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Khrushchev's formula

The Soviet era is often discussed from a critical perspective. In addition to the traditional debate about how right or anti-human the Stalinist repressions were and whether Joseph Vissarionovich himself played a major role in these repressions, the question is no less traditionally discussed: “How did Khrushchev bring the country to such a point ...” Some talk about dismantling the Naval fleet, others turn to criticism in connection with the transfer of Crimea to the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian SSR.

Khrushchev's formula

In the next issue of the program dedicated to Russophobia, on the channel "Tired Optimist" the author delves into the consideration of the Khrushchev period stories.

The author recalls the XX Congress of the CPSU, during which Khrushchev found for himself and many other representatives of the ruling elite a convenient formula: blame all the mistakes and miscalculations on one person. This man was Stalin, who, as you know, by that time could not answer either Khrushchev or all those who supported Khrushchev with his political formula.

The "tired optimist" notes that Nikita Khrushchev, accusing Stalin of all mortal sins, for some reason did not touch on the question of what role he himself played in the Soviet Union during the last (at that time) 20 with more than years. This role was not secondary in the state apparatus.

The author notes that the very methodology of discarding the achievements of the previous leadership and focusing solely on its mistakes may have been the beginning of the end of the USSR.

The author’s thoughts on the Russophobia 7.0 issue are presented in the video:


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  1. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 28 September 2019 05: 37
    Yes, the conclusion, unfortunately, is correct: the USSR = Russia "cannot in any way avoid the total dependence of the life of the state on the personality of the head of the country" since tsarist times.
    And the farther, the more these individuals become more and more gray mediocrity.
    In the post-Brezhnev era, at the beginning of "perestroika", the hope that they would introduce some kind of restriction on this dependence in terms of the length of time in power and its influence on the life of the people and the state, but immediately faded with the destructive influence of the team of Judas Gorbachev.
    The state system of checks and balances of the leaders of states that exist in other countries does not work. Rather, we do not have such a state system and never have. Unfortunately and sadness of the citizens of the country.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 28 September 2019 09: 38
      Yes, the conclusion, unfortunately, is correct: the USSR = Russia "cannot in any way avoid the total dependence of the life of the state on the personality of the head of the country" since tsarist times.
      And this is the conclusion from the video? Congratulations on your broad outlook. The main conclusion from the video is traditional. The revolution devours its children, for people who are not afraid of blood come to power. As in VFR, the guillotine began with kings and ended with Robespierres, so we started with the noble and ended with Stalin. But already the rest "left" without outside help. By the way, right now we are missing personality of the head of the country
  2. senima56
    senima56 28 September 2019 17: 36
    Well, the people came up with: "Nikita the miracle worker!" And our people are wise!
  3. Plantagenet
    Plantagenet 28 September 2019 19: 09
    The public was indifferent to the fall of Khrushchev. He did not expect this either, lulled by the miniscule of the “new leader” created by the sneaks. The people were not afraid of Khrushchev, but did not fall in love with him. A born leader, he did not yet possess some of the qualities necessary for a king. It seems that his popular language and plebeian habits, his conspicuous lack of intelligence and scholarship should have impressed the masses, and to some extent it was, especially at the beginning.

    But this turned out to be not enough: the people, of course, are pleased to see that the country is headed not by a highbrow intellectual, but by a simple peasant, but at the same time he still needs something that allows him to look at him from the bottom up. He must be “our own,” “one of us,” but in something “above us,” so that it’s impossible to say: “Yes, he is the same as me, no better and no smarter”.

    The leader should be something that is not quite accessible to the understanding of subjects, even mysterious and mystical. In Khrushchev this was not. In Brezhnev, of course, this was not the case, and compared to Khrushchev, he was a gray mediocrity, but he did not seriously pretend to anything, did not interfere with his life. ”

    Georgy Ilyich Mirsky “Life in three eras”
  4. nikvic46
    nikvic46 30 September 2019 07: 19
    I don’t consider movie excerpts as something serious. During the great changes, for some reason the Army was a beating boy. No leader should be painted pink or black. Khrushchev’s time was not lost for the country either. By 1961, the cities had acquired more attractive look. And the Khrushchevs, who are now considering with humor, pulled out a huge number of people from basements and barracks. And in all cases, the country's movement is determined by the previous personnel.
    1. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 27 October 2019 16: 29
      Gorbachev has a dream
      What in the next world is he
      Sees a long table in a dream
      And the bars on the window
      Three in a row on a bench
      Dangling heads are sitting.
      He certainly understood here
      That got to the last judgment.
      Suddenly everything was quiet ... and now
      They announce: "The trial is coming!"
      Knelt down
      Instead of God, Lenin enters.
      Menacingly raises his hand
      The afterlife court begins.
      "Come comrade Stalin!
      At least they stopped honoring you
      But the merits of past years
      All the same, the trace remained.
      You have appropriated your right
      Court mend, mend violence
      Whom to Siberia, to whom the execution
      How dare you ?!
      Or are you behind the mind
      But I warned:
      To be in power for you
      Harness your passion ...
      You broke the contract
      Here is my verdict for you
      To make you century
      You will serve by faith
      You are with the Terrible king (he nailed the secretary)
      You will find out from Ivan
      What is it like to serve a tyrant ....

      Well Nikita, your turn
      Come on, the trial is coming.
      Here is complete darkness
      No talent, no mind.
      Why are you not knowing the ford
      Climbed always and everywhere in the water
      And is it your business to breed corn
      Or teach cows to milk?
      And why abroad
      Squandering wheat?
      And why say cheeky,
      Did you plow virgin soil?
      After all, enough for now
      There is meat and milk!
      Well, here you are, my brother,
      Sometimes you surprise us
      Even experienced in debate
      Foreign diplomats.
      Still they don’t understand
      What is worse than Kuzka’s mother ....
      Joking is your calling
      So take your punishment
      Though you don't like it
      Serve as a jester Peter.

      Lenya, why aren't you brother happy?
      What did you suddenly weigh your jaw?
      Go to the right court
      Or legs do not carry?
      Tell us how you ruled
      Without pants you left everyone.
      In shops, bread and sprats,
      In manufactured goods only studs.
      The girls became pale
      And why is it marvelous?
      Is it enough for beauty
      A kilogram of sausage?
      Desolation, laziness and boredom
      The whole science has fallen
      And who do not you ask
      Gray walks in Russia.
      Look: like in a swamp
      All evil spirits are held in high esteem,
      The embezzlers and thieves,
      Parasites and grabbers.
      That's what a bouquet has grown
      In less than 20 years!
      So for what my dear,
      Are you four times a hero?
      May peace on the planet
      Have you achieved these years?
      Or was in an enemy camp
      Somewhere in Afghanistan?
      No! In battles and on labor days
      You didn’t leave a trace!
      Where could you contrive
      So heroically distinguished?
      Ah, wrote the memory !!!
      Deserve the punishment:
      Hey, bring it here
      All medals, orders,
      Stars, accelerators,
      All the badges, yes the banners
      Wear it all, now try
      Don’t bend under a burden.
      Surprise ordinary people
      Let them die of laughter.

      Lenin raised his head,
      Gorbachev saw.
      Mikhail Sergeich, friend!
      Why such a fright?
      Cause you (be it)
      It seems there is nothing to judge.
      Clarity of thought, mind and flexibility
      You seem to have it.
      And all the way down
      What did you see, do not forget!
      Be firm, but not a tyrant,
      Not a king, but a captain
      Be humble, abroad
      Do not take the queen with you
      She needs to sit at home
      It is a personal matter to have.
      Well, goodbye, do not be arrogant
      Be healthy!
      And do not hang orders !!!

      2 months after this, the rhyme-agitation, released from the bowels of power, Gorbachev was put on the first medal for the friendship of peoples in India ......