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"Outpost-R", "Altius-U" and new opportunities for the army

In our country, work continues on the subject of reconnaissance and attack unmanned aerial vehicles of medium and heavy class with a long flight duration. There are several similar projects, and some new models are already approaching adoption. In recent weeks, the Ministry of Defense and industry have repeatedly talked about their successes and plans in the field of new UAVs.

The first take-off UAV Altius-U

Recent successes

On August 20, the Ministry of Defense spoke about the start of flight tests of Altius-U UAV. This sample is the end result of the Altair program, created after a series of preliminary studies and the development of several prototypes. The final appearance of the unmanned aircraft complex is determined, which meets the requirements of the customer and available technologies.

The flight was performed in automatic mode. The experienced Altius-U took off on its own, walked along the given route and landed. The flight lasted 32 minutes. Selected moments of these tests were included in a demo video published by the military.

The following months are planned to be used to carry out the necessary flight tests, according to the results of which the UAV will be able to receive a recommendation for adoption. The deadlines for the completion of these works and the receipt of Altius-U in the series have not yet been announced.

On August 22, the Ministry of Defense published new data on the progress of another project in the field of unmanned aviation - "Outpost-R." Such messages were illustrated with a video recording of a test flight of a new machine. It was a completely localized and modernized version of the Forpost UAV already available in the troops. Tests of the updated complex were planned for this year, and they were able to start on time.

According to the results of modernization, “Outpost-R” retains only the outer contours of the airframe, while the internal equipment undergoes fundamental changes. The device retains all its functions, but now shows higher flight performance. In addition, dependence on imported components is sharply reduced.

There is already a contract for serial production of Forpost-R UAVs. The first complexes of this type will have to enter the troops next year. The Ural Civil Aviation Plant, while producing the Outposts of the previous version, was selected as the contractor.

Future service

"Altius-U" and "Outpost-R" are intended for patrolling in designated areas for a long time. A special tactical role affects the organization of their service. According to recent reports, special units will be formed to operate new equipment.

The appearance of new detachments of long-range reconnaissance UAVs on 24 September was reported by the Izvestia publication. The first such unit will appear as part of the Western Military District. It is deployed at the Shatalovo airport in the Smolensk region. It is expected that the deployment of drones at this base will ensure the presence of the necessary forces and assets in the western strategic direction.

Initially, the UAV detachment at the Shatalovo airfield will be equipped with Forpost-R unmanned aerial systems. This is likely due to the high degree of readiness of such an UAV and the early start of the supply of serial equipment. Later, the detachment is waiting for rearmament. Outposts-R will be replaced with newer Altiuses-U. The latter have higher tactical and technical characteristics, which should increase the potential of the detachment.

The goals and objectives of the new Izvestia detachment are reconnaissance in the interests of the ground forces and aerospace forces. According to data from unmanned scouts, the army will be able to effectively plan various actions, up to delivering strikes using the latest weapons. In addition, the striking means of the squad will be Altius-U UAVs capable of carrying various weapons.

The inclusion of unmanned systems in the general contours of command and control is expected. The integration of UAVs in automated control systems will simplify the conduct of various operations and provide other advantages. The deployment of drones in the long run will allow you to abandon the aging reconnaissance aircraft. When the Su-24MP develop their life, their functions will be transferred to the Altius-U devices.

"Outpost-R" in trials

Most likely, the detachment of distant UAVs in the ZVO will be the first, but not the last of its kind. With the serial production and supply of necessary equipment, such units can be formed in other districts. This will obviously increase the combat effectiveness of troops in all strategic directions.

New opportunities

The new Outpost-R UAV is a revised version of the base Outpost, which, in turn, was a licensed version of the Israeli-designed IMI Searcher product. The new project with the letter "R" provides for the redesign of the design and internal equipment in order to exclude dependence on foreign components. In addition, it was possible to obtain an increase in some characteristics.

"Outpost-R" saves the dimensions and weight of its predecessor. The solution to the same problems is provided. The UAV is capable of flying up to 16-18 hours. The maximum speed reaches 200 km / h. Range increased to 500 km. The device carries optoelectronic equipment, radar or other means of observation and detection. Data from such funds is transmitted in real time to the operator.

Altius-U is a larger and heavier vehicle with a take-off mass of the order of 6 t and a payload of approx. 1 t. The machine has two piston engines and carries a substantial supply of fuel. The estimated duration of the patrol reaches 48 hours. The UAV is connected to the operator panel via satellite channels, which makes the range of the complex practically unlimited.

A heavy drone is capable of carrying optical, radio engineering or radar detection means. It is also planned to equip it with outboard missile or bomb weapons - to strike at ground targets. Probably, Altius-U will be the first heavy UAV in the arsenal of the Russian army, capable of attacking designated targets.

The appearance of the Outpost-R UAV will not give the army fundamentally new opportunities, but will simplify the solution of existing tasks from a tactical and operational point of view. Gradually, such a technique will be able to replace the older “Outposts” of the basic modification, but over the next years, two types of UAVs will be used in parallel.

Of much greater interest is the introduction and development of Altius-U devices. This will be the first domestic reconnaissance and strike UAV of a modern appearance, which will lead to obvious consequences. With the help of such equipment, the army will be able to conduct continuous monitoring of various objects, and, if necessary, strike them. All this will simplify the organization of combat work, as well as reduce the need for the use of manned aircraft, reducing risks for it.

Future issues

The "outposts" of the first version have been in service for quite some time and solve the tasks. In particular, such equipment is actively used in Syria and makes a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism. Next year, a new squad of drones equipped with an improved material part will appear in the ZVO. Then such complexes will go to units of other military districts, including newly formed.

In the more distant future, the army will receive the first Altius-U reconnaissance and strike vehicles, and with them new combat capabilities. It is important that this will be the first, but not the last example of this kind. Work is already underway on new UAV models with reconnaissance and strike capabilities - they will reach the series later.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Ros 56
    Ros 56 26 September 2019 17: 23
    Model aircraft troops are slowly developing in the right direction.
  2. Lexus
    Lexus 26 September 2019 19: 36
    The original IAI Searcher "Outpost" has been flying since 1990. And the "group" of operators is appropriate. Replaced the Israeli parts with Chinese ones. Him, the region, to inspect forest fires and illegal felling.
  3. Saxahorse
    Saxahorse 26 September 2019 22: 04
    Not too informative review.

    For example, there is nothing on the most interesting topic about engines. It is known that on the UAV Altair (the predecessor of Altus-U) there were two German diesel engines - RED A03 (500 hp). Although the rights belong to the Russians, this diesel is produced in Germany (like Aurus). There was talk about the creation of production in the Russian Federation, but as if 4 years had passed, nothing was heard yet.

    And again, why is it asking to launch a twin-engine UAV? I guess that they issued a technical task in fact for the Reaper. But we do not have suitable engines of 900-1000 hp. .. It was necessary not to be greedy and make an intermediate car, level MQ-1C Gray Eagle. She would have 500 hp Enough and shocking opportunities to start quite decent. But no .. Immediately want to copy the top model :(

    With Outpost-R apparently differs from the usual Outpost engine. Nothing is known about him except the name. This APD-85 seems to be just 85 hp, although it is mentioned that it has now become domestically produced. What can not but rejoice. But the fact that the Outposts are just about to be created is surprising. It seems they have been supplied to the troops for a long time. What then does their use look like today? What structures?

    In general, there are many articles and posts, but there are still more questions.
  4. regulus
    regulus 27 September 2019 01: 46
    In addition, the dependence on imported element base is sharply reduced.

    And how did the largest Russian microcircuits in the world affect the mass of the payload of the Israeli device with the technology of the 90s?
    1. Livonetc
      Livonetc 27 September 2019 07: 20
      Ask about the elemental base, when a caliber or iskander comes to visit you, heat tea and distribute it into atoms, or what you drink there.
      1. regulus
        regulus 27 September 2019 09: 09
        But essentially?
        1. Livonetc
          Livonetc 27 September 2019 09: 34
          This industry is also developing.
          But essentially the dimensions of the element base on medium and heavy drones do not have an effect.
          In addition to the drones models mentioned in the article, there are already a number of other products that are at a high technological level.
          For sim bow.
          1. regulus
            regulus 27 September 2019 14: 13
            But in essence there is no answer. Specifically, what and what is replaced? Leave the words to the editors and moderators of the site.
            1. Livonetc
              Livonetc 27 September 2019 17: 03
              I am not a developer or operator.
              Your maxim about chip sizes is cheap trolling.
              But to you essentially.
              American air defense systems, crammed with an advanced element base, could not cope with the attack of primitive drones.
              1. regulus
                regulus 27 September 2019 22: 55
                I am not a developer or operator.
                So why wrote so many comments?
                And as for calibers and iskander, I will say this: your soldiers are being killed from your machine guns, your tanks are being towed from your grenade launchers, your planes are being shot down by your own rockets. So get ready to get your caliber or iskander in response.
            2. Constructor68
              Constructor68 27 September 2019 20: 45
              But in essence there is no answer. Specifically, what and what is replaced? Leave the words to the editors and moderators of the site.

              And "essentially" you yourself do not write anything. The above scribbled about large microcircuits pulls, at best, only for a thick attempt at trolling.
        2. Grits
          Grits 27 September 2019 17: 18
          Quote: regulus
          But essentially?

          But essentially - unlike you, our country is large. Therefore, the chips are large. We think big ...
          1. regulus
            regulus 27 September 2019 23: 14
            In vain you wrote this comment. The meaning is -00.1 kopecks.
  5. Nikolay R-PM
    Nikolay R-PM 27 September 2019 06: 46
    I do not agree with the thesis of the complete replacement of the su-24mp altiuses.
    In addition to equipment for photo and video reconnaissance, the 24ka side-view radar can use several more types of hanging containers with various equipment (I remember which ones for thermal and radiation reconnaissance). as far as I know (maybe it’s already outdated data), photo intelligence data have a higher resolution and are used to plan full-scale combined arms operations, real-time video transmission is more for operational control. Yes, and a larger range of 24mr intelligence equipment provides more information for planning combined arms operations.
    rather, it meant the use of a UAV directly in the interests of the ground forces to improve operational awareness without the need to involve air force equipment.
    24mr as long as there is no replacement, so apparently and unforeseen.
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 27 September 2019 09: 10
      It is strange that Su24mR and P do not replace anything ... jammers are also needed. You can quietly redo the Su27.
      1. Nikolay R-PM
        Nikolay R-PM 27 September 2019 10: 12
        PP-shek didn’t release anything at all (about 10 boards). as for MR-s: information about the front-line reconnaissance complex sometimes pops up on the basis of the su-30, then on the basis of the su-34.
        but in fact they replace the Su-24m with the Su-34 in the bombing squadrons, and as I understand it, part of the 24m fleet with hephaestos is still flying.
  6. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 30 September 2019 10: 36
    When the Su-24MR exhausts its life, their functions will be transferred to Altius-U.

    Generally not comparable in capabilities of the machine - especially in speed and overcoming air defense at low altitude. Generally not close characteristics.

    The "outposts" of the first version have been in service for quite some time and solve the tasks. In particular, such equipment is actively used in Syria and makes a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism.

    And in Ukraine, 5 pieces were lost from MANPADS and small arms (Altogether 5 Outpost UAVs lost over Donbass are known as numbers 905, 915, 916, 920 and 923).
    The combat stability as a scout is very doubtful - or it is necessary to let out packs or work on minimizing the possibility of detection and destruction (stealth, speed, dimensions, etc.).
  7. xomaNN
    xomaNN 23 November 2019 13: 56
    And where did you start in the days of the Union? Tupolev UAVs Tu-141 and Tu-143 were once ahead of the rest. It’s a pity that we had to catch up with the leaders of the UAV