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FFV-890C vs. AK5: Swedish-Israeli arms competition

Weapon and firms. Although Sweden has maintained its neutrality for almost 200 years, it has been able to make significant progress in the field of weapons technology and remain among the countries whose military potential is largely based on its own developments. But very often the military faces the question of which is better: to create weapons for your army on your own or to buy from someone a ready-made and high-quality model? And here everything is important, and the equipment itself, as it turns out, is far from in the very first place. Politics, economics, and even psychology and cultural traditions of one or another nation are involved in choosing such a model. And today we will talk about one of the least well-known examples of Swedish small arms, which was pretty close to becoming a standard combat rifle of the Swedish armed forces, but in the end, for a number of the above reasons, it did not become, although it was close to victory. This is an automatic rifle FFV-890C.

FFV-890C vs. AK5: Swedish-Israeli arms competition

Swedish army soldier with an AK5 assault rifle

History It began in the early 1970's, when Sweden began to look for a new rifle as a replacement for the outdated AK4, which was an almost exact copy of the G3 rifle of the famous German company Heckler and Koch, introduced by the Swedish armed forces in the 1965 year. The AK4 rifle proved to be reliable and easy to manufacture - which was important for the Swedish military, who in those years preferred to buy one Draken jet plane instead of wasting money on small arms. However, the military did not like the fact that 70% of the army continues to use old Mauser rifles. Meanwhile, the USA has already adopted the M16 rifle, and the USSR AKM assault rifle. And all prompted the Swedish military to look for a new, lighter model of an automatic rifle, with a caliber smaller than the NATO’s 7,62 mm caliber. So, on AK4, the military put an end to the cross and at the same time began to prepare to adopt the AK5. But then they faced the most "terrible problem" of our time - the "choice".

In addition, it was obvious that “any rifle” was not suitable for Sweden. The fact that the Mauser rifle was adopted by the Swedish army at one time suggests once again that the Swedes are used to taking all the best. And now, let’s say so, “having indulged in this good example, we wanted ... to have an automatic rifle no worse than your old“ good ”Mauser!

Soldiers of the Swedish National Guard train with the AK4 (photo 2015).

AK4 is the Swedish copy of G3 from Heckler and Koch. Cartridge 7,62x51mm NATO Manufactured by Carl Gustav in Sweden. (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

AK4 - sniper version

The tests of the new rifle, which was to become AK5 in the future, were quite unique in the sense that the policy on paper did not play any role in them, although, of course, it affected the decision. Nevertheless, the neutrality of Sweden allowed us to consider a number of samples of various origins, which were carried out in the 1974-1975 years. The following samples of rifles took part in the competition:

HK-33 (the main differences between the HK33 and the G3 were the smaller caliber, reduced weight and size. The automatic weapons have not undergone significant changes.
FN-CAL (was taken to participate in the contest only for the sake of comparison with FN-FNC)
Colt M16
AUG pin
Beretta M70
Armalit AR18
540 SIG
63 stoner (63A stoner was the main weapon of SEAL units during the Vietnam War)
Galil and SAR are its export option, which is why during the tests they were both declared as FFV-890.

Rifle FFV-890 SAR. (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

Rifle FFV-890 SAR with a plastic forend. (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

Rifle FFV-890С, model 1 (Museum of the Swedish Army, Stockholm)

Rifles were tested in the winter, and, as you know, winter in Sweden, like ours in Russia (!), Is not the best time of the year. Therefore, most rifles very soon dropped out of competition for technical reasons. As a result, there were only two leaders: Galil and SAR, and this, recall, was the same Galil, but only in the export version.

During the 1975-1979 years, the Galil rifle was removed from the test due to its heavy weight, but the SAR was already lightened at the local enterprise, reduced in size, and optimized for a cold climate and ... reduced production costs. Changes included the following:

The gas pipe and piston were shortened.
Enlarged store receiver, selector switch fire and trigger guard.
The size of the store has been reduced.
Barrel length reduced to 330 mm
Selector markings changed from SAR to SAP (S-Säkrad - safe; A-Automateld - automatic fire, P-Patronvis eld - single shots).
A rubber pad has been added to the back of the return spring as a buffer.
The rifle is repainted in bright green instead of black.

Rifle FFV-890, model 2 (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

The upgraded FFV-890 (“Galil” / SAR) received the designation FFV-890C (designation “C” in Sweden similar to the American use of the designations “A1 / A2”) and was presented as a complete ammunition kit including, in addition to the rifle itself, a cleaning kit, ramrod , rifle grenades and a carrying strap, consisting of a Gali belt with metal hooks from Heckler and Hawk. The belt was also painted green.

Then, subsequent changes followed, in particular, the shutter handle was bent on the model of the Soviet AKM assault rifle.

Page from application instruction FFV-890С

Page from application instruction FFV-890С

Further tests took place between the FFV-890C and the FN FNC rifle in the 1979-1980 years, and the FFV-890C was in the favorites of the competition jury. But then everything went wrong and in the end the leader was the FNC rifle - the Belgian machine gun of the weapons company Fabrique Nationale de Herstal under the low-pulse cartridge of the NATO 5,56 mm caliber. Why suddenly this happened is not known exactly. It is believed, for example, that the Government of Israel allegedly did not have ... much support among the Swedish Social Democratic government and could not approve of the rifle project developed in Israel. This is the first. Secondly, although Sweden was an officially neutral country, its leadership always believed that the Soviet Union posed a much greater threat to it than Western countries. And if so, then adopting a design derived from the AK47 assault rifle was purely psychologically impossible.

Carry strap

Care Supplies

About this readiness for the FFV-890C rifle to be adopted, this information poster says best

As a result, the Swedish administration of military equipment declared the Belgian automatic machine the winner, and it was he who eventually became the AK5, which was adopted by the Swedish army in the 1985 year. In the same year, AK4 production ceased completely.

Swedish AK5 rifle with folded stock (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

AK5 (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

The design rights to the FFV-890C were then sold to the Finnish company Valmet, which allegedly used some of it in its own weapons. In total, less than 1000 prototype FFV-890C rifles were manufactured, some of which are still in the police arsenals to this day, and some of them have hit the civilian market. In general, the FFV-890C rifle was like no other close to being adopted, but instead of it for a number of reasons the FN-FNC got into service. Today, both the AK5 and the AK4 are still in service, with the latter in reserve units and the National Guard.

Short-barrel version of the AK5D, with FMV "SAAB Bofors Dynamics" sight. Pay attention to the “winter bracket” of the trigger (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

AK5 "Caesar" with a modern plastic transparent magazine and a collimator sight

AK5 with belt and tactical grip (Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm)

Swedish army soldiers cleaning AK5

PS By the way, the whole story with the adoption of the FFV-890 is almost the best advertisement for our Kalashnikov assault rifle, isn't it?

To be continued ...
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 29 September 2019 07: 30
    "Ennobled" in Israel "Kalashnikov" ... How could the Swedes, who since the time of Poltava harbored ... love for Russia, agree to this? wassat of course not. In fact, these are their "childish" grievances, let them live with them. And Russia will have the best small arms ... laughing
    1. kalibr
      29 September 2019 11: 28
      Someone slapped you a minus. Thought for a long time, strained imagination, but did not understand why!
      1. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 29 September 2019 12: 21
        Quote: kalibr
        Someone slapped you a minus. Thought for a long time, strained imagination, but did not understand why!

        A lot of trolls appeared on VO. I believe that with VNA. Aggressive and inadequate. Admins do not "cut off" them, but minuses are pouring in from them ... I would suggest that admins - minus from those with zero and negative ratings - do not "fix" ... And inadequacies fall into these categories instantly.
        Let them write to themselves.
        1. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 29 September 2019 17: 57
          I can’t look at your suffering. I put you two pluses.
    2. NBV
      NBV 29 September 2019 14: 42
      And in Russia there will be the best small arms ...

      Namely, what exactly do you mean?
      1. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 29 September 2019 16: 27
        Quote: NBV
        Namely, what exactly do you mean?

        Machine gun "Pecheneg", machine gun AK-12, grenade launchers - there is a whole scattering, ASVK, "Kord", "Boa" here, PP 2000. Enough? We will not talk about Labaev's unique rifles, this is a piece goods, but he held in his hands wassat
        1. NBV
          NBV 29 September 2019 20: 55
          And what criterion is the "best" ?! What is your opinion and choice?
        2. Red_Baron
          Red_Baron 29 September 2019 23: 02
          Labaev has nothing to do with it. Are we talking about army weapons?
          We have excellent weapons, in some conditions the best.
          But to consider the best whatever will still be wrong in my opinion.
      2. parkello
        parkello 30 September 2019 10: 43
        But there are doubts. What is the best Russian shooter? as for me that in Russia there are many worthy samples, this is a small-sized assault rifle (MA) and a full-sized Kalash 12 and AEK-971 (3) and even before a bunch of any riflemen, the same Korobov and Konstantinov.
        1. Red_Baron
          Red_Baron 30 September 2019 14: 50
          Quote: parkello
          But there are doubts. What is the best Russian shooter? as for me that in Russia there are many worthy samples, this is a small-sized assault rifle (MA) and a full-sized Kalash 12 and AEK-971 (3) and even before a bunch of any riflemen, the same Korobov and Konstantinov.

          And why do not you give analogues in comparison with which is the best and do not justify why? I personally have not seen an opinion here.
          1. parkello
            parkello 30 September 2019 16: 21
            What do you justify here? AKM is better than Ak-74. although many people argue the opposite, the M-43 cartridge is better than the Ak-74 and can use different types of bullets, including the bzt and mz types. than the Ak74 F-16 cannot boast better than the G-3 A3, but it is inferior in power. at a distance of more than 200 m, neither the M-16 nor any other machine gun of its caliber is capable of hitting manpower dressed in a bulletproof vest. too light bullet. it cannot harm a person wearing an armor. technical solutions remain, such as the AEK 971 with balanced automatics, which reduces the barrel toss even with a 7.62 mm caliber (M-43, for example, the Elizarov and Semin cartridge, developed in 1943). just out of interest, take two assault rifles with different calibers and compare in action. place a barrel of water at 50 m and shoot it. all questions will disappear by themselves. what analogs do you still expect from me? I kept a gunsmith in the army for 16 months, repaired, tuned, cleaned all the weapons, parts that were taken out to the shooting range. some solutions on the M-16, for example, are very successful. But its caliber (223rem) leaves much to be desired. a weapon is just a piece of iron. his weapon is made by the cartridge and the shooter who will use it. For example, I consider the AKM the most successful in the aggregate cartridge-rifle, and the variety of ammunition used. we have a lot of weapons that, to put it mildly, have not fought, so some of its weak points the soldiers do not have time to master and remain in their opinion that the more cartridges he took with him, the more successfully he fought. Why do I need your vegetable 300 rounds of 223 rem, when at 300 meters you fired them and they left. and from the same 300 m AKM knocked through the chestnut doors 5 cm thick. which neither M-16 nor M-4 nor any other eMka can penetrate with ordinary cartridges. Why the hell do you think the Americans are looking for a replacement for their "ladies'" caliber 223? because in Afghanistan they understood what a war is at a distance of no closer than 300 m. when you see the enemy, but you cannot harm him. for example, the mujahideen use the tactic of shelling from the top of the mountain. and if they are at an altitude of 150-200 m, then do not shoot at them with a machine gun, you can still kill only if you accidentally hit the temple. but you yourself are in full view of them and they are very successful in using AK of 7.62 caliber. than a lot of blood they drank there. I understand that if the soldiers entered into fire contact less than 200m with the enemy, then of course the M-16 has many advantages at close range. And if not ? but as for me, I will calmly fight with the AK. I was often brought to the gun shop by submachine guns that were stupidly dropped onto concrete. with curved receivers and front sight. compare the solutions that are on the AK and on the M-16 .. well, it is clear right away that the designer of the m-16 himself did not sit in the trenches. if he came to war, then as a hunter for small game. there to shoot a young man or one soldier without a bulletproof vest. in Vietnam, when the battle was over 200 m, they did not take their machine guns in hand. waiting for art or aviation. and the rest of the M16 is comfortable, light. beautiful ... but this is perhaps all of its merits.
            1. Red_Baron
              Red_Baron 30 September 2019 16: 39
              It was interesting to read, although I disagree with some things. :)
              But I like your attitude to weapons.
              1. parkello
                parkello 30 September 2019 16: 56
                I know you. Weapons do not just love, I adore him. and as for the weaknesses. I study them first. any weapon has weaknesses. even the sword. but there are strengths to disagree with, at least stupid. and in the aggregate advantages of AKM there are no equal. it is a weapon for all time. Well, write with what you do not agree for example. I’m not Google. I can’t know everything. It’s also interesting to read what a person does not agree with.
            2. Russian Central Asian
              Russian Central Asian 30 September 2019 17: 20
              Correct analysis, I can’t say that 5.45x39 at a distance of more than 200 meters will not harm the health of a body dressed in something thicker than ordinary hb, it will definitely cause, but 7,62x39 at such a distance it will almost certainly take the soul out of this body and send to the guria.
              1. parkello
                parkello 1 October 2019 02: 03
                exactly what will shake out and send in a package for the first guria) and in all other respects 5.45 is better than 7.62. he shoots softer. you can give a turn up to 5 shots. guaranteed to lay no more than 100 by 150 cm on a square of 40-40 m. This is a good indicator. but for weapons of this class, with a light bullet. closer than 200 m AK 74 is a very dangerous opponent. like the M-16 and its modifications. therefore, weapons with ammunition 223 rem we are armed with only light assault groups that need to be close to enemy positions, the rest are all 308 wines hung. like rifles that machine guns all go under the same cartridge. because the cartridge is powerful and solid. on 400 m where it gets, consider that place is no more. in the foot, then there will be no legs., in the hand. means there will be no hands. In addition, he actively uses cartridges with incendiary bullets of instant ignition (MH). if I cannot hit him from M-16, then I will burn him from G-3 A3 with instant ignition bullets or armor-piercing incendiary, there is also a nozzle for 60 mm barreled grenades, how a mortar can work. and the M-16 is a good rifle. very accurate and light. It is not felt in the hands. shoots softly and accurately. but power is not enough yes. because now they want to introduce a new cartridge of 6,8 mm. Well, it’s not so hard on the shoulder as 7.62, but at the same time it’s better than 5.56. It is simply more powerful than it. and stopping power more than 223 rem. and AK also has very successful subsonic cartridges. for firing with PBS (silencer). not a couple of 5,56, so I'm so fanatically defending the good old callas. because good. in every sense of the word.
                1. Red_Baron
                  Red_Baron 15 October 2019 14: 29
                  Hmm, I wanted to write 2 weeks, I even wrote part of the text in a notebook. But one thing is another. You yourself have corrected a lot of things a little, or rather looked differently.
                  Regarding Russian weapons in general and their best. Having leadership in some types of weapons in others, we have failures. For example, the main weapon is an assault rifle of not a modular design; accordingly, for special tasks it is not used in a different execution, but a completely different weapon. Which puts several types of production instead of one extended one. Yes, I know that with some samples AK has an interchangeability of up to 60%, but modular designs have up to 90 and higher. We have excellent large machine guns, but with light we again have a void. A more accurate weapon is also represented by a small number of samples, and long-range sniper systems are just beginning to arrive and form as a class. I don’t want to talk about PP at all - a very big mess and reeling. With pistols, too, maybe it will get better. In terms of manual anti-tank grenade launchers, we are ahead of the rest, but now the more modern, long-range systems for more complex targets are again behind.

                  Now about AKM itself. I heard from one person, apparently not a military man, about his participation in the hostilities in the Donbass, where he told me that it happened that people equipped with Rambo came with modern weapons than just hung up on them, and how they coped with them from old AKMs. The man is a military doctor and the conversation was about something else, but I remember that. Now I see the details from you.

                  The issue of caliber is of course very important, but besides it there are a lot of features. And getting from even a smaller caliber with several bullets even into a bulletproof vest will not bring any pleasure. And they can incapacitate a person during a battle without necessarily killing. It is clear that a person who uses it correctly needs a good weapon. And then other questions arise. For example, in the form of M16, which is quite accurate, lightweight, convenient. AUG, which is no less light, but more accurate, more reliable, modular, although a bullpup. SG550, which is hellishly accurate, modular. The G36, which is almost ideal, has only a problem with overheating in lines and hot conditions.
                  Objectively, and they need to pay tribute, although this is not our weapon, but in something better. Although if you fight and be used as AKM, they will yield. But if you fight in the conditions corresponding to them, then the opposite is true.
                  I can not make a more - less unambiguous conclusion. I’m not a military man, and not having lived with weapons for years, it’s ridiculous to draw conclusions. But some general things.
                  1. parkello
                    parkello 15 October 2019 15: 07
                    Anlrey, I hope it’s not difficult to find my own words from comments, where am I talking about the distance? everything is said there. about calibers and about accuracy and when it is needed at all. accuracy, accuracy, modularity .. from the way light RPD machine guns are a very good thing, about PP it’s also better not to. AEK 919 and 918 are very good, PP-2000 is even the same AK-9, that’s the only thing I agree with, it’s modularity. the machine must be able to replace the barrel with a different caliber. the receiver of the magazine and the lock on the shutter. all ... nothing else is needed. callash is a thing. I have not been to the Donbass, but I lived in Georgia and what weapons, and even more so ours, I know well. after leaving school I was brought to Greece (forcibly) in Georgia at that time there was civil between supporters of Zviad Gamsakhurdia (zvidarasts) and the opposition represented by V. Kitovani. in Greece I had to serve and I ended up in the arms, where I served for 7 months and another 7 here and there. The Albanian border, the former Yugoslav. Turkish ... in short, this is not interesting, I think. but back to AK and its descendants. can I make a removable trunk? yes easily ... is it possible to change the lock on the shutter? like two fingers ... well, and the receiver for the store is also not difficult, I think to change to a different store. so that when necessary he could replace the barrel and cartridges. but again, this is a matter for the pros. in European countries, modular weapons are made for the pros, for the rest, what is already available. but basically there are payers ... i.e. pros. in Russia, few people think about the pros, because they do not resemble themselves. but it was necessary from each unit to two or three representatives for each defense production. that would sit there and nudil them in the ear that's it yes over there .. nada! and they are nobody ... not at all ... why? their weapon suits them anyway, it performs its functions perfectly, and modularity is not enough., but as they say they won’t win by modularity. this is all done under orders from the outside. so let the military demand it, an automatic machine that can replace the trunk, for example, from under 5,45 to 5,56 or 7,62 * 39, they will receive it. and with accuracy and accuracy there is no point in sculpting anything. M-16 and on its basis that the rifles are accurate and accurate only because their rifling pitch is 305 mm (twist) if reduced, they will be equal to AK. U AK pitch is 240 mm, but you can make 305 and will shoot very accurately. ..but one type of bullet. ordinary. with other types of bullets he will not get into anything. So I ask who and why do I need an exact machine? for hunting ? Yes, order yourself in any workshop where there is a turner and a lathe, they will make a twist of 305 mm for the army, but you don’t need it for the army, because the army has different cartridges and they need to be shot at least approximately, and then there’s a 305mm twist, well, no one’s . for yourself, please ... at least all 320 are like sniper rifles. I’m all about that, dear Andrei. that they bite their fried cock in a dignified place, they will still run to refine their personal weapons as they want. I myself modified my machine gun in the army. NK-11. the descent was finalized, the scope was adjusted from the very beginning, the tactical handle was added. and so on the little things. but then left and returned home to a civilian. and forgot about him. and I wouldn’t have remembered more if it hadn’t now. so there is nothing unequivocal here, and there couldn’t be. did RPK16 do the same? after the fighters themselves began to visit the enterprise and agree on what they though and for what. and in the West there has always been competition, not for life, but for death ... to eat though all. therefore climb out of their way. that would sell and receive an order. while in Russia, while the state paid everything, no one scratched it, and now they say that they are whining, it’s not that and it’s not quite what we would like. and so .. same ADS, double-cured. no one else has this, only the Russians have it. so we are not friends and comrades with all these Zygi and Arches. what weapons will they give me so I will fight. and try to squeeze out everything that comes out of it. until I find something better, and there it no longer matters what it is called or where it was made.
    3. haron
      haron 29 September 2019 18: 30
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      "Ennobled" in Israel "Kalashnikov" ... How could the Swedes, who since the time of Poltava harbored ... love for Russia, agree to this?

      You forgot about Rurik, whom we don’t really want to recognize as a Swede. good
      But in general.
      Remember the situation in the Warsaw Pact countries and friends. The only independent development approved for use and sale outside the block is cz 58 (do not evaluate this machine), does this mean that AK was the only ideal design at least until 1985?
      This means that maintaining stable, reliable, political, financial and technological ties plays a role in defense capability no less than the reliability of equipment. hi
      1. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 29 September 2019 23: 17
        Quote: haron
        You forgot about Rurik, whom we don’t really want to recognize as a Swede.
        But in general.

        I forgot about Count Bernadotte. And the Finnish principality, which was Russia. The Swedes hate and fear Russia. And in Finland they sing Russian songs in Finnish. At the table, as a little "sip". There in Finland. I heard it myself ... laughing
      2. AAK
        AAK 30 September 2019 00: 24
        Rurik / Rorik / Hrorik is not a Swede, he is from the Koldung family Skjöldung, rather a frieze / dann, the blood of the Swedes from the dynasty of aristocrats Munse joined the Ruriks later, in the 10-11th century
  2. Strashila
    Strashila 29 September 2019 08: 57
    Interesting metamorphoses by the Finno-Israelis-Swedes of our Kalashnikov.
  3. Catfish
    Catfish 29 September 2019 09: 52
    The Israelis bought a license to manufacture the Finnish Valmer Rk 62 assault rifle and created their own "Galil" on its basis. The Finnish assault rifle was also a licensed copy of our Kalashnikov.



    PS Then they shouted to the Swedes in unison: "Will you be the third!?" wink
    1. Undecim
      Undecim 29 September 2019 14: 17
      PS Then they shouted to the Swedes in unison: "You will be the third !?
      Fourth. The Finnish RK 62 was made based on Kbk-AK, the Polish licensed version of AK. True, the only change that the Poles made to the design was translated into Polish the stigma, but formally - a sample of them.
  4. Earthshaker
    Earthshaker 29 September 2019 11: 16
    Thanks for the interesting stuff.
    Considering the fact that the FN-FNC uses the same principle of automation and shutter locking as the AKM (with minor changes), the Swedes, if they lost, then not much.
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 29 September 2019 12: 28
    Israel and Sweden are not friends.
    Sweden is the country of victorious (present: Kautsky-Bernstein) socialism good .
    And fighting for peace and ecology around the world. And Israel is a servant of imperialism,
    aggressor mossy, dryuchit Palestinians ...
    The Swedish government does not play with such in the sandbox. It's a pity!
    We would have brought Gripen to their minds, and put Volvo electronics in order ...
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 29 September 2019 17: 58
      Or maybe the problem is the price, broken for Gagil?
    2. haron
      haron 29 September 2019 18: 39
      Quote: voyaka uh
      Sweden is the country of victorious (present: Kautsky-Bernstein) socialism

      Super!! I would give you ten pluses for such a loyal definition of the source of this "hyper pseudo-liberal" regime! hi
    3. psiho117
      psiho117 29 September 2019 19: 42
      Quote: voyaka uh
      We would have brought Gripen to mind, and put Volvo electronics in order.
      not tolerated - how are your lasers? brought to mind? hi
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 29 September 2019 19: 56
        Not yet. Not in service. Only prototypes are fighting near Gaza.
        But they took up it more actively than before.
    4. parkello
      parkello 30 September 2019 10: 39
      now it’s not Sweden, but the United States of Barbarian (the so-called Arabia) blackened Sweden .. you can’t go on foot to any horse winked
      1. Russian Central Asian
        Russian Central Asian 30 September 2019 17: 33
        Yes, but I heard that the Swedes are now quite satisfied and satisfied, and what is noteworthy, the Swedes themselves do not mind this either.
    5. Russian Central Asian
      Russian Central Asian 30 September 2019 17: 29
      As far as I know, all questions about Volvo can be redirected to the Chinese and negotiated with them
  6. Undecim
    Undecim 29 September 2019 14: 01
    who in those years preferred to buy one Draken jet aircraft instead of spending money on small arms.
    In those years, the Swedes bought the Saab 37 Viggen to replace the obsolete Saab 35 Draken.
  7. Russian Central Asian
    Russian Central Asian 30 September 2019 17: 22
    The question of the layman in European geopolitics. And with whom the Swedes are going to fight, or do they have an army on the principle that we would have it, than we are worse than others.
  8. John22
    John22 30 September 2019 19: 36
    The Swedes took what suits them best for one reason or another. Moreover, the Belgians in their machines used the upper placement of the shutter frame, as in AK. The rest is done under NATO standards. The main thing is that with the advent of Picatinny bars, they did not have to reinvent the wheel, as with AK.
  9. impostor
    impostor 27 December 2019 23: 00
    If they present at least some semblance of what the Kalashnikov group of companies is doing with AK-74 or derivative hundred square meters, if the Swede is in shit and on fire, well, I’ll go, and so ...