turn the people into non-management-subhuman people.

Let’s take excerpts from the shorthand record of Hitler’s statements based on the book of V.I. Dashicheva “Bankruptcy of the Strategy of German Fascism: historical essays, documents, materials” (Moscow: Nauka, 1973). Adolf Hitler, March 1942:
“First of all, German school teachers should not be allowed to go to the eastern regions. Otherwise, we will lose not only children, but also parents. We lose all the people. For the fact that we hammer them in the head will not do them good. It would be ideal to teach them to understand only the language of signs and signals. On the radio, the population would be presented with what is acceptable to him: music without any restrictions. But in no case should they be allowed to engage in mental work. We really cannot allow any printed matter. ”

Hitler, April 1942:
“If the Russians, Ukrainians, Kyrgyz and others learn to read and write, it will only hurt us. For such skills would enable the most capable of them to gain certain knowledge in the field of stories and, consequently, come to reflections of a political nature, the tip of which would inevitably be directed against us. ... it would be wiser to install a loudspeaker in each village in order to inform people about the news and give them food for conversation; this is better than allowing them to independently study political, scientific, etc. information. And let it never occur to anyone to transmit information from their past history to the conquered peoples by radio. Transfer should be music and music again! For fun music promotes hard work. And if people can dance more, then this ... should be welcomed. ”

Thus, the German occupiers wanted to leave the Soviet people only music without any restrictions, dancing and entertainment. Mental work, political, scientific and other knowledge, mathematics and history were excluded.

Destruction of the basics

In the 1920-ies, after the revolution of 1917 and the fall of the Russian Empire, in Soviet Russia they also “experimented” and “rebuilt” the school a lot, looking for its new face, different from the tsarist period. It came to the abolition of traditional history, geography and literature, Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan the Terrible and Alexander III, Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov, Fedor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy were removed from the course of education. However, in the 30 years, under the Stalinist “reaction”, when the task was to industrialize in an agrarian and peasant country, to create advanced science and education, to provide defense capabilities and a breakthrough into the future of the USSR, they immediately remembered the experience of tsarist gymnasiums and the classical formation of the Russian Empire. They began to use programs and textbooks of a class alien regime. Only the school became mass, learning - universal.

The result was great! Soviet school became the best in the world! In the 1960 years, D. Kennedy said:
“Soviet education is the best in the world. The USSR won the space race for the school desk. "

The conclusions of the NATO Analytical Note on Education in the USSR (1959) contain the following thoughts:
“States that are independently competing with the USSR are wasting their strength and resources in attempts that are doomed to failure. If it is impossible to constantly invent methods that are superior to the methods of the USSR, it’s worth seriously thinking about borrowing and adapting Soviet methods. ”

During the Khrushchev "perestroika" and later, the Soviet school lost a lot. In particular, the student’s responsibility for studying was removed and teachers were obliged to positively assess the “work” of loafers and parasites. However, despite all the mistakes, the Soviet school still remained one of the best in the world (or even the best, depending on how you evaluate). She created a powerful creative, scientific and educational foundation in the country and people. So, according to UNESCO, in the 1991 year (the year of the death of the Soviet empire), Russia occupied the 3 place in the world ranking in terms of education.

Then, “reformers” and “optimizers” —destructors — reached the Russian school. The "reform" of education has begun. They introduced the Bologna system, the Unified State Exam, the Basic State Exam, the All-Russian Verification Work (VPR), “game” elements, etc. The hours of basic subjects were drastically reduced, and a lot of unnecessary, auxiliary, breaking, mutilating general system appeared. In particular, the strengthening of ethnocultural components in national republics (language, history, culture), the teaching of religion in schools, sex education, psychology, family science, etc. Moreover, the erosion of the basic program is constantly increasing. Now we are in the top ten in terms of education and degradation continues!

Raising the status of the final exam at school to the level of the entrance exam to a higher educational institution, the "reformers" delivered two powerful blows at once. First, the teacher was denied trust. Now the semi-poor teachers, it turns out, have become the "main corrupt officials" in the country (they have already banned sweets and flowers). Teachers were broken, the program began to be carried out formally, and now they simply “train” students to pass the state exam, CDF, since a lot depends on the results not only for students, but also for teachers. Secondly, for students and their parents, now the main thing in the educational process is what will be on the final exam, and not a systematic study of the basics of basic subjects. Not the students getting fundamental knowledge, not the formation of conceptual thinking in them, not the development of students and their training in systematic mental work. The results are devastating, the level of basic knowledge of applicants fell catastrophically. The level of universities automatically fell to the bulk of poorly trained students in high school.

Thus, by the will of the liberal pro-Western "elite", "reformers", there was a sharp degradation and debilitation of the younger generations. Very soon, the last remnants of the Soviet school will be finally killed, and we will go down to the level of the former Western colonies in Africa by the level of education and the development of the mass school (the "elite" have their own schools and abroad). And the collapse of education is the collapse of a nation. The collapse of science, training systems for industry and defense. Very soon, the country will face the task of eliminating illiteracy, like the Bolsheviks after the revolution and turmoil.

The victory of "democracy" and "tolerance" at school

I remember earlier, when they watched Western films about the school, they were surprised at the level of violence and licentiousness there. Drug trafficking, theft, robbery, sex and fighting are what students do instead of studying. An excellent film on this subject is “The Director” with D. Belushi in the title role (1987), where the hero fights with a youth gang. Or “Only the Strongest” (1993) with M. Dacascos in the title role. Here, a former soldier becomes a teacher in his former school and tries to save difficult children from violence and drugs through the study of martial arts (Brazilian capoeira). He also encounters a drug mafia, which has positions in the school.

In the past, slaughter, massacres in American schools caused surprise. However, not much time has passed, and these same phenomena are becoming commonplace in our schools. In January 2018, in the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, a student of the 9 class burst into the school with an ax and a Molotov cocktail, injuring several people. In the same month, two teenagers with knives attacked a school in Perm, 15 people were injured. In October 2018, a massacre occurred at the Kerch Polytechnic College (21 people died, 67 were injured). In May 2019, a schoolboy with an ax attacked a school in Volsk (Saratov Region). And such emergency situations are already becoming the norm. Domination is licentiousness and permissiveness. Pupils are attacking students, students against teachers. Even murders, not to mention rape and beatings. Pupils, taking advantage of the defenselessness and powerlessness of teachers, the school leadership in the new "democratic" conditions, the victory of complete "tolerance" and humanity, swear, scoff at adult and weaker students.

The "democrats" in the 1990-2000-s introduced the cult of the "rights of the child" and turned over the old established notions of justice and rights on its head. Then the “digital world” also connected, when people who consider themselves offended have the opportunity to shoot videos taken out of context and launch them on social networks. And then “human rights activists” and “bloggers” will add kerosene to the fire and make an elephant out of flies. Previously, teachers or the director could quickly put in place a novice bully (possibly a criminal) with a simple shout, setting in a corner, a slap or a pointer, and then the dirty trick would also go home. Behind the scenes, this was the norm in traditional society and protected it from greater evil. There were also a number of thoughtful and proven tools to deal with such phenomena as calling parents to school, sending letters to parents' workplaces, expelling from school, police children's rooms, special schools for hard-to-reach children, etc.

Now the opposite is true. Under pressure from Western human rights organizations in the post-Soviet space, total “liberalization” was carried out. Literally totalitarian methods for protecting the rights of the child have been created. For an attempt to stop the bully, the teachers will be turned into all kinds of denigrations and expelled from school, otherwise they will open a criminal case, and juvenile justice will be hurt and the child will be taken away from the parent who tries to exercise his right to bring up at home.

As a result, school leaders, teachers, chief doctors and heads of district police departments and many parents stepped aside from primary measures to prevent licentiousness, dirty tricks and disorderly conduct, which very often lead to serious criminal offenses, theft, and violence. Teachers, directors and other officials began to “unsubscribe”. Avoid any ambiguous, potentially dangerous situations. Now teachers on Western methods are taught to "look for an approach to the child." The posts of social educators and psychologists were created to “find an approach”. However, one cannot only re-educate already spoiled people in kind. Ordinary pedagogy cannot solve this problem in principle. It's impossible.

Due to the increase in violence in society, schools are already reminiscent of prisons. Fences, cameras, security and access control. But this is of little use. Only a reminder of the sharp decline in the quality of life and security in Russia compared to Soviet civilization.

What did we get on the way out? Complete scrapping of discipline and order at school. Promiscuity, permissiveness and the ability to break away from school. Mat, smoking and drinking teenagers. Older children beat younger ones, swearing, sending teachers to "walk in the woods." Constant stories in the media about beatings, violence, and killings in schools. Given the general degradation of society in schools, more and more mentally ill children. But there is no government on them. There is no effective legal protection from “difficult teenagers”. Police before 14 years (most often before 16) can do nothing at all. Psychiatrists recognize them as sane and send them back to school. Teachers close their eyes. School management cannot expel a “black sheep” from school. Parents dump on school, they say, they are paid for it, let them educate.

There is no order at school, no normal learning process. The output is total debilitation and degradation of schoolchildren, and then society.

What to do

The fundamental reason for the destruction of the Russian school is the dominance of a liberal, pro-Western ideology in Russia. Total commercialization of Russian society and culture. Our country has become part of the Western world of the "golden calf" - a consumer society that leads to self-destruction and destruction of the entire planet and humanity. To stop this process, it is necessary to return to the original path of development of Russian civilization. With the rule of ethics of conscience and social justice.

No need to reinvent the wheel, you need to return to the classic Russian (Soviet) school. Take Soviet methods, programs and textbooks, adapt them to the present. The Soviet school was the best in the world. Use this foundation to create a society of creators and creators, and not slaves of the "digital concentration camp", as it is now. It is also necessary to restore order and discipline in schools, to put an end to “tolerance” towards loafers, hooligans and juvenile delinquents.

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