October 1 Russia celebrates Ground Forces Day

Today, Russia, on 1 October, marks the Day of the Ground Forces - the most numerous in composition and equipment of the troops of our country. As of the beginning of the 2019 year, up to 300 thousand people were serving in the ground forces of the country. Ground forces have motorized rifle and tankmissile, air defense forces, artillery, units and formations of special forces.

October 1 Russia celebrates Ground Forces Day

The recent Center-2019 exercises involved tens of thousands of troops representing the ground forces. Maneuvers, as you know, were carried out at various training grounds, with the participation of personnel of the armies of 9 countries of the world, including India, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and others.

Ground forces are actively developing, including in the format of a modernization, rearmament and re-equipment program. So, according to the information department of the Ministry of Defense, in the current year, over 2,5 thousand weapons and military equipment have arrived and will arrive in the units and formations of the ground forces. In turn, this should increase the share of modern weapons in the troops to approximately 60 percent. It is noted that armored vehicles are actively entering the troops, including T-72Б3М, T-90М, BMP-3, BTR-82A.

Within a few months, the troops will begin to be equipped with the latest Russian Armata T-14 tanks - tanks with an uninhabited tower, which managed to attract enormous interest even before they were put into service, including from the Western "partners".

Ground forces receive the latest military air defense systems, including Buk-M3 air defense systems, S-300B4, and Verba portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

The command and control system of troops is being improved, their overall potential and mobility are growing.

"Military Review" congratulates all involved in the holiday!

The Ministry of Defense released a video dedicated to today's holiday:

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    1. +8
      1 October 2019 06: 18
      Happy holiday to you, "queen of the fields"!
      1. -8
        1 October 2019 06: 45
        Quote: 210ox
        Happy holiday to you, "queen of the fields"!

        The queen of the fields is artillery.
        1. +11
          1 October 2019 06: 49
          Quote: RUSS
          Quote: 210ox
          Happy holiday to you, "queen of the fields"!

          The queen of the fields is artillery.

          Artillery is the God of War ... Komrad wrote everything correctly!
          1. +2
            1 October 2019 08: 04
            Quote: ANIMAL
            Artillery is the God of War ... Komrad wrote everything correctly!

            And I will show it correctly (0:51):
          2. +6
            1 October 2019 08: 28
            Artillery is the God of War

            She generally refers to the land. So both god and queen.
            Happy holiday, guys. And then they left you dirt with blood and work, and gave glory to all "ballerinas" from the Airborne Forces and the Air Force. laughing No offense.
            And then we have the media of a signalman or a motorized rifle already and for the soldiers are not considered.
        2. +3
          1 October 2019 07: 39
          Quote: RUSS
          Quote: 210ox
          Happy holiday to you, "queen of the fields"!

          The queen of the fields is artillery.

          Artillery is the GOD of WAR. hi
        3. +4
          1 October 2019 10: 08
          The queen of the fields is artillery.

          Queen of the fields - infantry!
          Artillery is the god of war!
          Hooray! Happy holiday guys !!!!!!!
          1. +3
            1 October 2019 12: 20
            Good luck And so that our enemies cry! hi
    2. +11
      1 October 2019 06: 44
      Boots - HELLO AND GREETINGS TO YOU from the Boots !!! drinks soldier
      Happy Holidays, Men! good
      1. +3
        1 October 2019 13: 18
        Happy Holidays, Infantry!
    3. +7
      1 October 2019 06: 44
      The most massive form of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation! good Therefore, it is necessary to celebrate with a "scale"! drinks drinks drinks Congratulations to the foot soldiers, or motor foot soldiers - who served where, and serves! soldier
    4. +6
      1 October 2019 06: 57
      Glory to the Russian infantry! Happy holiday to you!
    5. +5
      1 October 2019 07: 10
      All this is and will be the support, protection of our people !!!
      Glory! Glory! Glory!
    6. +5
      1 October 2019 07: 37
      Dear representatives of the ground forces,
      Happy holiday to you !!!
      I wish you courage and strength
      Success, peace and goodness.
      I wish you health and prosperity,
      So that the whole country is proud of you.

      For you drinks soldier And three times “cheers” !!!
    7. +3
      1 October 2019 07: 44
      Happy holiday to all!

    8. +5
      1 October 2019 09: 20
      Happy holiday !!! Whatever they say, it was he, the simple infantry Vanya, who put an end to the conflict and set up a banner! For you, friends! drinks
    9. +3
      1 October 2019 10: 08

      with HOLIDAY !!!! drinks
      1. +5
        1 October 2019 10: 33
        music is eternal! will live!

        for those who are in boots !!! drinks

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