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Swedish SAAB withdraws from tender to build submarine for Indian Navy after two years of participation

The Swedish manufacturer of submarines decided to withdraw from participation in the Indian tender. Indian media have reported that SAAB has decided to withdraw from participation due to “stringent requirements and a number of restrictions.”

Swedish SAAB withdraws from tender to build submarine for Indian Navy after two years of participation

The Indian side warned the Swedish company that in order to obtain the right to build a submarine for the Indian Navy, it would have to enter, to a certain extent, into the Do-in-India program implemented by the government. The program involves a significant degree of localization of production in India, as well as the transfer of a number of technologies to Indian manufacturers.

SAAB decided that it was not worth it, and after two years of trying to convince the Indian leadership of the importance of working with them, they decided to leave the project. The Swedes notified the Indian Ministry of Defense in writing.

From the comment of the representative of the management of the Swedish company SAAB:

We made this decision in connection with the policy of joint partnership and the imbalance between obligations and opportunities. We believe that our product was perfectly suited to a potential customer, but after studying the requirements for us, we decided to refuse to participate in the competition for the right to sign a contract.

Claims to the Indian side regarding contractual requirements are also presented by other bidders. Who remains in the tender format today?

This is the Spanish Navantia, the French NG (Naval Group), the German company TKMS and the Russian Rosoboronexport.

Today, Indian media reported that the place of Swedes in the tender can be taken by Koreans. This is South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. It turned out that the proposal to participate in the tender to the representatives of South Korea was made by the Indian Minister of Defense Rajnat Singh.

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  1. Civil
    Civil 26 September 2019 14: 21
    Looks like the patient Swedes, these gypsies got laughing
    1. maxim947
      maxim947 26 September 2019 14: 40
      At the same time, it’s not a secret to anyone that you pass on technology to them or don’t transfer, they still won’t do anything good. Another question is the proposed further obligations of the developer, but not everyone is ready to accept them, due to further risks
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 26 September 2019 14: 59
        In principle, Indians and Swedes can be understood.
        Some want to get technology and produce as much as possible at home.
        Others do not want to share secrets, and they are not sure about the quality of the Indians' products, even if they transfer technology.
        I dances of Hindus with attempts to cross everything that is impossible, will be eternal. Musical people.
        1. maxim947
          maxim947 26 September 2019 15: 25
          To do this, it is necessary to separate the contracts, one for the supply of iron, the other for the acquisition of RID (technologies, licenses, etc.)
          1. krot
            krot 26 September 2019 15: 45
            Hindus learned to twist ropes from arms sellers)) Not only do we suffer ..)
        2. ROSS_51
          ROSS_51 26 September 2019 18: 06
          Well, the Indians at least try to buy technology. China, for example, is simply stealing.
    2. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 26 September 2019 19: 01
      The Chukhons are weak, they only danced for two years. Some dance for ten years, but the Indians still dance.
    3. Lexus
      Lexus 26 September 2019 20: 48
      The Swedes would be glad, only they use some technologies of competing countries on their submarines, which are usually used to "feed" their own.
  2. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 26 September 2019 14: 22
    Market, then it is a market. But, when only gypsies are traded on the market, it is better to leave the market.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 26 September 2019 14: 23
    Not everyone likes to "dance" to tambourines! The piece was "sweet", but across the throat it became neither tuda nor syuda! it happens!
  4. vladcub
    vladcub 26 September 2019 14: 47
    Once in the magazine: "Behind the wheel" (I think in 1990) I read that SAAB automobile concern
    1. reservist
      reservist 26 September 2019 15: 08
      SAAB also stands for SVienna Aaeroplan AktieBolaget ...
  5. vladcub
    vladcub 26 September 2019 14: 56
    "Koreans can take the place of the Swedes", perhaps they will interest the Indians for the price, but the quality is another matter
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 26 September 2019 15: 01
    There is still a lot left. Rosoboronexport must remain alone wassat And everywhere. Crush competitors !!!
    And if they don’t take it, turn off the gas. And oil. laughing
  7. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 26 September 2019 15: 09
    India probably ordered underwater autonomy like an atomic submarine?
    1. Andrey Andreev_4
      Andrey Andreev_4 26 September 2019 15: 34
      Now the submarine with VNEU is in fashion, so nothing shines for Rosoboronexport.
  8. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 27 September 2019 21: 15
    The Swedish manufacturer has a workshop (judging by the photo) ... I can only dream and be sad about such a workshop.
    And even more than anything, it delivers lighting! Just the name day of the heart! Well, why is it dark in our shops like in ?!? .. On order, the same situation. Presumably for observance of stealth and light camouflage. Sight and so to hell, and still darkness around. Already at your own expense you buy headlamps, batteries for them, and you crawl, at least something to see. request